Mistress Makes My Fantasies Real

Looking at my watch I noted that it was time to go. I had a case of butterflies As I always looked forward to my sessions with Her, but Mistress can be genuinely overpowering sometimes and took a deep breath.


We had been seeing each other for a while, each time being more intense than before. Quite a journey, but today was beyond anything I had dreamt possible.

I arrived at the dungeon at exactly 10am, knocked on the door. Moments later I heard the delicious sounds of heals on the tile floor…the dead bolt clicked, and the door opened. ‘Come in slave!’

‘Thank you, my Mistress’ I replied taking her lovely image into my brain. She was wearing black leather corset which shelved her large breasts leaving exposed her nipples, a black thong, and heels. She was a vision of sadistic beauty! I could feel my arousal surge.

‘First I want you to strip and put a few of these cock rings around your balls!’

‘Yes Mistress!’ This was as expected, I pealed out of my clothes and did as commanded, and a moment later was standing before Her.

Handing me a length of cord and a 1.5kg weigh, ‘Leash your genitals…tightly! Then hang the weight from the cord”.

I took a 2-metre x 4mm cord and tied a noose around my balls and tied the weight to the loose ends of the cord. It hung just below my knees putting a stress on me.

‘Mmmm, I love to see a man’s balls bulging out like that. So easy to punish.’ She mused.

‘Now slave, drink this!’ as she handed me a glass, it held a good amount of Her warm golden nectar.

I said ‘To your pleasure, Thank you so much Mistress.’ I drank all of it as a toast to Her presence.

‘Stand there with your hands clasped behind your neck’ I complied. Mistress placed a blindfold on Her slave.

‘Spread your legs a little more, I want full access.’ I again complied.

‘Today is very special. You said ‘my Mistress’ when you arrived today. I want to test you and I am in a particularly nasty sadistic mood today. We have been seeing each other for a while. I have found you to be very submissive and I know you are ready for a much more intense experience. This is a test of your dedication to your Mistress. There will be no mercy, I set the limits, and expect, other than saying “Medical” and that better be a real medial problem, that you have no say in your punishments. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Mistress I understand, this is total power exchange.’ I replied quietly.

‘Correct. Are you scared?’ She asked.

‘Yes Mistress, a little, maybe a bit more apprehensive than scared, still I trust You.’

‘That is good, so will you fully submit to Me, and accept all My terms for today?’

I hesitated a moment considering Her offer, it was every BDSM fantasy I’d ever had, but at what cost?

‘Well?’ She probed.

‘Yes Mistress, I was considering so that my response would be fully compliant. No mercy, You set the limits, I have no say in punishments. And I can only call ‘Medical’ in the event of a real safety problem. I give myself fully to You for your pleasure’ I responded seriously.

‘Thankyou slave for trusting Me. Fear, pain, complete loss of control, and sexual arousal make for an intense orgasm in a man. But only if I am pleased and I think you should have an orgasm. You will feel pain today, a lot of pain. You will serve and obey me. You will please me in every way. I will own you.’

‘Yes, thank you Mistress, I will try to please you and take all you give me’ I said, thinking I’m done for, too late now as I’m fully committed to Her.

Mistress then fitted a collar on my neck, the symbology needed no words.

‘Well slave, I have a special reward for you agreeing to My terms. I have a pair of panties; I wore them yesterday and overnight just for you. I was at the gym, then a walk. I’ve made sure some of my golden juice got on them this morning as I got up before I showered. I even played with my pussy through them last night. They are strong with My perfume’.

‘slave is grateful Mistress, thank you for thinking of this worthless slave’.

Mistress held the panties to my nose, I inhaled deeply several times, their perfume was intense to say the least. She then stuffed them in my mouth and put on a wide elastic band around my head to hold them in my mouth.

Mistress then walked around Her slave. She had a riding crop in Her hand. She dragged it across Her slave’s chest and then tapped his balls.

‘Hmmm… this will be fun’. She mused.

Crack! Crack! She hit each of his nipples with the crop. Then grabbed the left nipple and twisted hard. I moaned in pain. She repeated the action on the right nipple.

Then I heard the swish of the crop as it hit my left nipple, 10 hits later I was squirming.

Mistress then did the same to my right nipple and I was breathing deeply to cope.

