My Wife And Sister

Story Line: Brother and sister find satisfaction in mid life.

Every Sunday I called my father in Florida. Usually it was small talk, making sure we were all, myself my wife and my mother, in stable, if not the greatest health.


Every Sunday I called my father in Florida. Usually it was small talk, making sure we were all, myself my wife and my mother, in stable, if not the greatest health.

My mother and father were in their eighties. My wife suffered a severe stroke over a year ago so we generally talked about her progress. Tammy was older than me. She always joked she robbed the cradle. When we met some thirty years ago, I was a horny thirty-three-year-old and she was a hot forty-year-old.

This Sunday, however, the conversation took a different turn. It wasn’t about my mother and father’s aches and pains, or Tammy’s slow progress with physical therapy. My father told me about a visit from my sister’s husband, Eric.

“It was very uncomfortable,” my father said. “Especially for your mother.”

“What was it all about?” I asked.

“Evidently there is a problem in Jessica and Eric’s relationship. And he has had health issues, a triple by-pass.”

My sister, Jessica, and I were once very close. Her husband, Eric, and I were workmates years ago. I introduced them. They seemed a happy couple back then. They were married and Jess gave birth to my niece, a beautiful girl, Elizabeth, who was now all grown up.

“Your mother and I don’t want to get involved,” my father said. I didn’t blame them. When Elizabeth graduated college, she got in some altercation with my mother and family relations between them never recovered. Stubbornness runs rampant with women in my family.

“I haven’t really talked with Jessica in years,” my father lamented. I could feel he was in pain over the loss of the relationship between his daughter and granddaughter.

Tammy and I moved to Arizona twenty years ago. That was before my father retired and they sold their home in New Jersey and moved to Florida. We were estranged from the daily family interactions of my parents and siblings. That was fine with me. I loved living in the desert.

“Let me know if you hear from your sister,” were my father’s words before we hung up.

I felt somewhat torn. I had kept a good relationship with my father through the years, not letting my mother interfere. He was getting older and saddened that his family had mostly fallen apart, my brother and two sisters had distanced themselves because of the abusive nature of my mother.

I decided to call my sister. I was concerned, more for my father.

“Hi Perv,” she answered. That was reassuring. At least I knew Jess wasn’t in a funk over her husband. Perv, short for pervert, was what she affectionately called me since she caught me sniffing underwear when we were teenagers.

My mother religiously did laundry on Friday mornings. I knew that so after the weekend I would search through the laundry hamper for panties, my mother’s, Jessica’s, and my other sister’s which I didn’t take for my nocturnal masturbations.

One night Jess quietly came in my room while I was pleasuring myself with her panties laid across my face, her feminine aroma the inspiration for my masturbation.

“You pervert,” she said softly, not to awaken anyone else in the house and cause a scene. “You’re fucking jerking yourself off sniffing my panties.”

I was embarrassed.

“I watched you going through the hamper,” Jessica whispered. “I wondered what the fuck would my big brother want with worn panties?”

“Are you going to tell Mom?” I asked in fear.

“No Perv,” she said softly. “After Billy and I make out and he fingers me, I’ll make sure you get those fresh panties, Perv.”

As we grew older that was always our little secret. Sometimes she used it as blackmail to get me to do things for her. I didn’t mind, actually I enjoyed both her playfulness and her pussy juice drenched panties.

“I just talked to Dad,” I told my sister. “He said Eric stopped by their house in Florida and seemed a little weird about things. Are you guys alright?”

“I don’t know Tom,” she responded more serious.” I don’t know what’s going on with him. He won’t talk to me or Elizabeth.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“I don’t know,” Jess said. “I guess I just need a break from the drama, try and sort things out.”

“Do you want to come out here to Arizona?” I offered.

“Is that alright? I know you have a lot on your hands with Tammy,” she responded.

“We’ll make do. I know you like to hike and the desert is nice this time of year.”

“That would be nice. I haven’t seen you in years.”


Jessica flew into Tucson early afternoon. I met her at the baggage claim and was a bit surprised. She kept herself in good shape, still curvy with our mother’s figure without the excess fat. We hugged.

“You are looking good,” I complimented my sister as we walked to the car.

“You’re not in bad shape either,” Jessica responded. “Do you work out?”

