Mum And Son Have A Life Changing Christmas Part -1

It was the 23rd of December; Jack was looking out of his lounge window, there was a heavy snow shower falling, everywhere was white. Mum was driving down this afternoon to spend Christmas and New Year with Jack. They had spent Christmas together last year; mum had only stayed three nights. However, she had enjoyed it so much that she wanted to spend longer this Christmas.


The news program was saying the roads would be treacherous later today. Jack phoned mum, “Hi mum, how are you?”

“I am good, Jack; I have everything packed but haven’t put my bags into the car yet as it’s snowing. I’m so looking forward to spending Christmas with you.”

“Mum, the roads are dreadful; I don’t think that you should be driving.”

“Will I come on the train? Will I get a taxi to the station? I will be safe that way.”

Jack sensed the disappointment in mum’s voice; dad had died just over two years ago. Nevertheless, they both had enjoyed last Christmas, then Jack said, “No mum, don’t do that, my car has four-wheel drive, I have winter tires on it. I will pick you up in forty-five minutes. Will you be ready then, or do you want me to come later?”

“You are wonderful, Jack; I was close to tears when you said that I shouldn’t drive. But, I will be ready when you get here. So, you’re getting a big kiss when I see you.”

Jack then got his car out of the garage and set off for mums. Jack was twenty-eight, had his own successful computer games company, was single and was not dating anyone. He had broken up with Kay three months ago. She was good in bed, but Jack didn’t see a future with her.

The white snowflakes whirled and rushed up against the windshield of his car. Considering the weather, he was perhaps driving a bit faster than he should have, but the traction was so good that he felt safe.

Mom had been living alone since Dad died. However, they phoned often and saw each other at least once a week. As dad had been, mum was an Accountant; they had their firm, which was very successful. Mum was the Senior Partner. She also owned the office block that the firm worked from.

Mum was a tall, voluptuous woman with a beautiful face. Dad had been older; Jack always felt that there had been something lacking in their marriage in the last years of dad’s life. Mum was also Jack’s accountant; she was impressed with the money he was making. Jack and his mum got on very well. They both had the same temperament.

Jack arrived at mums. Mum was looking out of a window, waiting for him, she smiled when she saw him. She opened the door and hugged Jack, then pointed above her and said, “We can kiss Jack, unlike you last year, I have got mistletoe!”

Mum was wearing a cashmere sweater and tight-fitting leggings. She was also wearing a pair of Ugg boots; she looked gorgeous. The sweater showed her massive tits to perfection. Mum pulled Jack close. He could feel her big tits against his chest even though he was wearing a thick jacket. The feeling of her tits was giving Jack inappropriate thoughts; as mum pulled him closer, he could feel his cock stiffen.

“Merry Christmas,” Mum said as she went to kiss Jack on the cheek. Jack had turned his head; mum’s lips hit Jack’s lips. They held that position for three seconds; then Jack felt mum’s warm tongue slip deep inside his mouth. Jack also felt mum’s mound pressing against his leg with a delicate circular motion. Jack thought, mum’s hot. How hot can I make her hotter?”

Mature women had always been a turn-on for Jack; mature women with massive tits were his fantasy, mum was ticking all the boxes. Mum broke away from the kiss and smiled; Jack said, “Merry Christmas, mum too, you look great.”

“Thanks darling, I was at the Beauty Salon this morning; I wanted to look my best for my darling, whom I’m spending Christmas with you. I’m so looking forward to my holiday with you. Jack, I have got a case of Champagne that I want to bring with me, will you put it in the car? My suitcase is ready to go too.”

Jack put everything in the car; mum put on a full wrap-around Cashmere coat; she looked gorgeous. Jack opened the car door for her; mum brushed her massive tit against his arm as she got into the car. ‘Last Christmas’ was playing on the radio as Jack started the car; mum said, “I love these Christmas songs, I love the tradition of Christmas. Did you enjoy my Christmas kiss, Jack? Next time we kiss, I would love to feel your tongue in my mouth. I love long tongue kisses. They give so much passion.”

Jack didn’t respond; his mind was working overtime. He had heat seating in his car; the snow was much heavier now. Finally, Jack overtook a car, his car just accelerated, and he passed it with no skidding or wheel spin. Mum said, “You are right about the car; I feel very safe in this car; I would have been scared shitless driving my car in this snow. Thank you for coming for me darling, I appreciate it.”

