My Wife And Four Daughters

Our family began many years ago when we were young as all families should. My wife and I didn’t start out to have 4 girls but when you have two at once it grows quickly. Donna my wife is 53 and still is a looker. And very nicely built as well as very pretty.

Our oldest was born when my wife was just eighteen. So Diane is thirty five already. The Twins were born two years later and just turned thirty three.

They follow my tree in being darker in their skin and hair than their sisters who are blonde and blue eyed. Plus the twins tend to be smaller and more petite than their mother, Diane, or their little sister Danny who is only twenty.

Danny has been a handful for us. She is a bit of a rebel in every thing. Her first boyfriend when she turned 18 and we permitted was a kid from the city who happens to be black.

They had gone together for several months when we learned he is a gang banger with strong ties to a large inner city gang. It soon became very plain that she was sexually active with him.

Our oldest had been married and divorced twice by that time and we have grand kids. One each by each husband. A few months into Danny and Lemoin’s relationship I began to see some things going on between him and Diane too.

I soon realized both my youngest and oldest daughters were sexually active with my youngest’s boy friend.

Both of our girls became more lax in the way they dressed while he was in our home. And we soon had several young black men hanging around our house. And they began to freely roam in and out and up to the girls rooms freely. I soon noticed that not only did Lemoin go upstairs with my daughters but any one or number of the young blacks would come and go as they wished.

I also soon noticed my girls both became more and more free about running around our house semi naked.

Even as far as being bare busted around the various young men who freely roamed our home. I finally ask my wife what she was seeing and how she felt about it?

I was somewhat surprised by her reply about the girls actions.

“Oh Dear, I think they are being very normal young people to tell you the truth. These young men are very attracted to white women and they are very forward too.”

“You don’t think they are having sex with the girls upstairs in our house do you?”

“No Dear, I am very sure they are having sex up there with both of our girls.”

“And do you think that is very smart on the girls part?”

“I am not sure how smart it is on their parts Dear, but I do know they are very excited by all the attention these young men are giving them. They are putting quite a rush on all the women of our house, Dear.”

“Are they bothering the twins too, Honey?”

“Yes they are, but they are not the only ones they are showing interest in now.”

“So you are saying they are teasing you too?”

“Well I am not sure teasing is just what you’d call it. I have had three of them just flat out tell me they want me naked.”

“And so has that gone anywhere?”

“I am not sure where to let it go?”

“Have you gotten naked for them?

“No not yet.”

“And the twins?”

“Sweetheart, I know at least six of them that are fucking both the twins.”

“You are kidding. And they are really bothering you too?”

“Yes they are teasing me about being nice to them too.”

“Does it excite you?”

“Dear they are fucking all four of our girls as they wish. Yes it excited me that they want me too.”

“How do you feel about being a bit more risky with the way you dress?”

“Are you saying that all five of the women in our house display their tits for them?”

“Yes I am.”

“Dear if I would do that, they will be fucking me too.”

“I know.”

“Should I go ahead and let them?”

“You know it is going to happen.”

“Yes I know it will.”

“It has nearly happened several times already.”

“How did you know?”

“The young one with the crazy tatoo on his face loves your tits. He tells me every time he gets your nipples in his mouth. He wants your tits covered with Tats.”

“Yes I know he wants them so badly. He tells me constantly he wants them covered. He keeps saying that as soon as he is fucking me, we will go see his friend for my first one a rose on the stem beside my left nipple. My nipple is to be the bloom of the rose.”

“You need to let him.”

“Have it put on my breast?”

“Yes, it sounds beautiful.”

“You know I will need to fuck him first.”

“I really want to see the rose on your breast.”

“You know he will own me, my pussy. And the rose is only to be my first on my breasts.”

“Yes, he told me all about it.”

“Are you going to let him own me as he wishes?”

“Yes, I think so. It sounds very sexy what all he wants of you.”