“Taking care of Tammy is a workout,” I told her. “I try to meditate and do yoga, to keep my mind and body in somewhat good shape.” Before Tammy’s stroke, when I was still working, I attended mindful meditation sessions and yoga classes on a regular basis. Now I don’t have that luxury taking care of Tammy, intermittently practicing on my own.

“I should try meditation,” Jess said.

“I have some guided meditation recorded. I’ll share them with you,” I told her.

“That would be nice. I need to work out so much stuff in my mind.”

As we drove through Saguaro National Park, my sister Jessica, was amazed at the beauty of the desert. I stopped at one point to show her a place to go hiking.

“Tammy and I used to go hiking through here. She was mostly into photography, so it wasn’t really a hike. More like an exploration.

“This is a lot different than New Jersey,” Jessica commented.

“Yes. I hope it will help you just forget about Eric so you can figure out where to go.”

Tammy and Jessica got along well. We had dinner and settled down with a glass of wine.

“Jessica, you must be tired,” Tammy said.

“Yea, it’s been a long day,” Jessica replied.

“Tammy can’t sleep in the bed, too hard on her back so she sleeps out here on the sofa,” I began to explain. “You can sleep in the master bedroom,” I told my sister. “Only thing is, the master bath is set up for Tammy, so don’t be surprised if we come in to use the bathroom.”

“Oh, it’s alright.” Jessica said. “Where are you going to sleep?” she asked me.

“In the back room. The cats’ room. We have a futon back there.”

“Is that going to be comfortable for you?” Tammy asked.

“Hey, I’m a guy. I could crash anywhere.”

I showed Jessica our bedroom. We had a large king bed. We bought it originally to accommodate us and two medium sized dogs.

“Make yourself comfortable. If you want to clean up after the trip, we have this nice new shower,” I said showing my sister.

I went back to the living room after pouring myself a brandy. Tammy and I watched TV. I crashed in my chair until I heard Tammy calling me.

“I need to go to the bathroom,'” Tammy said. I helped her off the sofa into her wheelchair and quietly made our way to the master bath, trying not to disturb Jessica as we went by.

Tammy and I settled back in the living room. Instead of going to the ‘cats’ room’ I fell asleep in my chair.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning I woke up, needing to pee, and made my way to the master bathroom. On way, I took a glimpse at my sister. She had shed the blanket and sheet, laying there in a night shirt which had worked up around her waist, leaving her light brown pubic hair covered pussy exposed.

My imagination took a wrong turn. On my way back to the back bedroom, the ‘cat room,’ I grabbed the jar of coconut oil from the kitchen cupboard. My cock got hard thinking about my sister. The coconut oil helped me relieve myself before I fell asleep.


I heard Tammy and my sister when I woke up to the aroma of brewed coffee. I paused, letting my morning erection subside before I made my way to the living room.

“Good morning,” I greeted my wife and sister. “Do you need me to take you to the bathroom?” I asked Tammy, that being the usual morning routine.

“Jessica helped me,” Tammy responded.

“Thank you, sis,” I acknowledged her.

I excused myself to wash up and change out of my night boxer shorts. I wasn’t thinking about my sister being there, leaving the bedroom door wide open, when she walked in on me as I was naked from my waist down.

“Looking good, Perv,” Jessica joked in a whisper surprising me as I sat on the edge of the bed ready to pull my shorts up. She sat down beside me.

“I saved these for you,” she told me, thrusting her worn panties in my face. The aroma of her pussy hit me immediately. It was like I went back fifty years. I felt her hand on my stiffening cock.

“Wow,” she exclaimed quietly. “Feels like you haven’t lost your ability to get aroused.” My sister gently stroked me.

“No. I can still get hard. Though I have to relieve myself.”

“You and Tammy still getting it on?” my sister asked. “Even after the stroke?”

“No, we haven’t had sex for years.” I was enjoying her touching my cock and gently massaging my balls.

“Same for me and Eric,” she confessed.

We sat silent for a minute or so.

“I like your manscaping,” Jessica said. “I couldn’t stand Eric’s hairy balls and cock. Not that I keep myself shaved but I keep it trimmed.”

“When I had the bladder cancer, a friend of mine, who is a nurse, suggested I keep my genital area clean,” I told my sister.

“A friend? How did she know you were hairy down there?”

“She didn’t like pubic hair in her mouth.” That’s when Tammy called out. She needed help.


