Mom Moves In With Adult Son – Part 1

I had just had a divorce from my wife who I found out had been having an affair with one of the men she had been working with. I knew she traveled for work as a flight attendant, but I trusted her only to one day when I came home from work all her clothing and personal items gone and on the bed an envelope.


The envelope contained the letter saying all she wanted was the thirty thousand in our savings account and I could keep the house that was paid for and everything else. I was shocked and called her on the phone to try and talk to her. She answered and we talked only a moment and she gave me the number of her lawyer and to speak to him from now on.

I hung up and looked around everything in the house and now how silly me getting upset was. I called her lawyer and told him to meet me at my lawyer’s within the hour, as I wanted to go over the paperwork he had and get the divorce over as soon as possible.

I showered and went to the meeting and everything was spelled out just as she had said and my lawyer told me, “There is no way she can come after anything else the way she filed and there is no violence or adultery on your end. If she ever tries there is no way.” I hated the fact she was gone and how empty the huge house with the guest apartment next to the pool would be.

I went home and called into work and requested a week off so I could get my life in order. My boss understood and let me have the week as well as the next one-off as I had plenty of vacation time saved up.

Mom was my next call and we talked for over an hour and she was as surprised by the event as I was. Mom lived across town and I invited her over for pizza and a glass of wine, as I just needed another human around for the night.

Dad passed away four years ago and she had been in a small two-bedroom house they bought after I was born The house was over fifty years old with some plumbing and drywall troubles and was starting to need some work done here and there. Mom even had been talking of selling it after she retired and find a smaller place without any upkeep.

It took her two hours to get over to the house after running her errands. She carried her large purse as well as an overnight case and placed them next to the sofa as she sat down. “Well, here I am so open the wine and call in the pizza. I want a medium cheese and red wine. I need to go take a shower and change out of these work clothes and by then the pizza will be here. I will use the guest bath and unpack in the back bedroom so I will have my privacy tonight.” she said as she turned and walked down the hall to the back bedroom.

I called in the order and went into the living room and carried two glasses and a bottle of Merlot and turned the television to a classic movie channel mom loved. I heard the shower running and since it was getting to be around seven in the evening I changed out of my work clothes and slipped on a t-shirt and gym shorts. I was in the living room and was in the middle of refilling our glasses when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and paid for the pizzas. I tipped the driver five bucks and he was off. Mom came in wearing the floor-length zippered robe she always wears and I went to grab plates, but she just grabbed a slice of her pizza and grabbed the remote, and turned on the television. We watched three movies and finished two bottles of wine before going to bed.

I awake in the middle of the night and heard the television in the living room going so I pulled on a pair of shorts and went out to see what she was doing.

Mom was watching one of the few movies in my porn collection. It was a straight man and woman video I had bought and had in a cabinet with the rest of over a hundred regular movies. She had not come across it by accident. I turned and not wanting to embarrass her I went into the kitchen and made some noise and slipped my robe on before walking into the living room with a cold soda. I saw she had changed to an HBO movie and I sat next to her.

“You having trouble sleeping?” mom asked me and I nodded my head yes as I tried to get the thought of her watching that movie out of my head. Finishing my drink I got back up and went to bed and slept the rest of the night.

In the morning I woke up at six and showered and mom had just finished making coffee and I had to fill my travel mug and kissed her on the cheek and was out the door for the day. Around lunch, I called her and there was no answer at her house so I called my phone. It rang four times before she picked up. “Mom what are you doing there?” I asked.

“Well, your sheets and bedding needed to be done as well as some good old-fashioned housekeeping your wife never did from the looks of things around here so I thought I would do them for you so the place would be spic and span when you got home. I just need to finish another load of laundry and I will be done and on my way home.” mom said in a normal matter-of-fact voice.

“OK I will be home around six-thirty and I was thinking about dinner,” I mentioned in a questioning manner.

Her reply was, “How about I fix us some oven-roasted chicken with potatoes, carrots, and onions with cherry apple cobbler for dessert.”

“Sounds good, but what else are you going to do today? “I questioned.

“I have to call my lawyer about my house and your father’s estate and then I will run by the house and grab a few things and come back to fix dinner. Why don’t you stop at the store and buy us a few bottles of white wine for tonight with dinner and afterward? I will stay the night again if that is OK with you.” she said.

