Mother And Son, Fall In Love And Lust

Jenni felt her son, Peter’s, eyes travel up and down her sexy 42 year old body, like a pair of laser scanners. He made no secret of the fact that he was sexually attracted to her, even though she was his mother. In the beginning, she dismissed it as a phase he was going through.


Peter was 22 years old and Jenni attributed her son’s attentions to an over active sex drive, making him horny enough to be excited by any woman he saw. When she was in the kitchen, making breakfast, he would walk up behind her and kiss her, ever so lightly, on the back of her neck. When they were sitting next to each other, in the family room, watching their big screen television, he would reach over and, ever so lightly, caress her bare thighs.

She pushed his hands away. He was fully erect, there was absolutely no denying it.

Jenni felt as if there was a spotlight on her, showing off every detail of her appearance, to her Son. Jenni was 5 feet, 4 inches tall, she had beautiful brown eyes, and her tight, toned, skin was lighty tanned. Her long hair was jet black with just a single streak of gray that somehow made her even more sexy. She weighed 110 pounds and kept toned and fit with daily workouts on her home gym machine. She was well endowed with 34-C breasts and a 24 inch waist. Her legs were smooth and sexy thanks to weekly trips to dance clubs with her Son.

Jenni was stunned by the realization that perhaps she had been going through all the trouble of making herself physically fit and sexy for her Peter, her son! She looked him over with a new perspective. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall, not much taller than her but he was packed with muscle, thanks to his daily workouts on his home gym machine. He had black hair, blue eyes, and a handsome face that she sometimes, secretly, dreamed about. He had a bulging chest, strong muscular arms, and a “six-pack” stomach.

It suddenly occured to Jenni that Peter could easily rape her, if he chose too. She felt a curious, mixture of emotions; fear, and arousal. Where should she go from here?

Jenni became a little self conscious. She was wearing a black bikini top from an old bathing suit that suddenly felt too small for her. She had on a pair of cut off, blue jean, short-shorts that just barely covered her ass and put her sexy thighs on display.

Jenni, against her better judgement, took notice of what Peter was wearing, which was just a pair of black running shorts that did nothing to hide the hard on that was pushing against his shorts. His muscular legs were on full display for her. She began to realize that she was a single mother, with sexual fantasies and desires that had gone unfullfilled for years, ever since her husband had left her for his 20 year old secretary. It was such a cliche. It made her laugh and cry, both at the same time.

Jenni wiped her eyes and shook her head, in an effort to regain her composure.

Her son talked her into fantasy role playing. His favorite role was playing the part of her “kidnapper”.

When Jenni agreed to be the “sexy kidnap victim” it usuallly involved her changing into a pair of super tight, super short shorts, high heels, and a too-tight halter top.

Jenni would walk around the house, pretending not to know that her son was hiding in there somewhere and would pounce on her at any moment. For some reason, Peter’s favorite place to “attack” his mother was in the kitchen. She sat at the kitchen table, scrolling through social media on her cell phone.

After a few minutes of scrolling, Peter made his move. Jenni felt her son’s hand clamp down, tightly, over her mouth. She tried to scream but his hand sealed her soft, pretty mouth closed and kept her from making a sound.

With his other hand, Peter handcuffed Jenni’s hands behind her back. Once his mother was handcuffed and helpless, he took his hand off her mouth and warned her that he would “strangle” her if she screamed. Then he “forced” her to make an imaginary phone call to arrange for “ransom” to be paid.

At that point, Peter would seem to forget all about the “kidnapping” game and just slowly, sensuously run his hands along his mothers sexy, tanned thighs. She could easily see her son’s massive erection under his sweatpants. Jenni herself found herself getting more and more aroused every time they played this “kidnapping game”.

Peter would usually keep Jenni bound in the kitchen for about an hour or so. Many times, he would keep his hand over her mouth, the whole time. She knew that occasionally, he would masturbate with his other hand.

