Molly Springs A Leak

Description: Molly makes a number of bad decisions and ends up pregnant. No one seems to care except her little brother, who becomes her birth coach… and much much more.


Molly was in trouble. Not horrible trouble … it was more along the lines of pain-in-the-ass trouble. It seemed like her whole life was like that. Things just happened to her that didn’t work out well.

Most people would have said the latest was her decision to let Roger Falstaff take her virginity. She’d fooled around a little bit on dates and stuff, but nothing serious. Then, at age sixteen, she’d decided in a fit of anger that she should be a woman. So she arranged for Roger to make her one. He was most happy to do so, except he didn’t bring a condom, like he promised he would, and by the time she found that out it was too late for both of them. It hadn’t even been much fun, and she didn’t plan on doing that a lot more. For her it was enough that she became a woman.

Unfortunately, she also became pregnant.

Her parents shipped her off to her older brother to get fat and have a baby privately, so all their friends wouldn’t know about it. They assumed she wouldn’t want the baby and it would get adopted and she’d come home skinny and a year older.

If you reflect on the way her parents thought about things, you begin to understand why she made such bad decisions. She had bad role models.

For, in fact, as the baby grew in her belly she grew to love it. It was the only thing she’d ever had that was truly hers. Her big brother was a truck driver, and was gone for weeks at a time. She didn’t have a job, or much money for anything other than food, so she had a lot of time to think. And as she sat there, growing a baby, she realized that there were only two people in the world she really loved.

One was her baby.

The other was her little brother Bobby, who was the only person in the whole world who, when he found out she was pregnant, said “Cool. I bet you’ll make a great baby.” Everybody else was a shithead about it all, especially Roger, who swore that he never touched her and whose parents threatened to sue her parents if she continued ‘lying’ about who had knocked her up. They wanted it kept quiet too.

She also did a lot of reading, quite a lot of it about how to grow a healthy child, have a healthy child and raise a healthy child. And she read a lot about a medical condition called Turrets Syndrome, which her younger brother had. At odd moments he would shout out obscenities or other strange things, and he had tics, movements he couldn’t control. There wasn’t a thing wrong with his mind, and he was completely aware of what he was doing. He just couldn’t control it. His parents thought he was retarded because they were too stupid to read about it like she did. The books said that there were “indications” it could be brought on by stress. There was a lot of that at home. The more he acted out the more embarrassed his parents were, and the more stress he was under.

So, when he too was sent to live with his older brother and slut sister, she didn’t mind a bit. In fact, she welcomed him. She arranged for him to be enrolled in the same classes she was, for “special” students, which was actually a good thing. The ‘Knocked Up and Nut Case School’, as the other students liked to call it, actually had the best teachers in the whole school district, and their kids did better on standardized tests than the rest of the ‘normal’ kids did, for the most part.

So she and Bobby did well in school. Bobby also became her birth coach. She’d read about natural child birth and the people at the free clinic gave classes in Lamaze. Bobby agreed immediately to go with her.

Now some might say this was another idea of Molly’s that just didn’t work out well.

She didn’t think so … but you be the judge.

During the classes, Bobby learned to touch his sister in ways he never had before, and in ways most brothers never touch their sisters. He sat against a wall, with her leaning back against him, sitting between his legs and stroked her swollen belly as she practiced breathing. She liked that, which isn’t unusual, since most people like to be touched in a loving way. He liked that, because she felt wonderful to him. That led to a lot of touching at home, and one night, when Bobby had a really bad dream that caused him to wake screaming and shaking, she pulled him into her bed where she held him as best she could with a big belly. The next night, when he showed up at her door with his pillow in hand, she just smiled and said “Sure”. They spooned, with him behind her and his hand draped over the belly that now held a child he was growing to love too.

It was nice. For both of them. There wasn’t anything overtly sexual about it. Not then. They shared warmth, and closeness, and the baby. They celebrated each kick and squirm as the living creature inside her made its presence known, both day and night. They grew used to sleeping together. Their big brother didn’t even care. He, like his parents, viewed Bobby as a retarded little boy, even though there was nothing whatsoever wrong with Bobby’s mind. So he didn’t make them sleep in separate rooms. She was taking care of herself AND Bobby, which left him free to live his own life. That was just fine with their older brother. He made sure they had enough money to get food and clothing, and drove his truck.

