My Wife And Daughter Night Out Part -1

I am in the back of a taxi just about to close my eyes and rest for a few moments, it has been a busy few days and I am looking forward to being back with my family.

I have been on a business trip that I have to do at least three times a year and each time it’s normal for three days. In this instance, we finished up in two days so I get to see my family early.


I work for a multi-million-pound software company and I’m a managing director having worked my way through the company. The chairman, Chris Taylor and his wife Sarah are friends and Carrie and I over the years have been on holiday with them and we socialize with them at their house and ours.

I was about to relax and close my eyes for a few minutes while the taxi took me home just as I closed my eyes my phone vibrated, I glanced down and saw an email from my wife, that is unusual why would-be email me? I started reading the email then skipped to the salient points, namely where they were and which bar.

I looked at the driver, “Do you know where a bar called “Matts” bar is? I need to get there as soon as you can.”

“Yeah I know where it is, strap yourself in sir.” the driver replied.

The taxi picked up speed, definitely breaking the speed limit, but I didn’t care. I re-read the email….

Gary, my love.

I know I could have text you or talked to you by calling you, but I wanted to write my thoughts and actions down in this email. I hope you are not too upset when you read what happened, I know you said not to do it, but I had no choice I had to use it.

You are obviously not home yet, you should be on your way home from your conference, I can’t wait to see you again, you know I have trouble sleeping when you are not here at home.

Yes I know you have to go three or four times a year normally only for a few days, but in this time of Covid-19 and cold winter nights in England I worry about you, our children worry about you.

Claire is often a bit grumpy when you are not here, you know at 18 she is your daughter more than mine, she is tall and slim like you and has your strong character traits, and you have been a good father to her, taking her to her football matches, taking her to concerts of her favourite rock bands taking her to college, you know she didn’t want be in the dorms at college.

She misses you almost as much as I miss you. I miss the comfort of curling around you at night, I miss the cuddling the kissing good morning. The kissing goodnight. I know you send me love texts every few hours, I send them back to you.

They keep me sane during my time at work. I love all your messages you send me, even the naughty ones, the ones that get me hot and my juices start flowing while I am sitting using the keyboard, often I have to excuse myself and relieve the pressure on my vagina.

Yes our sex texting is fun, I hope we never stop. As long as my sexy body, your words not mine, turns you on I will keep sending you sexy photos. Yes keep sending your sexy photos too, I love seeing your hard cock. I’m glad we have kept our sex spark alive.

Our son, Darren, seems to take after me in character he is much calmer than Claire when you aren’t around, but at 16 he is almost a man, he certainly acts like it we have done a good job with both of them. It seems a lifetime ago when we were both 18 and I was pregnant with Claire.

You of course did the honourable thing and married me, of course my father threatening bodily harm if you didn’t might have persuaded you. But eighteen years later and I love you more now than ever if that is possible.

Now, Gary my love I have to confess something, remember back in high school you know I dated some boys before you, although honestly none of them ever can compare to you. Three of those boys got to see me naked and two of them got to touch me, the third boy, Craig, well he took my virginity.

But you already knew I wasn’t innocent when you started dating me. Anyway, Craig was a stereotypical jock. He was probably 6ft something and well built, and before you even think it, no his cock isn’t bigger than yours.

You were the tall slim but well built man I fell in love with. I was never in love with Craig, infatuated maybe but love? Never.

So Craig took my cherry and to be honest I gave it willingly, I was smitten with him, I did take the morning after pill to make sure he didn’t get me pregnant and I made sure he wore a condom just in case, so never ever think Claire has any of his genes she is your child.

It wasn’t the greatest experience but it got us both off. But once he had sex with me he lost interest in me and even though I thought we were exclusive I found out he didn’t see it that way I found out he was cheating on me.

So, I put up with him for a few months then left college and found a job as a secretary and dumped him. He wasn’t happy at being dumped by me and for the next three months he kept texting me and calling me and even tried to see me at work a couple of times.

Of course one of those days he tried to see me you were just starting a job as a junior manager for the same company I worked for.

And just like a perfect gentleman and hero you rescued me from him, in fact you made sure he never came near me again. That black eye and almost broken jaw probably helped his mind-set.

It was after that incident I found out you were a part time kick boxer, and of course you have trained Claire in the sport as well, good job too. You know the young boys are flocking around her.

But don’t worry she is being sensible and taking her time about picking the one she wants, unlike us of course. Anyway, the point about this email is to tell you how much I love you and also to confess about something, yes you can imagine I used your training.

Okay, earlier today your daughter and I were in a restaurant enjoying ourselves, no one else just us. Of course Claire was getting looked at and complemented by quite a few young men, but I was getting my fair share of looks and complements. My approaching 40 year old body seems to be still attracting attention, the waiters were very attentive towards us.

Yes I can hear you telling me my body is beautiful, curves in all the right places, a beautiful pair of 34c breasts, slim toned legs, yes you love my body and I appreciate you words, but even so its nice to hear it from someone else once in a while.