As mum said this, she was squeezing Jack’s thigh ever so suggestively

Jack said, “Mum, what about dinner tonight? Shall we go out for a meal?”

“Jack, why don’t we get a couple of Fish Suppers from Dinos? They are the best fish suppers in the country?”

“What a great idea, mum, we’ll do that. I have a beautiful Turkey in the fridge for Christmas. So I have plenty of food in the fridge for us.”

“Great Jack, we won’t starve. Are you still seeing Kay?”

Mum’s hand was still on Jack’s thigh. His cock was stiff. Mum must have noticed the bulge in his trousers. Mum was gently massaging his thigh muscle with his thumb. Jack replied, “No, I finished that a few months ago. She wasn’t the one for me.”

“She wasn’t my cup of tea. Did she ever cook a meal for you?”

Jack was surprised when mum asked. He thought about it and said, “She never did, mum. We only ate out. I don’t miss her.”

“Jack, you must find a woman who will look after you, someone that cares about you. You’re a good looking man; you should have no problem.”

Jack thought about Kay; after he broke up with her, she kept phoning and messaging him. She was missing his massive cock. If Jack got horny, he did pretty regularly; he would invite her over for a fuck. He told her that she would be his fuck buddy, and that would be all it would be. Kay accepted it and became Jack’s cum slut. She got promoted then left the area. Jack hadn’t seen her for seven weeks.

“Mum, what about you? It’s two years since Dad died. Have you not thought of dating someone? You are a beautiful woman.”

“Jack, I’m getting old; I’ll be sixty next year. I married an older man. You are the only good thing that came out of that relationship. If I got involved with a man again, I would prefer a younger man. I can’t have children anymore, I’m still active, but it’s difficult to find a suitable person.”

“What age would you go for, mum?”

“Late twenties would be nice.”

“I am in my late twenties. Would you date me?”

“I wouldn’t need to think about it; I would love to date someone like you. But, Jack, I won’t be a quick fuck for anyone. I must love someone, and they must love me before they get into my bed.”

“I love you, mum.”

“I love you too, Jack. What sort of woman are you attracted to, Jack?”

Jack smiled, mum was smiling too, Jack said, “I find a mature woman with big tits very attractive. I want a woman that will love me in bed, and I will love her in return with all my heart.”

Mum didn’t respond as they were now outside Jack’s apartment. Jack carried mum’s suitcase, and mum had the case of Champagne. The apartment was warm; the central heating was terrific. Jack took mum’s bag to her bedroom. Mum put three bottles of Champagne into the fridge, then mum said, “Jack, it’s now five-thirty; I have had nothing since my breakfast at seven this morning.

Would you like to go to Dinos for the fish suppers now, and I’ll change into something more comfortable? The bra that I’m wearing is so uncomfortable. So I will go to the wonderful boutique that you gave me the voucher for last Christmas and get a new bra tomorrow.”

Jack laughed then said, “Go, braless mum, You will get a new voucher at Christmas; then on Monday, visit the boutique as their Sale will start on Monday.”

Mum smiled and said, “Thank you, that’s what I’ll do.”

Jack then left for Dinos; he got back to the apartment and put his car into the garage. It was snowing heavily now. Jack let himself into his flat. He went into the kitchen and shouted to mum, “I’m home. Will I put the fish suppers on to plates so we can eat now?”

“Do that darling, and I’ll be with you in a minute. I quick chilled one of the bottles of Champagne, so it should be chilled now.”

Jack took off his coat and jacket then plated the fish suppers. They looked and smelt gorgeous. The Champagne was chilled. He poured two glasses and waited for mum. She came into the kitchen thirty seconds later; she had a tighter fitting cashmere on, her tits were jiggling as she walked, she was braless. She was wearing the same yoga pants. Her Camel’s Toe looked so inviting.

They toasted each other then started on their fish suppers. They were delicious and so filling. As they ate, mum said, “Jack, you have impressed me with the mistletoe, none last year, but this year you have some in every room. I like the one above the shower; that one gave me nice thoughts. Your tree and Christmas decorations are beautiful. The lounge feels so comfortable, and there’s mistletoe everywhere.”

They finished the fish suppers both of them were full. They went into the lounge and sat on the sofa together. The weather was getting worse, trains and busses were now being cancelled. Mum cuddled close into Jack; she smelt so good. Mum was once again massaging Jack’s thigh muscle with her thumb. Mum said, “I am so happy to be here. We don’t need to go out but maybe if we run out of Champagne? I feel so comfortable and secure with you, please be yourself with me, and I’ll be myself. I would love you to kiss me; I want to feel your tongue in my mouth.”

