My Sister-n-law Desperate To Get Laid Part 2

Being completely exhausted, I was finding it difficult to hold her up, so I stepped backwards so I could set her back down on the bench.

As I did I slipped a little and lost my balance, causing my cock to slip out of her pussy, but as I quickly regained my balance my cock slid back inside her, but only half way. Puzzled that my cock didn’t slide in all the way, I immediately realized in was in her ass, not her pussy.


The second I realized I was in her ass, my cock went super hard on me and I began slowly fucking Yasmine’s ass. Her being out and her body being so limp made it very easy for my cock to gradually disappear into her ass after several thrusts.

When it became hard to get my cock any deeper in her ass, I would pull it out and buried it in her cunt to get it well lubricated again. After doing this about five times, I was completely buried in, what I’m absolutely positive, was her virgin ass.

Even though I was exhausted, knowing I had just popped Yasmine’s cherry ass turned me on so fucking much that I began to rape her ass until my cock erupted into her bowls. My strength was gone, so I quickly set her down on the bench and then collapsed to my knees.

Once I regained my strength, I leaned her back and spread her legs wide open and was rewarded with a picture of my cum dripping out of pussy and ass. It was so fucking amazing to watch.

Quickly grabbing her shave cream and shaver, I shave her thick forest off, revealing a gorgeous golden brown set of pussy lips. Grabbing the hand sprayer, I rinsed her pussy off and then spread her pussy lips wide open, so I could rinse all the cum out of her pussy.

After thoroughly rinsing her pussy out, I put the sprayer back and immediately buried my face in there clean bald pussy and for thirty minutes I ate Yas like I was a starving man. The more I ate her, the sloppier and wetter she got until her smooth pussy exploded all over my face. She gave my whole face a pussy juice shower.

Being utterly exhausted, I dried her body off and carried her to her bed, where I laid her down covered her up and got dressed and left, setting house alarm before I walked out. Once I got home, I collapsed in my own bed, amazed that I had dumped five load of cum inside my sister-n-law.

The best I had ever done before was three loads in my wife’s cunt. Within minutes I was passed out and woke up with a startle at 9:00 am the next morning when my phone rang. It was Yas.

“Hey Yas! What’s up?”

“Were you here last night?”

“Yeah! I came over to see how you’re doing, we watched TV and had a few drinks and then I left. Why?”

“Nothing! Guess I drank too much.”

“You were a little tipsy when I left, but you walked me to the door and said you were going to go take a shower. You seemed fine to me.”

“OK! I just don’t remember any of that and I woke up feeling really strange.”

“How so?”

“I’m too embarrassed to tell you. I’m just going to let it go.”

“Do you want me to come over and we can talked about it and maybe figure it out?”

“No, that’s ok, Mike.”

“I’ll get lunch and come over, just to keep you company. I really don’t mind Yas.”

“Ok! Thanks Mike.”

When I got to Yasmine’s house, she was visibly stressed out. Being extremely drunk last night and then passing out from her orgasms, prevented her from remembering anything that happened.

“So, what happened last night after I left Yas?”

“I don’t know Mike! I can’t remember anything. Hell, I barely remember you being here and don’t remember you leaving at all. But when I woke…”

“What Yas? What happened when you woke up?”

“It’s too embarrassing and not something I can tell you.”

“Ok! I respect that, but just maybe talking about it will help you recall.”

“Maybe, but if I tell you, you can’t laugh, get weird about it or tell anyone! Got it??”

“Of course Yas. As long as we’ve been friends, surely you know that about me.”

“I do, but I have to make sure.”

“Hey! I get it.”

“God this is so embarrassing! OK!!!! When I woke up this morning, I was shaven down there and I had seamen running out of me from both places. If you get what I mean. FUCK!! This is so embarrassing!!”

“Hey! It’s ok Yas! My first assessment of the situation is that you probably took a shower after I left and being a little tipsy could explain the being shaven.

Then you probably just had a wet dream sometime during the night. Even older men and women do have them. I’m assuming you aren’t or haven’t been seeing anyone, so that could have an impact on your having wet dreams. That all sounds pretty logical to me, what about you?”

“No, I’m not seeing anyone, which makes me sound pathetic. Yeah, it kind of does make sense, but I just don’t understand how I would have seamen running out of me.”

“Wet dreams produce a liquid that looks very much like seamen, but it’s not. As far as it running out of both places, if you slept on your back, it just ran out of one place and ran down to the other, making it look like it was running out of here too.”

“Ok. That makes a lot of sense Mike.”

“I think so too, so there’s nothing weird going on at all.”

“Yeah! You make a very good point. Thank you so much Mike! You’ve really eased my mind.”

“Hey! What are brother-n-laws for anyway?”

“Let’s eat lunch, ok?”


Yas grabbed two vodka coolers to go with our lunch. When we finished lunch, we relaxed for a bit and had a couple more coolers. I didn’t drink my last two though, because I wanted a very clear head for whatever might happen next. Then Yas came up with an idea.

“Hey, Mike! Why don’t we jump into the pool?”

“But I don’t have my swimsuit Yas! I’ll need to go get it.”

“Just swim in your underwear. It’s just you and me Mike.”

