My sweet submissive

I turn back the bedclothes as you are in the bathroom. You said you want to slip into something more comfortable. I strip down to my boxers and slide into bed. Laying on the crisp cool sheets. It feels good on my skin. Slight goose bumps rise.

The door to the bathroom opens and you stand in the doorway. The faint glow of the nightlight behind you bathes you in its light. I suck in my teeth! Whew!

Your time at the gym sure agrees with you! Six-pack abs, tight legs, and a sculpted ass!

“Well?” You ask.

“EXCELLENT my love!” I say.

As my eyes move down and you place one hand on a well-defined hip, I notice that your pubic hair is dyed, Lavender.

My cock twitches as see this. You know Lavender is my favorite color. You remove the towel from your hair, and they are the same color.

“Well, the Carpet matches the drapes love!” I tease you.

You smirk and come to bed.

You slide in and drape on leg over my belly. You lean into me and kiss me, our tongues entwined. I breathe through my nose and detect the scent of Lilacs.

Your firm ass pressed into my crotch

My mind races, thinking “This one has taken great care to turn me on tonight.

You start to kiss your way down my chest, licking and sucking on my nipples. You nip at them causing me to wince and yip a little.

In the few short months, you have taught me so much and turned me into your lust puppet.

Yeah, you say you are submissive, but there is a sexual beast inside you that needs to please her man in any way that she can!

You slide further down and tease my dripping cock head with your tongue, it snakes into my pee slit and sends shivers up to my brain. You roll your tongue over my cock head, flicking it over where the cock head joins. You move down the underside of my shaft and are soon taking my balls in your mouth. The heat of my sperm boiling in them.

You bite my inner thigh and my cock jumps.

“MMM sweetie you know what I like!” I say

You just nod and take my cock deep in your mouth. I place my hands on the back of your head. There is no need to face fuck you, you are a good little cocksucker.

My cock gets good and hard, and I know I am going to blow my load in your mouth soon, but you have other ideas. I knee over me and slide my cock inside you, slow and easy, and as the lust builds, I push my hips into you, and you slam down on me

You have been doing your Kegels and your cunt muscles squeeze a hold my cock I know I am not getting away from you anytime soon And I am not complaining my love. You lean forward and kiss me, and I taste my precum on your lips.

You gyrate your hips back and forth. You sense my urge to fill your cunt. So you slow down gyrations but keep me hard.

This goes on for quite a while. Edging me with your super sweet pussy.

You look into my eyes as you keep this up. There is a hot sensual twinkle in your eyes.

You whisper in my ear. I may be yours, but tonight you are mine!” You hiss and lick my ear.

You lean back with your arms on my legs.

“Come inside me baby, fill me with your hot seed. I need to be filled and bred by you.” You moan as I blast my long-denied load inside you! A long hot nut, followed by twenty short spurts of leftover seed!

“It feels so good cumming inside you, little one, I have missed this, our times together, short, yes but sweet and cherished by me. You bring such joy to my life!” I tell you as you slide off me and lay your head on my chest!

You purr ” Me too my dear One” As you pluck a few hairs off my chest! You giggle!

And we fall asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms and legs. Content.

The alarm goes off at quarter to five the next morning. But I don’t mind, you are already taking my morning wood in your mouth. I finger your slick pussy and we both get off before you hop in the shower.

You come out and take two of my oxford shirts out of the closet.

“Blue or White, Love?’ You ask.

I pick blue., You put on my shirt and rub it against your freshly showered body.

This is a ritual for us. You wear my shirt for a bit to get your scent on it, I wear it to work and smell you all day. And at some point, if you get time. You send me photos of your fingering yourself, and a few naughty texts, and I might have to spank your ass later on.

God, I love you little one, you are my truest joy!


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