One night the inevitable happened, and Bobby’s hand slid off her belly onto her breast, which was also swelling. That felt nice too, and she clasped his hand to that breast, so that when he woke up and realized what had happened, he also realized it was OK.

One day they were practicing her breathing, and she sat nestled between his legs, leaning back on his broad chest, relaxed. He slowly caressed her swollen stomach and, on a whim, brought his hands up to cup and stroke her full breasts too.

Somehow it just felt right. Molly liked it, even though every time a boy had touched her breasts before this it was for the purpose of trying to get into her pants. She lay her head back on his shoulder and felt a tingle shoot through her nipples – a nice sort of tingle.

But she was almost due, and the stimulation of his fingers on her nipples caused her milk to come in even before she gave birth. The sting of it scared her at first, and then the stain on her shirt frightened her even more.

She struggled up and took off her shirt and then the heavy bra she had worn to support those full womanly breasts. She and Bobby stared, afraid of seeing blood, but what was welling out of her turgid nipples was creamy and they both recognized it as milk. She stuck a finger to a teat and then tasted. It was much sweeter than she’d thought it would be. She turned to Bobby, whose eyes were wide at seeing his sister naked from the waist up, with her huge protruding stomach and breasts so full of milk they leaked!

He was normal. He saw a beautiful woman in the midst of motherhood. To him, she looked sexy. “You’re beautiful!” he said, his voice hushed.

“I’m FAT you moron!” she said in mock gruffness.

“No you’re not” he insisted. “You’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful it makes my stomach hurt!” he said, bending over. Actually, his stomach didn’t hurt at all. But his cock had decided that his sister was VERY beautiful and had stood up at attention to announce that. Bending over helped conceal his traitorous cock. He waddled to get her a towel, and when he got back she held out a finger dripping with her milk.

“Taste” she said. “It tastes good!” Hesitantly he licked her finger, and the sweet milk spread all over his tongue. It WAS good.

“Wow!” he said. “That’s yummy. No wonder babies cry so loud to be fed.”

She grinned at him, completely unashamed about her semi nudity. They were so close that to her, it just seemed natural too.

Now he had to be careful. If he played with her breasts at all she began leaking milk and it made a mess. But that only lasted two days. Her time came and he drove her to the hospital in their brother’s old rusty pickup truck. Their classes had been at the Hospital, so everyone there knew them. Bobby’s tender age was no problem, since there were no adults to be with this poor girl as she gave birth. And the doctor and nurses noted how his coaching helped her get through the contractions. The doctor was so impressed with the young man’s attitude that he invited him into the delivery room.

And so it was, that the first time Bobby saw his sister’s pussy, there was a baby’s head forcing it’s way out of it. It didn’t look like any pussy he’d ever thought he’d see. Then, like magic, after hours and hours of pain and suffering, there was one last push and the baby was out. He was a boy and he was beautiful.

When they took the baby home, Bobby continued playing the part of the father, or husband. He loved to watch her feed the baby, and each time he remembered the wonderful taste of her milk. It always made his penis stiff to watch her. When she was exhausted from taking care of the active little thing, he took over, walking up and down the floor, telling the baby stories or singing him songs.

They still slept together, still cuddled in the bed, but she had to get up to feed the baby her breast. He could change little Mark, and entertain little Mark, but he couldn’t feed little Mark.

In the middle of one night, Mark was hungry and howled. He ate, but only from one breast, and then he fell promptly asleep. Molly knew that if she woke him up he’d be irritable and then stay awake for an hour, and she was tired. But her other breast was full of milk and it hurt if she didn’t empty it. She glanced at Bobby, who lay there watching her. “He only took one breast” she complained.

Bobby made a joke. “I’ll take the other one.”

Which is where we started this story. Molly was in trouble. She was tired. Her breast ached because it was full. She wanted to go back to sleep. If he DID suckle at her breast she could do just that.

“OK” she said simply.

