My Wife Cheats On Me

My wife and I have an amazing sex life together. I know, the word “together” seems redundant but it isn’t, as you will soon see.

We are both nymphomaniacs and she loves taking my cock in her mouth, in her pussy and in her ass, and I love using her as my fuck toy. She is insatiable so she also has an amazing sex life with other men with my full blessing.


She is one of those women who could never be satisfied by just one man, just one cock. So we feed her need by finding men for her to have sex with in front of me and also on her own.

She knows how incredibly aroused I get when she plays the cheating wife. Although I always know when she is having sex with other men — that is our agreement — there is something about her cheating on me that sometimes makes me vibrate I am so horny. I love imagining her experiencing mine-blowing sex with one (just one???) really hot, dominant and well hung man. So we agree that the men she beds remain unaware I know what is going on. As far as they know, this really hot woman they are fucking is cheating with them on her husband.

I know exactly how she will act with a man she desires: She will flirt like crazy to make him desperate to fuck her. When he kisses her, she will tell him to do whatever he wants with her. And when he is fucking her, she will beg for his cock between moans, screams and orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. The images of her actually having those intense sexual experiences is what I live for…

We went to a couple’s cottage this summer not realizing that they had also invited another friend of theirs. He was much taller than my wife, which she loves, fit and he had what she loves most: sleepy bedroom eyes. As soon as I saw him, I knew he would make her weak in the knees. She confirmed this by taking my hand to sturdy herself as we were being introduced and she gave it a couple of gentle squeezes to let me know how turned on she was. Being experienced at this kind of thing, we have a language we speak in front of others — touch, glances and words — that none of them detect. My gentle squeezes back told her I want her to go after what we both knew she was already craving: a man she had known for less than two minutes. That’s one of the things I love about my wife: how easily she gets weak for the right man.

My wife is a masterful flirt. She is subtle and sophisticated in her approach, which is devastatingly powerful for the man who is the object of her desire but hard for others to detect. She has raised making a man desperate to fuck her to an art form. She is like a predator even though she is ultimately submissive and melts in the presence of a dominant lover. I get so turned on watching her hunt…

She started her surreptitious flirting after the first drink. She has a low tolerance for alcohol and I love how her inhibitions weaken after just one glass of wine. I could see how she was tormenting this man even though the others who were present were oblivious. She is like a boa constrictor when she is hungry for a man, slowly, ever so slowly trapping her prey in her erotic grip so that it is impossible for him to say no when she decides the time is right. I knew this guy was doomed right from the very beginning.

My wife is also a pro at flirting with men when nobody around, especially him, realizes I can witness it happening. So I get to see it unfolding, detached and from a distance, as I watch her use her eyes, her smile and her touches to send tremors of desire through his muscular body. When she was standing right next to him, if he made a clever or funny comment, she made sure to touch him on the arm to show her approval…and affection.

Our hosts were cooking dinner so the three of us went down to the dock for a late afternoon swim. My wife wore a skimpy bikini with the full intent of giving him an improper view of her slender, sexy body. We could see from his speedo that he had a nice cock and that was confirmed in spades when we finished swimming. His wet bathing suit clung tight to his beautiful cock and because she was continuing to secretly flirt with him, he was struggling to keep it from getting hard. I loved that he thought there was this secret, dangerous sexual game going on between the two of them, and that I appeared be totally unaware. It is important for our game and my arousal that he think everything is happening behind my back.

She made sure to lay on the chaise lounge opposite him so that he was looking right up her virtually naked body, from her beautiful red painted toes to her seductive lips and her mischievous almond-shaped eyes. She began rubbing her feet and toes together as if to give herself a gentle massage. This caused her legs to move back-and-forth and to part a little bit. Once she had his attention, she would start looking over at me from time to time to see if I was looking away and, when she saw that I was seemingly not paying attention (which I did often on purpose), she look away from him and slightly open her legs. Although my gaze was averted, my focus was completely on my periphery and I could see everything that was going on between the two of them. He wasn’t the only one that was having a tough time containing his erection.

She has a little trick that she does with her bikini when she is horny for a man and is moving in for the kill. She very subtly opens and closes her legs, causing the edge of one side of her bikini to slowly work its way between her pussy lips. She pretends to not notice it happening and he thinks he is seeing an accidental exposure of one of her pussy lips. She will part her legs for a little bit so he can see her one labia and then closes them, all the while pretending she is oblivious of her “accidental” exposure. I loved seeing him out of the corner of my eye struggle to look at her pussy without being obvious to either her or me.

