Meeting Up With My Scrabble Partner

I started off playing Pete at scrabble online. Our games were spasmodic as he lives in California & I in the UK. So we have an eight hour time difference. We are both retired, married & both flirty. I guess it got quite heavy at times with us both masturbating together. We never imagined we’d meet.


I had worked in the wine industry & an old contact invited me for a holiday. I mentioned it to Pete & he told me his wife Sandra was taking a 10 day vacation to Vegas with her sister & if we could tie up the timing we could finally meet. This is how my vacation went.

I am on the plane, 35 minutes to landing & nervous as hell. As I tighten my seatbelt I wonder what is ahead of me. The plane lands, I get through security & collect my bags. As I make my way through to arrivals I spot my man. I abandon my trolley & run to meet Pete. He swings me round, grabbing my hair from behind. Our mouths crash together tongues searching and he murmurs I never thought you’d come girl.

We grab my trolley & Pete asks if I’m hungry. I’d rather freshen up I say, remember it’s 9pm for me & lunchtime for you. He tells me his place is a two hour drive away but he has somewhere for me to do just that.

We stroll out of the airport to an adjacent hotel, Pete already has the room key. As he opens the door I spot a vase of red roses (so unlike him) and a bottle of wine is cooling beside it. As he kicks the door closed we clutch at each other,he is nibbling my bottom lip, his tongue clashes with mine. We are both impatient and our lovemaking is frenzied and rushed.

Even though we are both wanting to please the other this is just a rushed event. We end up on the bed holding one another close. Pete says you wanted to freshen up, would you like a bath. Yes please I reply. He says I’ll run it for you. He’s gone ages & I’m now thinking I’ve been a disappointment & wondering how I get to the bathroom. Has my ageing body let me down? My naivety with sex?

Pete returns from the bathroom with just a towel around his waist and I can’t help admiring his physique.? He pours me a glass of wine, picking me up and carries me through to the large bath. As I slip into the bath I notice his erection. He climbs in behind me. No crazy lovemaking now. Both exploring one another’s bodies and anxious to please.

As the water cools we head back to the bedroom I’m worried my inexperience will let me down but Pete whispers don’t worry baby I’ve loads to teach you.

We order room service and I start dozing. I can hear Pete on phone to his wife Sandra & she is reminding him to take care of their pussies…he’s certainly taking care of mine. I had already rung my husband Jim to say I’d arrived safely. He says don’t worry about ringing I know you’re going to be busy…how busy he’s no idea.

Pete & I have decided no pressure, we are going into this affair with our eyes open & will see how it pans out.

I know Pete has to leave to feed his pussies. He kisses me goodbye and says I’ll be back before you know it. Im happy to sleep, I’m tired from travelling and my body has been given a workout like no other. I fall into a deep and dream filled sleep. As

I rouse & Pete is creeping in beside me. He nuzzles my neck & I can feel he is hard behind me. My nipples are tender, my husband isn’t very active in the bedroom department & it’s a very long time since I’ve felt so amorous. Pete starts kissing me his tongue is searching my mouth and he then moves to my breasts which are already erect and yearning for his touch. I’m kissing you better girl now it’s your turn.

Even though I had performed oral sex on my husband it had been a very long time ago and I was familiar with his body but I am feeling brave and invigorated and first I gently suck at Pete’s nipples and I slowly move towards his huge erection. My dentist had always said I had a small mouth, how on earth will I manage? As I take Pete’s cock in my mouth he utters a groan.

As I nibble, suck and move his fingers are heading inside me. I stop for a moment to tell him how good that is. I am thinking I have done something wrong as Pete withdraws himself from my mouth and he stops exploring me. He says wait..I say we have waited so long but he’s in charge, my body is throbbing and I want this man inside me. We have plenty of time. Pete takes me to the edge of orgasm several times before he plunges deep inside me. Our bodies are covered in perspiration and both head for the shower.

I can’t believe Pete’s stamina he starts soaping me & lingering in places no one has ever explored. I tell him anal sex I’m unsure about but he says we can wait. Pete has said he is excited by the idea of me dressing up. Something neither of our partners have shown any interest in. The thought excites me.

He has asked me to bring a short skirt with a see through blouse, a French maid’s outfit & a nurse’s uniform. I have been busy buying sexy underwear from Victoria’s Secret..Pete has told me he will bring a few surprises too.

We head off for breakfast and I plan on spending the morning by the pool. Pete has a business appointment but says I’ll be back for lunch

We have a lingering kiss goodbye & Pete drives off. I make myself comfy on a lounger by the pool with my book. I only read for half an hour when I drift off to sleep again..this jet lag and all the sexercise I’ve had are taking their toll. I awake with a start and check my watch. It’s just after 3. No sign of Pete. I head back to my room thinking he must be there. No sign. I quickly dress thinking he should be here. By 5.30 I resign myself to the fact he’s not coming. I feel cheap, used and stupid. Why on earth would this gorgeous guy be interested in me.

I decide to check out and drive my rental car to the hotel 40 minutes away I had booked for my holiday. As I pass reception the receptionist calls me back. My heart skips a beat thinking she has a message for me but no…not only has Pete abused my body he’s abused my trust. He has left me to settle the bill.

I load my bags in the car & program the sat nav for the 40 minute drive. I cannot believe how stupid I’ve been. Tears are rolling down my cheeks, made worse when Shania Twain comes on the radio singing our song. I park at my chosen hotel, grab my bags determined to enjoy my stay after my humiliation. As I check in the guy on reception hands me a note…from Pete. He’s been held up but on his way & I’m to ring his cellphone. When I call he’s full of apologies & saying he’ll be with me in 15 minutes.

He arrives and I fall into his arms. His arms stay by his side & I realise he’s here to tell me our all too brief affair is over. He explains Sandra has won 50 thousand dollars at the casino and heading back the next day. Desperate to make the most of 1 more night my hands reach down to his erection. Our lovemaking is slow, thorough and seems to last forever. We fall asleep exhausted and once again I awake & find him gone. No note, no thanks but I am happy I found my Pete. I shower, dress casually & wonder what I will do with myself. I decide to sunbathe, at least I will go back to the UK with a tan.

I lie on the lounger, eyes closed dreaming of what might have been when a voice says “Wendy I’m home “. It’s Pete. He tells me he’s told Sandra to keep the house & her winnings…he’s got himself a slut….I’m Pete’s slut & he owns me