Without warning She started cropping my bum cheeks. It stung. Mistress continued for around 20 hits.

She walked around for a bit admiring Her work. Suddenly 6 sharp hits to my balls had me bent over.

‘Stay still and stand up’ Mistress commanded with a tone I’d not heard before, She was being very serious and was not going to tolerate weakness in Her slave.

I knew it would be a good session today.

Thwap! a flogger struck my behind. Thwap! Thwap! Thwap! The flogger reddened my bum cheeks.

The flogger then hit from behind between my legs, hitting into my cock and balls.

I jumped a bit in surprise.

Five more hits and I was almost in tears.

‘Well done slave, we have much more to come, just breathe and soak up the pain for your Mistress’

Using the cord to pull my tied balls back between my legs through my arse crack where they were hit mercilessly.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Mistress did not hold back; this was so painful and intense.

For the next 10 minutes, paddles, floggers, whips, were used to torment me mercilessly.

Mistress stretched and squeezed my balls, making me shake in deep pain.

‘Back up to the St Andrew’s cross’ She commanded.

Soon I was strapped to the cross, legs spread, balls stretched.

She grabbed both my nipples and twisted very hard.

I moaned in pain.

‘Don’t wimper you wuss’ She sneered.

More nipple twisting and I tried not to cry.

‘You are weak, slave!’ Mistress said as She brought Her knee hard into my balls!

‘Ummppph’ I cried.

A moment later Mistress gave me a tap with her foot to my handing balls.

I groaned.

Immediately She delivered a good kick to my aching balls. She follows it up with 5 more in rapid succession… I pulled against the straps looking to escape the pain, as kicks delivered with such speed enhance each other.

‘You need to be put in your place slave’ She stated.

Mistress then delivered 6 more ball busting kicks, quite slowly this time.

I stood there just taking the punishment, attempting not to squirm or cry out in pain. My behind was very red and my package was already quite sore.

I didn’t need to see Her smile, as she said “Excellent start!’

Mistress released me from the cross.

She said ‘Remove the weight and the cord, and all but one of the cock rings. Then follow me!”

I complied and Mistress guided me to the special bed.

‘On the bed slave, spreadeagle.’ I hopped on the bed as commanded, and She began strapping me down.

‘slave today will be an endurance test for you…. I will break you, and I will own you, and you will be grateful.’ She said in a calm but malevolent voice, as I shivered a little as I realised this was a side of Mistress I had not fully expected.

A muffled “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”. She bound me, arms and legs spread, I was completely immobile, and completely at her mercy… of which I had been promised there would be none.

Once restrained I literally had no exit, not that I wanted to, but was also stepping off into the abyss of deep sub-space.

‘Let the true torture begin’ She said, as if what I had suffered was just nothing.

‘Now for some fun!’ She smiled. First, a sounding with the stainless-steel rod covered in wipe of Deep Heat. After a minute the indside of my cock was stinging. After 3 or so minutes slave was in a cold sweat.

Mistress took a small paddle and started hitting slave’s balls, sets of 10 at a time. Some soft, some medium, and a few full strength smashes.

I was gone deep into sub-space as Mistress inflicted pain on my balls.

After around 50 hits Mistress just played with my aching balls and stroked my cock.

Mistress played out 4 more sets of 50 hits with a little pleasure break between each.

Mistress stopped, and my balls were aching.

I was almost crazy with desire for Her. She wasn’t half finished with me yet, and right now I wanted to taste Her nether regions more than I’d ever wanted to in my entire life! The throbbing in my balls was a deep dull ache now.

Mistress then put TENS unit pads on my balls and hooked the TENS to the rod jammed down my cock. New batteries had been installed, so it would be a long time before they would be flat and slave would get any relief. It started as a tingle, but soon Mistress dialled the TENS up past pleasure to the pain zone. I shook from the stimulation, groaning as the current surged through my balls into my aching cock.

Mistress played with the dials, sometime in a low pulsing pleasure setting, then slowly cranking up to a throbbing pain level. This continued for a while as a squirmed in both pleasure and pain.

“There, just the effect I wanted! Now you enjoy that!” She said leaving the setting on near full pain.

I tried to scream, but nothing intelligible came out. “Isn’t this fun? enjoy this and I’ll be right back” she said patting my stomach.