His mouth was open in shock as she went back to their bed. She dropped her top on the floor and climbed onto the bed, lying down so that the full breast was in front of his face. She shoved the thick, hard nipple in his open mouth and said. “Please eat quietly. I’m going back to sleep.”

Bobby thought she was joking with him, but the nipple was right there. Ever so gently he closed his lips around it and gave a soft suck. Rich sweet milk burst into his mouth and he swallowed it gladly. His sister stroked his hair, humming happily at the relief he provided. It only took a few minutes and they both went back to sleep, her naked chest pressed to his. His erection poked through his PJs and into her crotch, but it wasn’t uncomfortable for either of them. They ignored it.

The next night she gave Mark one breast, and Bobby the other. She had plenty of milk for both. She also stopped wearing anything to bed. It was quicker and easier if she were just naked. As she got ready for bed Bobby could see her pussy again. This time there was no baby stretching it horribly. This time it looked like a pair of lips, fleshy and thick, waiting to be kissed. When she came to bed his erection pushed between those pussy lips. “Sorry” he said, not pulling back.

“It’s OK” she said and smiled. It felt good, and her pussy got wet enough to darken the cloth that covered the tip of his cock. The next morning she woke up first, and his cock was still pressed into her pussy. Now it felt REALLY good, and she pressed herself against him, slowly masturbating herself on his stiff member. He opened his eyes. “What?” he said, not awake yet.

“Shhhh” she said and offered him her breast, even though the baby hadn’t fed yet that morning. He automatically suckled at it. sending even more thrills to her pussy. Her orgasm took her by surprise. She’d never had one without touching herself, and she liked it a lot more when she didn’t have to touch herself.

When it was over she sat up. Bobby rolled to his back, going back to sleep like he always did when she fed him. His cock was still hard and stiff, and where it pressed into the cloth of his PJs it was damp with her juices. She looked at it and licked her lips.

That night when they got ready for bed she said “I like feeling your skin on my skin. Do you have to wear those?” She pointed at the PJ bottoms he was wearing.

“I thought you’d throw something at me if I tried to get into bed naked,” he said, truthfully.

“Well I won’t” she said, as if that was enough. He pulled them off and climbed into bed with her.

She cuddled up to him. “Take a little of the pressure off of this one” she said, offering him a breast. He gladly took it and, as she knew he would be, he was stiff as a board when he got done. She cuddled then, getting his cock tip next to her pussy. She wiggled … and moved … and talked to him … and wiggled some more.

Inside ten minutes his stiff brotherly penis was about half inserted into her slick sisterly pussy.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“I’m cuddling with you” she said, humping him and making his prick slide in and out of her.”

“I think they call this something else” he groaned. He’d never done this, but he knew what it was called. Instinct caused him to push back. She approved.

“I don’t care what they call it” she said. “I like it.”

“Um … isn’t this how you made Mark in the first place?” he gasped.

“When Mark was made … it wasn’t ANYTHING like this” she said, loving the feel of his prick sliding in her. She pulled him on top of her and spread her legs.

“I don’t want to get you pregnant again” he groaned as he felt his balls begin the process of sending his sperm to his penis.

“I’m nursing Mark, and that means I’m not fertile” she panted, thrusting her hips up at him. “Please don’t stop Bobby. I’m going to have an orgasm any second now.”

She was right, and he even knew when she had it. It wasn’t her voice, or the way she shook. It was the fact that both breasts began spurting milk. As he rutted in her he leaned down and lapped up her offering, sucking each nipple and adding excruciating pleasure to her cum. She babbled about how wonderful it was and how much she loved him. and when he said he was going to cum himself she hugged him to her, demanding that he stay deep inside her.

Then he gave her his man milk, white like hers, rich like hers, but thicker. he gave her fountains of sticky cum that she soaked up like water in the desert.

As they lay together, with him still in her, though he was soft now, they nuzzled and kissed and both knew this would happen again.

They were right.

It happened fifteen minutes later. They made love until Mark woke up and demanded to be fed. Even though her breasts leaked like crazy every time she came, she still had plenty for her baby. His suckling made her horny, though, and as soon as he closed his eyes and she was able to put him back down she jumped back to the bed and spread herself for her brother. She laughed with glee as she felt his hot wet offering fountain into her.