I was glad for the company and the rest of the day went fast and I closed several accounts out my now ex-wife had no idea of and stopped on the way home and bought four bottles of wine and on a whim a bouquet and went home. Once I walked into the house the smell of food hit me and I was suddenly hungry. The house had not smelled like that in a long time. I followed the smell to the kitchen and mom was just putting the cobbler in the oven. I saw mom bent over wearing the denim house dress she wore for comfort and I leaned against the door frame and watched her. She washed a few dishes and was drying her hands as she turned and saw me standing there.

“Your dad always did the same thing when he came home. Standing in the kitchen door watching me. You remind me so much of him at times. I miss him so much at times and cooking and cleaning the house today made me miss him even more. Now go shower and I will finish dinner. It will be on the table when your done getting yourself cleaned up. “, She said as I turned to go take my shower.

I went to my bathroom and sure enough, she had cleaned it top to bottom even scrubbed the toilet. I stripped out of my dirty clothes and let the shower heat up before getting in under the water. I pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in and took a hot shower. Mom had replaced my soap with a non-scented shower gel and a back scrubbing brush also. I dried off then wrapped a soft towel around my hips. I shaved with my regular razor. Pulling on a pair of shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt I went downstairs to the kitchen only to find the table set in the dining room.

Mom handed me the wine to open as she served dinner filling a generous helping onto our plates and sat down opposite me at the other end of the table. I poured us a glass each and before sitting down I held my glass up and thanked her for a wonderful dinner and hoped for more in the future. Mom blushed with my comment and I did not understand why. The food was fantastic as we finished off the bottle of wine with our meal.

When we finished eating I cleared the table and told mom, “You go and take a bath and I will clean up the kitchen for you as you worked hard all day.” she got up and I told her to use the spa tub in my master bath and I would take care of everything tonight. I had just finished the dishes and wiped down the countertops as she came in wearing a towel in her hair and a large bath sheet size towel around her body. I poured her a glass of wine and as I handed it to her I noticed a softer and relaxed look on her face. Mom took the glass and sipped it before turning and walking back out of the kitchen to my master bath again and I swear she swung her hips more as she walked away.

I went into the living room and sat in my recliner and turned on the TV and was watching a sitcom when mom came in wearing her housecoat and sat on the sofa. Her glass was empty so I leaned forward and filled it for her. There was something different, but I could not figure it out and sat back and watched TV. When the nightly news at ten came one when had finished the second bottle of wine and I was getting tired and excused myself to go to bed for the night. Between the huge dinner and two bottles of wine, I was pretty knocked out and sleepy.

Mom said she was going to stay up for a bit longer and watch some television and maybe search for a DVD to watch. I undressed and lay down in bed naked as always. Knowing mom would be staying up late I went out like a light and slept like a rock. About three in the morning I was thirsty and wrapped a towel around my hips and went downstairs to get some cold water. Mom was still up and on the TV was another of my porn DVDs. Mom had her robe open and the smell of her arousal had filled the room. I became erect and could hear mom moan as she caressed herself without knowing I was in the room. I silently walked back out of the room and made some noise in the kitchen. As I walked back into the living room thinking she would have turned the TV to something else, but it was still on the movie, but she had closed her robe.

“I see you found my porn collection well good night and see you in the morning.” before turning to go back to sleep.

“I’ll go to bed in a bit. I had never seen such quality porn before. Your father and I used to watch movies on film after you went to bed in our room. Now all you need to do is pop one in and hit play and they last longer. Sleep well and see you in the morning with breakfast at seven.” she said over her shoulder.

I had trouble getting back to sleep thinking of her and dad naked watching porn when they were younger and how she did not hide the fact she was watching it now. She was not ashamed to let me see her watching it either. Knowing she was watching now and masturbating to it gave me an erection. Mom knew I slept nude and when alone at home I seldom wore any clothing as well. I got to sleep after a long time and dreamed of her masturbating in front of me.

The next morning I pulled on just a pair of shorts and no shirt and went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen sitting at the table drinking coffee. I poured myself a cup before sitting down at the table. Mom was watching my every move it seemed and was looking at me, but I could not place anything different.

Mom and I talked about me with this big house and her not needing hers anymore and putting her house up for sale. “You have all this space and I could keep the place up for you. The spare room I am staying in is larger than my bedroom at home. Besides, I get lonely and sometimes depressed in the house alone. You’re so busy I can manage your bills and take care of everything else for you. I have been talking to a Realtor now for some time and she says my house will sell fast.” she said with a nervous look on her face. “I hope I am not out of line thinking this way, but this could be good for both of us. One house and one set of bills and both of us keeping each other company.”

I nodded my head in approval and said to her, “Mom there is one thing I will continue to do and it may make you uncomfortable. I am a naturalist and when swimming or after my evening shower I don’t wear anything and go nude.”