She didn’t leave the room, only walked across the room and opened a drawer, and began fishing around for something. A couple moments later she returned with nipple clamps and some other items.

“Miss me?” I nodded yes. “Thought so!” She smiled, dialled the TENS back to a low pain level.

She then began pinching my nipples, pinching and pulling them, then she attached a clamp onto each one, and pinched them causing a spike of pain. Once more I screamed into the panty gag.

“Oh I do love that sound of a slave having fun!” She smiled, she then twisted the clamps over and over sending spikes of pain through my nipples.

After a few minutes of pure nipple torture, Mistress removed the clamps…sending a new strong waive of pain through my body. ‘Yes, they hurt more coming off, then going on!’ She smiled enjoying my pain.

‘I could do this to you all day and night, My slave, but now I think it’s time you satisfied your Mistress before I give you the release you so desperately crave. But you seem to be having some difficulty with this session! I’ve never known you to scream so much! I’ll make it a bit easier for you with another task.’

Mistress removed the gag and blindfold, leaving the perfumed panties lying on my face for me to breath in.

‘How are you going, slave?’ She asked.

‘I’m in pain, but totally loving what You are doing to me, Thanks so much, I hope I please you Mistress’ I replied.

‘Good! you are lucky to have Me as your Mistress. But this is just the start, I have many more devious things planned for you.’ She said with a devious glint in Her eye.

‘My dear slave, it will interest you to know I drank over a litre of water before you arrived today, my bladder is now very full, I wonder what I could use to relieve myself?’

‘Please use this slave as Your toilet or for anything You desire’

‘Ha! I don’t need your permission; I just use slaves as I need. Now do NOT spill a drop! Or I will punish you severely’

‘Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’ I nodded in complete compliance.

Mistress then took a towel, placed it under slave’s head, and lowered Herself onto Her slave.

She started peeing into my mouth, just small, controlled squirts, so I would not miss any of Her golden juice. I drank as much as I could as fast as I could, but it was impossible keep up and spilled a small amount of Her precious golden juice.

Drinking a bladder full of Her golden juice was humiliating but intense. It is one thing to drink a small amount and another to have a bladder full forced on you.

‘Did you spill any of My precious golden juice?’ She asked, already knowing the answer.

‘Yes Mistress, a little, slave is so sorry Mistress’ I replied.

‘Sorry? What sort of slave are you? One who is disobedient! Even a little spillage is a crime when I told you not to. You will learn to obey Me completely.

First, I will take My pleasure from you; then I will surely punish you for disobedience.

‘First, kiss my nipples… Do you like my boobs?’

‘Oh yes Mistress, they are magnificent’ I replied before kissing and sucking Her amazing E+ breasts. Trying the bring Her pleasure. Mistress let me kiss and lick Her wonderfully large orbs for a few minutes as I knew She liked.

‘Enough slave! You will lick Mistress’ pussy and clit with long slow strokes, you will tongue My pussy deeply. You will not stop until I am totally satisfied.’

Mistress positioned Herself over Her slave. slave worked hard to please Mistress, long tongue movements over her pussy and clit. Deep tongue thrusts into Her love tunnel pleased Her.

Mistress then dialled up the TENS unit to full.

‘Don’t be distracted, the pain is to ensure your full attention’ She snickered.

slave was in pain but dared not stop trying to please Her.

‘How long can you hold your breath, slave?’

She immediately began to grind Her hips down onto his mouth, sliding Her pussy up and down and around and around, her thighs clamped tightly around his head. Her pussy was soaking wet, and within seconds his lower face was slippery with Her juices as he struggled to keep his tongue in action.

‘Yes! That’s it! Lick my clit for me!’ she hissed between her teeth, as she ground her pussy harder against my face.

The intensity increased as slaved licked, sucked and probed Her special places. Mistress was starting to quiver.

slave continued to slowly pleasure Mistress increasing intensity until She exploded in waves of orgasmic pleasure.

As Mistress came, Her juice squirted down my throat. I was in awe of Mistress. Mistress repositioned and now I was deeply pleasing Her rear rosebud. Eventually Mistress rose up and dialled the TENS back to about half power.

Mistress took a small flogger and started hitting Her slave’s cock and balls. It stung!

