Mom Moves In With Adult Son – Part 2

As we entered the hall there were people both of our ages and some men had younger dates. I smiled as we were shown to our table. I swear people were watching us as we passed as mom looked wonderful and the way she swayed on my arm and held me tight it was plain we were a couple.


No one knew she was my mom in the area and I did not disclose the fact. The meal was wonderful as we ate prime rib with a fresh garden salad, French cut green beans, roasted baby red potatoes, and hot fresh bread with creamy butter. We each had two glasses of Merlot with dinner and we talked about our lives in the same house together as adults.

The band was a seven-member jazz group and they started playing shortly after the meal was done. I took her arm and swept her across the dance floor till a slow number started so I pulled her to me. Mom molded herself against me when the lights dimmed. We danced and enjoyed each other’s bodies in motion till the set ended and made our way back to the table. We had a few more glasses of wine and we danced some more the band was only playing slow songs and as we danced I felt her relax in my arms.

Our bodies molded against each other as we swayed to the music I let my hand slide down her back till my left and were on her backside and she tilted her head back and we kissed like lovers. I licked her lips with the tip of my tongue and she opened her mouth to mine. Mom’s hand went to my backside and I ground my now erect cock against her. She moaned in reply, but the song ended and we went back to our table. Knowing I was not in a sober condition I called a cab and told them to be at the country club. Mom overheard the call and smiled as she ran her hand up my leg till the back of her hand touched my erection and excused her to use the bathroom. I ordered each of us one more glass of wine and paid the bill.

Mom walked back through the crowd and she looked ravishing. I stood up as she approached the table and pulled her chair out and as I slid her chair under the table I leaned down and kissed her neck, just below her jawline. I glanced at my watch and saw we had three-quarters of an hour still so we enjoyed our wine and then danced again. Mom molded her body against mine and our hands went back to each other’s backsides and we swayed and held each other. The time flew by and it was time for us to go. The cab had only been waiting a few moments and I opened the door for her and as she slid into the cab I looked at her and mom spread her legs a little as she slid onto the seat. My cock was erect and with her watching, I adjusted it from pointing down my leg so it pointed upwards. She licked her lips as I sat next to her.

The driver asked for the address and off we were. Mom leaned her head against my left shoulder and took my right hand and placed it in her lap as she tilted her head back. I leaned down and kissed her and let my hand roam upwards till I held her left breast in my hand. Her breathing was shallow and as we kissed.

My left hand wrapped around her as I touched her thigh and where the dress was slit I was touching her bare flesh. She moaned into my mouth as I slid my fingers further towards her groin and I never encountered any material and my fingers found out she had either removed her panties or had not been wearing them all night long. Our embrace was broken as the driver stopped the cab in front of my house. Mom reached into my jacket pocket and pulled the money clip out of my breast pocket and peeled out fifty dollars and let the driver keep the change as I went to get out mom smoothed her dress before I opened the door and thus turned on the inside light exposing us.

We got out of the cab and again she molded her body against mine as we walked into the house. I opened the door and picked her up and carried her inside and placed her down in the middle of the living room and told her not to move. I quickly went into the kitchen and opened one more bottle of wine as I was nervous about what I was hoping was going to happen and poured us a glass of wine each and took off my jacket.

I carried the glasses and bottle back into the living room and mom had turned on the gas fireplace and also had the stereo on a soft jazz station. I put the bottle down and handed her a glass and went to make a toast. She wrapped her arm around mine as our glass arms were intertwined he simply said, “To us and tonight”. She quickly downed her entire glass, as did I. We started swaying to the music, but now it was different. Mom was unbuttoning my shirt as we danced. Her soft fingers rubbed my chest as I stripped it off and she went to her knees and removed my shoes and socks. I was painfully erect looking down at her while knowing in moments I was going to be naked.

She undid the top of my slacks after unzipping them and my slacks fell around my feet leaving me in just the black silk thong. My erection was larger than the thong could hold and over half of it was poking out the top of the thong.

“I see you did not get this from your father, he was small down here, but you on the other hand have a really big cock.” she slipped my thong down leaving me naked before her. I lifted her and kissed her and while kissing her I reached around her back and slid the zipper on her dress down to where it ended halfway down her backside. She stepped back from me a half step and as she lifted her arms the dress slipped free of her body leaving her in just her stockings and high heels. A black garter belt like I had suspected held up the stockings. We had come to the point of no return as I leaned down and kissed her and our naked bodies touched. The warmth of her body and the touch of her nipples against my chest and my erection rubbed between us as our hands caressed each other’s skin bringing our passion more intense as we kissed.

“Last chance before we do something I know I will not regret,” I said as I looked in her eyes and mom again knelt at my feet and wrapped her arms around my hips putting her mouth against my left hip as she kissed my hip. Her breath was blowing across my groin and I knew we would end up making love. She tenderly wrapped her hands around my cock and started kissing and licking on it. I gasp as mom took the head of my erection into her mouth and used her tongue to swirl around the sensitive ring under the crown of the head.

