My Sister-n-law Desperate To Get Laid Part 1

My wife’s family is East Indian and I am white. The first time I met her family was after we started dating and her parents invited me over.

Her sister also came over for dinner, so I got to meet her and her moronic and idiotic British husband. Before any British people jump all over me, I have know people from England and greatly respect them, but you would be utter embarrassed by this piece of shit.


He honestly thinks he’s better than everyone else and I don’t think he’s ever told the truth about anything in his entire life.

Any time you ask him a question about anything at all, he has to embellish it to the point where there is almost zero truth in it and his arrogance is completely off the charts.

However, this story is most definitely not about that idiot, it’s about his wife, Yasmine, my wife’s sister.

You might wonder why Yasmine would marry such a stooge. Well, in getting to know Yasmine and then talking to my wife about her, it’s crystal clear that she is very clueless herself.

To the point where you can talk to her about something and she will at some point steer the whole story to make it all about her. It’s extremely annoying and makes it almost impossible to carry on an intelligent conversation she her.

Yasmine does this almost every time you talk to her, mainly because no one has ever pointed it out to her or told her how annoying she really is, so she just keeps doing it. Like I said, she clueless.

Several years passed, about twelve actually, and Yasmine finally got up the nerve to divorce that moron of a husband. However, she quickly experienced that loneliness that comes from being with someone for 20+ years and then suddenly being completely on your own and living in a big house all by yourself.

A couple of years after the divorce, Yasmine told my wife that she is extremely horny all the time and she just wants to get laid. They were talking in another room, but I had overheard the conversation and of course my ears really perked up to that statement.

Later I asked my wife if her sister was serious. My wife told me yes and that she’s getting a little desperate. You know my brain was going a million miles a nano second.

Leap forward to current day, Yasmine is now 48 and still hasn’t met a guy yet and she’s starting to drink more. That’s a recipe for utter disaster and I decided it needed to step in and take charge of this situation. The timing was perfect, due to my wife having to go to a week long conference out of state.

I took my wife to the airport Friday morning and would pick her up the next Saturday. After dropping my wife off at the airport I stopped at a couple stores and picked up some items as part of my plan.

It was Friday, Yasmine getting home from work about 4:00 pm, and she would be home alone and start drinking not long after. So, I figured I’d go to her house around 8:00 pm. When I got to her house I rang the doorbell and Yasmin opened the door, very surprised to see me.

“Hey Yas! We are both alone, so I figured I come keep you company. If you don’t mind or have other plans.”

“Hi Mike! That’s very nice of you! There are no plans for the night, but you didn’t have to do that. Please come in.”

There was a hint of slurred speech when she talked, so I knew she’d been drinking for a little while. Yas had on a semi tight red knit dress that went about half down her thighs.

She actually looks pretty sexy in it. It accentuated her C cup tits and her medium size ass. I was wearing a v-neck t-shirt and some cotton shorts, which were loose and comfortable, but no underwear.

“What are you doing this evening?”

“Just watching TV. Is that ok or would you like to do something else?”

“No, that’s fine. I brought some beverages for us to enjoy while we keep each other company. Hope that’s ok.”

“Sure! Wine really isn’t cutting it for me anyway. What do you have?”

“I’ve got some vodka, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and some orange juice. I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I just got a mix of things. There’s some vodka coolers as well.”

“Sounds good to me. We can mix it up a little and make our own drinks.”

“Sounds great. I’ll start by making us some Cosmos.”

“Those are great!”

Of course I made her’s very strong. She downed three of them within about fifteen minutes and they hit her hard. After about an hour, Yas could barely speak coherently and she was getting all giggly.

“Hey Yas! Why don’t you come set next to me and we’ll watch TV together?”

“Sure, Mike!”

She literally stumbled over to be and flopped down right next to me. I put my arm around her and pulled her in tight and kissed her on the cheek.

“Did you just kiss me Mike?”

She could barely get the words out.

“Well yes, on the cheek.”

“But I’m you sissy and lawyer.”

“You mean my sister-n-law?”

“Yeah! You can’t do it?”

“Do what?”

“Kiss me.”

“OK! If you insist!”

I kissed her deep and hard.

“No! Mick, no! Kiss me!”

I kissed her again, same as before.

“No! You can’t.”

“Why not? You and I are very good friends and we both really like each other a lot.”

“Yes. We do, but my sissy won’t like it.”

“Won’t like what?”

“You kiss me.”

Being even bolder I kissed her right on the mouth and slid my tongue down her throat. She went rigid for a bit, but then relaxed and kissed me back. Pulling her into me, I wrapped both arms around her and we just sat there kissing and making out for almost thirty minutes.

It only took her a couple of minutes to shove her tongue deep into my mouth and lick my whole mouth. As our progressed, Yasmine gradually lean more into me and about thirty minutes later, she was smashed right up against me.

“You’re an amazing kisser Yas! I really love kissing you.”

“Me too Mick!”

“Come straddle my lap, so we can be closer.”