‘you spilled My juice, now you learn you must always obey your Mistress’ She said as she mercilessly flogged me. I started to cry, trying to take the pain, but wimped instead. Mistress had me as She wanted, completely broken. I was Hers. After around 3 minutes of beating, She stopped.

Mistress removed the TENS pads, the sound, and the cock ring then Mistress took a large vibrator and started pleasuring my cock and balls.

‘Once you cum, I will keep torturing you. Post orgasmic torture is the best’ She said mischievously, me knowing it would be terrible.

I could tell Mistress had shifted into a more intense sadistic mode, She was quite enjoying my predicament and obviously got off on my pain reactions.

Mistress took hold of the Hitachi wand and started stroking it up and down my cock and balls. She held it on the base of my balls for several seconds and I start to feel cum begin to boil in my balls.

She stopped and just played with my balls.

Mistress subjected to this treatment a second time, edging me towards orgasm, but then backing off. I begged to be allowed to orgasm but was denied. Every muscle in my body was responding to Mistress’s ministrations. Then a third and a fourth time.

Mistress played me and now held the vibe on full, waves of orgasmic pleasure hit me. I shook in deep pleasure after all the attention of the last hour and a bit. Mistress was right, pain brings intense pleasure.

slave was fully spent but still restrained to the bed.

Mistress gently massaged my aching balls for a few minutes and let me come down slowly. My breathing settled and I looked into Her mesmerising eyes as She gently held my balls.

‘You are a lucky slave, I let you cum even though you were very disobedient. Now some more punishment for My slave because you need to pay for pleasure and need more training.’

‘A little post-orgasmic torture is good for your training. Don’t you agree slut?’ She asked.

Taking a deep breath, I answered, ‘Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress’. Clearly, I was heading for a difficult time.

‘Now, as I promised, a bit more post orgasmic pain… because I care so much about my slave!’ Mistress said sneeringly as she took my aching balls and squeezed.

This was so intense. After a minute of my aching balls being twisted and squeezed, I was again completely in Her possession.

‘slave, name one torture you can’t handle?’ Mistress enquired as She looked at me intently still squeezing my balls.

I thought for a moment and realised where this was going.

‘Deep heat on my ball sack Mistress’ I replied.

‘Yes, I thought so. It that a hard limit?’ She asked.

‘Yes Mistress, it is hard limit’ I said quickly hoping I would be spared.

‘Is that because the deep stinging pain is just too much?’

‘Yes Mistress, the pain is terrible, it’s a hard limit because I can’t handle that amount of burning pain’ I replied, now worried about where this would end for me.

‘Hmmm… are you My complete slave? and is this a no mercy session? and did you agree to Me setting the limits?’

‘Yes Mistress, yes to all three questions’ I answered with a quiver in my voice.

‘Is there a medical reason I should not use Deep Heat on you?’ She asked, obviously covering all agreed items.

‘No Mistress. There is no reason for you not to use Deep Heat on your slave. Thankyou Mistress’

‘Will you submit fully to me? I’ll allow you to ask for mercy this once.’ She asked giving me a chance at exiting this dilemma.

I thought for a moment and said ‘This slave is yours as agreed, do whatever brings You pleasure.’

‘Right answer! I would have punished the wrong answer anyway! because I can. Just stay there, say nothing, I will now test your dedication to Me’

I just nodded deeply in submission.

‘Do you need a gag?’ Mistress asked. I nodded again knowing it would help me cope. She stuffed my mouth with the panties and fitted the band to hold them in place.

She then put on a rubber glove, took a small amount of the Deep Heat, and proceeded to rub it around my cock head especially around the sensitive base, very thoroughly. After around 30 seconds I started feeling the burn, and after a minute or so was struggling to handle the intensity due to the tortured earlier in the session.

I was squirming as the Deep Heat viciously bit into me.

‘I’m being nice to you slave, your ball sack has not been touched.’ She teased.

It is hard to describe the feeling, it’s a burning that won’t stop, very difficult to control the pain. I was starting to squeal into the gag as the Deep Heat bit deeper and deeper. I was straining against the restraints holding me to the bed, Mistress just smiling as She looked into my eyes, actually enjoying my suffering.