I reached down and held onto her head for balance and support as my now ex hated giving oral sex, but it seemed mom enjoyed it as she was humming and holding my testicles in her hands while she bobbed up and down on me. On each down thrust of her mouth, she swallowed more of me till her nose finally hit my pubic bone. I told her to stop before I came, but then she went faster and used her right hand to jack me off as she licked and sucked the head of my cock. I tried to hold out as long as possible. I was losing control as my hips started thrusting and my stomach muscles tightened. The tops of my thighs went ridged as I felt the first blast of my orgasm rocket out of the head of my cock.

Mom shoved her mouth to the base of my cock and swallowed every blast I gave her. My knees were growing weak and I was having trouble standing as mom stood up and kissed me. I could taste my cum in her mouth and I reached down and slid my right hand between her legs finding she was turned on as I was.

I slid two of my fingers between her legs and touched her opening and coated my fingers with her arousal. Mom was holding onto my neck as we kissed and I allowed my index finger to enter her. Mom moaned and pressed herself into my body as I started stroking my finger in and out of her. I had become erect again and pressed myself against her belly. I scooped her body against myself and carried her into the master suite.

“Baby are you sure of this?” she asked as I sat her on the edge of the bed.

“Mom I have dreamed of this since I was a teenager and now I can live out my fantasy,” I said before kissing my way down her body till I was kneeling between her thighs. I looked at her wetness and thought to myself about this is the place I entered the world. I pushed that thought out of my mind and leaned forward and licked her outer lips as my hands held her legs spread wide. Mom relaxed and let me have total access to her vagina so I slipped my tongue between her lips, and I tasted her sweet juices.

Mom put her hands on my head and moaned as I licked and sucked on her lips. I wiggled the tip of my tongue up her wetness till I reached her hooded clit. I used my fingers to expose her clit and tenderly touched it with the tip of my tongue. As soon as my tongue touched her sensitive bud mom pulled my head against herself. I sucked her clit between my lips and felt her grip my head tighter as she started rocking her hips against my mouth. I tenderly fluttered the tip of my tongue across her clit as I sucked driving her towards her first orgasm.

Mom’s hips were rocking up and down in time with my tongue and I slid my right index finger into her. Mom was perspiring and her body was flushed as she was saying, “Yes oh baby yes!” over and over. Mom reached her orgasm as her thighs squeezed my head in a vice-like grip and her hands pulled my mouth tight against herself.

I released her clit and let my hands slide up the sides of her body as she came. Moms’ body was sensitive as I touched her tummy and the soft flesh of the sides of her breast. With each caress her body responded with passion, she was so wet I licked her juices off her lips and she got wetter. I reached up to her breast to find her fingers pinching her nipples. I kissed my way back up her body till my mouth found her breast and I licked the tender soft skin as I ground my erect cock up and down the length of her wetness.

She reached down between us and stroked my throbbing cock and tilted it down towards her vagina. I simply pressed forward and felt her wetness and heat surround the tip of my cock. She rolled her hips as I continued filling her with my cock. Soon I felt our pubic bones touch and we were joined now as lovers and we let our hands explore each other’s bodies.

Our passion having been being built on all evening was starting to engulf both of us as we let our bodies relax and enjoy the night. I held still inside her as she humped against me and let herself go. Her mouth was open and she was not making any words, but breathing and grunting as she used me till her body was wracked by an awesome orgasm and she screamed out my name and wrapped her arms tight around my neck. I held her tight as her body relaxed and she became coherent again.

I ever so slowly started moving again thrusting in and out of her letting her feel me moving. Mom responded by looking into my eyes and kissing me. Her body moved to match my movements as we kissed. We moved as one and mom held me tight as a small orgasm took her again. My orgasm was quickly coming, from knowing how long I had wanted this to happen between us. Mom saw the look on m testy face as I was trying to hold back from my orgasm.

“Oh baby let it go.,” she said softly. I started thrusting again and now I held nothing back as I was building to a release I had only dreamed of for so long. I was going now fast and deep all the while she had her legs around my back and her hands caressing my chest. On each inward stroke, our pubic bones mashed against each other.

I was getting close and suddenly mom went rigid as I thrust into her one last time and I exploded with her. I felt as if was pumping her full of cum as wave after wave of pleasure blasted out of the head of my cock. Mom had wrapped her arms around my back and had her hands on my ass holding me in place. Jet after jet filled her tight pussy as we pleasured each other. I was weak and my arms had little strength as we rolled over to my left side. The feeling of my cock slipping out of her as it made a trail of our combined juices on her inner thighs was fantastic. Mom and I held each other in the afterglow of the best night I had in a very long time. We were cooling off so I wrapped the comforter around us after turning off the light.

Mom turned around and we spooned under the comforter as I wrapped my left arm under her pulling her body to mine, while my right was over her shoulders and held her right breast till we both went to sleep.

This was the start of a wonderful relationship between us for many years.


The End