My Wife With Black Men

My wife and I were out with two other couples one night. Everyone had a little too much to drink and the talked turned sexual in nature. We were all in our twenties except my wife who was nineteen.

One of the wives commented about letters she and her husband read in Playboy. One concerned a wife that turned tricks a couple of nights a month to help pay the bills. She liked the extra sex and her and husband got off hearing her tell him about her customers.


Another letter they told us about was about a wife that enjoyed having sex with two men at once. The third was a wife that liked fucking well hung black men and her husband liked watching her.

My wife commented that: “It sounded fun to be paid to do something I so enjoy.” She also told us” “I think it would feel nice having two men pleasuring me at the same time.” She then told us: “When I was in nursing school, I had a patient that had two broken arms. He would get aroused having a sponge bath. He was black and his cock was huge. I would take pity on him and give him a hand job. But I always wondered how nice a big cock like that would feel fucking me.”

The next day when she was sober and I told her what she had said. She was embarrassed but I asked her: “Would like to try any or all three of the things that were discussed.’ I told her: “I will help you and I would love hearing you tell me how you liked it or what you wouldn’t like to do again.” She said: “I couldn’t do that.”

I didn’t give up trying to get her to consider any or all three of the things she said she thought she would like that night, when we were with the two other couples.

It was two weeks later when I came in from work, my wife was in the kitchen with the two other wives from that night, plus three other wives from the neighborhood.

The five wives left soon after my arrival and I asked my wife: “Is this get together was something new. Or just something I don’t know about.”

She told me: The three of us go out to have coffee a few times a week, but the other three joined us for the first time today.”

I asked: “So did the six of you a good time chatting?” My wife told me: “The three wives had heard from the other two about my time in nursing training that I gave the black guy hand jobs. They wanted to know how big it was, how it felt to make him cum, did I ever consider letting him fuck me and did I ever taste his cum?” She told me: “I told them it was about nine to ten inches and my fingers and thumb didn’t come close to touching when holding it, yes it made my pussy wet touching his cock and when he was about to cum. I leaned over to watch it flow out as I had never seen a guy cum before.

His was the first I had ever seen let alone touched. I didn’t know what I expected, it came shooting out and hit my face. Shocked my mouth opened and the next blast went in my mouth. I pulled my hand off to take the towel and wipe my face. When I looked at his cock it was still leaking cum. Then I realized I had his cum still in my mouth. It didn’t taste bad so I swallowed it. After cleaning up the mess he thanked me, saying the nurses just leave him with his cock hard and no way to relieve himself. I told them no I never considered fucking him. I was still a virgin and not ready to go that far.”

I then asked: “How many times did you gave him hand jobs.”

She told me: I did it every day for two weeks till he was discharged. If I wasn’t on the schedule, I would go at night around seven thirty and relieve his built-up frustration. His cock would always be hard waiting for me.”

I asked her: “Did you ever taste his cum again?”

After a pause she told me: “After the first time, when he was ready to cum, I would put the head in my mouth and let him cum in my mouth. I did it the second time I jerked him off so as not to have clean up a mess. Then realized I liked feeling him shooting his cum in my mouth. Plus, I liked the taste and swallowing it always made him smile.”

I wanting to know I asked her: “Did you think about how it would feel to have that big cock inside you.”

She told me: “That at the time no I didn’t. I was a virgin and didn’t realize how nice it feels to get fucked. But, now yes, I wonder what it would feel like.”

I told her: “Let’s find a big cock like that so you won’t have to wonder anymore.”

She told me: “No I don’t want to know what a big cock would feel like, I would like to know what his big black cock would feel like.”

That night while we fucked, I asked her: “Are you thinking about how it might feel if that black guy fucking you.”

She said: “Tom his name is Tom and yes, I am thinking about his big cock.”

I asked her: If you found him, would you want to let him to fuck you.”

She said: “God yes was but, only if you want me to.”

I told her: “It turns me on just thinking about his huge cock filling your pussy.”

She told me: “If I ever meets him again, I wants to feel him cum inside me, no condoms.”

“That was all I needed to hear to make me cum.”

She hadn’t orgasmed so I did something I hadn’t done before, I went down on her and started eating her cum filled pussy. I found I like eating her pussy with my cum in it. After I brought her to several orgasms, the last one very intense.

I asked: “What made the last one so much better than the others.”

“She didn’t want to tell me but, I wouldn’t let it go. So, I asked if she was thinking about Tom’s big black cock fucking her.”

