Mother And Son Fall In Love

My mom never had it easy in her life. Her husband, my father left to get some cigarettes when I just had stopped wearing diapers. He was never to be seen again. Certainly not giving a damn about his family anymore.

After dad leaving, mom had to work hard to get enough money to be able to pay the bills and provide for me. She dedicated more or less her whole life to provide for her son. She did a great job doing so. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices she made for me.

But it doing so, demanded a lot of her over the years. She had next to no time for hobbies or other leisure activities. She had even less time for dating, a sex life or even finding a new partner for her, a new father for me. She really was living for her son.

In retrospect I can’t say if it was her caring, being there for me or just me being the most stupid person on Earth that earned me a full scholarship on a respectable university out of town. When I left to study I was more or less not needing my moms financial support anymore. So she finally had some money to spend for herself. For the first time since about 16 years.

She went out to buy some fancy clothes for her, then she invited me to dinner at a fancy place before I left to university. It was on that day, that I realized what a good looking, attractive woman my mother was. No, nothing sexual was happening that day. We just talked, she told me that she was proud of me, I thanked her for being there, then we drove back home and I left for university the following day.

We casually kept contact with each other. I was busy with university life: Studying, partying and fucking around. Mom was busy with her new life: Attending social events like neighborhood BBQs, church events, going out for some drinks, doing some sports and fucking around. We both enjoyed our freedom. With one little difference: She was looking for a long time partner, I was just having a great time while collecting sexual experiences.

I returned home for the first time over Christmas. Mom was happy to see me. We hugged each other. Smiled at each other. We both were just happy to see each other again. But mom was different then on the day I left. She didn’t told me anything on the phone, but while standing in the same room with her, I could sense that something was off.

When we had dinner together, I asked her if everything was okay with her. She said that I shouldn’t worry about her and that she was doing fine. I didn’t gave up that easy. I kept on asking until she told me what really was going on in her life. She told me that she was lonely with me being gone. Told me that she tried to find a man to keep her company, but she had no luck at all. She had some great nights, some awesome fucks, but no one wanted to stay with her.

Tears were running down her beautiful cheeks while she told me that. It broke my heart seeing her that way. So I took her in my arms. I tried to cheer her up as good as I could. And I found the right words. Her tears tried up. She looked at me, with a big smile on her face: “Thank you son, why aren’t other men like you?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Told her that she could call me anytime if she needs someone to talk. Told her that I am there for her. She thanked me for doing so. After that evening I spent the reaming holidays at home: Either with some old friends or with my mom.

When the time was come to leave, mom and I hugged each other, she gave me a motherly kiss on my forehead and I left for university again.

The following weeks, the following months mom and I talked with each other nearly every day. We told each other everything. From the food we had to the people we fuck.

Our mother and son relationship evolved into something different during that time: We became best friends. We were closer than we had ever been before. No, nothing sexual was involved. Not back then.

Time flew by and summer was knocking at the door. I decided to spend my whole university free time at home. With my mom. My old friends. While flipping burgers in a local dinner to earn some money. Not knowing that it would turn into my personal summer of 69.

Mom was already waiting for me in front of the train station to pick me up. Seeing her standing there, next to the car, waiting for me, just put a big a smile on her face. When I was next to her, we just looked at each other. Each of us with a big smile on the face.

Then we hugged. Maybe a little bit longer, a little bit tighter than a son is supposed to hug his mother. We even told each other I missed you. Then we kissed each other.

Then it got awkward. We released each other within the blink of an eye. Without saying anything mom placed herself on the driver seat while I stored away my luggage. It was a quiet drive back home. Two brains were hard at work. Asking themselves what to hell had just been happening?

Back at home, each of us went his own way. I was unpacking my stuff, mom was cooking some dinner for the two of us. While eating, the awkward unpleasant silence kept on going. Everyone avoided to look the other in the face. Until it accidentally happened and we looked into each others eyes.

All of a sudden all awkwardness was gone. Smiles appeared on mom and my face. We began to talk. We talked about what happened. We both decided to not bother about what had happened earlier this day. We spent the rest of the night talking with each other. Enjoying each others company.

Then we went to bed, mom in her bedroom, I in my room.

But I struggled to fall asleep that night. What happened in front of the train station kept me awake. Thinking about being that close to my mom made my dick rock hard. I began to fantasize about what would be if more would happen.

I jerked off while doing so. I nutted out a big and nasty load. And afterwards you might ask? Nope, no post nut clarity set in. No bad conscience at all. I clearly was hot for my mom. I decided to go for it. Who knows were it might lead.

The next morning, I was sitting in the kitchen having some breakfast, when mom entered the room. Wearing nothing but her underwear: A bra and a string. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a damn hot mom, sorry, woman she was. I checked out every inch of her. She didn’t seem to mind at all. Luckily the table was hiding my boner.

Nonetheless mom noticed me staring at her. She just smiled at me: “As if you never ever have seen a woman in her underwear before.”

I was to perplexed to answer anything. I kept staring at her. My hormone level went through the ceiling. Mom just left the room. With her hot ass shaking towards me. By the looks of it, not only I was hot for mom, mom was hot for me.

After I was done with breakfast, I headed over to the bathroom. To take a shower. To beat down my rock hard dick. That was when I ran into mom for the second time of the day. She was in the bathroom. Taking a shower. She just had turned of the water to soap up her body.

So I couldn’t hear her being in there. The see through glass of the shower cabin offered me a perfect view on her soapy, soaking wet beautiful body. My jaw dropped to the floor. I wasn’t able to move. And I think my dick got even harder.

When mom found out that I was in the room, she but up a very pleased smile and invited me to help her soaping up her back. I couldn’t believe what she just said. I hesitated for some time, then I dropped my clothes to the ground and entered the shower.

Yes, I soaped up her back. Then I soaped up her beautiful tits while kissing her neck. While her hands were jerking off my rock hard dick.

It didn’t took long for me to nut out a big and nasty load. But horny somehow stayed and mom turned around. We began to kiss each other with passion. My hands on her firm ass, her hands on mine. Then mom turned around again and bend over.

My dick was up her pussy within a few seconds. It felt awesome. In and out. Slow, hard and deep. They way mom likes it. And how she liked it. She moaned like no other women I ever had.

I have no clue how long we were at it. It could have been a minute or an hour. Time wasn’t existing during my first time with mom. All I still know is that we finished more or less together. Her body was trembling under a heavy orgasm while my balls emptied themselves deep into my moms unprotected pussy.

After we two were done, we just hugged each other. We kissed a little. No awkwardness was building up. We just smiled at each other while showering our bodies for a clean start in our days.

And once more, nothing but a made up story. Fantasy. Fiction. A nice day to you all.