Jenni wondered what people would think if they knew her son got off on putting his hand over her mouth, fondling her legs, and jerking off, all under the guise of a “kidnapping” role play game. She found herself looking forward to these games more and more, herself. Eventually, she started suggesting other games to her son, all of which involved her getting tied and gagged by her son.

After each one of their games, Jenni would play with herself with a vibrator she kept hidden in her bedroom closet. She couldn’t help it, her son was the focus of all her sexual fantasies, now. She wanted him to put his hand over her mouth and choke her and fuck her until she could not stand up!

Jenni wondered if her son wanted to tie her up and gag her, too. She had seen lots of bondage porn on his computer. She thought that maybe he wanted her to find it because he seemed to be making no effort to hide it from her.

Jenni would steal glances at her son as he worked out. He had all the muscles his father had but not the personality defects that made her glad he was gone. She was beginning to feel things for her son that she never felt before.

Meanwhile, Peter was noticing his mother in new ways, every day. He noticed that her usual around the house “uniform” was short-shorts and halter tops, no matter how cold it was outside. He found himself staring at his mother’s beautiful legs and tight, sexy ass and getting a stiff, hard cock at the same time. He wondered if he should hide his hard on or stick it in his mother’s face.

Jenni and Peter spent the next few weeks dancing around their growing sexual attraction to each other. Peter wore his tightest workout clothes while he and his mother sat closer and closer to each other on the couch while they watched TV. Jenni wore her shortest shorts that, as if they weren’t short enough, were slit up the sides.

Things came to a head when Jenni and Peter went out to dinner. Jenni was wearing a super short skirt that showed a lot of leg. Peter could feel all the other men in the restaurant checking out Jenni’s sexy legs. Instead of being jealous, Peter felt proud and completely turned on.

After Jenni and Peter finished a delicious meal and a bottle of wine, they left the restaurant and walked home. Jenni enjoyed the attention that other men paid to her and the obvious effect she was having on her son. She giggled as her son fumbled with the keys in the front door lock because he was so excited.

Peter and Jenni attacked each other as soon as they closed their front door behind them. In a matter of seconds, their clothes were in a pile on the floor. Peter slid his cock into his mother’s willing mouth. The room was filled with slurping sounds as Jenni sucked off her son. Peter came in his mother’s mouth with a force that surprised them both. Jenni swallowed every single drop of cum that her son sent.

Peter did not even try to get Jenni into bed. He fucked his mother right there on the floor, just inside their front door. He could not believe the amount of pent up sexual energy he had inside of him. He rammed his cock into his mom’s pussy.

Jenni dug her long, manicured nails into Peter’s muscular back and let out a loud scream as her son forced his penis deeper into her than any other man had before. Her son grunted like a wild animal as he forced himself inside of her. She screamed again in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Jenni’s mouth was covered by Peter’s huge hand. Her cheeks puffed out as her son’s hand sealed her pretty mouth shut. His other hand closed around her sexy, slender throat. She was being handgagged and choked at the same time, by her own son!

Jenni realized that she was completely helpless and totally in her son’s control and she was loving it! She let out a muffled scream as Peter bit down on her perky, erect nipples. Pain had never felt so good! Jenni stared into her son’s eyes as he kept his hand over her mouth.

Jenni tried to talk to her son but his hand across her mouth made it impossible. Her muffled speech sounds seemed to drive her son even more wild than he already was. His other hand tightened around her throat. She felt like he was going to strangle her!

Jenni had never felt such a delicious mixture of fear and orgasms! She came over and over again as she thrust her hips up into her son. Peter had never fucked any woman like he was fucking his sexy mother, right now.

As soon as Peter would spill a load of cum into his mother, he would get hard again, almost immediately. After his third load flowed into his mother, he took his hand off her mouth and his other hand off her throat.

She kissed him on the mouth. He couldn’t believe how fantastic his mother looked, naked, on the floor, just inside their front door.

