My Wife’s Erotic Photo Shoot Part – 1

Amy has such a nice body, a smile from heaven, beautiful nipples and a gorgeous sweet pussy that just makes me want to kiss it all the time. I recently talked to Amy about getting some sexy glamour photos of herself.


She asked what type of photos was I talking about and what would she need to do, because she is a little shy, sometimes. It would be up to you, but it could just be in some lingerie I guess, with your hair and some make up done and maybe a few partial nude or ever fully nude shots, but tasteful of course. These guys are professionals and will only do what the customer wants and how far the customer is willing to go, otherwise they’d get a bad reputation.

Okay, I think I’d like to do that, it sounds like a good idea, she said, so what do we do. I’ve already googled some studios close by and found a couple of good ones. Oh, have you now, she said. Yes, remember we talked about this a long time ago, when we first started talking about threesomes, before we had our threesome with the guy from work even. Ah yes, we did, didn’t we, you were very cheeky. I was, and if you remember, you also said if you got horny and I agreed, you might even let the camera guy fuck you in front of me. Yes, I did, I’d forgotten about that, but obviously you didn’t. No, when it comes to talking about you having sex with anyone else, I don’t forget. You’re a naughty boy she said, and asked me to show her the websites, as now that she remembered she started to get a little horny.

I showed Amy the websites and she thought they we really good. I made sure I showed her the fully nude photos and said, this is what I’d really like you to do. Hmmm, they do look good, but how do you think I’d look. My god Amy, you are stunning, you’d look fantastic, your body is beautiful. To you maybe, she replied. Yes, to me it is, but lots of guys would dream about your body, and wish they could play with it, and fuck you. Thank you she said and kissed me.

The ones we looked at had good nude galleries to look at. I liked one in particular where the lady didn’t mind showing her nipples and pussy hair, and one in particular where she was sitting with her knees up and legs crossed but apart and, in the shadows, you could just make out that her pussy was naked and showing. I’m sure with a little bit more light, you’d be able to see the outline of her lips. It was a very erotic but sensual and provocative pose. Do you like this one I asked, Amy liked photography and had done some courses. It’s a really nice photo, yes, I do like it, she said, and if I felt in the right mood and depending on who is taking the photos, I’d like to do one like that. Good, I said, and whoever is taking the photo would probably get extremely horny because he would be setting you up, moving your legs, looking at your pussy and would probably like to…………. You wish she said.

As the photo shoots were very expensive, I found one on a website who had a studio in 15 minutes away. We’d been using this website to advertise for couples and were very successful in having five couples respond, but due to circumstances, we did not get around to doing anything. We were so close to meeting one couple for drinks, even a time agreed, maybe later. This guy offered a professional service and if necessary, would have a female present, if needed. Although probably not as professional as the other two studios, he was a lot cheaper and his photo gallery was not that bad, so it was worth a look. Amy agreed so I arranged a consultation with him to view his work and talk about it.

When we arrived, he was very pleasant and polite, he looked Amy up and down which embarrassed her a bit. Don’t worry he said, it’s what I do to everyone so I can picture in my head as we talk and walk about what would look good for your type of body. Amy then felt a bit more relaxed. An attractive lady came in with a glass of nice white wine for each of us. He introduced her as his partner Wei, she was Asian obviously and looked extremely similar to Amy, but Amy’s smile cannot be beaten. They then gave us a tour, they showed us his studio and photographic equipment, the changing area, the shower, all his body oils and then some of his photo galleries. Some were normal glamour shots of ladies in lacy underwear, nothing too exciting, some were tasteful nudes but nothing exposed and a few were erotic nude, even showing nipples and a little pussy hair. He then said, if you don’t mind a look there is one that is quite explicit. Yes, that’s okay I said, knowing Amy wouldn’t mind. As well as some tasteful shots, some were quite explicit, full open pussy, finger partially inside, a sex toy inserted and bum hole shots. I liked this type of photo shoot I thought to myself, and I think Amy did as well, as she took her time looking at them and thinking. I hoped she was thinking the same as me and would like to try. He said, that while doing the normal shoot the lady got a little excited and asked for more, so I did and Wei helped out on that one.

