My Cuckold Experience

Hi friends, I won’t call myself a Cuck, however my experience has been a different one.

Open to thoughts and experiments, I was looking for a wife who is open too. We dated for a while. And in between, I came to know she was more experienced than me. This is something she looks like, just that she’s dusky and has a ripped body with abs. We are fitness trainers, so you can guess the physique.


While we were out at the club, she was high and we were dancing (I don’t drink). I saw men ogling at her body.

Coming back to the incident. I was aware she’s high, and she’s pretty wild when high won’t let go unless she’s taken for a good time in bed.

I excused myself on purpose to know how men around her will hit on her and if she will let me try her. I knew her very well for a few years and knew her libido was high because she’s been with my guys before me, which she told me after this incident.

I waited at the bar where I could see her. After a few minutes, I was gone. Men dancing around took this opportunity. Started dancing closer to her a few minutes later. She was surrounded by 5–7 guys. she was for sure enjoying the attention because she was now dancing closer to them. I could see her alcohol was playing wonders.

Now it was time I intervene, as I did not want them to take her with them. She saw me coming closer. She moved a little farther from then though dancing between then I joined her and give her another glass of an old monk for her just that this time it was without any softener.

This kicked in really badly. She now while dancing came close to my ears and said “please do not be mad at me for today.”

She pulled me and moved closer to a guy behind her and leaned on him while exploring my mouth. I could see it all the way he was kissing her neckline and winked at me. I knew this was going to a different level and tonight the bed was going to break.

I let her flow and separated her from me and turned her toward the guy behind her.

She was madly kissing him. Held his head but with the other hand she had me. She broke the kiss and said “I want them.”

I was surprised, but you cannot control a girl high on liquor and having a twist with over one man in her.

It was 11pm, and we did not have much time if she wanted them all for the night. I just winked at her. Only 4 joined us others found the partners. But we left together. I fetched my car while I left her with them in the parking lot for a few minutes.

They had already held her and were touching her all the ways. We proceeded to one of the guy’s flat he drove. I was with her in the backseat making out while others waited eagerly to for their turn.

Reached the place was high profile & looked most expensive place in Mumbai it was near RK studios. Once in I noticed place was bigger than expected, had few rooms so was clear these guys were not local and were from out (Delhi & Haryana). Once the door closed. The real game began.

Now it was 5 boys, and she was alone. We were in the living room and she was already on her knees sucking cocks one by one. I was stunned and took a back seat and enjoy the show. She had the beast in her all howling to explode. A few minutes later we heard the doorbell ring, and the guys were pissed because they were getting their cock glowed and this was irritating them. My GF popped the cock out and said “honey can you?”

I opened the door saw 3 guys and 3 girls waiting them I knew what they are here for. But they were about to get the shock of their life. They came in and saw a girl with 4 guys and sucking their cocks. All of them got into the door with their chicks. Trust me, they were bombs, and the door was and closed.

My GF did not stop even for a sec. These guys were not built types. Healthy by bigger and a few thicker than me. They were not that but good 5′10–5′11 height again. I’m 5′6 and my gf is 5′6 too.

She was stripped of the dress somewhat like this; the panty was already off which I’d removed in the car to give access to other guys and to see what they are about to enjoy

She was not wearing any bra, so they muscled body with abs and perfectly shaped tight boobs. I was sitting and watching all of this without a blink.

Now the turn came where she was to be pleased. She was laid on the centre table and they all had a turn with their mouth on her. She looked at me and grinned for a while and with lips said “I LOVE YOU…”

I was stoned by those words and was already rock hard. It was time she was already moaning like a porn star and I was like watching it live.

Wow, Still rock hard man. This was just the beginning. And then one by one she was getting rammed into her pussy. She had already come while the guys ate her pussy.

This was for long. One after the other, all had a round. I saw the watch. It was 1.30 and the entire night was yet to pass. Boom.

They continued till all of them cummed in her, no protection used. She was looking exhausted, not done. One door opened, and this guy came out naked lean but had a crazy long cock on 8–9″ in the momentum I forgot about the other girl.

One guy went in did not close the door. This was a surprise. Part of the guy who went in whistled and my girl was lifted and she took her inside. I followed by this room was huge.

The other came left the room and was in the hall. I think she was too drunk for any further action and dosed off there. Now it was 5 guys my gf and me watching. After the second round she was all done and completely wasted.

It was 4am in the morning, a marathon of 2+ hours. This was the craziest day of our life. She was taken like a doll in all angles by all of them. They slept naked. I am 2 on the bed, 2 on the couch and one on the ground.

I went to her, and we kissed like that for the first time. It was a complete intimacy of love and nothing else.

She said “I’m going to love you more for this and we will be together for life if you’re not mad at me for this.”

I decided that in minutes she’s what I wanted all this while. After sometime we dosed off in each other’s arms, we had 2 men on the bed with us. After sometime I heard the load moans again, it was 6ish and this time it was coming from the hall I saw my girl was not in my arms checked the saw she was in triples with the other 2 guys of the other room and someone I think I knew was there. This was kind of take back time because it was none other than my client from gym.

The guy was aware of me being there, and was already taking my GF’s pussy like a horse. This guy is rich and his weakness was always my GF.

Because he kept hitting on her and my GF never give him a stint chance. Gave me a sheepish smile and started with more vigor. It was a super amazing moment because it seemed my GF was so loud and she was all sweat and that body was soaked in sweat.

I could not handle this time and sprung my cock out. This went on. The girl who had been on the sofa was all naked. I knew nothing about her and on the couch next to her, my girl was being taken royally.

I started shagging our eyes, and she was happy and she was craving for more and more of the strokes from their men.

Suddenly, one guy who was in her arse slowed a little. I understood he was about to cum; he removed cock and shot the load on her back. I’ve not seen so much cum from a guy, cum; at least Indian.

The guy in mouth and pussy replaced their places, lifted her and sandwiched her between them, and this time, they both came to her.

I walked to her place by the cock, and cum was all dripping down her chin.

I loved the looks in her eyes. It was 7.30, and she does off for sometime. I called the gym and said “she can’t make it today, she’s not well.” My client gave me a look and winked at me.

After sometime my GF woke me around 11 and proceeded to the washroom and my client joined her.

They closed the door after an hour. I guessed what should have happened. She picked by her dress without panty wore it and said, “honey let’s go.”

We drove back to her flat. She walked by with no difficulties. I understood this was not the first time. She experienced this.

Once in the car, she said she always wanted to do this in front of me since she saw my lappy folder full of GB porn.

She knew I’d want her to do it someday. She told me that my client had exchanged number and called her at his place and she’d been with theses guys before this. In the same flat & this was her second time and with me first time. After that day, we became more active in clubs, not for any such experience but for small tease.

My client after this kind of teased a few times and took us to his place where I got his wife and he had my GF in the other room.

We’re married and we are still active in this, just working in Pune now and different gyms and she shared how more men want her and how some get lucky. We’re active in all aspects swapping and cuck as well.. I love her and she loves it.