My Wife And Daughter Night Out Part -2

I shook Matt’s hand again said thank you for all his help and then we picked up my wife’s and daughters stuff from the table and we walked outside to applause from the people standing outside.

The taxi had waited for me so we got in and he drove off. I was sat in the middle with both women either side of me holding my hand and pressed against me, both for support more than anything else.


We got home about 11:30pm Claire got out first and my wife went with her while I paid the driver got my suitcase and went inside. When I got inside the house I guessed Claire was in one of the showers and Carrie was in the other, both were going at once.

I did wonder where Darren was, but then remembered he was away with some friends. I walked upstairs went into our bedroom and got out of my suit into some jogging trousers and t-shirt.

I then walked across the hall and not hearing the shower tapped on the door of Claire’s bedroom, “Claire are you okay?”

The door opened and Claire stood there in a shorts and t-shirt lingerie set, I admit it was hard not to look at this young beautiful woman.

“Yes Dad, I’m doing okay. All that training came in handy right?” she hugged me then said, “Dad I’m fine really, go and help Mum, she needs you more than me, now go tell Mum you love her.” With that she hugged me again but stepped away and closed the door.

I turned around and walked into the bedroom Carrie was coming out of the bathroom in just a towel, “Is Claire okay,” she asked.

I nodded and said, “Yes, I think so. She’s a tough cookie, I’m sure she will be okay, but more importantly how are you doing?”

She held out her arms and the towel fell to the floor. I stepped into her arms and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Gary, I will always be okay with you around, but can you try to limit your time away from me?” she said softly.

“Already done, I have emailed my boss and asked him to send younger people on these business trips. If I have to go you are coming with me.” I said while kissing her lips.

“Really, wow okay that sounds good, now my husband make love to me and make me forget that arsehole.”

I didn’t need a further invitation. We walked or staggered back towards our bed Carrie lay back stretching her body. I took off my clothes and just for a moment admired my wife’s body.

The slim legs, the toned stomach, the perky breasts with large nipples, which were erect at this moment, the cute button nose and dimples on her face, my gaze moved down again, my wife opened her legs and casually touched her vagina lips.

Her trimmed pubic hair and vagina lips were already wet and swollen, my cock was also red and erect. I let my cock lead the way and bent down and kissed my wife on the lips, I then kissed all over her face eyes, forehead, nose, her throat.

Then I moved down her body kissing her chest and then moving to her breasts, I kissed first one then other taking them into my mouth and licking her nipples making my wife moan with pleasure.

Then when I was sure my wife would cum just from my attention to her breasts I moved down her body kissing as I did so. I reached her vagina and watched as my wife stroked her finger’s over her lips. I moved her fingers aside and used my tongue to stroke and touch her vagina lips.

“Yes Gary, just like that, I’m close my love, my husband..oh yes my love…”

I briefly looked up and Carrie was playing with her nipples and arching her back pushing her vagina into my mouth my tongue now inside her. A few seconds later Carrie climaxed her juices covered my face.

She thrashed about for about a minute while I drew out her climax. Eventually she sat up kissed me, tasting her own juices, and moved to the edge of the bed she then grabbed my arse and pulled my cock inside her.

As our groins joined Carrie kissed me hard and said, “Fuck me Gary, I want you to fuck me hard, I want you to make feel so tired I will not wake up tomorrow morning…”

I did just that and fucked my wife hard and fast until she had another climax, then I made love to her softly, gently. Bringing her to a different but still satisfying climax. Then while Carrie was still convulsing I moved her onto her back and while she softly moaned out my name I shot my load deep inside her body.

When she felt me cum she too climaxed again, this one soft but again satisfying. We lay like that for about five minutes until we both started feeling cold. We disengaged and just pulled a sheet and duvet over us and we both slept curled around each other. I think Carrie forget all about Craig.


(Epilogue: Two days later Carrie and our daughter went to the police station and gave their statements. The statements confirmed what everyone else in the bar saw and the police were happy that it was self defence and no charges were brought against them.

But Claire and my wife did press charges against Craig and his son, sexual harassment and sexual assault were the charges, yes the two men were convicted of both crimes, in England it carries a sentence of up to 7 years in prison. Attempted rape gets them 10 years in prison. They both got 10 years.

As for me and my wife? Well I still have to go on trips occasionally, if I do my wife comes with me and when they can Claire and Darren go with us to keep my wife company when I’m in meetings.)


The End