Jessica went hiking early in the morning, I took care of my daily chores. I made us sandwiches for lunch after I helped Tammy with her exercises.

“Did you enjoy the dry desert air on your hike?” Tammy asked.

“Yes. I wasn’t as winded from the heavy air,” my sister responded. “And I didn’t sweat.”

“You did but it dried up,” I informed her. “You need to stay hydrated.”

After lunch I helped Tammy lie back down on the sofa for her afternoon nap. Jessica and I went out on the front porch with a glass of wine.

Out of the blue, Jessica confronted me with a proposition.

“Tom,” she said assertively. “I haven’t had sex for years. I need it. I wasn’t going to go willy-nilly with any local jerks and give Eric an excuse to throw me out of the house.”

I sat there trying to absorb what she was telling me and why she teased me earlier stroking my cock.

“Can we sleep together?” she blurted out. “I really need to get fucked,” my sister said unabashedly.

I was stunned at her candor, at her intention to visit us.

“Look,” she said. “We are not going to have children. We are way beyond adults, and we are family, we love each other anyway.”

I looked at her wondering if this was weird. She sensed my bewilderment.

“You like my panties,” she joked. “How about a taste of the real thing?”


The master bedroom was right off the living room so I suggested Jessica come to the back bedroom that night after Tammy fell asleep. I was about to doze off when I felt a warm mouth on my cock. Jessica quietly came in, getting me hard, licking my balls and sucking my cock.

“I like to kiss,” she whispered in my ear as she pressed her body against mine.

I reached over and took a handful of coconut oil, rubbed it on my sister’s pussy, and my cock as I would when I pleasured myself. With my slippery hands I grabbed Jess’s hips as her tongue danced in my mouth. My cock slipped easily in her coconut oiled pussy.

“Oh, that feels good,” Jess exclaimed as she felt my stiff rod inside her. I quickly pulled her head down to mine, kissed her briefly to quiet her.

“We need to be quiet,” I whispered. Jessica rocked back and forth, our lips locked. She gasped as I felt her cum, her juices gushing on my balls. I didn’t waste the opportunity. I flipped Jess over and sucked on her wet, juicy pussy, soaking up as much as I could.

Jessica came again, satisfying my desire to drink her heavenly nectar.

“The room is spinning,” Jess said. “I’ve never cum like that in my life.”

I gently sucked on her nipples, still hard and ready for more as she settled down.

When my sister’s breath recovered, I kissed her. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Never felt better,” she responded.

I took her hand and placed it on my still hard throbbing cock. “Can you handle some more?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, just take it slow and steady,”

I dipped my hand again into the coconut oil, rubbing some on my cock and on my sister’s pussy. I slowly entered her swollen slippery pussy. I started pumping my stiff rod into her, she moaned, I kissed her to muffle her sounds not wanting to waken Tammy, my wife.

Jessica wrapped her legs around me as she started to cum again. I could feel her vaginal muscles clench my cock, making me cum. I thrust several times as I unloaded my semen in my sister.


I woke late in the morning to hear Jessica and Tammy laughing and carrying on. I stumbled a bit as I made my way from the back bedroom to the living room.

“What’s the matter lover boy?” Tammy teased. “Your sister wore you out?”

I looked at the both of them confused.

“Tom, I heard you having sex with Jessica last night,” Tammy informed me. “It’s okay with me and your sister wanted it, not like you had a choice.”

I didn’t know how to react. Tammy made an attempt to bring me around to their understanding.

“Jessica was telling me about you sniffing her panties when you were younger,” my wife said with a chuckle. I must have turned red. “Don’t be embarrassed, “she said.

“I’m done with sex,” Tammy told me once again. “I was afraid you would go out and find some random floozy who would break us apart. I know it’s crazy but I’m happy you can satisfy your needs with Jessica.”

“Tammy and I talked about this before we slept together,” Jessica confessed. “I would never want to hurt your relationship.”

I just sat there silent.

“I appreciate you so much, I love you so much,” Tammy said. “I was afraid you were going to abandon me, put me in a care home. You didn’t. Jessica needs someone and so do you. That’s why this is so beautiful, the two of you together taking care of me and each other.”

“Can I stay here with you and Tammy?” Jessica asked me tearing up.

“Please Tom,” my wife pleaded.


“Tammy told me she loved anal sex when you guys were younger,” Jessica said to me as we went to bed.

“Yea, she did like it,” I responded.