A couple days later I came home from work and as I changed clothes in the basement I saw all four of our daughters going from the down stairs bedroom back up to the middle floor all four were bare breasted in only panties. And soon several young men followed their trail up the stairs. They were all completely naked. So it was very likely they had all been engaged in sexual fun.

As I finished dressing and was heading up myself Raymond the young man so taken with my wife Donna came from the same bedroom down stairs.

“I have claimed your wife now.”

He stood completely nude with his manhood hanging between his legs still soft an impressive thing.

“I just had her for the sixth time and she is beginning to adjust to my size. My thickness drives her crazy, but my length is still too much yet. I am going back in to her now if you want to see me take her again?”

I waited a few minutes before going over to the open door and looking in. The young man had wasted no time at all. My wife was astride him. His huge black cock firmly and smoothly sliding in and out of her as she raised her hips up and down on it.

“Oh God yes Ray make me your bitch. Fuck me more.”

I smiled as I turned and headed back upstairs. He was making Donna his woman as he told me. Her pussy was in love with his big cock and I could see the rose on her breast very soon.

Over the next few days, I got used to the women of my house being on display for an in and out group of young black men who were becoming very good friends with our female house hold. I was pretty sure that several of the other men were also being more than just friendly with Donna too.

I’d seen several young men emerge from the down stairs bedroom with their cocks swinging freely when I knew my wife was naked and the only one in there.

So I was sure Raymond had begun sharing his woman with others. He’d told me it was a sign of ownership for them. He would own her but still would share her pussy with others. It was nearly two weeks when I came home and as Donna came up from the basement where some of the boys had been fucking her I caught a glance of color on one of her breasts.

I called to her and she came proudly showing the nipple covered with the bud of a rose, the leaves curled under her nipple and the thorn stem ran under her breast onto her ribs.

“Your rose is beautiful Dear.”

“Do you really like it? I think it is so pretty. He wants my other one done next.”

“Is it tender if touched?”

“I am coming up from being with some of the boys down stairs and they can’t stay away from it.”

“So he is sharing you with the others now?”

“Yes for the past week now he has and it is very sexy. He is taking me to have my right breast done tomorrow. And he wants my cheek done too.”

“What is this cheek thing?”

“It is a Gang sign marking me as property of the gang for life. A sign I am a whore for their gang. David they want to impregnate us all and have us bare a child for them. Me first and then all the girls.”

“Does the marking excite you? And it is the scorpion mark on your face? So you are marked as a gang whore forever? And he is going to do you today?”

“Yes I am to have my right breast done and the mark put on today.”

“You plan to have it done?”

“Do you think I should do it?”

“Donna you have submitted to him completely so you belong to him. You have stopped your birth control for him? So you plan to let him impregnate you?”

“Yes I am taking his seed now so he can impregnate me this month. I could tell with our girls when we had done so and I think he has done it to me already.”

“You think he has seeded you? If so you should let him mark you.”

When I got home from work that night and went down to change I could hear Donna with someone in the bedroom. She was in sexual bliss. And as I finished up Raymond came from the room naked with his member swinging freely between his legs.

“I will be back to fuck her more but she needs to show you her breast.”

He continued up stairs. My wife came from the room nude and proudly displayed her right breast with the new flower decorating it. Her nipple again was the flower bud with leaves and stem. She turned her head and the corner of her mouth came into view. I was stunned.

The scorpion was there. nearly 2 inches long right at the corner of her beautiful mouth. The pinchers were out on her upper lip. his belly thrust forwards toward her mouth and a black cock and balls hung from it’s belly thrust into the corner of my wife’s mouth.

The head clearly in the corner of her open mouth. And when closed the penis head was inside her mouth.

The body of the scorpion was a blue green beautifully blended and very well done. Areal piece of art work. And the color blended into the black of the penis and nuts perfectly. It actually was very sexy in a strange way, She looked up at me.

“Is it as sexy as I feel it is?”

“Yes it is sexy, but you are marked openly as his whore.”

“David I am his whore and I am having his baby.”

And I knew our girls were next.