Wei had left to do something. I had to ask, so I did. I asked him, out of curiosity do any of the ladies get horny and ask you to join them. You mean join them in photos, he asked? Well yes, but I was thinking do they ever want you to be intimate with them afterwards or during the shoot, I’m sure some might get a bit frisky and you must get a bit horny yourself looking at them, getting them into position for the shots, seeing pussy etc. Sometimes I’ve partially had my arm in a shot holding a flower or taking off a bra and so on. There was one time where a lady made moves for me to get involved with her, and I did, which was a little unprofessional I guess, but it was fun. I set the camera to take a photo every 10 seconds. It ended up being quite a good set of photos. She bought a lot of photos, where my face wasn’t in it. I made a small fortune on that job, she had money, was married to some rich guy. But it’s never happened again, and I’ve only just started again since I separated from my wife. My current partner, Wei, wouldn’t mind if I did actually, she’s mentioned a couple of times she’d like me to get involved again so she could take the photos, she’s quite open sexually, but no one’s ever asked anyway. Oh, I said, she’s a bit cheeky then. She is, she’s quite open to sexuality and would like us to do other things like………… never mind, another story. As he looked away, Amy gave me that look. I could tell she was interested in getting photos taken by this guy, or maybe even by the partner with him fucking her. I’d like that as well.

Thank you we said, we’ll get back to you I added. No problem he said, if you book one session, I’ll give you a 20% discount and if you book and pay for another one, the same discount for that. Okay great, we all shook hands and left. Wei had given Amy a nice warm touch on the shoulder, she was a very friendly and relaxed lady.

It was now about 5pm, so I said let’s go to the Pub and have a chat, what do you think. Sure, she said, I need a Moscato, that wine and those photos made me a bit frisky and I want to feel friskier for you later, haha. Great, you’re a sexy little shit aren’t you I said. You make me feel sexy, she replied, no one else ever said I was beautiful or sexy, or my legs are beautiful. You are, they are.

I got a beer and Amy a large Moscato, hoping she’d get even more frisky for a good night in bed later. Let’s talk I said:

Me: What do you think of him.

Amy: He seemed really nice, professional and honest, not pushy.

Me: Agree, I liked him as well. Did you like his photo collection.

Amy: Yes, they’re really good.

Me: What sort of photos would you do? Just underwear glamour, partial nude, all nude or sexy erotic.

Amy: What would you like me to do.

Me: Just fully clothed of course.

Amy: Ha, funny boy she said (and hit me).

Me: I think you know what I’d like. For photos, just underwear and covered up nude is boring every day stuff.

Amy: I bet you want me to be totally naked.

Me: You’re a mind reader, how do you do that.

Amy: I just know you, your very naughty.

Me: So, if we did get photos done, would you use him or should we try the very expensive ones.

Amy: I’d be happy to use him I think, his photo galleries were pretty good, and I liked him.

Me: Would it bother you if Wei assisted him, meaning she would be watching or would you just want him doing it.

Amy: I don’t mind if it’s just him, he seems really nice, and if he needed her I probably wouldn’t mind her being there.

Me: I really liked his photos, especially the very naughty ones.

Amy: I know you did. So, it wouldn’t bother you if I was fully exposed in front of him?

Me: Of course not, you’ve been licked and fucked by other guys in front of me before.

Amy: True, and you enjoy that.

Me: I sure do, so do I book.

Amy: Yes, why not.

It was getting late now, we needed to pick the kids up.

That night in bed, Amy asked me:

Amy: When will you book.

Me: Tomorrow (she was obviously very keen).

Amy: Which one are you going to ask for.

Me: I want erotic, fully naked, fully exposed, very naughty. What do you want to do or are you happy to do that?

Amy: Yes, it’s the one I’d like to do (she kissed me), that was the one that got me really excited.

Me: Okay I’ll book that type of photo shoot but when we get there, I’ll explain to him what we’d like just to be sure there’s no misunderstanding. Are you happy for me to ask for anything, like any pose, or any part of you, like your pussy and nipples and bum?

Amy: Yes, that’s okay I’ll do whatever, I trust you, and you’ll be there to look after me.

Me: You’re just a horny little shit aren’t you.

Amy: You love it.

Me: Would you let him fuck you (had to ask).

Amy: Are you serious.

Me: Yes, you said you liked him, you like being fucked by other men while I watch, and I think you’d get so horny with him touching you to get you into position for the photos. He’d be looking at your naked body for about an hour. Even I’d be horny and probably want to fuck you in front of him, which I might haha.

Amy: I’d let you, but maybe I would let him, I don’t know (she kissed me again), would it bother you.