Although he is clearly receiving all of her sexual signals, he still has no clue of her real intent. On the one hand, she is being blatantly sexual with him. But she never makes eye contact with him when she is doing it, so he doesn’t know if her exposure is by accident or on purpose. On the other hand, he can’t imagine that she is really coming on to him when I am right there. He is so conflicted. Knowing that confusion exists in his mind is a real turn on for me. I can tell he desperately wants her but at this point, he can’t imagine there is any hope of that. Little does he know what is to come…

The wine flowed through the evening and we all got very loose. Unbeknownst to our hosts — and to me as far as he knew — her flirting with him continued all through the evening. Exhausted and quite drunk, our hosts went to bed early and left us to our own devices. As it became more and more obvious to him how horny she was for him, they both became a little sloppy with their flirting so I could see it happening between them even more.

I made the excuse that I needed to go for a walk in the warm night air, which was a deliberate move to give them some time alone for the first time. All I did was walk outside and hide behind a tree so that I could look in the window and see them. Still just wearing her bikini, she got up and took some glasses into the kitchen. He followed her until they were standing close enough that their arms touched. I was watching everything. I was going out of my mind with horniness because I knew she was about to make them cross the threshold into cheating.

She turned to him, glanced side to side to make sure they were alone and then looked right up into his eyes, just inches from his face, obviously inviting him to kiss her. He leaned into her cautiously, still not fully certain that she wanted to go this far. I knew he was also petrified they would get caught. But then his lips touched hers and they were gone. I watched her immediately melt into his body as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. As they kissed passionately, I could see her caressing his shoulders and his back, and I knew she would be so turned on by how strong and muscular his body was.

He didn’t know it but what he did next was perfect. He grabbed her ass with his two big hands, one cheek in each hand, and he pulled her roughly into him so that she could feel the hardness of his big cock against her bare belly. She loves feeling big hands on her ass and she loves feeling a masculine man expressing his physical dominance over her. Up until now she had been the aggressor, the predator. But now she was handing the reins over to him, and letting him know with her whimpers and moans as they kissed that she was surrendering to him.

I watched her slide her hands to his muscular chest and gently push him away because they were being unsafe. While they were no longer kissing, they were still embracing and gazing into each other’s eyes, frozen in the moment while this intense desire for each other flowed between them. As they parted, I watched her hands slide down his body and touch his cock. And then she turned to the sink to rinse the glasses.

I came back in quickly because I wanted to walk in on them before his erection subsided and before she had time to catch her breath. I wanted to watch their awkwardness as they tried to act natural while, at the same time, hiding the huge bulge in his Speedo and the red flush in her face.

I told them I was tired and was going to go to bed. Our hosts had a bunky separate from the cottage with two bedrooms and a bathroom. He would be sleeping in the room just down the hall in the bunky. My wife told me she would be there in a few minutes, that she had to finish cleaning up. I knew exactly what that meant so I left them alone together and I went to bed. Instead of going straight to the bunky, I hid behind the same tree and watched them through the kitchen window.

They gave me a few minutes to get settled in “bed” and then I watched as he grabbed her, pinned her against the wall and started kissing her aggressively, just the way she loves it. She acquiesced instantly, as she always does when a man forces his masculinity on her. My view was from behind him and I could see him grinding his groin into her. She grabbed one of his hands, and slid it between her legs and inside her bikini bottom. She loves getting finger banged and I could see he was doing it aggressively, which is exactly what she wanted, and she finally had an intense but quiet orgasm with his hand covering her mouth. I absolutely loved how they were nose to nose while she was orgasming, looking so intimately into each other’s eyes.

I could see them talking post orgasm while they were kissing and I knew she was telling him she had to get to bed or I would get suspicious. They gave each other an incredibly deep and passionate kiss good night. She pulled out his cock and gave it a few strokes while she smiled at him and then she came to bed. We immediately had incredibly intense but quiet sex, and I came inside her. I then set the alarm for two hours — for 3 AM — and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When the alarm went off, We lay in bed facing each other. She wrapped her hand around my hard cock and gently stroked it while we talked about what was going to happen next…

Her: I am going into his room to sleep naked with him for a while (I loved that she told me this rather than asking).

Me: Why are you going to sleep naked with him?

Her: I am incredibly turned on by him. Every cell in my body wants him to fuck me right now.

Me: Are you desperate for his cock?

Her: Yes.

Me: Tell me.

Her: I am desperate for his beautiful cock.

Me: You want to be fucked by another man?

Me: Tell me.

Her: I want another man to fuck me.

Her: Yes.

Me: You want to feel this stranger’s big cock inside you, humping your cunt?

Her: I do. I really, really do. I need it.

Me: I saw you kiss him. How did that make you feel?

Her: I was so turned on. I am still so turned on. He makes me feel so desired! My heart was pounding through my chest when he kissed me.

Me: Was your body shaking when he kissed you?

Her: I almost lost control and let him fuck me over the kitchen table.

Me: I would’ve loved to have watched that.

