Mr. Fantasy

Truth is, she never knows exactly what will happen. Nor wishes to, an essential part of the anticipation is the uncertainty implicit in letting someone else take charge.


The doorbell makes her jump. Dam, he’s early. Shrugs on a robe, and cautiously opens the front entrance to find a courier holding a long, thin parcel. “Delivery for Saskia…”

“That’s me,” the blonde interrupts quickly, blushing pink, already having a shrewd suspicion as to the contents.

“Sign here,” the delivery guy is equally brusque, has countless other deliveries still to do. Saskia leaves the mysterious brown paper package in the hall and continues preparing for her imminent assignation.

Barely ten minutes later the bell rings again. It’s Gabriel, tall, tanned and a tad disheveled, shoulder-length hair swept back from a high brow above piercing blue eyes, all alpha male presence and charisma. They spent last weekend at his place, fucking and watching movies, seldom leaving the bedroom — today promises to be very different.

Sometimes Saskia still can’t quite believe they’re a couple, and isn’t the only one. Recently en route to the cinema, the two chanced upon some of her female work colleagues flitting between bars. Who made no secret of their amazement at seeing her with such an attractive guy.

“This your brother?” Could the question have been any more tactless? Just because she’s not into clubbing and one night stands why assume Saskia can’t get a bloke? To her delight Gabriel immediately rose to the occasion. “My lover,” he’d said, exuding strength and confidence while circling an arm around Saskia’s slender waist and sending her self-esteem rocketing. “Hit the jackpot there,” observed the undiplomatic questioner at the office next day, clearly struggling to supress her incredulity. Saskia simply peered over her glasses and smiled enigmatically. Let them wonder what bonds her and Gabriel so tightly…

Back to reality, Gabriel has spotted the parcel. “Great, wasn’t sure when I placed the order if it’d arrive on time.” He strides decisively into the lounge and Saskia follows, eyes lowered, submission already seeping into her soul.

“Take off the skirt.” An order, not a request, the tone of the encounter already set. Obediently she shimmies the slinky material down over trim hips to the floor, flicks it aside with a high heel. Without prompting Saskia bends over the sofa back, unselfconsciously presenting her equally well-upholstered rear and stocking clad legs She hasn’t bothered with panties. Gabriel appreciates her dressing to please him.

Head down and flushed with desire Saskia struggles to supress a sudden urge to suck Gabriel’s lovely cock, currently inches from her face, enticingly hidden in his jeans. Imagines circling its girth with one hand, cradling his balls with the other, forming red lips into a perfect O-shape and bobbing her hot mouth back and forth until he explosively comes. As all good girls do she’d swallow it all.

“Legs straight, bottom out, keep still.” Saskia is bought back to the moment by Gabriel’s terse instruction. Adrenalin surges like electricity through the entirety of her body, the enactment of fantasies comes with an edgy frisson of fear. Tense with anticipation, she’s kept waiting and wanting.

For his part Gabriel is entranced by his girlfriend’s willing acquiescence. How far should he push her boundaries? How to maintain the balance between pain and pleasure? He runs his palm over the cool, soft skin of Saskia’s buttocks then delivers a series of sharp stinging smacks. The aftershocks ignite a latent arousal between her legs.

“I want to have marks afterwards,” she tells him. “Don’t hold back.” As clear an invitation as it’s possible to envisage. He slides a finger into Saskia’s already lust-slick pussy, feels her love tunnel spasm tightly around the questing digit. Rotates a thumb on her swollen, hypersensitive clit, eliciting an atavistic moan. “I need your cock deep inside, fill me up, stretch me, use me, teach me a lesson.”

“That’ll happen when I decide, not when you demand. First we’ve a new implement of correction to try.” He unwraps the parcel to reveal a whippy cane and raises his arm, keeps it hovering in mid-air for what seems an eternity. Heart pounding, she somehow maintains the requisite position.

A series of measured, carefully spaced strokes strike her bare bottom leaving blazing bands of fire. Saskia gives an involuntary whimper when the initial cut hits home, forced onto her toes as the cumulative effect of the subsequent strokes takes her to the limits of her endurance. Wriggles and yelps at each burning impact. How many has she had? It no longer matters; Saskia has entered subspace. Gabriel squeezes her tender cheeks then unleashes his straining cock. Without preamble he slides the full length into her craving cunt.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she responds eagerly, sliding animatedly back and forth, welcoming each vigorous lunge. The mix of sensations combined with Gabriel’s powerful thrusts is suddenly too much and Saskia climaxes, shuddering through an escalating sequence of orgasms.

“You obviously got off big time,” observes Gabriel wryly, “but I’m still rock hard.” True, she can feel him inside, still rigid and pulsing. Slowly he slips out causing Saskia to moan at this abandonment. “Don’t fret,” he reassures, “I’ve something else in mind. Reach behind and pull those cheeks wide apart.” Wincing she complies.

“Still sore huh?” She nods warily in confirmation. In truth the pain has now dulled to an all-suffusing slow heat. “OK, we’ll have a little of this,” he dribbles lube onto her most intimate orifice, “some of this,” a finger invades her anus, “and now a who lot of this.” Carefully he engages the head of his cock, holds her hips pushes past the initial resistance of her rosebud and enters. “Gabriel! Oh, this is so bad, you’re fucking my bum!” For all her feigned outrage Saskia makes no attempt at resistance, wriggling to accommodate the full extent of him.

“You did ask to be screwed,” observes Gabriel, sinking his length ever deeper, “and weren’t entirely specific as to how. Tell me what’s happened to your delightful derriere. I want to hear you say it.”

She flushes crimson. “Too embarrassing. It’s one thing to think it, quite another to speak out loud.”

“Perhaps another few cane strokes might persuade you?”

“No please! Alright; you took your naughty firmly girl to task, caned her bare buttocks and are now lustily shafting her bottom.” Saskia pauses, dreamily. “And it feels so good…” The mere words are sufficient to trigger tremors deep within her pussy. She slides a hand down to frig her still gaping snatch while Gabriel grasps and squeezes her boobs.

Saskia hadn’t expected things to go so far, the embodiment of her most outlandish imaginings. Fantasies she’s shared with no one before, yet somehow Gabriel has penetrated her mind as well as her body.

She can tell by his ragged breathing he’s close to a crescendo, aware too that her second coming is imminent. “Yes, yes, yes,” he spurts, cock convulsing and coinciding with her own intense orgasm. Together they collapse onto the sofa where Saskia curls into Gabriel’s embrace.

“Have you covered my poor derriere with livid red lines like I asked? Saskia enquires hopefully a while later, craning over her shoulder to get a glimpse. Gabriel produces his mobile and fires off a few close-ups for her perusal. Surveying the damage she feels a surge of contentment, aware the throbbing wheals will distract her at the office until the only release is to sneak off and surreptitiously finger herself to climax while mentally replaying this adventure.

“Thank you. That’ll be a hard act to follow,” she whispers.

“I think we’ll manage,” replies Gabriel smoothly..

Saskia wakes to find morning light flooding the room. Not only has she overslept, the entire episode seems to have been a dream – how disappointing. Just then the doorbell rings and donning on a robe she hurries to answer it. “Parcel for you,” says the delivery guy, proffering a slender package.

Saskia finds a note attached. ‘See you tonight, love Gabriel.’ Problem is she doesn’t know anyone of that name. Yet…