My Girlfriend’s Ass

My girlfriend’s ass

Hi friends, today I am going to tell you about my girlfriend’s anal experience.

This incident happened when I was 23years old last year and my girlfriend was 22.


I have experienced that how my GF suffered from Anal Pain! It is really painful.

I did it with my Girlfriend she wept for around 2 hours. We had sex around 5 pm in evening. When my home was empty and my parents went for a 2 day holiday.

My girlfriend Khushi lives just beside to my room in the same apartment. Her father and mother went for her small brother. She studies in a convent school in Delhi. It was accepted that they would come in the next evening by Vaishali Express. We were in a City of Bihar.

As both our parents went out. We got an enormous opportunity to have a sex in this lockdown period as most people from apartment gone to their native villages.

We had a sex. At 4 pm she come to my home and from then we talked casually after an hour she got horny. It was our 4th time to have sex actually we were in a relationship for 3 years. We live nearby. Also, our family has a good bond and she studies in the same school, so we fell in love with each other.

So From 5pm it was 4th April 2020. We started from foreplay. I fucked her pussy 3 times today, and we both enjoyed a lot as we had the entire night for enjoyment, so I asked to have anal sex. She agreed. 

I bow her half body on bed with both legs on bottom in such a way her asshole should be visible to me.

My dick is around 7 inches. I applied some mustard oil on her asshole and on my dick and gave her a shock. She started weeping at first. I stopped. I asked she told “it is very painful.”

I left her and took my cock out and massaged her hip. But I was really very interested to fuck her asshole. But I slept beside her. She yelled I was unhappy. But we both slept.

So after 1 hour it was around 6:30 pm she woke up and also woke me.

She said “you can now fuck my ass.”

I told her “it hurts you, I can’t see your pain.”

She said “It’s okay now, I can endure this pain for your Honey.”

She again said “while fucking if I scream then please don’t leave me you keep fucking today, I want to totally open my ass.”

I got up on her ass. And started trying with my dry cock, so she applied her spit on cock and some on her asshole.

I made her in the same pose, and I licked her asshole. She got pleasure in that and applied much spit. And some oil on my dick.

I started slowly. She told me you can do as you want. I just increased some speed, and she started weeping again. But told me in slow voice “fuck me, fuck me”.

But it was hurting her, so I stopped for a while and told to leave it but she told me to do it.

Then I Started again. She was weeping awfully but still told me not to stop.


After 10 minutes, somehow I ejaculated into her ass. She was still weeping. She kissed me and asked, “Do you feel good?”

It was so painful that she couldn’t stand properly.

I hold her and sleep her opposite to her back. And also massaged her asshole and applied some painkillers with cream. After 2 hours around 9 pm, she was also in so much pain she could not sleep on her back. I told her to sleep on her back. She tried but started weeping.

I was feeling guilty that because of me; she had to bear this much pain. She looked at me and said “don’t worry it’s normal, every girl bothers with this type of pain”.

That time tears were coming from my eyes that even she was in that much pain but happy only in pleasure.

She asked “did you have any pain killer”.

I gave her a tablet with water, and she slept. I was sitting behind her legs and massaging her legs, sitting on Chair and feeling guilty. After some time, I slept in a chair.

After some time, I found myself in bed and my girlfriend Khushi was waiting for me. I asked, half asleep, “I was in a chair. How did I get to bed?”

She prepared food for me before I woke up and I asked her about pain so she said “it’s a painkillers effect, now it’s not painful.”

She sat beside me and we had food and now it was 11 o’clock at night.

She was completely naked and I too prepared food while she was completely naked.

I hugged her and told “how much you care about me, I love you.”

She said “ok, ok don’t cry now”.

When we came to bed, she slept immediately (the effect of painkillers). I was feeling very guilty that because of my pleasure; she suffered.

Next morning I woke up and asked her “is it paining now?”

She said “it’s okay now”.

It was 6 am; I freshen till 7am and I was perfectly ready.

I cooked some toast and drank tea. It was the 5th April 2020.

We had tea and toast.

