My Wife Takes Her Revenge

Her Turn.

“Stupid! Stupid! Why the hell had I agreed to this?”

She came walking down the stairs looking a million dollars, I have never seen her look that sexy before, ever. She had on a short black cocktail dress and black 5 inch stilettos, her hair tied up with strands framing her beautiful face, she had a diamond necklace and long dangly earrings to match that I bought her for our 1st wedding anniversary. She looked like a movie star.


“Well, how do I look? Do you think he will like?”

“Please babe don’t do this.”

“This is on you Dave, all on you. Don’t you dare put this on me, this is the only way.”

The doorbell rang,

“Well Dave, aren’t you going to answer it?”

I took her hand, “Please Lara.”

She pulled her hand from my grasp.

“Answer the door Dave, now.”

I turned and took a slow walk to the door, my head in turmoil, I put my hand to the latch and I looked back at her. She nodded to the door.

“Hello Charles.”

“Good evening Dave, are you sure you are ok with this?”

Lara appeared at my shoulder, “Of course he is, come in Charles. OOOH are these for me?”

Charles was her ex and her boss, he had a bouquet of at least two dozen red roses in his arms, he looked as smart as she did beautiful he was dressed in a tuxedo and bow tie. Behind him on our drive was a huge black limousine.

“My god Lara, you look incredible.”

Charles walked past me like I was not even there, he leant in to receive a kiss from my wife. She took his gift of flowers and handed them to me.

“These are beautiful Charles, thank you. Put these in a vase for me sweetheart.”

He held her far longer than I was comfortable with and as I was about to protest Lara gave me a scathing look over his shoulder. I lowered my gaze,

“Yes dear. I’ll put these in water.”

I walked into the kitchen to find a vase under the sink straining to hear the whispers in the hallway behind me. I heard the clicking of her shoes on the hardwood floor into the lounge and I walked into the room behind them carrying the vase of flowers wanting to desperately smash it into the back of Charles head.

“Place them in the window sweetheart, they really are beautiful thank you so much Charles.”

“They fade to your beauty.”

I cringed at his comment.

“Why thank you, she replied.”

Why was I so stupid, why did I ever agree to this? This was far, far harder than I thought it would be. Lara said,

“Don’t wait up love, I might not be back until morning.”

“What, wait, hang on a minute.”

She turned on her heels and led Charles out by the hand into the hall. She opened the front door and looked at me directly in the eyes as she reached up on tiptoes and kissed Charles passionately, right in the open doorway with the light on, any of the neighbours could’ve seen her. She blew me a kiss and slammed the door, Charles escorted her to the limo. I sat back in despair on the steps of my staircase with my head in my hands.

Two weeks ago I had been on a stag night with a few of my friends, Harry was getting married and we all decided for a night out before he became under the thumb and married off. Things were going great and we were all merry having a brilliant night, Bill had us all VIP tickets in a private booth for Killer Heels, the late night strip club in town. We jumped the queue and were lead to our table, a bucket of chilled champagne was already there waiting for us and had the perfect view of the stage.

A stunning young woman named Debbie said she would be our waitress for the evening and if we needed anything just ask.

“Do you mean ANYTHING?” asked Harry raising an eyebrow trying to be clever.

“Anything.” She smiled back.

He shouted loudly “I fucking love it here!”

We ordered a big round of drinks and all squeezed into the booth as a vision of beauty walked to the centre of the stage, the announcer spoke,

“Tammy, is a sweet innocent 18 years old, people please do not give her a hard time! if you know what I mean, give her your appreciation…….Tammy!”

The crowd went wild including us, she was stunning and man could she move. She gyrated her body into positions I could only dream a woman could get into. As the night went drew on we were all getting more and more loud and pissed. Ian decided Harry should have a lap dance,

Debbie said “No problem £50 here in the seat or £100 in a back room, have you one of the girls in mind?”

“No just a sexy one please and how about him first here then for all five of us in a back room, how much?”