Jack then lay on the sofa; mum lay beside him, they kissed lovingly and passionately for several minutes; mum was pushing her mound against Jack’s leg, she was giving her pussy a slow dry ride against Jack’s leg. Jack was just tongue kissing mum, then mum said, “Jack, don’t be nervous or afraid, you can play with my tits if you want?”

Jack then cupped mum’s left it on the outside of her cashmere sweater; mum gasped with pleasure then said, “I love the softness of Cashmere against my hard, but I would rather have skin against skin. Darling, my tits are so sensitive, and it’s been so long since they have been played with. Keep going; you’ll make mummy cum. Would you like to make your mummy cum?”

Jack didn’t answer; he just took mum’s sweater off; he was blown away by how good mum’s massive tits looked; they were so firm and meaty.

“Mum, you have a beautiful body; I love how you look; I would love to make you cum. Let’s take our time, mum, and I’m so happy that you’re here with me.”

“Jack, you have made me naked from the waist up. Make yourself naked from the waist up so I can feel and touch your body.”

Jack pulled his sweater and polo shirt off; mum immediately started to touch him as she felt his skin; mum said, your body is so firm and tight, thank you for letting me do this.”

Jack went down on massive tits; he teased them with his tongue then nibbled them away from her very hard nipples. Mum loved that. Then Jack started to suck on her nipples; mum was gasping with pleasure. As he sucked, he moved his hand across mum’s flat stomach. He teased her with his middle finger as he slid it into the waistband of her yoga pants.

Then he slipped his whole hand inside her waistband; mum’s vulva was smooth and swollen. Mum wasn’t wearing any panties. That’s why her Camel’s Toe stood out so good. He spread mum’s thick cunt lips open; he then felt a very big and hard hooded clit. He teased it with his fingertips as mum was pushing her mound against his fingers. Mum’s cunt entrance was very wet.

Mum then raised her hips and pulled her pants down. As she did this, mum said, “I want to be naked for you, Jack. You can do what you want with me. I haven’t felt this horny for ages.”

Mum threw her pants onto the carpet; she spread her legs, allowing Jack access to her dripping cunt. Jack then ran his tongue from mum’s nipple across her stomach and navel then down to the top of her very long sex slit. He was impressed with her beautiful cunt. He admired it for a minute, then said, “Mum, you have a beautiful cunt.”

“It can be your cunt if you want.”

“Mum, don’t say anything; I want you to relax and enjoy what I’m going to do to you; I have wanted you for a long time.”

Jack then teased mum’s clit with his tongue. Then he ran his tongue up and down her long sex slit. Mum’s cunt juice tasted delicious. He nibbled her clit with his teeth before he started to suck her clit. Mum was trembling with anticipation while Jack was doing this. Mum’s clit was huge; it was like sucking a little cock. Mum was now pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth.

Jack then started to finger fuck her with two fingers; he soon increased it to three fingers. Finally, mum cried out, “Jack, give me more; I love my cunt stretched.”

Jack then knew that when mum had his cock inside her, he would own her. Soon Jack was fisting mum as he sucked her clit. Jack was sure that mum would cum quickly. But, instead, mum was groaning and breathing heavily.

“Jack, you make me so horny; I love what you’re doing to my clit; you’re the first man to give my cunt oral. Jack, I’m going to cum soon; I’d love to cum in your mouth; I’ve never cum in a man’s mouth before. I would love you to be the first. I will suck you off anytime you want. Keep going, Jack, I’m cuming.”

Mum’s hips were bouncing up and down as though she was giving Jack a mouth fuck with her dripping cunt.

“Jack, don’t swallow it all. Keep some in your mouth; then we can cum kiss. You have made me cum. Will you make me cum a lot over Christmas?”

Jack had to swallow some of mum’s creamy spunk as there was so much of it. Mum was trembling with her orgasm, but she still kept riding Jack’s mouth. Jack had sucked every last drop out of her twitching cunt. They looked into each other’s eyes. Finally, Jack opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. There was a massive blob of mum’s creamy cum on his tongue.

Mum told him to keep his mouth open as her tongue started to transfer her cum into her mouth. Mum was swallowing her cum then they began to cum kiss lovingly and passionately for several minutes.