‘I’ll help you cope with this, after all I do care’ Mistress said, as She grabbed both nipples are twisted viciously.

‘This should give you a distraction’ She said with a laugh as She continued twisting.

‘OW OW OW, Mercy, please stop, help!’ I whimpered through the gag as Her torture continued.

‘But slave, there is no mercy, this is where you taste My complete dominance and control.’ Mistress said as She twisted my nipples harder.

I cried knowing Mistress had fully broken me into Her complete control.

Mistress let go of my nipples, which had been a distraction, but my cock was still burning. So freaking intense.

After a few minutes more of intense burning pain things seemed to ease a bit.

Mistress said, ‘I’m going to release you, you will stand, say ‘thank you’, and wait before going to the shower.’

Mistress released by legs and arms, I quickly stood, removed the gag, and said ‘Thank you so much Mistress’.

‘Say thank you more slowly, and with conviction!’ She commanded.

‘Mistress, thank you for the Deep Heat and all you have done for me, I am very grateful You deign to take time to punish this slave’ I said.

‘That is better!’

She waited a moment before taking some more deep heat on her gloved hand and rubbed it on my balls. Oh no! It started burning almost straight away.

‘Stay still slave, just stand there and think of my power over you’.

Ow ow ow ow ow!! My balls were burning. I had no option but to endure it.

After a minute or so I was given a release. ‘Remove your collar and you may go and shower now slave’ Mistress said.

I ran to the shower and started washing my junk, it hurt as the soap dissolved the oily Deep Heat, but soon I had relief. I had to pee and then I felt the string in my shaft, Mistress is so devious. I eventually finished cleaning up and dried off, returning to Mistress sitting on the bed.

‘Well done slave, another thing before we finish for today, sit on the bed next to Me.’

She then inspected my cock and balls. ‘Hmmm nice colour of red there, how does it feel?’

‘Raw, sore, and my balls ache a bit, my cock stings when I pee. Thank you, Mistress’.

‘I’m so glad!’ She said with a smile.

We talked a little more about our feelings in the session. She asked would I do another extreme session, and I said yes. We discussed that for a while.

‘Now I think I need a special thank you for I did for you today. Don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’ I replied.

‘Show your thanks!’ Mistress pushed me back on the bed then positioned Her beautiful behind ready for me to service. I licked Her rose bud, and pressed my tongue deeply into Her, totally owned by this incredible Mistress.

After a short while Mistress rose and said ‘I had fun today, well done. Now, to ensure you know your place, take one of the cock rings, put it around you balls. It stays there until 4pm, just so you remember who owns you.’

I put the ring around my ball sack which was still sore as commanded.

‘I know you like to wank at home, I will let you continue until our next session, but under one condition! which is you must use a little Deep Heat on you cock when you do play with yourself.’ She said quite seriously.

‘Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’ I replied thinking how much extended control this amazing Lady had over me.

‘Hmmm In fact I want you to play with yourself every day, using the Deep Heat, which will ensure you have Me in your thoughts all the time. I’d like to see you try right now, just so I know you are doing what I want’ Mistress grabbed the tube of Deep Heat and gave it to me.

I just looked into Her face, opened the tube and put a small dab on my finger, which is all that is needed. I then rubbed the crème around my cock head and started stroking.

It was stinging terribly again! I just kept playing, not getting far as Mistress watched.

‘Longer and a bit faster!’ She commanded.

I felt the sting but also a bit of arousal, soon it become quite a nice feeling.

‘Stop! That’s enough for now, get dressed.’

‘Yes Mistress’ I said, and got up and dressed, both in pain and frustrated.

‘How do you feel now slave?’ She asked.

‘Sore, aching, overwhelmed, frustrated but also very satisfied. How about you?’ I tentatively asked.

‘Pleased and happy we could get somewhere in your training. I enjoyed watching you suffer, you coped well. I sensed you trying so hard to please me, I appreciate that. Just before you go, I have a last gift for you’.

Mistress produced a glass containing a bit more of Her golden juice. ‘One more for the road!’ She said.

I drank it all, and She smiled.

‘You may kiss Me and then leave’ Mistress said.

We kissed briefly and said goodbye.

As I left, I realized Mistress had all of me and next time would be both different and even more intense, if that was at all possible; I can hardly wait.


The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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