“You want a girl each, five girls?”

“hell yeah!”

Barry spoke up,

“not me fella’s I am up for a night out watching the strippers but I have a good woman at home, I wont disrespect her by cheating. I’ll stay at the bar ok.”

Ian would have none of it, “Barry, don’t be a dick. Come on.”

The dancer came to our table for Harry’s dance and she was gorgeous. She squeezed over us to get to him and danced for him, we got the benefit too looking on. She ground into his lap, we could see she was as aroused as him as her nipples stuck out like thimbles. It ended all too soon. Debbie came back.

“Ok it has been arranged, in room three you have five of our prettiest girls waiting for you now. You have 30 minutes, for £700, £1500 for an hour, the girls arrange anything else you might require at extra rates ok.”

We all excluding Barry went into the private room full of excitement. They did not disappoint, these girls were amazing, so sexy. They were all over us, Harry as the groom had the extra girl. Ian must’ve struck up a deal with his girl because within ten minutes she had his cock in her mouth. My girl had me as hard as I had ever been, these girls really knew how to turn a man on. I soon found myself asking how much for extra’s. the night cost us about £1000 each but we left there with our balls completely drained. I had got to the point where my balls actually hurt.

Barry had ordered us all a cab home,

“God mate, you don’t know what you missed, that Tammy was insane, she sucked all of us! Harry at one point had four girls on him working him over.”

Barry was still adamant that it was the right thing not to participate.

I stumbled in around 4am, Lara was in bed fast asleep and I slept on the couch where I fell.

The next morning I woke with a dreadful hangover, Lara brought me in a strong coffee and sat next to me.

“It looks like you all had a good time. Hang on, what are these marks on your neck?.. Hickeys, you have hickeys! What did you do??”

I put my hand to my neck, “What?”

“You have hickeys, get your shirt off. Let me see?”

“Lara, don’t be silly.”


I stood reluctantly and undid the buttons, to my horror my torso was covered in lipstick marks the shape of kisses. I had another hickey just below my belly button.

“You fuck, you fucking bastard.”

“I, I, didn’t, I…….”

A lacy baby blue thong dropped from my pocket as I was trying to tell her I didn’t do anything. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes then ran from the room. I tried to follow but my head was splitting, I heard the front door slam. I laid back down holding my head.

At 5pm I awoke still on the sofa, still no Lara, I rang Barry, “Fuck mate, what did we do last night?”

“Don’t ask me Dave, I wasn’t there remember, I stayed out of it, but Harry is in trouble big time. Shirley found out by her girlfriend who works bar there that you all fucked the strippers. Harry says the wedding might be off!”

“Ah bollocks! Fuck it, Shirley will tell Lara, oh shit!”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you all, your dicks ruled your brains last night mate.”

I dialled Lara’s number……voice mail. I assumed she had been out all day and was really pissed at me, but she would forgive a drunken stag night surely? I gave it half hour and rang again, still voice mail. It was 6pm by now and no sign of her. I suddenly had a terrible thought and ran upstairs to check her wardrobe,

“Phew, all still here.”

I made myself a sandwich and a coffee, turned on the tv and waited. At 9pm I heard a key in the door, Lara was there at last, I ran to the door to see she had company. Two of her friends were with her,

“Lara, can we talk?”

She held her palm up to me, “Don’t.”

She pushed past me and up the stairs to our room followed by her buddies leaving me in the hallway.

I felt like a scolded dog. Half hour later her friend Jill came down.

“You have hurt her badly Dave, she trusted you. You fucked strippers for god sake, strippers! We have done our best to calm her but she is seriously pissed with you, she might even leave you.”

“Fuck, what can I do. Tell me what can I do?”

“You should’ve thought of that last night!”

Jill and Francis went home leaving Lara upstairs, I went up shortly after they left and knocked softly at our door,

“Go away!”

“Lara, please.”

“Go away, not tonight Dave, not now. Leave me alone.”

“Please Lara, can we talk.”

