My Asshole Brother’s Wife

The incident happened last week, that I had sex with my brother’s wife.

Mark married an Italian girl, Serafina, an absolutely gorgeous young woman who was also one of the kindest and gentlest people you would ever meet, right up until you pissed her off.


I will not lie and say I had not fantasized about her a few times. I was 30, recently divorced and living with them for one entire week in a 16,000 square foot house, one of two that they owned.

Did I mention they were rich? I was staying in the guest house they had built for Serafina’s mother, who decided at the last minute not to travel from Italy to stay with her daughter.

I heard arguing and fighting and then the next thing I know both of them were gone.

About a week later, I get A Message from Mars saying that he and Serafina had a huge fight and were taking some time apart, but I was welcome to stay. Since I was working on a massive project and was going to be in the area for a while, I decided to just stay where I was and hope everything blows over.

Almost three weeks pass and I haven’t seen either of them nor have I heard anything. I had just got home from work and had just stepped in to take a shower. This was one of those really nice tiled walk-in showers. I thought I heard the door close loudly, but then decided it had to be my imagination. The house is on a massive piece of property with gates and guards. I mentioned guards; they were rich right?

I knew no one was coming in who didn’t belong. As I am shaping my hair, I catch the scent of a familiar perfume. I quickly rinse the soap from my hair and look out to see Serafina standing in the bathroom looking at me. She is most definitely pissed about something.

She is wearing a bright red dress and a pair of red high heels that make her legs and ass look fantastic. I grab a washcloth and try to. She hides my privates as best I can and asks if I can help her.

“Do you make better sex than your brother?” She asks.

I’m not sure what to say about that except “excuse me?”

“Your brother… he,” she makes a scrunched-up face and says “uhh, uhh,” then makes a snoring sound.

“That’s him making sex. Do you make sex better?”

Once again I’m not sure what to say, so, “yeah, I guess. I have had no complaints.”

“Good,” she says, then takes her shoes off, then her dress, then the rest of her clothes. She was far better than any fantasy I could come up with, perfect in every way, breasts, body, everything. She was hairless everywhere by but her head and when she stepped in to the shower with me, I immediately got hard. “Show me,” she demanded.

Now, Marks a dick, I won’t deny that, but he is my brother, and he is helping me out, I don’t want, well okay I really want to fuck his wife, but my conscious is telling me I can’t.

“I find him,” she rattles something off in Italian. The gist I get from the combination of Italian interspersed with broken English is that she caught him having sex with his secretary so now she wants revenge sex.

I’m just looking at this beautiful woman, now dripping wet from the shower, completely nude and less than a foot in front of me.

I decide to fuck it. I’m going for it. She is a good six inches shorter than my six foot one and I have to bend down to kiss her mid-sentence. But it’s. The long, sensual kiss and when I pull back she is quiet, then stands on her toes and kisses me again.

I pull Serafina to me through it. Holding her tight as my hands roam her body. After a few minutes of this, I have her sit on the built in bath bench so that I can get between her legs.

I kiss, licking, and sucking at her sex. The effect is quick; through it, she tilts her head back and starts wheezing. She grabs my hair with both hands as a keening moan builds up, then I feel her nails in my neck raking me as she begins almost screaming in pleasure.

Her hips bucked against my face, and I know she quick; is orgasming. When it subsides, I stand up and shut the water off, hand her a towel and grab myself one. She looks at me with a combination of desire and anticipation.

“We are far from done yet,” I tell her. When we are reasonably dry, I pull her back into a hard embrace and press my lips to hers slipping my tongue in her mouth, she responds by doing the same, we kiss passionately like this for a few minutes before I lead her to my room.

I pick her up and set her on my dresser, get back on my knees and continue where I left off in the shower.

In moments, she is gripping my hair tight, and I feel her twitch under my lips. A trickle of her juice squirts onto my tongue. It is like nectar, and I want more. She is crying out in Italian as I continue to push her towards another orgasm; it hits her again, this time more powerful. Her fluid jets out and her fingernails dig into my shoulders.

It’s time. I stand and wrap her legs around my waist, then push in. She closes her eyes and smiles. In moments I am thrusting hard between her thighs, the mirror on the dresser thumping in time against the wall.

I pull out, help her off the dresser and spin her around, bending her over so I can take her from behind.

The sound of our skin meeting and her stuttering moans fill the air. I feel her moisture build and can hear the sloshing as I fuck her hard and fast. I won’t last much longer and I want to watch her face when I cum inside her.

I pull out again, take her to the bed and tell her to lie on her back. I get between her legs once more, holding them against me as I fuck with abandon. She can see from my eyes I will not pull out again. She urges. She met on, begging me to cum inside her. With one last thrust and an animalistic groan, I pump huge jets of semen inside her. As I finish, a satisfied smile grows on her face.

They ended up getting back together. The two of us had sex a few more times before I had to leave. I don’t really regret it.