My Bisexual Sister and Her Friends

Hi friends, I’m now over 23 but I was always reluctant to write about this.

But today I am writing about this part of my life.

My sister is 2 years older than me, she is 25, and she was the “Queen Bee” in her group of friends.

She was bossy and confident, and she seemed to make my life miserable whenever she could.

But she was very mature for her age and our parents started leaving us alone for weekends or entire weeks.

Before 4 years when I was 19 and she was 21, my sister wasn’t stupid, she didn’t go to parties or have boys over, but her friends would come over and even have sleepovers.

Things weren’t so paranoid. Our grandmother lived a few blocks away and she would check in on us and ensure that we had food, but we had always been expected to cook and clean for ourselves, and my sister definitely made sure I did my share.

So it was in late summer, just after the school year started, when my parents went away for a week for their anniversary and left the two of us at home.

They left on Friday and my sister had 3 of her best friends for a sleepover that would last all weekend. They were hanging out in the rec room in the basement where the big TV was and I left them alone.

I grabbed some of the pizza from the kitchen, played computer games, and forgot that they were there.

I was going to change for bed and realized I forgot my laundry down in the basement, so I headed down to the laundry room. My sister and her friends were in their underwear and not just regular underwear, but their latest “sexy” underwear.

My sister was even wearing a thong! They saw me try to leave quietly, but my sister stopped me from leaving.

She threatened to make things up to our parents if I ever told anyone about what I saw. She would ensure I was grounded forever.

My sister and her friends stripped me naked, poked and prodded me all over (including my privates), though one of them did also take her bra off that time.

Now I suppose that some of what they saw was exotic. Our parents were Finnish and Swedish, so my sister and I were very blonde and very hairless. I’ve never been able to grow a beard and even my pubic hair is barely there today, let alone to it being non existent when I was 19.

We all were naked now. One of them came to me and started licking my chest and all over my body.

And the other one also came and started sucking my cock.

I was in heaven now.

I came on there, but they were enjoying themselves and licked the cum from their breasts and body and from the floor too.

I was hard again and one of them bent down and I entered my cock in her pussy.

And started fucking her.

After her orgasm, another one came and I fucked her.

But I didn’t fuck my sister that time because she didn’t want to start an incest practice, so both the girls did lesbian sex with my sister.

My parents bought an interest in a small business. They would spend one week out of every four visiting the business to do payroll and update the books. So my sister and I spent a lot of time on our own two weekends a month, minimum, so my sister kept having friends over like this.

Again, my sister followed the big rules of no boys and no parties, but things got more interesting as time went on.

She’d have more friends and different friends over, but that core of her 3 best friends was special. And when they came over, things were interesting for me.

My sister has a dominant streak, and is also bisexual her friends were OK with experimenting with each other but I don’t know if they actually had sex with other girls but when they had sleepovers, I was invited down to be the “token male”.

I would have to get naked, masturbate, and practice kissing with them. Once they started getting sexually active, they practice on me and fuck from me.

My sister would get naked and we did practice kissing. She also grabbed my cock a few times and even directed it to her friends while we were having sex. She practiced putting a condom on me with both her hands and her mouth, to but she only did that like three times.

But I never penetrated her even once back then. She said that I was “not bad” at kissing, which in her book meant I was amazing. My sister would say nothing nice to me, even then, though her friends did.

I even had a girlfriend during that time, and my sister’s friends had several boyfriends. I had sex with all three of them and they would use me as practice and to try new things. Until I was 21, I was shorter and smaller than their boyfriends, so I got to try out new positions and even anal. Two of the three started using birth control and so we would go bareback. One girl even said that she only ever trusted me to do that, because the other guys at school slept around and STDs happened. It was the start of the AIDS crisis too, but we were in our own little club.

The girls were in their senior year and about to go off to college, including my sister. I still had my girlfriend, but this was more fun even though my sister told me it wasn’t cheating because we had started this first.

So before they went off to college south to Miami (we live in North Florida on the coast), we had one last fling. That was the first time I had sex with my sister. Her friends held me down and blindfolded me before my sister straddled me. She wasn’t sure if I would let her, but I always wanted that from the first time I saw her naked butt. I was 21, and I had waited 2 years for that.

That day I enjoyed too much. My sister didn’t want incest, but it started from her side. Her rule broke down.

I licked my sister’s pussy (I licked first time) and ate her ass too and fucked her.

It was not her first time, but it was the first time with a boy. She always had sex with girls only.

By the time I was going to college, my sister had a falling out with one of her friends over them both, liking the same guy. The remaining three were sharing a house off-campus and my parents suggested I move there because they were already paying the extra for the fourth (unused) room.

I wasn’t sure what would happen here, but my sister assured me it would be fine. She was still bossy, only now she wouldn’t hesitate to tell me to fuck her or her friends.

One of the other girls – Lori – spent a lot of time with me as we were in the same program and she helped me with my first-year classes. We fell in love and kept it a secret, though for the time being she would not tell my sister because of the previous issue with the friend liking the same guy. My sister could be very possessive and jealous.

It’s now 4 years after that. My sister is a porn producer and agent for erotic models. She’s still bisexual and single, but we have sex. When I got engaged to Lori and my sister fucks between both of us.

My wife and I always stay naked with my sister.

Our parents never knew and still think my sister was the best and most responsible daughter.