Peter kissed his mother again, much harder this time. He probed her mouth with his tongue. She probed back.

Peter’s cock felt like electricity was shooting through it. He saw his mother’s eyes widen in disbelief when she saw that he was hard again! Jenni coughed and gagged as her son forced his seemingly insatiable cock back into her throat!

Peter grabbed a handful of Jenni’s thick, shiny, black hair and forced her to suck his power house cock. Her son unleashed what seemed like a river of cum into her throat. She started choking on his cock as it invaded her mouth.

Jenni was powerless against her son. She did not want to stop him, even if she could. She gave herself over to her son’s control. She decided right then and there that she wanted to be Peter’s play thing! He could gag her, choke her, rape her mouth, fill her pussy up with his prick, anything he wanted. Anything at all. She still loved him as her son but she also loved him as a “husband”. She hoped her son felt the same way.

Jenni lost track of how much cum her son had forced into her mouth. With each mouthful of man juice he pumped into her mouth, he would choke her until she swallowed every last drop. Then, the process would repeat.

Peter pulled his prick out of Jenni’s soaking wet mouth. Their eyes met. Peter realized that he had never loved any woman like his mother. He never knew passion like this.

Peter pulled his belt off his pants. Her son gagged her with his belt. He forced it deeply into her mouth, silencing her completely! He wound the belt around her head and buckled it tight. She could not scream to save her life!

The leather belt tasted bitter in Jenni’s mouth, but she loved it. She loved the drool that ran out the sides of her mouth. She loved the muffled “gag-talk” sounds she made as she tried to talk to her sexy son.

Jenni and her ex-husband had tried bondage but being gagged by her husband was NOTHING compared to being gagged by her own son! If her son wanted to gag her, then he could gag her anytime he wanted, as far as she was concerned. She was now her son’s gagged sex slave.

Peter rolled Jenni over on her front. His once again, erect cock rubbed up against Jenni’s cute ass. Just as Jenni realized what her son was going to do to her, he started doing it. He shoved his cock up Jenni’s ass as far as it would go! She tried to scream under the belt that was gagging her mouth but it was no use. Her son clamped his hand tightly over her mouth as a kind of “insurance” gag. Jenni was double gagged, once by the leather belt and once again by her son’s powerful hand.

Peter started to choke his mother with his other hand. He felt wave after wave of pure pleasure as he fucked his own tightly gagged mother up her gorgeous ass, and choked her, all at the same time! Her muffled screams only made him thrust his cock in her ass, faster, deeper, harder.

Jenni had NEVER been fucked in her ass, before tonight. Lots of men had tried but without success. But with her son, it was different. The gag in her mouth, the hand around her throat, the cock in her ass, going where no man had ever gone before, excited her like no one ever else had. Jenni was torn apart by alternating waves of pain and pleasure. There was a mirror in the hallway that showed Jenni her son’s face as he forced himself up her ass. Her son’s face looked like the face of a conqueror, taking what was his, by brute force, and what he was taking was HER!

Jenni had never felt so utterly captivated by any of the men that she had ever been with. She savored the feel of her son’s powerful hand around her slender throat, choking her almost to the point of unconsciousness. She loved the taste of her son’s leather belt deep inside her mouth. She loved the feel of her son’s hand clamped over her mouth, keeping her from talking, keeping her from screaming.

Jenni loved the feel of her son’s cock in her mouth, triggering her gag reflex, over and over. She loved her son’s beautiful cock exploring the recesses of her pussy, triggering orgasm after orgasm. And she could not get enough of her son’s pulsing penis up her asshole, filling it up with his essence.

After what seemed like hours, Peter pulled himself out of Jenni’s ass, and let go of her throat. He took his hand off her mouth and took his belt out of her mouth. Jenni felt so sore and yet so satisfied! They hugged each other, right there on the floor, right by the door.

From that moment forward, Jenni and Peter were not only mother and son, they secretly lived happily as man and wife!

Peter and Jenni will return.