She got up but found it difficult to do. Her coordination was seriously impaired and her dress prevented her from spreading her legs wide enough to straddle my lap.

“You should probably lift your dress up a little.”


Yas lifted her dress up high enough that I could see her black lace panties. Without even thinking about what might happen, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them down to her ankles. She lost her balance a little bit, but that allowed me to lift one foot out of her panties.

“There, now you can straddle my lap.”

She didn’t say anything about me taking her panties off and was kind of clumsy, but she finally got on my lap settled in. As soon as she did and our faces were right next to each other, Yas grabbed my head and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth.

We just sat there and attacked each others face and after about another thirty minutes had gone by, I began to notice her hips start to slowly move back and forth.

At that time, I had only been rubbing her back and holding her face while we kissed. It was time for me to be bolder and push the limits. Sliding my hands down her back, I found her half covered ass. Her dress had slid up around her waist and left her ass exposed.

Slowly moving my hands onto her ass, I softly rubbed and massaged it. Yas moaned into my mouth. Becoming braver, I grabbed her ass more firmly and began squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks. This made her moan even louder and also shove her tongue even deeper into my mouth.

My cock was hard as steel, so with two handfuls of ass, I pulled Yas towards me so her pussy was pressed right against my covered, steel hard, cock. Whether she felt it pressing against her cunt or not, I have no idea, but the more we kissed the more she moved her hips.

It got to the point where she was drying humping my covered cock and her hips were moving back and forth at a faster pace. As I pushed my hips forward into her humping cunt, I pulled her forward harder to smash her cunt against my throbbing cock.

Yas was moaning and groaning much louder now. Slowly, as not to have her notice what I was doing, I lifted my hips up and started working my shorts down. It took almost ten minutes to get them down, but I finally got them to my knees and they just slid down to my ankles.

As fate would have it, my cock landed right between her pussy lips and she gasped loudly and began humping my bare cock with more aggressiveness.

Yas was clearly very wet as I felt her pussy juice running down my balls. She would only slide up to the tip of my cock, but still not high enough for me to slip my cock into her pussy.

Adjusting my movement, as Yas slid up my cock, I would push my pelvis down so my cock would land just below her clit. With just one move, my cock could easily slip into her pussy hole and disappear, but it wasn’t time for that yet.

The first time I did it, she squealed into my mouth and squeezed my head hard. We did this several times and each time she would do the same thing.

By this time I had had enough play and it was time I took my sister-n-law and fucked her brains out. She slid up my shaft one more time and I lowered my hip again, but this time a little more than before and sure enough, my cock head landed right at her pussy opening and I slowly pushed it up into her pussy canal. Yas was so wet that I easily slid my cock deep inside her and into her cervix.

“Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!”

“You feel so fucking amazing Yas! I’ve always wanted to be inside you! You’re so wet and tight! I love it Yas!! Ride me Yas! Ride my cock hard and deep!”

Yas was so out of it by now that she simply started riding my cock, sliding her horny cunt all the way up my cock and then slamming it down, to the point where my cock head slammed inside her cervix each time.

She was riding me hard and I took that opportunity to grab the bottom of her dress and pull it up over her head and then I unhooked her bra and threw it off to the side.

Her nipples were dark brown and puffy. Her aureolas were only about two inches across with tiny rock hard nipples in the center. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked it hard and Yas took off.


All of a sudden there was this explosion of fluid all over my cock and balls and the couch. Yas’s eyes rolled back into her head and she went completely stiff in my arms and then she just collapsed on top of me. I quickly lifted her up and laid her down on the couch and began fucking the hell out of her exploding pussy.

I rammed and hammered her pussy for the longest time and wound up exploding twice right inside her cervix. Then I collapsed on top of her, my cock still inside her cervix, her pussy milking the rest of my cum out of my cock.

When I finally regained my strength, I lifted myself up and saw that Yas was totally passed out and my cock still buried deep inside her cunt and still rock hard. So, I fucked her one more time and shot another huge load deep inside her cunt.

As I pulled out of her cunt, I looked down and her cunt was a complete sloppy hairy mess. My cum was running out of her well fucked cunt and her bush was soaked with pussy juice and cum and matted down.

Right then and there I decided it was time for a shave. It wasn’t easy getting Yas to her shower, she was just dead weight, but I did and sat her on the shower bench and held her there with one hand while I turned on the shower with the other.

The water finally got hot so I lifted her up and held her under the hot water. Turning her around, so I was positioned behind her, it took only seconds to realize my cock was wedged between her ass cheeks.

As I pulled back just a bit, my cock slid down and forward, finding her pussy hole and with one thrust I was once again buried deep inside Yas’s cunt. With one arm wrapped around her, right under het tits and the other wrapped around her waist, I began raping her pussy from behind and exploding into her cervix about ten minutes later.

For the next thirty minutes I soaped Yas’s body up and then rinsed her off, my cock buried in her cunt, fucking her cunt at a steady rhythm, finally exploding deep inside her one more time.


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