“Dave fuck off now or I fuck off for good, do you hear me!”

I had never heard he this angry. I left her alone and went back down. I heard her on her phone a few times and she came down to the kitchen. I stood in the kitchen doorway and she looked a mess, her makeup was all over her face, her eyes were puffy. It was obvious she had been crying a lot, I mean a real lot.

She turned with a glass of water in her hand and saw me standing there, I went to take her in my arms and she threw the glass at me, it hit me then smashed on the tiled floor.

“You shit on me Dave, you shit on us, on our marriage.”

She ran back upstairs, that was the last I saw of her that night. I lay on the sofa awake most of the night. The next morning I was making a bacon sandwich and placed it on the table. I poured out a coffee and turned to see Lara eating my breakfast. I half smiled expecting another tirade but none came.

“Can we talk?”

She nodded, she didn’t smile but at least she didn’t scream at me, that was a start.

“I am sorry, I know you know what happened and I am truly sorry I was drunk. I know it is not an excuse but I got caught up in the moment and was drunk.”

She looked up at me expecting more, I had no more. I just stood there looking stupid. What more could I say?

“Is that it?…. is that you’re excuse… were drunk so that makes it all ok does it?”

She didn’t say it with the anger I was expecting, she was worryingly calm in her response. It unnerved me. I still stood in silence looking at my feet.

“At least have the guts look me in the eye and tell me you are sorry.”

I looked up at her, she was the love of my life and I had fucked it up on one night with my mates.

“At least Barry stayed faithful, at least he cared for his wife. At least he didn’t shit on his vows.”

What could I say, “Sorry.”

“Sorry, fucking sorry. Is that all you can manage?”

“Lara, what can I say I AM truly sorry, it never should’ve happened. I promise it will never ever happen again.”

“No, it won’t.” Again she replied with a horrible calmness.

“I have talked all night to my friends and we have between us come up with a compromise. You owe me one. In fact I am going to collect next week.”

“Anything, anything. Please Lara, I am so sorry, anything.”

That was two weeks ago, I had agreed to her going on a date with her old flame Charles. I had to take whatever she did on the date at payback. If it was sex, then I had to take it as part of her date. Whatever happened on the date the one thing she said I had to do was to eat her out on her return, THAT was the cost of us moving forward. If it was just a kiss and cuddle and dinner then that was payback too. I prayed for the latter.

Lara did not allow me near her for the two weeks after my transgression. No sex, no cuddling, just a peck on the cheek. She kept insinuating that she had to save herself for her date. I have hated the last two weeks with a passion. I was so stupid now I was paying the price. I watched Lara climbing into the limousine through the lounge window, Charles walked around the other side and climbed in.

Her door opened again and my heart rose, had she had second thoughts and was coming back to me? The doorbell rang. I ran to the door. She stood smiling at me as I opened my arms to take her into mine. She held her hand out and dropped her thong into my open hand. My jaw dropped. She turned and walked away.

I have been sitting fretting, rocking in my chair all night waiting for her to come back, I cannot keep still. I get up and walk to the window or go to the kitchen. My legs keep bouncing on my toes. I cannot keep my hands still and my head is in turmoil. What is she doing? Is she going to fuck him? of course she is she gave me her thong. If that is not a clear sign of her intentions nothing is! Its my own stupid fault, it’s the price I have agreed to and must pay. Fucking stupid! I hear a car and rush back to the window, it’s not her.

I turn the tv back on trying to clear my mind from my dark thoughts, but visions of her in the limousine flood my brain of her taking his cock between her red painted lips, swallowing his seed, I am in real pain, it is not imagined. My stomach is in knots, my head hurts even my chest starts to heave in pain. Again a car and I rush up to the window, again it’s not her.

It is 2am now and I am far from sleep, I am pacing the house I feel like smashing my head into the walls. I punch the lounge door and I only do damage to my hand not the door but at least it takes the thought from my head for a minute.

