Meet Up With Neighbor For Some Fun

Sam: Are you on your way?

Me: Coming down now

Sam: See you soon

I locked the screen of my phone and shoved it in my pocket as I finished brushing my teeth. I checked my sweatpants for stains and whiffed my T-shirt to verify freshness.

Sam: Are you on your way?

Me: Coming down now

Sam: See you soo

I locked the screen of my phone and shoved it in my pocket as I finished brushing my teeth. I checked my sweatpants for stains and whiffed my T-shirt to verify freshness. Satisfied, I left the bathroom, slipped on my shoes, and walked out my front door onto the second-floor landing. I jogged down the stairs to the door of the first-floor apartment. I knocked. Nothing. I knocked again. A faint voice from within commanded me to enter.

Closing the door behind me, I kicked off my shoes by the door and plopped down on a faux leather couch close by.

“I’m here!” I called out. Sam responded that she would be out in a minute. I took the time to take in my surroundings. Multicolored walls, mounted portraits of distant locations, Buddhas, and evil eyes surrounded me on all sides. The smell of incense lingered in the air, and the multitude of plants abounding inside the apartment filtered the light shining in from the midday sun.

Sam creaked open the bathroom door and sauntered out to the couch. Her wavy, auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She smiled as she came over to sit down next to me. She crossed her legs and pointed herself in my direction, her pale skin bold against the dark brown leather of the couch.

“Hey, Wes.” She said.

“Hey.” I said, frowning. “I’m sorry.”

Sam placed her hand on top of mine and lightly squeezed.

“I know it can be weird the first time, but it’s ok. You’re not doing anything wrong.” She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

“I don’t want to mess anything up with Ash.” I said, weakly.

Sam jumped off the couch and ran to the fridge. After a moment, she returned with two shot glasses and a handle of vodka. She shoved one of the glasses into my hand and said, “We’re gonna drink until you loosen up.” She broke the seal on the bottle and poured us both a shot.

Eight shots later, I was lying on my back with my head between her legs, looking up at her ceiling. We had discussed movies, shows, food, and politics over the few hours I had been there. But we had yet to discuss the reason I came in the first place. The sun had already begun its nightly descent. Sam and I remained silent as we contemplated the long shadows it cast on the house plants. I sat up and rested my torso on her knees as she continued to recline.

“When you were a kid,” I started, “did you ever think you would be in an open relationship? Because I didn’t. Didn’t even know what it was until last year.”

“In a weird way, I always kinda did, you know?” Her green eyes wandered in reflection. “Really, I use to think that I was just a cheater.”

“It sounds like you were a cheater.”

“Right, well…I was. But I wasn’t just a cheater, you know?” She laughed. “I had boyfriends that I liked for all different reasons, and I didn’t want to choose one above the others. It all seemed a little too restrictive — like I was wearing a shirt that was a bit too tight. Does that make any sense?”

“It does, and I’ve honestly felt so much of the same feelings. Ash and I have been together since college. I mean, I’ve been with other girls the few times Ash and I were on a break, but I really haven’t gotten to explore this part of me.”

“What does Ash think about all of this? Clearly, she agreed to opening up the relationship so she can’t have the worst opinion on it.”

I pulled my phone out my pocket and scrolled to the message app, pulling up Ash’s name. I played Sam the video that Ash had sent me of her going down on a guy she’s been seeing over the last few weeks. While the video played, I said, “I want to be so mad when I watch this, but it turns me on so much.”

“Did you even ask for this video?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t. I actually asked her not to send me videos like this. But I think she’s turned on by the idea of being my little pornstar.”

“Doesn’t sound like you have too much of a problem with that.” Sam’s voice trailed off. She took my phone and placed it on the end table by the armrest of the couch. She straddled me, pulled my shirt off. We locked lips briefly, while she let her hair down.

She said softly, “Let’s send Ashley something. I can record it.” She kissed me again, pressing her body closer than she had before. I was rock hard between her legs, and she wiggled her hips in acknowledgement of this fact.

My hands roamed her body, starting from the bare soles of her feet, past the smooth curves of her pale calves and thighs, past the bottom seams of her black shorts, and ending at the strings of her waistband. I untied them, and I slipped my hands inside the top of her shorts, feeling the soft skin of her pelvis underneath my fingertips. She shivered under my touch.

Sam moaned and leaned back with a slight smile. She traced my shoulders and then ran her fingers down my chest. While she touched me, I realized that Sam wasn’t wearing a bra.

I moved from her waistband to slide underneath her shirt and caress her nipples. She moaned again, continuing to grind her hips against me. I worked her shirt over her head and threw it in a corner of the room. Light blues veins leading to light pink nipples.

Hypnotizing. I grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her closer to me, and I bent over to capture one of her nipples in my mouth. Sam petted the back of my head as I indulged.

“Like that, baby. I like that.” She murmured.

I teased one nipple then moved over to the other. Her fingernails dug into my scalp. I wrapped my arms around her waist and moved to get off the couch with Sam in my arms.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“I’m getting my phone. Get into any position you want.”

Sam slammed back down onto the couch and shimmied off her shorts and panties. She reclined and opened her legs. She started to touch herself. I grabbed the phone and pulled up the video camera. I handed it to Sam.

“Record me.” I said.

Sam pointed the camera at me while I climbed on the couch in front of her, my sweatpants still on. I caressed and kissed her navel, moving slowly down towards her center. My breath tickled her as I arrived at her lips, and I parted them gently with my tongue. I slid it underneath her hood and began drawing circles around her clitoris. I kissed her lips once. Twice. Then I went back to circles. She draped her legs over my shoulders. Her hips lifted as she used my mouth to her liking. Between licks and moans, I asked, “Are you getting all this?”

“Yeah.” She said, breathlessly. “Keep going, keep going.”

I ran my hands up the sides of her body and back down her navel, as I increased the speed of my strokes. My finger slipped inside of her and started to slowly rub her G-spot. Her rocking intensified along with her moaning. One of her legs trembled on my shoulder. She was sopping wet.

“Oh…my…God!” she screamed. Her thighs clamped tight against the sides of my head and she wriggled in ecstasy on the couch. Shortly afterwards, she released me from her grip and threw the phone at me.

“Send that shit to Ash, then come back and fuck me.”


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