Of course the reason I’m telling you all this is well that arsehole Craig was in the restaurant with his son, at least the son looked like him. His son was probably 16 or 17 but he was big like his father. Craig is huge, I mean fat, he really has let himself go. His hair is almost non existent and he has a stupid little goaty beard. He was in suit but it was wrinkled and not very clean, I later learned his wife divorced him, she had enough of his cheating.

He and his son were drunk and loud, and twice waiters had to ask them to quiet down. Eventually the manager came out with two bouncers and told them to leave. They downed their drinks and then staggered towards the door.

As they staggered past our table Craig looked at me and somehow through his drunken haze he recognised me, I admit I haven’t changed that much, I like to think all the hard work in the gym keeps me young looking.

The point is he looked at me and his son looked at Claire. He leaned into towards me and I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Look who is it…its that bitch that dumped me in high school, for that macho man.” he slurred his words and I’m sure he didn’t know what he was saying.

He turned to Claire and leered at her, “This must be your daughter, is she mine or is she someone else’s?”

Claire was about to stand up and I am sure would have kicked Craig’s arse, but the bouncers dragged them both outside.

Claire was fuming and was all set to go outside and take both or them on, but I calmed her down and told her not to worry about them, of course thinking back now I should have let her have a go at them.

We finished our meal and finished our coffee.

Claire stood up and said, “Mum, how would you like to see one of the bars I go to with my friends its called Matt’s place.”

I looked at what she was wearing, a short mini skirt and shirt with heavy Doctor Martin boots, I then realised I wasn’t really dressed for a bar, I was wearing a light summer dress it was probably a bit much or too little for a bar.

“Umm honey, I don’t think so I’m not really dressed for a bar.” I said looking at my clothes.

Claire took my hand and said, “Mum you look great, its just a bar with a small dancefloor. Come on let’s have some fun, we can tell Dad about you going there and he can take you there when he gets home.”

Of course you haven’t had the chance yet, but I would love you to take me to the bar. Anyway we ordered a taxi and went to the bar. I admit when we got there I was surprised how nice it was.

The decor was shiny and clean with tables and chairs and a couple of booth’s against the back wall. The bar itself ran from one end of the building to the other.

It was probably about 7pm and the bar was already half full. As we walked in the door Claire greeted various people and shook hands with various people both male and female. She introduced me to her friends, she did tell me their names but there were so many I forgot most of them.

So we got to the bar and the barman, Matt, said hello to Claire and then looked at me, “So Claire, who is this lovely lady,”

I blushed and said, “I’m Claire’s Mother, Carrie,” I held out my hand to him.

He smiled at me, “Well hello Carrie, honestly you could be Claire’s sister, you look beautiful, just like your daughter.”

Claire grabbed his hand and playfully slapped his hand, “Hands off Matt, if my Dad found out you were hitting on his wife he would kick your arse, and then I would finish you off.”

Matt let go of my hand and laughed but it was forced, it seems my daughter knows how to intimidate people.

“It’s okay Matt my daughter is just showing me where she hangs out, I’m not looking for anything else.”

“Sorry, Carrie, I didn’t mean any disrespect, but honestly you look great and I wouldn’t be surprised if some young lads try something on, if they do just tell me or one of the bouncers and we will get rid of them,” he then gave us two beers and told us they were on the house.

Claire and I went to one of the booth’s and sat down. We chatted away about various things. One of those things was boyfriends or lack of boyfriends. It turns out Claire keeps comparing men to you, and so far these would be suitors are falling short.

“Honestly, Mum, I have not found one man my age who treats me like Dad treats you, he always respects your wishes, you two always discuss things and he always makes sure you are okay, that’s what I want Mum, I know he isn’t a wimp and I know you love him just as much as he loves you and the fact you agree with him on most things, basically you are both setting the example to your children.”

Claire then looked at me and blushed slightly, “Also Mum, you know how thin the walls are in our house, and well it’s difficult not to hear you and Dad getting it on…” she smiled mischievously.

(Gary this point I want to tell you what went through my mind, a brief memory roll through our sex life, the times you kissed me all over from head to foot and back again while I lay on the bed enjoying every moment, and of course the amount of times I just laid back and let you admire and worship my body.

And of course I returned the favour, many times over, we often started off just kissing, but it always led to full on sex and yes making love. We have tried many positions over the years, but I must admit riding your cock cowgirl style has to be my favourite.

You always make sure I cum first, you always make sure I am satisfied, even if you need to spend a bit more time on foreplay. You never let me leave the bedroom or any room for that matter, without feeling well fucked and well satisfied and loved.

It’s true Gary my love, you are my other half and soulmate. Claire is right in everything she said.)

So we were drinking our beers and just chatting away, various friends of Claire’s came and said hello and then went back to there tables. Claire stayed with me and explained she could catch up with her friends anytime tonight was all about her and me. I actually think she wanted to protect me from anyone, it appears she has a reputation of being hard but fair when it comes to dealing with people, just like her father.

She even dragged me on to the dancefloor for several dances, we joined her friends dancing around each other. A few times a man or two would try to get near me but Claire and her friends closed ranks and chased them off. Claire had obviously put the word out to protect me.

It was probably about 10.30pm when the problem arrived, well two problems yes Gary, Craig and his son walked in. This time they looked better dressed and sober. They both walked with a swagger and arrogance they thought they had, but it just made them look stupid.