Me: No, it wouldn’t, and you know that ‘maybe’ means yes in my language when you say that (I think the kiss also meant yes).

Amy: I’ll have to see how I feel on the day, but I probably would like to let him, if I got horny enough and you agreed. But Wei will be there don’t forget.

Me: She might be, but he doesn’t include her when he works, unless asked for, and we didn’t ask.

Amy: Okay, maybe I will then if the right situation happens.

Me: I know you’ll let him fuck you if he try’s, you won’t be able to control yourself once it starts (she hit my arm and kissed me hard and sexually)

We had wild sex, I licked Amy’s future “erotic photographic pussy” to cum and slid my dick inside her and cum soon after, like he might if my thoughts and dreams worked out. I’m sure she will I thought, I’ll try my hardest to make sure it happens if it all looks okay.

Next day I checked his availability, the following Saturday was free, so I booked for 3:30 and told Amy. Wow she said, that’s made me nervous, what do we do now. First, we get you a bikini wax to neaten up your pussy hair, but not too much I like your pussy hair. She agreed. Today we also go and find some sexy knickers, just in case. She agreed. Next you book a hair appointment for next Saturday before the shoot so you look beautiful, not that you don’t look gorgeous every day. Yes, good, I’ll book that tomorrow, what else she said. Have sex with me every night until then. You wish she said and laughed.

So, we went shopping, found some sexy silky knickers with a little lace and matching bra, and also got a bikini wax to suit the knickers. Hmmm, she looks so sexy, I want her right now, I just don’t understand how she does that to me, it’s frightening. The next Saturday, Amy went off and got her hair done and other stuff, she looked stunning, he won’t stand a chance, he will want to fuck her in the first minute. After we had a light lunch, I could tell she was nervous and thinking about it. I stood up, gave her a cuddle and whispered, don’t worry, you’ll look and feel happy with yourself after its started, you’ll look like a sexy beautiful woman in the photos. Yes, your right, I will she said, I’m ready. Then I said, we only order the photos we like anyway.

We arrived and were again welcomed with a nice cool white wine from Wei. She looked very nice in an outfit that was a little sexy but not too provocative. I think the wine is to relax people so they don’t feel nervous, a good idea I thought, and it certainly worked with Amy. Wei gave Amy a little cuddle, they felt comfortable with each other. Wei said something in Mandarin and Amy responded, it broke the ice between them, a common background

Don was in the studio getting a few things ready, he came up to us and shook hands, welcome back he said, I’m so glad you booked. He looked Amy up and down again and said, wow you look stunning even in casual. Amy’s beautiful black hair was flowing down around her shoulders, some barely noticeable not over the top lipstick, new longer eyelashes that she got earlier and was dressed quite casually, with just her cute denim shorts on showing her beautiful legs, a really nice loose semi see through top that showed her nipples if you looked closely, with no bra and no knickers. Yes, she did look stunning, I love her. He had told us that if we did book, not to wear anything that would leave a line on the body like bra straps and knickers elastic.

So, he said, let’s sit down and talk about what you’d like. Wei had left the studio.

Don: You booked erotic nude, which means you want all your body to be photographed, even the private parts, is that still the case (looking at Amy).

Amy: Yes.

Don: Good, I know you’ll look fantastic. Are you happy with that (looking at me)?

Me: Yes, absolutely.

Don: Are you going to be in the studio while I do the photos (looking at me again), your quite welcome to and I prefer that.

Amy: Yes, I want him to be here (smiling at me).

Don: That’s good, most times the women don’t want the man watching which I think is a shame because they miss out on the sensual erotic side of glamour photos, and that’s a shame because that’s what it’s all about, something to share. I’m sure they all ask their wives or partners afterwards what actually happened, and sometimes that ends up with some jealousy and being a negative for them and for me, as sometimes they don’t pick up their photos. Anyway, that’s a good decision and you both agree.

Don: Okay, let’s talk about what your prepared to do.

Amy: He can tell you (looking at me and probably feeling to embarrassed).

Me: Okay, we did talk about this already. We agreed, but will let you arrange it all of course as you’re the professional. We’d like to show Amy’s body in different sexy erotic poses, and we happy for her to show her gorgeous nipples, her cute pussy and bum etc.

Don: Okay, how erotic then, just a little or very open and exposed?

