My Divorced Sister

Hi, I am Riyaz and I am from a small city in India. In our caste there’s a system where a woman cannot remarry if she gets divorced and if her husband dies, she can marry. As this incident happened in this story.

The story belongs to my sister.

I have an elder sister and we are so close together. She became a mom recently, and she got divorced.

After that she moved to live with me and my mom. I used to be her best friend; she trusts me with her secrets and she can comfortably talk about anything. After, a while me and my sister were having a movie night which included many sexual scenes.

Then my sister started talking and asking about sexual things and I was happy about it. Maybe 15 minutes later I asked her how is it feels not having sex for a while after she was married. She answered me honestly, and she said as a divorced woman she has needs and she wants to get satisfied. She couldn’t date anyone and can’t think of dating as she is taking care of her two daughters.

Also, it is difficult in our culture. We had a long talk about that and then she said she trusts everything and she really wants to be sexually satisfied and if it is okay for me to satisfy her. I was confused and excited at the same time.

The first time me and my sister had sex we both were shy she went to her room and called me, she did not take her clothes off as I imagined; the room was dark, and she was on her bed bent over with her pants little pulled down.

And then she turned the lights on.

And the show begins. I pulled down her pants, and she was not wearing panties inside, so saw a small hairy tight pussy with pre-cum dripping out.

She was prepared for everything for many days, but she was not as confident as she said.

I removed her pants and t-shirt too. She was also not wearing a bra, as I think she doesn’t have a bra because many times I saw her clothes hanging for drying but I saw only panties.

Then, I came to her pussy and pushed one finger in pussy because of her natural lubricant my finger slipped in.

She started moaning “mmm!” She was enjoying.

As she was not done with sex, neither fingering from many days, she was getting wilder now.

Then I licked her pussy to push her in heaven, she moans loud “mmm, oh yes, please make me cum, yeah.”

She busted in my mouth and I licked all that; it was my first sex experience, but I saw all this action in porn movies.

Then I rubbed my dick on her pussy and her asshole.

She was now calm. I didn’t make my cock wet and pushed in her pussy, as the pussy was wet from inside but tight too, that’s why it started paining her.

She screamed, and I was trying to calm her, but she was not getting calm.

I got irritated, and I started hard banging on her.

After a while, she started enjoying it and started moaning.

I filled her pussy with my juice and then I took some rest and I gave her signal to make my cock hard.

My sister came to my small sleeping dick and started giving me blowjobs. After a while I told her to be in 69positionand I licked her pussy and she was enjoying my cock.

Now, it’s time for her again. I licked her ass too and made it wet to bang.

I made her sleep in a stomach position with two pillows under pussy. She didn’t have any sign of her ass breaking.

Then I applied a lot of pre-cum of her pussy and saliva on my dick and tightly held her and in no time I pushed my dick in her tight ass.

It was painful, but she could not oppose me. My dick made a 2 inches hole in her ass and got inside.

She was screaming louder, so I started doing it slowly.

When she calmed down, I pushed cock inside in one shot and it’s fully fitted inside and she screamed loudly.

But I was now unstoppable. I started banging her after some shots and she calmed down and started enjoying it.

After fucking her, I saw my dick. It was blood on it.

After sex she fall asleep and got out of her room.

It was an unforgettable experience.

Before I had sex with my sister, there are things I noticed her doing it. For example, sometimes when no one is around she lets the door slightly open when she changes her clothes or after she takes a shower. I see her twice naked and she acts as if she didn’t notice me.

She asks me to bring her towel when she is having a bath. Sometimes when I’m in her room, she changes her clothes and smiles, telling me to look away and I can see her from the mirror, walking fully naked.

Now it has been over two years satisfying my sister’s sexual needs and no one knows. When she needs to have sex, she talks to me about WhatsApp to come to her room and do her.

I can’t describe how I felt when I saw my sister’s naked body for the first time, or how horny I get every time I see her. The feelings when I have sex with my sister are extremely intense and unresistible.