“Are you going to swim in your underwear as well, Yas?”

“No, I have a swimsuit.”

“No deal then. If you have to swim in my underwear, so do you. That’s only fair. Don’t you think?”

“I guess so, but you can’t tell my sister! She’d have a cow. Personally, I think you just want to see me in my underwear.”

“And what if I do? Do you wear sexy underwear?”

“I think they’re sexy, but you can tell me what you think.”

Yas stood up and started stripping down to her underwear and she had on very sexy white lace bra and panty set. You could clearly see her dark nipples through the lace cups. Her bald pussy showed through her lace panties too, but she didn’t even seem to care. It took me no time at all to strip and once I did she looked down at my cock.

“Holy shit, Mike!! Someone seems to really like my underwear! That thing is very impressive, Mike. Now I know why my sister married you.”

“Well, yes, he definitely likes your underwear, but he likes what’s in your bra and panties even better.”

“I bet he does!”

We walked right outside in our underwear and got in the pool. It was a lovely hot summer day and he water felt great. For a while we just stayed pretty close to each other and talked. Yas had brought out a fourth vodka cooler and was sipping it as we talked.

We were crouched down so the water cover our shoulders, but then she slipped and I grabbed her to keep her from going under. Pulling her up and towards me resulted in her being in my arms and on my lap, with our faces right next to each other.

Everything went completely still and silent and we just stared into each other’s eyes. The next thing I knew we were kissing, with our tongues down each others throats.

We stayed that way for almost thirty minutes. She lifted her legs and adjusted herself on my lap, pulling herself in tight against me. That forced my rock hard cock to press again her panty covered pussy.

“Damn Mike! You’re really hard! It feels amazing pressed against me. I could easily get used to that feeling.”

“Umm, Yas! We’re playing with fire right now.”

“I’m already on fire. What are you going to do about?”

“YAS! If we do this, there is absolutely no turning back. It will forever change or relationship.”

“Quench my fire Mike!”

I snapped. I have no idea what came over me, but I literally ripped her bra and panties off and pulled her into me hard.

“WOW! I love your aggressiveness Mike. Now that you go me naked, what are you going to do?”

“This is crazy Yas! I’m telling you that once we do this Yas, there is absolutely no going back. You know that, right?”

“I know and I don’t care. Just take me Mike! I need you to take me and satisfy my craving! Please Mike! My sister will never know what we did, but I need you take to me to a place I’ve never been before.”

At that point I lost control and pulled my underwear down and pulled her hips towards me, causing the tip of my cock to slip into her very wet pussy.

“HOLY FUCK, MIKE!! YOU’RE INSIDE ME! Fuck you’re huge! Push it all the way inside me! Take me Mike!”

As I pulled her into me and pushed my hips forward, my cock slowly disappeared between Yas’s shaved pussy lips into the depths of her cock hungry cunt. Once I hit bottom, my cock head inside her cervix, we attacked each others mouths and Yas began fucking my cock, thrusting her hips back and forth.

Slowly at first, but gradually picked up speed. In no time we were fucking each other harder and faster, our tongues down each others throats. For the next two hours Yas rode my cock expertly, rotating, thrusting, sliding her hips back and forth, completely milking my cock dry.

First in the pool, then on the back patio, dining room table and finally on her couch. In that time, I dumped four huge loads inside her cervix, drowning her ovaries in my cum and she had exploded all over my cock five times. She finally collapsed in my arms, utterly exhausted and we just sat that way for a while until we both regained our strength to continue.

“Oh my god, Mike! That was so amazing! No one has ever made me cum that hard, that many times. Now I know exactly why my sister married you. What are we going to do now?”

“I’m going to get up, with you still on my cock, carried you to bed and we are going to spend the night together, with me buried deep inside you. Whether we sleep or fuck, I’m not pulling my cock out of you until tomorrow morning…if even then.”

“Perfect! I want to wake up in the morning with you still inside me. Take me to bed Mike! Fuck me into the night.”

And that I did! We fucked three more times during the night and didn’t wake up till almost 10:00 am, with me still buried deep inside of her pussy. We went and showered, me washing her body, especially her sloppy, cum filled pussy, really good and then we had breakfast.

Which started me with laying her on the dining table and eating her to an explosive orgasm all over my face and in my mouth.

I drank every ounce of her pussy juice and licked her sloppy wet pussy completely clean. Yas and I spent that whole day naked and all over each other.

We had sex at least five times and when we weren’t having sex, we were making out with our hands all over each other.

The rest of the week flew by, with us having sex at least 5-7 times a day. She slept with me in my bed a couple of nights and I slept with her in her bed a couple of nights, but by the end of the week we had fuck all over her and my house and in both of our pools and yards.

There wasn’t a place in either of our houses where we hadn’t fucked. Yas still comes over to our house all the time to see her sister. There have even been times where my wife will go to the bathroom or take a shower and we’ll get a quickie in, like when I bend her over our kitchen counter, pull her dress up and fuck a load deep inside her.

There are many times when she’ll leave our house with her pussy full of my cum. To this day we still fuck as often as we can and we always look forward to those times when my wife has conferences out of town and state.

Needless to say, Yas is no longer looking to get laid. LOL!!!


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