Me: I’d like to see Amy’s nipples in a few sexy shots, and I’d like to see her pussy teasing us and excited (Amy nodding), does that makes sense.

Don: Sure does, but you’ll need to help me (looking at Amy) and you to maybe (looking at me), and maybe even Wei.

Me: Sure, I’d love to (looking at Amy — Amy smiling), and if you need Wei, Amy will be happy with that as well.

Don: Okay, we’ll start slow, maybe some underwear shots to start, did you bring any.

Amy: Yes.

Don: Okay, let’s start (Amy stood up, looking at me).

Don: You can change over there. Wei will come up in a minute to check your make up and put some blush on to stop any reflection from the lights. You okay with that.

Amy: Yes.

Amy grabbed my hand, I picked up our back pack and we went to the change room. Amy was extremely nervous. Are you okay I said, do you want to cancel, it’s not a problem? No, I want to do it, I’m a bit nervous, but I’m okay. Good, once it starts, you’ll be fine, I’ll be there with you all the time. I know, and that means a lot she said and kissed me and said I love you for agreeing to this. Just to be sure I said, if you get horny and if you feel you might want to have sex with him, assuming he’s willing, would you do it, I need to know just in case. Let me see later, I’m not sure I’ll get horny, but if I do, yes I probably would, and you’ll be able to tell I think. Yes, I think I will, so if I get that feeling about you, you’ll trust me to let it happen and control it then. Yes, I trust you, I want to try anything with you, you know that. She’d told me that once. The knickers went on, the top stayed on and Amy tousled her hair to make it look good. She was stunning and ready to try anything, she is just beautiful.

Wei knocked and came in. Hi guys, I just want to check to see if all is okay. She looked at Amy’s hair, lips and eyes. You look great she said and put some stuff on her cheeks. Can I check your boobs if that’s okay? Amy lifted her top over her head. Her cute little boobs bounced out, and her nipples looked fantastic, as usual. Mei, looked at them and said, they will make great photo’s, you’re very lucky. She touched up a few spots on her boobs and said, your good to go. Good luck she said, you are quite beautiful and you look really sexy, she hugged her and left. I thought the hug was a little intimate, but I didn’t think any more of it.

With the top back on we walked out to the photographic area, he looked over and smiled. He then turned the lights down to a nice shadowy sexy mood, but enough to see everything. He pulled back some curtains, and there was a room type set-up with bed, cream silk linen and nice plumped up pillows, a nude picture, side table etc. which looked very romantic and sexy. Wei sets all that up he said. Amy and I looked at each other, it looked great, obviously he does let her help, oh well we’ll see what happens then.

He made Amy lay down on the bed, flat, still with her knickers and top on. He set the fixed camera to a good angle, and got it all focused etc. Okay he said are we ready, looking at Amy. She sat up with her hands leaning back holding herself up. Okay, can you take your top off now and show me those gorgeous nipples I’ve been thinking about he said. Good I thought, that will make her feel better, as she slipped her top over her head, boobs bouncing out, nipples proud of themselves, making sure not to mess the hair up. Stunning, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, lickable, fuckable.

He moved over next to her, made sure of the shadows, the lighting, the camera and then looked at Amy still sitting up. Do you mind he said, pointing to her boobs? No, I don’t mind she replied as she looked at me. I smiled. He held her boobs in his hand, warm I hope, then brushed his hand across her nipples. I think they popped out a little more and went a little harder. Beautiful he said softly, placed a pillow down and manoeuvred her into a position where her face, hair and nipples would be the center of attention.

He went back and forward, taking photos, moving her around, taking sexy little shots with her knickers on and then off, including her cute pussy in different seductive poses, with his fingers playing with her pussy to get the right shots. He even touched her little puckered bum hole. A few of the photos were fully concentrated on Amy’s pussy. He had her touch herself, and touched it himself when she didn’t get it right, getting her fingers in the right position.

On one shot he even slipped a finger inside a little to open her pussy up a bit. OMG that was so exciting. He’d sometimes put oil on her, rubbed it across her boobs, her bum, even put some on her bum hole, which I’m sure made it twitch with anticipation. I thought I saw him apply a little pressure with his finger and enter her bum to open it just a little, to make it look like it was excited and ready for some action. It was fantastic watching him touch Amy all over, getting all those shots. I’m positive Amy was as horny as anything, and would even be wanting to have sex with him or me right now. I was leaking in my shorts like crazy.


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