Mum And Son Have A Life Changing Christmas Part -2

A few gulps later, she took his cock out of her mouth to show him, with her tongue out and mouth gaping wide, that she had swallowed all of her son’s creamy spunk.

“Did you like that? I loved doing it for you, Jack.”


“Mom, I loved it. You’re the first person ever to deep throat me, a few have tried, but you’re the first to achieve it; I love you for that, mum.”

They kissed lovingly for several minutes; then mum saw that Jack’s cock was still rock hard. Mum smiled then said, “Take me to your bedroom; I don’t want to do it with you on the couch.”

They got into Jack’s bedroom; mum went into his en suite bathroom and came out with a large bath towel which she laid on top of the bed. They both lay on top of the bed, and mum was eyeing Jack’s massive erection.

“Tell me, baby. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to fuck you, Mom. I want to fuck you so badly.”

“I want it so bad. I want to feel your big cock deep inside my cunt. I’m going on top as I must be careful with your monster cock.”

She carefully guided Jack’s hard cock to her pussy, letting his bulbous head slide against her thick cunt lips, then placed it in her wet cunt entrance. Mum moaned loudly as she lowered herself on Jack’s cock. He could feel her cunt walls resist and tighten on his cock as she pushed it deeper inside her.

“Fuck Jack, I can’t believe you’re inside me; it feels amazing, you are stretching me. It feels so comfortable. I will soon have a rhythm going, and I’m going to give you the ride of your life.”

“Mum, it feels so good for me; you are in control, do what you want with me.”

“Don’t do anything yet. I want us both to enjoy this moment. Tell me how it feels to be inside me. Describe how it feels to have your cock inside your mother’s cunt?”

“It feels amazing, mom. The way you are gripping my cock as you fuck me. Just think that my mum’s pussy is so good and so naughty. We’re having consensual incest, and I love it. Am I a mother fucker now?”

“We can be so naughty together, is your cock telling you it belongs in your mother’s cunt? It’s your cunt if you want it, Jack.”

When Jack’s cock was deep inside mum’s cunt, he flipped her over; now he was on top of her, he was now in control.

“So rough, darling, mummy loves it rough, fuck me hard and deep. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix. You are a big boy.”

Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going; mum was glowing; Jack asked, “Are you comfortable with me on top?”

As mum locked her legs around Jack, she said, “Your cock is made for my cunt; everything feels so good.”

For the next fifteen minutes, Jack was in complete control of the pleasure he was giving mum, and she loved him deep. He was now fucking her so hard her massive tits were shaking uncontrollably. Jack was getting close to cuming.

“I’m going to cum; mum. Do you want me to pull out?”

“No, I’m safe, I’m close too; let’s try and cum together. We are made for each other.”

On Jack’s second spurt of cum, mum’s hips went crazy as she had a massive orgasm. Mum’s whole body was shaking uncontrollably; Jack kept pounding her pussy until he had shot his full load deep inside mum’s hungry cunt. Then, finally, Jack leaned down; they kissed lovingly for several minutes. The look of contentment on mum’s face was beautiful. She cuddled close to Jack and said, “I want to fall asleep in your arms. I loved every minute of that.”

It was late in the morning of Christmas Eve when they woke up. Mum was first to wake; she lay in Jack’s bed looking into Jack’s face as she stroked Jack’s flaccid cock. In her hand, it felt soft, but it was still an enormous cock. Jack soon woke. They kissed and touched. Jack put his hand on mum’s stomach, his fingers moving south until he found her hard clit, which he gently fingered. He then slid a finger up mum’s cunt hole; mum pushed her pussy against his hand.

“Mum, you’re so sexy. Do you get turned on so easily every morning?”

Mum moaned with pleasure as Jack caressed her big clit as mum stroked and squeezed Jack’s stiffening cock. Jack now had two fingers in mum’s cunt as his thumb was massaging her clitoris. Mum was now groaning and breathing heavily.

“Jack, you are going to make me cum.”

“Cum for me mum, I want you to be wet for me.”

Jack’s hand started to move faster. He used some of mum’s cunt juice to lube mum’s clit, so his thumb could stimulate her hard clit better.

“I’m cuming, I’m cuming already,” she cried. Her hips bounced up and down as if she was fucking me and her hand wanked my cock wildly.

“Jack, you make me so horny; I need you up me again. Make love to me again. Fill me with that lovely cock.”

Jack reached out to feel inside her cunt; it was so wet. He then climbed between her opened thighs, and as mum held his cock in place, he pushed it deep into her cunt. As he fucked her, her fingers fluttered over her clitoris, and she orgasmed time after time. Eventually, as we both slammed our hips together in a wild frenzy, Jack knew that he was close to cuming.

“I am close to cuming.”

“Oh yes, cum! Cum inside me! I want to feel you squirt. Oh, now you’re making me cum again, oh no, I’m cuming again!”

