Morning At Mom’s Place

Growing up, my mother was my best friend. She was a hippie, during the high years of hippies, in the land famous for hippies. That probably told you everything about her. And she was everything one would expect from a hippie–that’s what her friends told me–but she put her hippie years on pause when she got pregnant with me at sixteen. Yes, I said ‘pause’, and not ‘stop’.


When she resumed her hippiness, she didn’t go back to the same old herself. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a slut, but I’ve been told that she changed a little. No drinking, no drugs, no bringing random guys back home until I grew up, and so on–You get the idea. And all this was for me, to put me first before anything else in her life. Well, turned out to be a bigger slut once I got my first taste of sex at nineteen–now I’m thirty-two–but that’s a different story.

So yes, she was my best friend, and always will be.

And that’s how I knew, she won’t stay mad at me for too long when she comes down and takes a bite off the cupcake with vanilla frostings…which actually is sour cream with sprinkles on it. She hated sour cream.

My ears perked up hearing the footsteps coming down the stairs. I couldn’t show her my face. She’ll know in an instant. So I keep my back to her as she walked into the kitchen. I fetched a mug to pour myself some coffee.

“Morning sweetie,” she said. “When did you get in here?”

“Just now,” I said, turning to her. I didn’t trust myself to keep a straight face. I took a long sip, to keep my face occupied. The coffee was too hot. It burned my tongue, but fuck it, it’s gonna be worth it.

“Get me some too,” she said, sitting at the table.

I filled another mug with coffee and sat at the table across from her.

“What’s this?” she said, pulling the box on the table toward her. She must have felt something in her mouth. She ran her tongue in her mouth and then used two fingers to pull out a short strand of hair–pubic hair. My heart raced as I watched her wipe it off her nightie’s hem. Tingles spread within me, starting from between my legs. So does my desire to thrust my tongue into her mouth.

“Oh, these are warm,” she said, picking the cupcake and dragging me to reality.

“Baked them this morning,” I said, and quickly took another sip before my voice gave up anything. The coffee burned my tongue again.This time, I spat it out a little.

“Easy there, sweetie.” She took a bite, and it was a big bite.

I almost laughed. I covered my mouth, hoping she’d think it’s because of the hot coffee.

Mom froze, her eyes went wide, she pulled an awkward face and spat everything out. “What the fuck!”

I lost it. I put my mug down, fearing I’d spill the coffee, and burst out laughing.

She drowned the taste of mayo with coffee and looked at me in disbelief. “First thing in the morning!?”

I kept laughing as she got up to throw the remaining cupcake down the kitchen sink. I got up and walked around the dining table. The table acted as divider between the kitchen and the living room. I had placed another box of cupcakes in the armchair, which sat facing the tv, and away from the kitchen. I picked the box and skipped to the sink. Mom was gulping down coffee. I hugged her from the side, showed her the box of non-prank cupcakes, and kissed her cheek.

“At what time are you planning act like you’re thirty-two?” she asked.

“Hm… let’s see,” I pretended to think, still tightly embracing her from the side. “Probably by never o’clock. Might get delayed.”

She smiled. “Bitch…”

I leaned in and planted a peck on her lips, and gave a little lick to her lips as I pulled back. “I got you proper ones too, didn’t I?”

“I’ll eat that if you take a bite first.”

We both turned at the footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Mark…” she said, hesitating eyeing the cupcake. Mark was one of her long time friends, around the same age as her.

I laughed, picked it, and took a bite. “See. Proper cupcake.”

Mom squinted her eyes, but eventually opened her mouth for a bite from my fingers. Just before it touched her mouth, I pulled and stuffed the cupcake into my mouth.

Mark walked into the kitchen just as I stepped away from mom, escaping her slapping my arm.

“Knew it was you,” Mark said, walking up to the table and picking my mug of coffee I left there. “No one else laughs that loud.”

“Hey, that’s my coffee!”

“Serves you right,” mom said, picking another cupcake from the box.

Marks took the coffee with him to the armchair and lowered himself. He picked the remote and turned on the tv. I went to him, sat on his lap, and put my leg up to the chair’s armrest. He held me tight.

“Careful, its too hot,” I said.

He took a sip. “I’m about to head out.”