I can see her on her back taking him inside her willing body and tears form in my eyes, she screams in extasy as he fills her up,

“What have I done!”

I feel totally empty inside, I do not know what to do with myself. All I can think of is that she is getting fucked. Will she leave me? My whole body is trembling now and I am shaking, not in anger with her but in myself for letting this happen. I feel shame in myself I have let my wife down and she is having her revenge with my consent. I have virtually given this man my blessing to fuck my wife!

I feel the bile rise into my mouth, that taste that you get just before you are sick but it doesn’t come and give me release from this feeling. I do not hate her for what she is doing tonight, it is my fault I hate myself and I must take my punishment if I am to have her back in my life.

I was so stupid, so, so stupid. Suddenly it comes up and I throw up into the bowl I had got earlier. My stomach empties into the bowl and I feel better for a minute until I see her face in my mind again enjoying his body. Is she fucking him right now in the limo? Has he been touching her perfect body all night, my wife’s perfect body. Will she still be mine when, “if” she comes home.

I go to my bathroom and look into the mirror at myself as I brush the sick taste from my mouth, I see a prick staring back at me that has allowed this to happen tonight. A silly stupid man that got carried away with the circumstance and now must pay the price.

A Key, is that the lock?

I run down but stop halfway to see my wife at our door kissing her date goodbye. My heart sinks even lower than I thought possible.

“Thank you for the perfect night Charles, goodnight.”

She shut the door and turned to me,

“Oh you are still up?”

“How could I sleep? It is 3.30am where have you been?”

As I ask it I think to myself, stupid question.

She smiles at me with what looks like a genuine smile and asks

“Well, have you been thinking about my night, how my date went?”

I nod stupidly not able to mutter a word.

“Come into the front room.”

I follow behind like a puppy dog as she sits on the sofa looking up at me.

“You know what you have to do don’t you?”

Again I start to tremble, my arms and legs show it visibly as I stand in front of her.

“Come on, on your knees.”

She parts her legs, her dress rises up her thighs to show her soaking wet shaven pussy lips, fuck she even shaved for him!

“Get on your knees, now!”

“Please Lara, please do not make me do this.”

Her outstretched finger comes to my chin and she looks into my eyes.

“This is the price. Do it.”

The folds of her perfect pussy lips show a white creamy substance, I know what it is.

My hands hold onto her legs, they are shaking so much that its hard to keep them in place. She leans back into the sofa.


I use all the willpower I have to move my face forward until I am just inches from her pussy, it is coated in another mans cum.

“This is the price of your cheating, lick!”

I make to move away but she holds my head.

“How much do you want to save what we once had Dave?”

I push everything from my mind and lean back in to taste her wet cunt, my tongue slides between her lips and I lick, I take an amount of his cum onto my tongue and…….

I sit back up and startled I taste it, swallow it then go in again.


She looks down at me and takes my head into her hands.

“Yes, its Mayo. I had to see if you would. I needed to see how far you would go to save our marriage.”

“It’s Mayo!……He didn’t fuck you??”

“No. he didn’t fuck me.”


Lara put her finger to my lips and took a small bottle of mayonnaise from her purse holding it up to me.

“Shhhhhh. I had to see if you were sorry enough to let me do this tonight, we had a lovely dinner and Charles took me dancing. He wanted to fuck me and trust me I was close to letting him but we had planned this to teach you a lesson. I hope tonight has been hell for you. You have put me through hell the last two weeks, I will never forget your cheating but I might forgive over time. I hope this has given you a taste of what I have gone through.”

“I thought you had really done it, I have been to hell and back tonight.”

I sat back onto my heels and the emotions of the night flooded out, the barriers broke and I sobbed. We went to bed both shattered, no kissing no cuddling just sleep. The next morning we talked like never before. I had learned my lesson and I know I would NEVER cheat on this wonderful woman ever again no matter what the temptation. We have a long way to go to get back to where we were but I love this clever lady with all my heart and I know she loves me. I plan to hold on to her until we are old and grey.

The end.



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