They were still cuddling when mum said, “This is amazing, Jack; this has never happened in my life before. You have sucked me off, given me a mind-blowing orgasm. I have cum in your mouth, and I love you for doing that for me. Do you know what makes this so special?”

“Mum, I wanted to do this for you. It was special for me too. How’s it so special for you? Is it because you have cum in your son’s mouth?”

“I love you, Jack. It’s so special for me that when a couple gets together, then everything happens. Everything has happened to me, but I haven’t seen or touched your cock. How many women have had what you have done to me and not seen or touched the cock of the man that was doing it to them? Not many, I think that’s why I love you, Jack. You were only thinking of me.”

They kissed again as mum started to explore Jack’s body. It didn’t take her long to find Jack’s massive stiff cock. Mum said, “Jack, you have got an erection; it feels wonderful. Can mummy see and play with your cock? Please take him out for me.”

Jack was naked; his massive cock looked so impressive, mum’s eyes were fixed on Jack’s cock.

“Oh my god, Jack, that’s fucking enormous.”

“Mum, I’m not fully hard yet.”

Mum just stared at Jack’s cock, then said, “That’s the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen in my life, Jack; I’m so happy that you’re so well endowed. You will have women chasing after you with a cock like that. I am trying to imagine having one that big inside my cunt, I love my pussy stretched, and that beauty is going to stretch me.”

Jack was stroking his cock; it was getting harder, there was some precum on Jack’s piss slit, mum’s eyes were glued to this. Then, finally, Jack pushed his hips forward to highlight the size of his monster of a cock. As mum leaned over with her mouth open, she was breathing deeply and licking her lips sensuously. Then, finally, she said, “Let me take care of this, darling. What a wonderful surprise that my baby has a cock this big.”

Mum’s tongue removed the precum with one flick; she then started to stimulate Jack’s banjo string with her tongue. Jack’s cock was twitching with anticipation. Mum’s face was so close to Jack’s cock as she appreciated it; mum’s eyes were now filled with lust as she rubbed it up and down.

“Is this good, darling?” she asked.

“Yes, Mom. That feels amazing.”

Mom climbed off the couch and sat down on the floor between my legs instead. Her beautiful eyes looked up at me, and she smiled.

“You have a wonderful cock; I’m sure a lot of lucky girls have told you so.”

“Not as many as you might think; you look so fucking hot right now, Mom.”

“Thank you, Jack; it makes me happy that I can make your cock so stiff. I’m not sure what you must think of me getting turned on by my son. You make me very horny, Jack.”

“You have nothing to feel guilty about, Mom. To be honest, I’ve been fantasizing about you for years.”


“Yes, Mom. How could I not? You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met, and the fact that you’re my mother just makes it more exciting. Could it be that I’m a bit strange?”

“You’re not strange. Not any stranger than me. God, if I’d known you felt that way. I’ve been feeling guilty for wanting to fuck my son for years.”

“So we both want this?”

“I know I do, and you still need my help, don’t you?”

She bent forward this time, putting her lips on the head of my cock. Jack felt like I was going to pass out from pleasure as she slowly pushed forward, letting her warm lips wrap around the head until they closed around his shaft. She took another inch or two of his cock before she pulled back, sliding back and forth and using her tongue to stimulate his cock inside her mouth.

“That feels amazing, mom.”

“I love doing this for you, Jack. I have never sucked such a big cock.”

Mum then changed her technique, pulling off and licking the head and then the shaft, sliding her tongue all over his massive cock. Then she leaned forward and took him inside her mouth again, but much more of his length than before. She continued shoving herself forward, letting his cock slide down her throat; mum didn’t gag once.

Mum came off Jack’s cock. She looked lovingly at Jack’s cock as though she was assessing the situation. Then she put her mouth over the head of Jack’s cock, this time with more enthusiasm than before. In five attempts, she managed to swallow Jack’s entire length. The head of Jack’s cock was hitting the walls of mum’s throat. She was deep throating him. No girl had ever managed or even tried to do that before.

Jack trembled as she held that position for a few moments until she pulled back to breathe. Then, as she gasped for air, Jack felt an orgasm coming.

“I’m going to cum.”

Instead of pulling away, Mom leaned forward to take his cock between her lips once again. That final bit of stimulation sent jets of Jack’s cum exploding into her mouth. Mum kept on sucking.


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