Mum wrapped her legs around Jack as he flooded her cunt with a load of hot juices, then they kissed profoundly and lovingly as they both climaxed.

Mum wouldn’t let Jack take his cock out of her until we had both finished cuming! So they lay together with Jack on top as they kissed and relaxed. Jack’s cock slid from her wet, slippery and well-filled hole.

“I feel so empty. I wish you could leave it up there.”

They then showered, and mum started preparing breakfast as Jack shaved. Mum had suggested that they go back to bed after breakfast. So both of them were naked. Mum’s total concentration was on preparing breakfast. They had done so much since yesterday afternoon. If someone had told Jack as he drove yesterday to pick mum up that he would be spending Christmas Eve all day in bed with his mum, he wouldn’t have believed them.

After breakfast, they went back to bed. Jack was starting to realize that mum had an insatiable sexual appetite. Jack was the same. When Jack looked at mum, his cock stiffened. When mum looked at Jack, her pussy got wet.

After seven in the evening, when mum was cooking dinner, Jack realized that today, he had climaxed four times. God knows how many times that mum had cum; it was a lot. They were so intimate together; if mum caressed Jack’s cock or Jack fingered mum’s clitoris, then mum would never say no, and Jack felt the same way.

There had always been a strong bond between Jack and his mum, but the bond now was getting stronger. Jack understood that mum’s body needed satisfying and he was the one that could satisfy her. There was now no barriers between them. She would be there whenever he needed her. They both now needed each other. Incest didn’t exist anymore; they were two highly charged sexy people who had each other to provide relief. They were both so horny for each other.

Over dinner, mum said, “Jack, tomorrow we will cook the turkey, then I would like us both to dress for the meal. I see that you have left something for me beside the tree. So I will leave my things for you under the tree to be there when we wake up. I want tomorrow to be a very special sexy Christmas.”

The next morning they both woke early. They kissed and cuddled and wished each other a Merry Christmas. As they cuddled, mum lifted her leg, which made her cunt very accessible. Jack moved his hand and started to finger her wet pussy. He caressed her clit; mum was purring with pleasure. Mum’s cunt opened up to Jack’s probing fingers. Then mum said, “Jack, will you give mummy her first Christmas fuck? I think that we’ll be doing a lot of fucking today.”

Jack started playing with mum’s tits. They were wonderfully full and firm, and her nipples stood out like little soldiers, designed for rolling with my thumb. She reached for and held Jack’s cock and asked him to get on top of her. They rolled over, and as Jack moved over her, she pulled him up her body until she could take his cock in her mouth.

“Yes, suck me, mum.”

Mum began wanking him as she sucked him. Finally, Jack reached behind and put his hand on her pussy. Jack felt her legs open wide, and, putting his hand down between her legs, he found her cunt to be soaking wet inside and out.

Several minutes later, Jack took his cock from mum’s mouth and lowered himself until his massive cock rested right at the entrance to mum’s cunt. He rubbed the head of his cock in her juices until it was well lubricated and ready to slide up her.

He continued to massage his cock against her clitoris until she began to quiver. Mum pulled him into her, his cock sinking entirely into her hot fuck hole. He began to play with her clitoris with one hand while supporting himself with the other, and all the while, he fucked her firmly. Using all his knowledge to bring her to several shattering orgasms before he felt his balls contract and his spunk squirt from his cock into her welcoming cunt.

“I love your cock Jack; it gives me so much pleasure. What a wonderful way to start the day. Let’s go and see what’s under the tree.”

Mum was over the moon with the two vouchers Jack had given her. One for the boutique with the lovely lingerie, the other for a Cashmere shop. Mum had picked three Cashmere sweaters for Jack along with a voucher for an excellent menswear shop.

They showered, and then mum made breakfast. After breakfast, Jack started doing the breadcrumbs for the stuffing for the turkey. They both worked away well. The turkey would take three hours to cook. They decided to eat at five; the turkey went in the oven at two, then they went back to bed as mum was horny again.

For an hour, they experimented with different positions and levels of penetration. Mum just kept cuming; it was as though she had one constant orgasm. She was almost insatiable. She wanted more and more.

Then they both showered individually; Jack had decided to wear one of his new sweaters and a pair of slacks. He had no idea what mum would wear. They would meet in the kitchen at four-forty-five for Champagne.

Jack was there first. He looked good in his new Cashmere. He checked the Turkey; it looked perfect and smelt wonderful. He poured himself a glass of Champagne and waited for mum.

He heard movement in the hallway, then mum said, “Face the door and close your eyes but don’t open them until I tell you.”

Jack did as he was told, and when he was told to open his eyes, he couldn’t believe how stunning mum looked. The dress looked as though mum had been poured into it. It showed her figure to perfection. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but the cleavage she was showing was fantastic.

Mum said, “Do you like it? I don’t think that I would have the nerve to wear it outside, but if you like it, that’s good enough for me.”

“Mum, you’re showing a cock-stiffening amount of cleavage. You look stunning.”