I gave him a quick peck on his lips, then kept my face close, our lips brushing softly against each other. “I burned my tongue.”

He pouts, rubs my back some more, and goes back to flipping channels on the tv.

I stuck my tongue out and licked the edge of his mouth. Lick, another lick. Then his lips parted and I snaked my tongue in.

“You taste the same though,” he said.

I laugh and rest my head on his shoulder, nestling into his neck, and nibbling on his skin. He twitched under me. Could you believe that? If the pubic hair in my mom’s mouth was any proof, he must have gotten a good head, and yet his cock was pulsing under me. Classic motherfucker, I tell you.

Mom came over and sank into the couch next to the armchair. One strap of her nightie slipped off her shoulder, almost exposing her nipple. Almost. I kept staring at it, hoping it’d slip more any moment.

“I don’t if he wants to be so touchy touchy with you,” mom said.

“He’s not complaining,” I said, and pecked the sides of his lips while making eye contact with mom. “Are you complaining, Mark?”

Mark smiled and pulled me in for a proper kiss.

“See?” I said, looking at mom when we broke the kiss.

Mom sipped her coffee. “You know… he could be your father.”

My eyes went wide and I looked at Mark.

Marks shrugged. “Well, maybe… we don’t know I was–“

I cut him off in his words as covered his mouth with my lips. I turned in his lap, without breaking the kiss and straddled him. I broke the kiss, but my lips close to his, feeling his breath. “I sooooo want you in me.”

“You’ve had me in you before,” he said.

We kissed again, deep and hungry. When we came up for air, I sucked in a sharp breath and dove for another kiss, but Mark pulled my hair, making my head tilt up and he dove into my cleavage.

I moaned. And when a muffled groan came from Mark, I moaned even louder.

“Don’t encourage the slut,” Mom said, snatching the remote from Mark’s hand.

“I don’t have to,” Mark said. “She’s already encouraged. I hear good things about this cock-pleaser.”

Hearing that, my body responded by grinding my pussy on his hard cock through his shorts. I rubbed my face against his, and used my finger to part his lips to pull out his tongue. I ran my finger on it, letting it collect a bit of spit.

“I guess you already got a mouth on your cock this morning,” I said. “Ready for a pussy?”

“Too late,” mom said, without turning away from the tv.

“You think your mom would leave a room without spreading her legs?” Mark said.

I took his sloppy tongue into my mouth, sipping his spit, sucking his tongue, and drinking in pleasure. When I break for breathing, I said, “But I want to your cock in me again. This time, I’m going to look into your eye when you cum and call you daddy.”

“When you put it like that, how can I refuse,” Mark said, pulling the hem of my sundress up. He ran his hand up over my body, realizing I wasn’t wearing anything else under.

“Pfft,” mom said. “You can anyone with a dick between their legs as daddy.”

“Yes…but this is a different kinda daddy,” I said, looking into Mark’s eyes. I reached down and pulled his shorts down–not all the way, just enough to pull his cock out. “This should never be allowed to get out of me.”

“Spoken like a cock-pleaser,” Mark said, pushing his cock into me. He watched me moan, he watched my face twist in pleasure, he watched me for what I truly was.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and started riding. My other hole–my mouth–was feeling empty. I took his tongue into my mouth and sucked like I’d suck a cock. Mark kept fondling my boobs, and he wasn’t gentle either. Just the way I like. I felt him tug my hair, trying to make let his tongue go, but I fought. I kept sucking and pressed my mouth harder into him. He pulled my hair harder, and managed to free his mouth. He slapped my tits, making me moan and grind harder. I tried to kiss him again. I needed the hole to be filled. But he pushed my face and slapped me. My pussy convulsed.

I felt my orgasm respond to the slap. I let out a noise which could hardly be anything intelligent.

Mark grinned and pulled my hips down. I tried to hump but he kept it in place. It drove me crazy. I needed to hump, to fuck. I needed to feel his cock move inside me. I bucked harder in him lap, and let out a cry. It only made Mark grin wider.

“Desperate like your mother,” Mark said.

“Then fuck me like you fuck my mother.”

“Hard to do that,” mom said. My eyes were closed, so I didn’t know if she was looking at us or still had her eyes on tv. “I let him cum in me.”

“I always let him cum in me too,” I said, half moaning.