“I’d like to try it,” Jessica replied.

“Are you sure? It may not be as easy to take being older,” I warned.

“Tammy said you were gentle about it”

“Yes, going in, but once she was used to my cock being in there, she wanted it hard and fast.”

“Can we try tonight?”

“I think I left the coconut oil in the back bedroom. We need lots of lubrication for that,” I told my sister.

I quietly went to the back bedroom to retrieve the oil. Tammy whispered as I passed her on the sofa in the living room.

“I told Jessica about our sex life so she could take care of you,” Tammy said softly.

“I hope it’s okay for her,” I told my wife.

“She loves you. I’m sure it will be good. Warm her up in the shower like we used to. She will love your tongue rimming her hole.”

Jessica had a beautiful round butt, somewhat soft from age but at the same time, firm from exercise.

I suggested we get cleaned up for some dirty sex. “Do you realize how funny that sounds?” Jessica chuckled. I adjusted the water temperature. After rubbing body wash all over my sister’s body, I had her torn around.

I soaped up my hand and warned her that I was about to finger her tight butt hole. “Ok,” she said hesitantly. “Just want to make sure it’s clean before I probe you with my tongue,” I told her.

I slowly rubbed her and gently inserted a finger as we were doused with the warm water from the showerhead.

“That actually feels good,” Jessica spoke softly. “Do you like your butt cleaned too?” she asked.

“That would be nice,” I replied.

Jessica soaped up her hand and put a finger in my butt hole. It felt good. It brought back memories of when Tammy would play with my ass, inserting a butt plug in me as I got ready to pound her ass.

“Tammy told me you like anal play as well,” Jessica said as she finger fucked me in the shower.

We toweled each other off and climbed naked onto the bed. We kissed passionately, touching each other and lathering our genitals and butts with coconut oil. I motioned to have Jessica flip over on to her stomach. I pulled on her hips.

I spread her lily-white butt cheeks and started rimming her, thrusting my tongue intermittently in her juicy little hole. Jess moaned with pleasure, enjoying the anal play.

“Are you feeling ready for this?” I asked my sister as I lathered more coconut oil on her and my stiff cock.


“Ok,” I said as I rubbed the tip of my cock on her sphincter. “You push back on me, whatever feels comfortable.” She did as I slowly entered her. Jessica pushed back little by little until I was buried deep in her ass.

“You take control and let me know how you want it,” I told her. She slowly pushed back and forth, getting used to having her rectum filled with a stiff cock. “You can fuck me now,” Jess called out. I started pounding her, my rhythm increasing as she kept pushing back, wanting me deeper.

“Oh god,” Jessica called out as she came very hard from her first anal induced orgasm. I pulled out and rubbed my still hard cock on her butt cheeks.

I quietly got out of bed and went into the bathroom and washed myself off. As I crawled back into bed, Jessica was sprawled out, snoring lightly, fast asleep.


Tammy woke me up, calling out, needing to use the bathroom. Jessica was still sprawled out on the bed, her nice round butt jutting in the air.

“I heard Jessica moaning loudly last night,” Tammy said as I helped her transfer to the toilet. “You must have fucked her pretty good.”

“I suppose so, just like we were,” I replied.

“You’re going to need to wash those sheets,” Tammy said deadpan.

“What?” I asked.

“I can see how wet they are,” Tammy said.

Jessica stumbled out of the bedroom an hour later, barely covered in her robe as I was getting breakfast ready for Tammy.

“Coffee?” I offered my sister.

“Thank you,” she replied as I handed her a mug.

“Would you care for some eggs and sausage?” I asked my sister after having prepared some for my wife.

“No thanks, I’m not that hungry,” Jessica replied.

I left the room but stayed close by to eavesdrop on the conversation.

“How was it?” Tammy asked having heard the moans of my sexual encounter with my sister.

“Like no other sexual experience I’ve had in my life,” Jessica replied.

“Tommy is pretty special,” Tammy said. “When we first got together we would fuck at least three or four times a day. I just feel bad I can’t give him that passion anymore,” Tammy lamented.

“He is pretty amazing,” Jessica added. “But what about you?”

“It just doesn’t work for me anymore,” Tammy confided. “I love him like you wouldn’t believe and I want him to be happy. As long as it’s good for you, I want him to be happy with you. I know he loves you.”

There I was with the two best women of my life.