She said: “No but if you want to know I will tell you while you go back to eating me pussy.”

That is what I did and just before she came again. She said: “I was thinking how much I would love you eating me with Tom’s cum in my pussy.”

I stopped eating her, she thought I was pissed.

She asked me: “Are you mad at me for saying I would like you to eat Tom’s cum from my pussy”

What I did was shoved my now rock-hard cock into her and told her: “I am so fucking horny hearing you saying that my cock is so hard it hurts.”

For the next month every time we had sex, she would talk to me about Tom’s big black cock fucking her bareback filling her with his cum and me eating her after.

I came home one day from work and she was excited.

She told me: “I thinks I found Tom. There are more than a dozen guys with the same last name as him. Most turns out to be white but a few were black.”

She told me: “One I know is black by his voice on his answering machine. He just called me back.”

I said: “So you found him?”

She said: “Not yet, the guy I just talked to thinks the Tom we are looking for is his uncle. That he is a roofer and at the time I was in training to be a nurse he had an accident and broke both his arms and other injuries. He was in the hospital where I was training.

“I asked: “Did you get his phone number?”

My wife told me: “The nephew doesn’t feel comfortable giving out his uncle’s phone number. He will call the uncle and give him our number.”

Later that night the phone rang and I answered it. The voice on the other end was most certainly a black man. He asked for my wife by name. I knew then it was the Tom we were looking for. My wife didn’t give the nephew her name just the initial of her first name.

I put the phone on speaker and before he could speak, she asked him: “What did I do for you while you were in the hospital.”

He told her: Donna you would to give me hand jobs and let me cum in your mouth.”

She picked up the hand set and shut the speaker off. I took this as her wanting to talk to him with out me hearing. So, I went to take my shower after which I got a beer and headed to the living room where the phone is. I peaked in the room and she saw me and waved me in.

She hit the speaker button and Said: “Tom the speaker is back on and my husband is with me.”

He said: “So, you are alight with your wife letting me fuck her? That my cock will be only her second cock to fuck her and I will be her first big black cock. You know mine is the first cock she ever touched, that I was the first to cum in her mouth and what you didn’t know is I was the first to tit fuck her. The first man she showed her big tits to and the first to feel them and suck her nipples.”

I didn’t care because she was sucking my cock and hearing him just made me hotter.

He asked: “Is she sucking you off.”

I told him: “Yes and keep telling me what you are going to do to her, because it makes me so fucking hot.”

He asked me: “Have you ever fucked her ass.”

I groaned: “no.”

He then told me: “I intend for my black cock to fuck her virgin ass. You need to fuck her ass with some kind of lube and your fingers. Try to get her so you can get at least three fingers in her asshole four if you can. Do you have any cucumbers in the house? If so see if you can get her use to having that up her ass? If so, she will not be in too much discomfort when I fuck her ass.”

That was it I filled my wife’s mouth with my cum.

He told us that he is working about an hour away from us and the job should finish around four tomorrow. If that happens, he will come to our home after work. That he will call on his lunch break to confirm he will be coming.

My wife took her shower and met me in bed. She was hornier than I ever remember her ever being before.

We fucked and she licked me clean and kept me hard. I eat her pussy and we fucked again but she made me stop before cumming again. She wanted me to eat her some more. After she came again, she let me fuck her some more. Again, stopping me before I came. She got the lube from her night stand and had me get a cucumber from the kitchen for her ass.

She told me: “I will buy a couple of enemas to tomorrow to clean out my ass for him.”

I was able to get three fingers in her ass using the lube. Then I started using the cucumber. It took about fifteen minutes before she had the whole cucumber up her ass.

She held it in four a few minutes then push it part way out then started fucking her ass with it.

Telling me: “I can’t wait to feel his big black cock fuck my ass.”

I asked her: “Will you let him make you, his whore.”

She said: “I will let him use my body any way he wants for his pleasure. But my soul belongs to you and if and when you say stop. I will never see him again.”

I told her: “We are letting him use your body as he wishes. If either of us decides enough it stops. You can be the one to stop it too.”

The next day at work all I could think about was seeing my wife being sexually pleasured by Tom and his big black cock.

I also wondered if I could get her to live out the other two things, she said she thought sounded nice. To be pleasured by two men at the same time and to be paid to have sex.

I was hoping Tom would help make them happen.

My wife called me around one in the afternoon, she told me: “Tom was coming after he gets off work.”