“I have seen you since you were a baby and you have nothing I have not seen before and besides I hate clothing as well. What do you think I wear under my house robe?” mom stated as a matter of fact.

“It looks like it is settled, you sell your house and move in and we both enjoy our naturalist lifestyle. So tonight when I get home after my errands and shower I go nude from now on.” I stated. I went to my room and put on my pants and golf shirt before coming back out and mom was still in her house robe washing the coffee pot.

I played two rounds of golf at the local community course and had two scores under one hundred. I stopped off at the florist and bought a dozen long stem red roses for mom before going home. I got home and put the flowers in a vase, mom was working in the flowerbeds in the backyard and I walked up to her and she stood up and kissed me on the cheek. Her hands were covered in dirt, but she was just about finished. The flowerbeds were clean of weeds and fresh mulch put in the beds.

“Mom after your done I made reservations for dinner to celebrate you moving in. You will need a gown as we will go dancing afterward.” Mom smiled and told me her house sold within an hour after talking to the Realtor and a moving company would be there tomorrow morning to pack and move her stuff into our garage so she could go through her items at her leisure. I was so surprised I pulled her to me and kissed her. Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and returned the kiss. We held each other longer than we should have, but it felt nice having her in my arms.

I broke the kiss and went to go shower, as I smelled from playing golf. I had just removed my boxers as mom walked in and kissed me again and thanked me for the flowers and said how sweet I was for thinking of her. Being nude and her kiss started blood rushing to my cock I was glad she broke off the kiss and I stepped under the warm water. The shower felt great and I masturbated thinking of her in my arms. I reached orgasm quickly and the release made me weak in the knees and I turned the shower to the steam-setting and sat there to let the steam pull the stiffness out of my back and shoulders. I got out after a bit and wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the kitchen for a glass of grape juice. Mom had a towel around her hair and body and I poured her a glass as well.

“Lynn is going to stop by and we are going to my house to pick up my gown and the rest of my clothing. I will be back in an hour or so,” she said before leaving the kitchen. Mom left me alone and I went back to my room and pulled out a few DVDs I had made during a party that ended up in an orgy. I was the only guy with three women. I knew I was crossing a line, but it was a mom test I wanted to see her reaction to seeing me having sex.

I put it in the cabinet with the rest of my adult movies and dressed in a pair of shorts and polo shirt before going next door to Dawns’ house. She needed to have her lawnmower fixed, as it needed the oil changed, new air filter, and the spark plug replaced. Dawn sat and talked to me while I did the work. We talked about real estate and I told her mom’s house sold within three hours of it being listed. Dawn said it was a seller’s market and people were buying in some cases sight unseen. I told her how mom had been talking to a Realtor now for some time and he must have had a buyer for the house already. She agreed with me.

“What does your wife think about her moving in?” Dawn asked. I told her about how quickly the divorce happened and I felt used. She shook her head in agreement I washed my hands in the sink in the garage and when done Dawn kissed me. Her kiss was soft and her arms wrapped around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. Dawn moaned as our mouths opened and our kiss became more passionate, but I had to break it off. Dawn seemed disappointed, but I told her mom and I had reservations out and dancing after dinner. She swatted my butt and told me to come over any time I wanted and we would finish where we had just left off.

I got home and took another shower and was just getting out when I heard the shower in the guest bathroom turn on. Mom must be freshening up as well. I dried myself off and pulled on a thong and dressed in my best suit. I still looked good in my dark blue double-breasted suit, powder blue shirt with a midnight blue tie. I was just turning on the stereo to an upbeat jazz station as she entered. I paused as she came in wearing an indigo evening gown. It was strapless and her shoulders and cleavage were exposed and I hated to think it, but my mom was very sexy. The gown tapered to show off a nice waist and hips and as she turned I must have started drooling as it was slit up to her left leg three quarters up her hip. She wore black nylons and knowing mom she wore a garter belt.

“Well baby how do I look for an old woman?” she asked as I stared at her.

“God mom you look great and all the men will be trying to ask for you to dance with them, but tonight you are my date and mine alone. I held my left arm out at the elbow as a gentleman should and she wrapped her right arm over mine. She had a small clutch handbag that matched her gown and we were out the door and to the country club. Tonight was the Spring Gala.

When we arrived a valet went to open her door, but she waved him off as I went around and opened it for her. I saw moms’ legs up to the tops of her stockings and I think I caught a glimpse of her panties, but she moved quickly as she stood up. I closed her door as the valet parked my car.


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