“While I wasn’t on pills,” mom said.

That hit the right note with Mark. He started pushing my hips deeper on his dick.

“I didn’t take my pill this morning,” I said. It was lie. I had taken a pill before leaving home for mom’s place. But that weakened Mark just for a second, and it was enough to suck his tongue.

“Oh you didn’t?” I heard mom say.

I don’t bother to reply. I could feel Mark was close, I could sense it. He was about to cum, about to give purpose to me, he was about to use me for what I existed. He was going to dump his cum inside me.

I felt him pull on my hair again. I thought it was Mark, pulling me so he could make me look into his eyes and call him daddy. When I opened my eyes, mom was standing behind Mark, behind the armchair and she was holding a leaf of pills in her hands.

“Are these yours?” she asked.

I knew it was mine. It had two pills missing. I had taken one of it that morning. I nodded and kept grinding the cock.

Mom pushed one pill out and held it between two fingers. “You sure you didn’t take it today?”

I shook her head.

She brought it to my lips and said, “Want it now? What if Mark hits the mark?” She laughed at her own joke. “How would you explain that to your husband?”

Her words reached something deep inside me and clenched it, making me moan loud. She thought I opened my mouth to take the pill. She pulled her fingers back.

“Nope,” mom said. She dropped the pill into the coffee mug next to the armchair. A face was in a sly smile. “You know how to stop this. Just get off that cock.”

I groaned and shook my head. I kept grinding against the cock like everything dependent on it.

Mom pulled out another pill and brought it close to my mouth. “You sure about this? I can cover you from fucking around, but I can’t cover for you when you start showing your pregnant body.”

Mark was losing it. He pushed up into my pussy, making me think I was going to fall off. I put my hand on his shoulder to stable myself, and I grind harder onto him. I could imagine what it should look like when my hands suddenly came on his shoulder. Mom thought I was trying to get off.

Mom reached over, grabbed my shoulder, and pushed me down on Mark’s cock. Then she let me go and dropped the second pill into the coffee.

“This is the last sweetie,” mom said taking out another pill. I expected she’d bring it to my mouth again. Instead, she took it down, her hand hidden behind the chair’s back and hidden from my eyes. Her expression was enough to tell me what she was doing.

Mom brought the pill up, glistening with Mark’s cum from her pussy. My body lost it. I orgasmed with a deep thrust on Mark’s cock. She brought the pill to my lips. “You sure sweetie. It looks tempting. All you have to do is get off his cock.”

I leaned forward, as quick as possible and bit my teeth on her fingers.

“Ouch,” mom yelled. “You bitch!”

The pill was in my mouth. Yes, I had taken the pill that morning already, and no I didn’t forget that in the heat of the moment. Mom was dangling a cum covered pill to my lips. How could I resist that? I rolled the pill in my mouth, tasting away all of Mark’s cum from the pill. Then I showed my tongue, with pill on it, and mom raised her eyebrows.

Then I spit the pill into the coffee. Looked at Mark, made eye contact and said, “Want to cum into your maybe-daughter and risk turning her into you a mother?”

Mark lost all words. He began shooting cum into my pussy.

“Yes, daddy,” I said, looking up mom who was smiling and shaking her head.

I kept grinding, squeezing my pussy lips to milk every drop of cum out of Mark. He was in pleasure. When he closed his eyes and tried to hug me, I grabbed his face by both cheeks and made him look at me. We stayed that way till he finished shooting ropes of cum.

Mom took the coffee with three pills in it and threw it in sink. Mark stood, lifting me with him, and threw me onto the couch. Like a rag, like a used condom. He was done and he had no more use to my pussy. And… that made me orgasm again.

“You made me late, cock-pleaser,” Mark said.

Mom was back and embraced Mark from the back. Her hand went down to his cock and tugged it.

“Oh no, not you too.” Mark pulled away from mom. “I better run from this whorehouse before you two drain my lifesource.”

With that Mark wiped his cock on mom’s nightie and pulled his shorts back up. He kissed both out cheeks and left. Mom sat on the couch, and began flipping channels.

“Should we get you plan B?” mom asked.

I shook my head. “I took a pill.”

I put my head on her thighs, right where Mark had wiped his cum. I licked it as I watched tv with her.