When I first noticed them I leaned into Claire and pointed to the bar, she nodded but we kept dancing for a while but to be honest I was getting tired, Claire noticed this and she spoke to a few of her friends and we headed towards our table and prepared to leave.

Gary, this is where my real confession starts, you tried to tell me over and over again to stay calm, never go on the offensive unless you really need to, above all keep a clear head. Never tip your hand and always keep your opponent at arms length and one last thing always hit hard and fast make your opponent goes down first no matter how big they are.

Gary, I’m sorry, but when that arsehole touched my arse, put his arms around me and tried to grab my breasts and started to try and kiss me, my brain went into attack mode.

I lifted up my leg and connected with his groin, I then spun around and first punched him in the stomach, an easy target as it was big, and then punched him as hard as I could on his nose, you broke it many years ago.

Well I broke it again, as he staggered backwards I swept his legs from under him and while he lay on the floor I stomped on his groin. My high heels connecting with his cock. This was too much for him and he actually passed out.

I bent down to check if I had killed him, fortunately I hadn’t he was just in a world of pain. I looked around and saw Claire likewise checking Craig’s son. He too was out cold and it seems he too was in a world of pain.

Gary my love you trained us both well. Its seems Craig’s son had tried grabbing her just like Craig did, but she reacted faster than me.

After the rush of the event Claire and I looked at each other and hugged each other then looked around. The crowd on the dancefloor stopped and after a few seconds started applauding.

Matt and two bouncers came over, the bouncers helped Craig and his son onto chairs.

Matt then came up to us and said, “Wow, I was going to ask if you two are okay, I can see physically you are fine. However, the police are on their way and they will want to question you both. So go into my office and wait for them.”

Claire and I both agreed and we went into the office while Matt closed the bar and told everyone to sit down until the police arrived. He got his staff to bring coffee and tea and soft drinks for those that wanted it.

So Gary my love, I have typed this email to you from Matt’s office. I hope you can get here soon or least meet us at the station probably with bail money.

Your loving wife and Daughter.

When I finished reading the email I noticed the time it was sent, 10.45pm, its is now 10.50pm and my driver was driving fast but safely through the city, I text Carrie and Claire and told them to stay at the bar and I would be there soon, I received two quick grateful replies. It took probably 10 minutes to be outside the bar.

When the taxi pulled up outside there were several police cars and an ambulance, the police had put tape around the area to stop people from getting inside. I walked up to someone who looked to be in charge.

“Officer, my name is Gary Smith and my wife and daughter are inside. I want to speak with them and find out if they are okay.”

“Okay Mr Smith, let’s see some ID, and a photo of your wife and daughter if you have one.” He said in neutral tone.

I showed him my ID and a photo of me my wife and Claire on holiday together. My son took the photo.

“Okay Mr Smith, that’s them alright, let me take you to them.”

I followed him through the police line and past a group of young people sat around in chairs drinking coffee. I then saw arsehole and I assume his son. They were being treated for broken noses and in the case of Craig damaged groin.

I clenched my fist and started to go towards them, but the officer stopped me and turned me around, “Mr Smith, don’t do anything, take care of your wife and daughter first.”

I turned away and started my breathing exercises to try and relax. The officer lead me to a door marked private. He knocked and a man in his late twenties open the door he helpfully had Matt on his shirt.

As soon as I stepped inside the two women flew at me and I staggered back a few steps before hugging them both.

“Dad, thank god your here.” This obviously from my daughter.

“Honey I am so glad to see you, so you got my email then.” My wife said this while burying her face against my neck.

I stepped back and looked at both of them, “Are you both okay? I mean physically?”

“Yes Dad, I’m okay, I remembered all your training and it certainly helped.”

“Yes, honey, I’m doing okay, as Claire said your training helped both of us.”

Matt came up to me and offered his hand to shake, I did just that, “So, Matt I presume?” I said with a small smile.

“Yes sir, this is my bar and I’m sorry for what happened but rest assured your daughter and wife were in no way to blame and they were simply defending themselves.”

At that point the police officer, Officer North, going by his name tag, stepped up and said, “Okay my team have been taking statements and it looks a clear case of self-defence. Matt? I want to see the CCTV before I go an further.”

Matt showed him the footage and it was obvious that Craig and his son had followed my wife and daughter and obviously tried their luck. I have no idea what they were thinking of attacking two women in a crowded bar, but hey I can only assume Craig’s brain was fried.

Officer North looked around took some notes questioned both Claire and Carrie and then questioned Matt. When he was satisfied everything matched up he looked at me.

“Mr Smith, you can take your wife and daughter home, but I want your guarantee no one is going to leave the county, and my advice is to get a solicitor.” With that he went back into the bar area and started questioning Craig and his son, they were obviously both still in pain and it was difficult to understand but the gist of their story was they were invited to be with my wife and daughter.

All four of us looked dumbfounded. They were clearly lying to a police officer and he knew it. After a few minutes he spoke into his radio and two uniformed police took hold of Craig and his son, and after reading them their rights they were marched off to separate police cars.


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