Her: I know.

Me: Did you touch his cock?

Her: I wrapped both hands around it. I love how thick it is.

Me: You love his cock?

Her: I think I could fall in love with his cock.

Me: Are you sure you want to have sex with him?

Her: I am desperate for him to fuck me. I want to feel his huge cock stretching my cunt. I want him to make me his fuck toy.

Me: Does it turn you on to cheat on me?

Her: I love cheating on you. And I know you love it when I cheat on you.

Me: Are you going to use a condom?

Her: No condom, baby. You know I want his real cock inside me. I want to feel the flesh of his cock against the flesh of my cunt. You know I want to feel his cum filling me.

Me: You want him to breed you?

Her: Yes baby, I am going to tell him I want him to breed me.

Me: Are you going to beg for his cock while he is fucking you, just like you beg for mine?

Her: I always beg for my man’s cock, no matter what man is fucking me.

Me: I know you do baby. I just wanted to hear you say it. Go to him. Make him fuck you so you want to scream. Get him to make you cum over and over again with no condom so that you come back to me filled with his semen.

We kissed passionately. She put my cock in her mouth and quickly made me as hard as I get. She slipped out of bed, paused, and called me on my phone so that I would be able to hear everything that is said and done between them (she puts the phone upside down on the bedside table). Once we knew contact was made, she smiled at me, blew me a kiss and, leaving the door ajar, walked naked down the hall to have sex with a man she just met this evening.

I tapped the mute button and put the phone to my ear. I was teasing the head of my cock with my fingertips as I heard her quietly open the door. She woke him with a start because, when he realized a naked woman was sitting on the edge of his bed, he said “What?” a little too loud, which I could hear through the wall. He gathered himself quickly and I could now only hear the conversation through the phone because they were both whispering.

He asked her what she was doing, obviously in shock. She told him the story that we had worked out in advance. “It’s ok, baby. We are safe,” she told him. “It takes a bomb to wake him when he is in a deep sleep. And even if he wakes up, he is used to not finding me in bed. I am a lousy sleeper and always leave the bedroom when I can’t sleep. We just can’t be loud.” I could hear his breathing getting heavy while she was calming him and I knew that she had her hand wrapped around his big cock. You can’t argue when your cock is being stroked.

There was no talking for quite a while and I knew they were kissing passionately. I know how much she loves kissing, how wet it makes her, and kissing with a stranger is one of her favorite things to do. I could tell how intimate they were being because her breathing was heavy and she was moaning softly, which is what she always does when she is lost in a kiss.

I could feel and hear them getting more intimate and more intense, which made me more and more horny for her. When he told her he didn’t have any condoms, she knew her reply would give me my first orgasm of the night. “No condom, baby. I have been dying to feel your bare cock inside me all night. It will turn me on so much to go back to him full of your cum, especially if he fucks me in the morning. He won’t have any clue your cum is lubricating his cock.” On cue, I had my first orgasm, which was a monster.

I couldn’t always tell what they were doing over the next two hours but I do know he had her moaning, gasping and groaning the whole time. I loved how much trouble they were both having keeping quiet, and more than once I actually heard them through the walls rather than just on the phone. When her moans were muffled, I knew she had his big cock in her mouth. I know he came at least twice like that because I am so familiar with what she sounds like when her mouth is being filled with cum.

I loved it near the end when they were laying in each other’s arms, talking to each other. I was stroking so hard when she was telling him what a great lover he is, how much his kissing turns her on, how turned on she is by his muscular body and how much she loved feeling him come inside her.

He asked her if they could do it again when they are back in the city. In other words, he was asking her to have an affair so that she would be cheating on me continuously. Once again, her answer made me have an orgasm. She said, “I would love to baby but I want it to be somewhere where I am free to be who I am when you fuck me and I don’t have to be quiet. I want you to treat me like a ragdoll when you are fucking me. I want you to hump me all over the bed. You were making me want to scream with every orgasm but I couldn’t because we had to be discreet.”

I heard her muffled moans again and I knew she was sucking his cock one last time. She often likes to finish her man with a blow job so that she can clean all of the cum off of his cock, balls, thighs and belly. She is greed that way. When he started gasping and she was grunting, I knew he was cumming in her mouth. That meant she would be coming back to me soon with the taste of his semen on her lips and tongue and, as always when she returned from having sex with another man, the first thing she did was give me a deep, passionate kiss. With the taste of his cum in our mouths, I rolled her on her back, roughly shoved my hard cock in her — my cock and her pussy lubricated by his sperm — and fucked her slowly but firmly until I came inside her. She was now filled with the semen of two men this night.

Reconnecting sex is always my favorite part of these experiences. We are intimate, passionate and we reaffirm our love for each other while we kiss. Then she falls asleep in my arms.