We looked at each other and kissed hard.

We went to the bathroom, and she got fresher and we both took a shower and enjoyed it too.

I ordered double layered more cheese pizza for our breakfast.

We ate and slept. After some time, we felt cold.

Actually, the AC was at 18 degrees. I took a blanket and ignored the temperature.

After some time, I came near her pussy. I had already done this because she had a fantasy that I would do this, but I always refused. But I thought if she can suffer that much pain then why not me?

She asked, “what are you doing?”

I said “nothing let me do”.

She looked at me and told me “if you don’t like then don’t do this for me, please.”

I said “you suffered for me a lot, then why don’t I do this.”

“Are you sure?” She asked me.

I smiled and said “yes.”

But she said “let me think.”

She told me I was coming after a minute.

She went to the bathroom to pee and went home. She came after 10 minutes and I said “what happened?”

She said nothing. I know you hate the pussy smell, so I washed it and applied some fragrance on my new panty.

I told “I am ready to do anything that you want.”

She came over to me and sat on my chest. I loved that fragrance. She pulled my head and made me to lick her pussy. Actually, it tasted terrible, but she was enjoying it so much that I continued to ask her “how is it?”

I said “so tasty” She started fingering her pussy and going out of my face to squirt. But I let her in my face it was feeling vomiting but I drank her squirt.

She was saying “ahhh…. Oh yes….”

I was also happy because she was thrilled, and yet she was fingering.

After sometime some sticky liquid came from her pussy she asked, “if you lick this I would be really more Glade.”

She slept on her back and opened her legs and I bowed my head, then licked that from her thighs to pussy. She wrapped my head across her smooth, milky thigh. She was in heaven. I was thrilled to see her pleasure and orgasm.

The last sticky fluid was very salty but anyway I drank.

Then we took a bath with each other and slept. The time was 3 pm. Her parents were coming at 4 pm, so I told her to go to her house.

She went!

But anyhow my girlfriend is Very caring. I love her from the core of my heart.

Letter on after 1 month, I mean May. When I was alone, my mother and father went out nearly at 3 pm her mother knocked on my door. I opened the door.

I joined my hand and greeted her “Namaste Aunty.” Then I sanitized their hands, and we came into the guest Room She sat on Sofa.

She said “Rohit Actually Khushi is very weak in her studies and there is no certainty about lockdown and in online classes are not proper, could you please teach her?”

She was asking for my consent. My family had a good time with them.

I chatted with Khushi through WhatsApp about that, and she was shocked!

Khushi was thrilled.

In Evening her mother and father asked my mother, father! They also said I will pay the required fee, but my parents and I collectively said no.

They said that khushi has to come to my home every day. I said “ok”.

My father and mother were also supportive.

The next day I gave her 4:30–6:00 because I also have my online class.

I went to room, and I closed the door, then around 1 week we looted of Masti and sex sometimes. After 1 week, her mother gave me 500 rupees. I thought it was not justified that they were sending her for teaching and we are doing this.

So I started teaching her seriously and told her “please be strict here. I am not your boyfriend, I am your teacher here.”

I gave her homework, but she didn’t do it for 2 days. I warned her.

On the 3rd day I complained to her. She came the next day and started weeping then told me “you are changed now, you don’t love me now anymore”.

I told her, “No, your support is also needed in study.”

If I let you enjoy it, one day you will say I destroyed your life, so try to understand.

She understood now she also started the formalities she used to call me Sir! She touched my feet.

She learned all the stuff that I used to give her in H/W.

Last June there was her periodic test. She told me to give the paper. I got angry with her and scolded you for asking me to give you your exam results. It didn’t matter. She got very unhappy, but I was fixed at my point.

On 12 July she got the results, and in her class she got 1st position. She came to at tuition time and her face was sorrowful. I asked what happened? She said “nothing.”

After that she got naked in front of me and said “I want to give you a gift for your teaching.”

I read her intentions, so I also removed my clothes and because her exams were over now, we can have fun.

We used to have sex daily, and she now likes to study naked.


The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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