My Wife And I Are Interested

My wife is the best person I know and I love her with every breath I take. She also is one of the most beautiful women I know. At 5′ tall and 128 lbs, her 34c cup breasts are as nearly perfect as they could be. I have openly told her I would be proud for every man to see them bare.


We have been to several beaches where women were nude And after lots of talking have been blessed to have enjoyed sharing her beauty with others on three of them. Connie is maybe a bit wide in her hips by some thinking? But I feel they are perfect too. She has always kept herself shaved smooth.

Connie and I married after college and soon after began our family. She gave me her virginity our freshman year in college and I was shocked and blessed with her doing so. My wife was raised in a very strict church family with morals missing in most of our lives. My cock have been in several others by that time and Connie was worried she might not be as good as some I had been with.

We enjoyed life in every way we could. Our children grew up and entered college themselves. My wife and I had drifted somewhat and I wanted us to refocus on life together.

Our sex life was slowed from what it had once been and I ask the hard questions of myself and also of her. What was needed to put the spark back into our relationship? We talked long hours about everything that could and maybe would put fire back into it.

Our love was strong for each other we agreed. We even liked each other in every way. Connie ask if I was still proud of her figure and wanted all men to view her naked body? Nothing but a bit of age had changed anything in my eyes about her. We agreed the crazy sexual excitement was not quite there any more. So how can you put that back into our relationship?

We even began to discuss the crazy kinky ideas to spark us? Swinging? Nope, Connie was not turned on by any idea of sex and me with other women. Then she brought up she and other men?

I had to admit I found her and other men exciting. She was surprised by this. My being her only lover she felt I would want to protect that. But I had to admit that her with other men was not a worry to me.

Connie had all of the natural desires of a mate protecting her relationship as hers. I didn’t have those feelings. I seemed to have more of a desire to share her. And this excited my wife. e talked hours about this in lots of ways.

If I was to share my wife what type lover would I desire for her? I had no idea. Was that something I should control? I didn’t think so. Did I need to watch her do it? We talked it around and in and out and up and down.

Finally I told her. Take a night, dress up, sexy, go out to one of the clubs dance, flirt, and see how you feel? And after months of talking she did it. Connie left the house at 7:30pm to explore fun? She came home at just after 2am. Slightly tipsy and horny as could be. She took me to bed and fucked me silly. The next morning.

“So I take it you had a good time?”

“Yes, maybe not exactly what I had expected but fun.”

“You danced all night?”

“Yes, I danced with nine different men, but mostly with only three of them. There was some sexual excitement with two of them but not enough to desire much other than very casual contact.”

“But you had fun? And enough to desire to explore more?”

“Yes, but not at that club again.”

A week passed and Connie dressed again for an evening out. Again she left our house at 7:30pm. And again it was after 2am when she came home buzzed and hot. And again our sexual fires blazed. The next morning.

“So better night last night?”

“Yes I had fun and only danced with a few guys. Maybe some sparks with one that were interesting. But not enough to create desire for him. I learned of a club I want to try out.”

“Something different there?”

“Yes the guy I was most interested in was a black guy and he told me of it.”

A few nights later Connie again dressed sexy to go out and left at 7pm this night. As she was leaving I ask.

“So is this a black dance club?”

“Yes it is a club white wives go to when interested in BBC are you ok with it?”

“Sure I just had no idea you might be. So you plan to play tonight?”

“He told me they try to get a woman’s tits out on display the first night.”

“So do you plan to be on display tonight?”

“Would it excite you if I did?”

“Yes I think I would love for you to show off.”

“If I do it tells them I can be fucked. Do you want them to know I am open to them?”

“Are you open to it?”

“It excites me a lot.”

I was surprised at how excited I was that night. And as time passed I became more excited. It was after 4AM when she came home.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to be this late. The club doesn’t close until 3AM and I danced the last song.”

“And were they out bare?”

“Do you hope they were?”

“Yes I would be very turned on if you were on display tonight.”

“Well be very turned on then I was on display.”

“Your breasts were out on the floor?”

“Yes I danced topless the last hour,”

“With just one guy or several?”

“I danced with five different guys.”

“Did you let any of them touch you?”

“Do you hope I let some of them touch me?”

“I hope they all touched you?”

“Do you want this to go further?”

“Yes I think so? It has put excitement in our lives.”

“Our sex life has gotten much better.”

“So are you thinking about letting it go to another step?”

“I have been ask to do it.”

“You didn’t answer the question.”

“Will you be okay if I let them?”


“The five I was with ask me to let them take me home with them and be with them as a group.”

“What did you tell them?”

“That if I come back tonight I will go with them.”

“So are you going back tonight?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes I think so.”

“And do I go home with them?”

“You said you would.”

“Yes I did. They said they would all fuck me then.”

I came home after 5 pm and she was upstairs getting ready to go out. I was very excited about her going.. She came out dressed very sexy. Her blouse was unbuttoned way down and she didn’t have a bra on. As she bent over I could see her bare cheeks showing. I had never seen her go out not wearing panties.

“No panties?”

“They told me not to wear any.”

“Did you tell them you would be back tonight?”

“I told them I would if you didn’t object.”

“Do they know you are coming?”

“I texted one of them this morning.”

“So they know you are going to be theirs?”

“He told they want me on display tonight. Completely nude on the dance floor for every body to see. Encourages other white wives. He said that about every guy there would dance with me. And they might take me to the back room there to fuck me.”

“And the five will fuck you there?”

“Well he said if I will go in the back it could become some what wild once it starts.”

“Do they plan to gang bang you?”

“He ask if I would be willing to do that?”

“What did you tell him?”

“The truth, that after the 3rd guy was fucking me, I would stay in the position until they were finished with me.”

“How many men will enjoy you tonight then?”

“I have no idea. But so you know in an hour I will be naked on the dance floor. By nine they will take me back there and I will be their whore by nine thirty. He said they will fuck me for several hours. So I may not get home til late tonight.”

Connie left a few minutes later. I tried not to watch the clock that night but I did. I knew that my wife was naked for them on the dance floor. By nine pm I knew they were taking her into the back room to begin her night. I tried not to look at the clock. And I didn’t until—11 pm and I stood looking at it.

They had, had her now for an hour and a half and she was changed now forever. Her pussy was theirs now and how many cocks had cum in her?

Her big tits were marked and her pussy gapped wide as the next man took her as his own.