My First Wildest sex

Hi friends, I am a lady of 34, working in a software firm in Bangalore.

I am going to tell you about my wildest sex experience that happened 6 Months back, I cannot say it as Extra-Marital affair as I had sex with him only 2 times and the guy left the company I am presently working and we have not been in contact with each other for the past 4 months.


This incident I didn’t share with my better half yet. This incident has been killing my peace. I wanted to share this to get some peace can’t share it with near, as they will start judging my character. I accept that what I did is wrong; I got this platform and I am sharing the incident.

To describe myself

As I mentioned, my age is 34, married 5 years ago. My height is 5.5 feet with a physique of 34–30–32 figure, whitish complexion. I am good at looking at.

My Husband is a businessman, aged 35, we love each other very much, and he satisfies me; he maintains splendid physique. He is constantly travelling related to his business.

Regarding my colleague, he is 31 married and looks wise. He was one of the good-looking guys in the IT company where I was working.

The guy with whom I had my wildest sex experience is my ex-colleague.

It was a typical normal summer day in Bangalore; I took off for work that day, As I am travelling to my parents’ home the next day.

I didn’t bring my laptop from the office to home the previous day. I needed to complete some documentation and send some e-mails to the On-Site team regarding my non-availability for the next 7 Days.

I asked my ex-colleague can he bring my laptop and hand it over to me around evening on his way back home from work and he said okay no problem.

I did some shopping that day and reached home by 5:30 PM. I had to get ready for an event that was happening in our colony. I was getting ready to attend for attend; I was in my party wear saree. I was waiting for my colleague to give me the laptop post which I can leave for the event.

To kill the time, I was watching some a Netflix show Altered Carbon, there was full body nudity and a sex scene was happening. It kind of turned me on. I called my colleague where he is by what time he will give me the laptop; he told in 30 to 40 minutes.

I don’t know why, but I re-watched the same love-making love-making scene again. I was turned on and getting horny and started to touch myself. At that moment I just spoiled the little makeup I applied, so I went to the washroom to clean it.

Don’t know because of the effect of the show lost in thoughts, I accidentally turned the shower and got drenched myself. I cursed myself, turned the shower off, came into my bedroom cursing myself and guess what the same time the doorbell rang my colleague has arrived.

I was wet with the shower. To open the door, I just wrapped the towel on my wet saree like a duppatta and went to open the door. He was shocked to see me like this. I said sorry, came in and gave an excuse that there was some plumbing problem with shower by mistake. I turned it on and got myself wet.

I made him sit on the Sofa and asked him for water; the towel wasn’t holding well It was causing me problem while pouring water into the glass, I somehow managed to pour water in the glass and opened a cookie packet took some cookies and placed it in on a plate along with water I went to serve.

While serving, the towel along with the Pällu came off. I was bending to place the tray on the table and I showed my cleavage to my colleague. He stared at my boobs; I was shocked. boobs; I apologized and went into the bedroom to change myself.

I was embarrassed and cursing myself for these mishaps happening one after one in short time. To add to that, I forgot to lock the bedroom door; it was partially open. My colleague slowly came towards the bedroom and stood there silently watching me.

I was sitting on the bed, feeling embarrassed and then decided so be it and decided to change myself to another saree. I removed my saree and blouse and threw them into the washing machine. I opened my wardrobe and looking for a suitable saree and matching blouse to wear for the event.

My colleague was silently watching and enjoying my body as I was in my bra and petticoat. And I didn’t notice he was near the door. I selected my saree and blouse and put it on the bed.

I selected a petticoat suitable for the saree. I removed my petticoat, and I was about to wear the other petticoat. I noticed him and got angry and asked him what are you doing to get the hell out of here.

He came inside and said “you have a sexy body and there is no harm in watching a sexy body like yours.”

“Aren’t you ashamed?” I asked.

“you have a wife. What will you do when someone watches her like you do?”

He said “I don’t know about that, currently I am watching you and you are very sexy.”

He also said something that shocked me at that moment. “You are speaking so much morals but you have not bothered to cover yourself even now, you are still in your black bra and black pantie.”

I was in a state of shock and I was about to cover myself in a towel;. You He came near me, hugged me forcefully, tightly and kissed me on my lips. I pushed him away, and;. I slapped him. But again he hugged me and kissed me, but this time I surrendered to him., and I reciprocated and enjoyed his kissing.

He lifted me and put me on the bed and started kissing me passionately; I was enjoying it. After some 1 minute he stopped and said I wanted to this kind of act to another married woman ever since I watched the English movie “Unfaithful” I smiled and we started kissing again.

He stopped suddenly and asked “are you going to the Event?”

I said “are you kidding.”

He immediately got up and went to the hall to make sure the door was locked and he also put the upper bolt lock to the main door. He messaged his wife, he will be late for home got some client call to attend. I was messaging to my neighbour that I cannot attend the event as I am suffering from flu and also messaged my husband that I will call him tomorrow morning before leaving to station going to sleep now took some flu curing pills, husband said he is travelling to other city even he will be out of reach will call tomorrow morning.

I was in my lingerie waiting for my colleague to come into bedroom; he finished his call, and he kissed me again on my lips, and started squeezing my boob; I was enjoying this adrenaline boob; rush and lust, desire. He stopped and asked where are the condoms, adrenaline I got up went to my husband’s condoms; wardrobe took out the box of condoms, took a photo of it so that I can replace the pack of condoms again without getting caught.

I gave him the box of condoms. He immediately started undressing himself and now he was completely naked, his rod fully erect. I touched it and rubbed it and kissed it. He then wore the condom, and he pushed me back on the bed and removed my bra.

He started sucking my boobs passionately, and he bit my nipples; it turned me on; I started moaning and enjoying the moment. He slowly put his hands into my pantie and started fingering my pussy. I started to moan loudly. I was in a heaven enjoying this wild sex with another man. I was biting my lips and moaning at the same time.

He removed my pantie and kissed my pussy and licking it too. I was feeling like another heaven. I told him, “come on baby, come inside me.” he immediately spread my legs and inserted his hard rod into my wet pussy and started fucking me wildly.

I was moaning passionately, hugging and scratching his back with my nails. He was enjoying it and I was enjoying it. We continued the sex for another 90 minutes in different positions.

He changed his condoms 3 times as he cummed 3 times, one time on my body.

We later showered together and freshened up. After the shower, he got into his clothes; I got myself into my night suite. We ordered food from Zomato. I had food sitting on his lap, feeding him. He was enjoying squeezing my boobs. After the food around 1 AM at night, he left for his home.

I was smiling; I was happy satisfied sexually after a long time.

The sex I had with him made me so happy each time I remembered the night I get turned on. I cut short my stay with my parents for 3 days, reached back to Bangalore and messaged him. I want to do it again with you and shared a pic of my cleavage.

He immediately called. He was also thinking the same and said his wife went to her parents’ home for some function. So he booked a room at a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore. We reached on Friday Night to the resort and had sex many times. We took a break from sex only for having food.

We enjoyed the wild passionate sex for 2 days and tried some 12 Kamasutra positions during the sex. I enjoyed, I didn’t regret of the fact I had sex with another married man.