My Devotion To A Princess Ass

Dear precious, beautiful, royal ass,

I truly know now that you are my holiest of shrines where I must come to worship, where I must pledge my faith and my life to your service.

If you permit, I would be honored to be able to explain to you how I would demonstrate my love, my subjugation and my devotion to you.


Like any royal I know I must approach you with due respect and humility. So I arrive before you and drop to my knees. I then bend forward in a deep bow, my arms outstretched until my hands reach the floor in front of me. I prostrate myself in front of you, flat along the ground, arms outstretched.

I am naked of course. I have not earned the honour of wearing clothing in front of you. I cannot tell you whether the ground on which I now lay is hard or soft, smooth or bumpy, warm or cold, wet or dry. My whole body has only one sense right at this moment, and that is for you my love.

It must be many minutes as I lay there at your feet. I hear your friends around you laugh at the pathetic sight in front of them. You do not join in their mocking but nor do you silence them. Their taunts however are nothing to me, like water drips off a duck’s back. I have concern for respect in only one person’s eyes – yours my Princess.

Eventually as I hear your entourage return to their casual conversation you beckon me towards you with a terse ‘come to heel’. I crawl towards you and stop when my head reaches your foot. When you ask me why I am bothering you I reply that I am here to worship your ass, to devote the rest of my life to its service and pleasure.

You suggest I am not worthy but after many minutes begging and kissing of your feet you graciously relent and allow me to convince your ass. But you insist the only part of me allowed to touch your precious ass is my face, my lips and my tongue.

I readily agree, my mouth watering at the prospect and my dick standing to attention. You laugh at the sight of both and your friends join in. You wave your friends away for now though. You want to enjoy my efforts without an audience – for now at least.

You walk over to the bed at the other side of the room and I once again follow you on my knees. I am being led by an invisible leash from your ass to my neck. You lie flat on your bed, face down, atop the black satin sheets, your white nightdress draped softly on and around you.

Your stillness gives me confidence to begin. I take the hem of your night dress between my pursed lips. Not my teeth for I did not want to risk damaging it in any way. Being yours, it too was precious.

Slowly I struggle to lift the hem up and along your body. I drop it several times but my persistence eventually pays off as my prize appears into my view beneath me. Your golden buttocks, glow and glisten in the soft evening sunlight that still seeps into the room. So soft, yet so firm, they rise in a pair of twin hills, smooth and perfect, framing the dark valley that lies hidden between.

I lower my head now. Ever so slowly my face approaches yours. My eyes are open, drinking in every sight before me as they become magnified like never before. I notice the ever so slight dimples and goose bumps in your skin where it reacts, exposed to the cool evening air. I notice the merest, softest downy hair on your behind. They wave almost imperceptibly as my breath falls ever more closely across your cheeks. I stop when I am all but a purse of my lips away from the object of my adulation. My breath is so close to you now you can feel it begin to moisten your skin as it settles, warming and rapidly cooling in turn as the air whisks it away as quickly as it arrives. I can feel the warmth from your ass cheeks caress my lips and face. I bask in your reflected glow my Princess, literally.

I pluck up my courage now and I reach forward now with my lips only. They stretch in front, desperate to have their first touch, their first physical sensation from your ass. As they land on your skin, so gently, so softly neither of us are completely sure at first that they have actually touched. But when they do a crackle of electricity runs through my body deep into my toes. I am sure I sense your bum giving a shiver in response also.

Heartened, I press onwards. I kiss all of your ass now and it’s environs. I cover every millimetre of each cheek, your thighs, your lower back too. I start softly but as my ardour rises as does the intensity of my kisses. You respond in kind. Your royal ass flexes, tenses and relaxes in turn as my ministrations continue. Your goosebumps recede as your ass is warmed by my kisses and the blood that runs south to your cheeks and your pussy.

How do I know? Because I can smell you my Princess. As you relax your legs part a little. Your pussy is warming up and it needs to feel the cool air. As your thighs allow me the slightest glimpse of your pussy lips my nose immediately becomes intoxicated by your scent. Sweet, softly spiced, I can sense nutmeg and cinnamon, caramel and honey emanating from you. I fall in love with your pussy at that moment too but I know my place is behind you, at your rear, your pussy reserved for men who know how to fuck you.

My cock is so hard now it aches. It is desperate to attract my attention, it is yelling inside my head ‘what about me, what about me?’ But I ignore it. It is nothing here, worthless, and only has those rights and privileges that you grant it. I press on, my purpose here undeflected by my own needs. This is about you and your pleasure.

I have but one place to go now. But how to get there? Your jewel that lies deep in your hidden valley is well protected from my mouth. But undeterred I make my first attempt to reach down into your crevice to find my treasure. I begin by nuzzling you a little up and down, along your valley from top to bottom and back again. Sometimes my tongue joins in, depositing a little moisture to lubricate my efforts. On each path along your valley I sense your cheeks relax, admitting me deeper and deeper into the depths below.

I am beside myself with lust right now, closing in on your jewel like this. But the self-discipline you have taught me allows me to gain control of myself and my actions and refocus on your needs once more. And I can now sense with confidence these are your needs too. Your ass is gradually welcoming me in towards its prize and my holy grail. It needs my tongue too – I can feel it.

And with a wriggle and slight shift of position your bum lifts a little off the bed, offering me full access to my object of desire. My first view of your asshole. It is everything I had hoped for and more. Small and tight. This would keep out all but the most persistent and gifted of suitors. The rim of your hole wrinkles as it squeezes together, before plunging towards the inner depths where I long to follow.

And now I can smell the aromas of your ass too. Lavender soap I am sure flirts with my nostril at first. But this is followed by earthier notes, spicier hints, and finally the sharp tang of ass. As these wonderful aromas teased and aroused my nasal senses, my eyes began to water and my heart to melt. At that moment I knew I was home. I had arrived. And my Princess, and most importantly her ass had accepted me and welcomed me in. At that moment I knew there was no going back. I wanted this smell in my nostrils, this sight in my eyes, everyday for the rest of my life.

There was only one offering I had left to make. My tongue. It stretched forth now, all pretence of restraint now cast aside, plunging in one quick plunge, like an Olympic diver into a pool, straight into your asshole. It would have gone on forever if my face juddering into your ass hadn’t stopped its progress. My tongue strains to explore as much of the inside of your ass as it possibly can. Your anus is tight and strong, but my tongue, in its desperate need, is even stronger and more persistentstill. It will not be forced out. It holds its ground and gradually your ass relaxes, giving in to the pleasure my tongue is giving as it probes and gyrates inside you. Now I feel your hand on the back of my head as you pull me in towards your ass, grinding against my face. I taste all of you then. Your pussy juice as it flows down, your ass, your sweat. I feel I am becoming one with your ass.

Your climax arrives in a waves and ripples that grow out of your groin, across your buttocks, down your thighs and even reach your toes. Shards of heat penetrate deep within as you emit a deep groan of pleasure. I am almost passing out now, unable to breathe, my face crushed within your dark wet valley.

You don’t know it then, but I cum right there and then without having even touched my dick once such is the passion of my devotion to your ass – my final offering lays next to your feet my Princess.

This, my most beautiful, most wonderful ass, is how I would worship at your altar, communing with your bread and wine.

I am yours Princess.

But I beg you for release. I am a ship lost at sea, sails torn, mast down, at mercy of the storm that lashes me against your rocks. I know this is where my destiny has brought me, where my fate lies and journey will end. Only you can save me my love. Please have mercy on my soul.

Yours forever and always.