They kissed lovingly, then mum said, “All I want is to make your cock stiff, then you can fuck me until I cum. But, first, let’s eat, and then we can fuck again.”

The turkey was delicious, everything about the meal was perfect. Mum reckoned that they had enough turkey left to last them three days. As they chatted, mum said, “Jack, this has been a wonderful Christmas. I’m so happy that we’re doing what we’re doing. I loved this morning when we were experimenting with things. I saw that you have some KY jelly in the bathroom. I have never been ass fucked; your dad thought that it was dirty. When I was younger, I had a boyfriend, and he would finger my ass when he was fucking me. Can we try it tonight?”

“No problem, we will do anything that you want, we’ll do it slowly, if you have any discomfort, then we’ll stop. Mum, you look gorgeous, I look at you, and my cock gets hard.”

“Let’s go to bed; I’ll suck you and make you very hard as you lube your mummy’s tight ass hole.”

They lay on top of the bed; they were in a 69 position, mum was sucking Jack’s cock, and Jack was sucking mum’s clit as he lubed her ass. Mum loved it; Jack had three fingers up her ass, and mum was gasping with pleasure. Mum had already cum in Jack’s mouth. Jack had swallowed it all and kept lubing her ass.

Mum had no idea about Jack’s mature girlfriends, and he wasn’t going to tell her about them, but the way things were going with mum, then Jack wouldn’t need them so much.

All three of them loved anal; Jack had learned so much from them, Jack felt sure that mum would love it too. The head of Jack’s cock was long enough to stimulate their G-spot, which gave them a vaginal orgasm. Finally, Jack was ready to take mum’s anal virginity from her.

Jack then got mum on all fours on top of the bed; her ass was at the foot of the bed level with Jack’s stiff cock. Mum’s pussy was so wet; Jack thought they could have used her cunt juice as lube.

Jack lubed his cock with KY jelly. His cock was so slick now. Jack then positioned the head of his cock on mum’s tight ass hole and said, “Mum, I’m going to go slowly and delicately now, any discomfort then let me know.”

A gentle push and mum had taken a third of Jack’s massive cock.

“Jack, it feels good; I’ve no pain at all.”

Jack pulled back then pushed back in, no problem. He repeated his move. On the fourth push, mum had taken his entire length.

“Jack, it’s wonderful, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, that’ll bring me off, it feels so good and comfortable, you can start to ride me now.”

The next ten minutes were terrific; mum had her first vaginal orgasm in three minutes. Her whole body shook with it. Jack was relentless with his pounding of her ass; he just kept a powerful rhythm going.

Mum’s second orgasm was stronger; mum loved it. She was moving her hips so Jack could go deeper up her ass.

“Make me cum again, Jack. This is giving me very strong orgasms, and I love what you’re doing to me. You have taken my ass, cherry. I’m happy that you have done it.”

Mum’s third vaginal orgasm was a mind-blowing experience. Her whole body was trembling. It took mum a minute to compose herself, then Jack brought his cock out of mum’s ass and slid it up mum’s dripping cunt doggy style. Mum was tightening her strong cunt muscles around his stiff cock as though welcoming his cock back home.

Both their hips were moving in unison. They both wanted to give the other pleasure. Jack’s cock was bathing in mum’s warm cunt juice. It felt wonderful. He put his finger on her clit and started to stimulate it.

Mum’s hips were more active now, and she was pushing against his stiff cock. Jack was going harder and deeper now, and mum started to orgasm, wave after wave of pure pleasure flowed out of her, one orgasm after orgasm. Her massive tits were shaking uncontrollably now.

Then Jack felt his balls tighten, and he cried out, “Mum, I’m cuming.”

Mum screamed as Jack’s spunk hit her cervix; Jack could feel the pressure of his squirts, and so did mum. Then, as Jack’s spunk was filling her cunt, mum’s cunt muscles tightened on his cock as another orgasm shuddered through her body.

It took several minutes for both of them to compose themselves, then mum said, “What a Christmas you have given me, that was the fuck of my life. Jack, I’m falling in love with you and your magnificent cock.”

The week flew in. Every day was fantastic. The lovemaking was exceptional. They did everything together. Mum sucked Jack off several times. He sprayed her massive tits with his creamy spunk.

Mum was insatiable, Jack’s recovery time was excellent, but mum was always there with her hand or mouth to make him hard again.

On Sunday morning, they had made love and were lying, kissing and touching in the bed. Jack would drive mum back to her house this afternoon so she could start work on Monday morning.

“Jack, I want to say thank you for my marvellous Christmas holiday. You have certainly made your mum cum a lot over Christmas. I love you.”

They kissed, then Jack said, “I love you to mum. I’ve never felt so happy in my life during this last week. So I’m going to pack a suitcase, and I’m coming with you. I can work from your house during the week. Then at weekends, we can come down here.”

They kissed again so lovingly then made love again. They both knew that they were doing the right thing.


The End.