For the next week they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Every opportunity they got they caressed each other, sucked each other, fucked each other. All she had to do was get naked and spread her legs and he stumbled over his own pants in his attempt to mount her and pump his seed into her.

Then it leveled off, and they were able to act normally during the day. The nights were spent making sweet hot love and she grew to want his cock in her with something like an addict’s need.

School ended for them both. With each other’s support they were able to graduate early and with honors. Scholarships were offered, to her in Biology and to him in Engineering. The university had subsidized housing for single mothers.

Bobby found a part time job helping an old man run his gas station, which had a back room that was listed as Bobby’s address on all official documents. No one really minded that her brother stayed in her apartment most nights. Little Mark celebrated his first birthday amid tears and laughter and happiness. Their family didn’t even know where they were for sure.

Mark began taking less and less breast milk and more and more solid food. Molly’s breasts dried up slowly … very slowly … because they were still being called on by Bobby. But finally he too realized she needed a break from leaky breasts and, though it almost killed him, he let her stop lactating. The last time he tasted her milk was when she came on his hard cock one night and leaked just a little, which he lapped up as she covered her nipples to keep him from sucking them.

Bobby did without mother’s milk.

But Molly was still addicted to brother’s milk.

Nightly they relaxed in each other’s arms as her pussy overflowed with his thick white cream.

Neither of them remembered that her protection was gone with her milk.

Molly was the first to remember, after several months had gone by and her periods had not resumed. It was while she was lying in bed with Bobby, who had just pumped her full of his seed again, that she thought of the possibility that she wasn’t having periods because she was … But she couldn’t be! With Markie she had had terrible morning sickness. She felt just fine now. The warm wet wonderful feeling of his sperm soaking in her womb intruded on her consciousness. Could it be?

She bought the test kit the next day and did it that afternoon. Bobby wasn’t due in from work until late, so she had plenty of time to do it right.

Bobby let himself in, taking care not to wake up Mark. He slept well now, but if he woke up he liked to stay up. Molly suddenly appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. She was wearing something new. It was white and lacy. The jacket covered her upper body, but you could see right through it. Her breasts had shrunk back down to a nice manageable size and they didn’t sag a bit. Her nipples had stayed big and fat, and he was finally able to nibble and suck them again. He could see these tempting treats through the gauzy material. Her panties were tiny, with little bows on the sides and a double line running down from the waistline to her pussy. She moved her legs apart and he saw the two strips of cloth separate. The panties were crotch less! His cock bloomed and he stared. “You’re gorgeous” he breathed.

“You’ve been bad” she said, her voice low … sexy.”

“Me? No! What did I do?” he said, taking his jacket off. She came up to him and began unbuttoning his shirt. Then she unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants. Her movements were urgent.

“Yes …” she panted as she worked. “You’ve been … very … bad.” she pulled him to the couch. She couldn’t wait – wouldn’t wait – until they got to the bedroom. She collapsed back and spread her legs. He needed no encouragement and fell on her, sliding into her effortlessly as they both groaned with initial release. He fucked her hard and fast until she pushed at his chest and panted “Gently … I have to punish you Bobby” her hips thrust up at her lover. “I get to cum twice before you get to cum. THAT’s your punishment for being so bad.”

Bobby knew her body well by how. He could play her like Billy Joel plays the piano. He pushed in and mashed her clitty, staying deep and rotating his pelvis in circles. She flopped as she came on his deeply embedded cock. “That’s one” she gasped, her nips moving rapidly to fuck back at him as he began to stroke her.

“Come on Molly” he said, prodding her with all his expertise. “What did I do?”

“A little more” she gasped, as she hunched up, her pussy gobbling his cock and milking it. “Just a little more … yes” she began to moan as her second cum washed over her. In the middle of it she gasped “I … only asked … you … to … fuck me … not …. make Markie … a little sister. I’m pregnant again.”

His eyes opened wide as she grinned up at him. How soon before he could coax sweet white milk from those precious breasts again?

Just the thought of it brought gouts of sperm splashing into her pussy.



The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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