Man Becomes A Fuck-bunny

It was Christmas time. Matt got a gift card in the mail to come to “Good Girl’s Spa”. It was their grand opening. Matt wanted to look nice for the office Christmas party so he decided to go. He realized that the “Good Girl’s Spa” was probably for women but a gift card was a gift card and he wasn’t going to waste it.


Matt arrived at Good Girl’s Spa. He was greeted at the door by a platinum blonde.

“Welcome to Good Girl’s Spa…where we like…uhmm make…your…dreams…oh no that’s not right….thinking is hard.” The receptionist sat down to think.

“It doesn’t matter. I have this gift card though. I’d like a spa treatment.” stated Matt. He had pride that he’d never be as dumb as the receptionist who probably couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

“Oh the gift card. you’re SO lucky to have been chosen….Ma’m will be right out. She’s the best. She like owns me!” said the blonde as she fingered the pink leather choker around her neck.

Matt smirked. She knew the blonde meant that lady was the owner of the spa but then the receptionist wasn’t the brightest bulb.

“Matt…please come in the back. It’s time for your spa treatment.” called a voice. “I’ll be your esthetician today. My you are a teardown job aren’t you? Hmmm…a full treatment I think. Please go lay on the massage table.” said the esthetician.

Matt listened to the esthetician and layed down on the spa table. “Hmm…let’s start by applying this lotion. It should help you relax. It’s good to relax. All good girls should relax…you want to be a good girl don’t you? Everyone who comes to this Spa wants to be a good girl. I realize for now you’re a man. But that doesn’t matter. Just relax and inhale the scent of the lotion. It helps you be a good girl and that’s what you want to be…a good girl!”

Matt realized the esthetician was right. The lotion smelled SO good. The esthetician was talking. It was getting hard for Matt to focus. He was so relaxed between the lotion and the new age music.

“I know you were thinking that my secretary is Sally is SO dumb that she can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. That is true but it doesn’t matter to me because she’s the best pussylicker I’ve ever made. She just goes so deep and knows how to hit all those spots. Goddess, just thinking of it makes me wet. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this. Well, by now you’re so relaxed you won’t be able to do anything about it. It’s time for someone’s wishes to come true!” stated the ethician. .

“Mhmm…relaxed….nice.” stated Matt as he took a long sip of her hot pink Cosmo. He normally would have had a beer but the Cosmo had been free while the beer was $10 a bottle. He needed to save money. As he drank the Cosmo he had to admit it wasn’t bad.

“See right now you’re so relaxed you don’t even remember who you are. Let me help you. That’s what I’m here for. To guide you to teach you. You need me to tell you who you are.” said the ethician.

“Who am I?” questioned Matt. Suddenly, he was having trouble remembering things. The Cosmo must be more powerful than he thought.

“That’s who I am, Ma’m. You need to be more respectful. Dumb bimbos like you only get by with blind obedience and respect towards their betters. I’m better than you. You’re nothing but a lesbian slut. Now take another sip of that Cosmo” said Ma’m.

“No, no…I’m a CEO of a company on Wall Street and I’m straight. I like women.” stated Matt. He wanted to stop drinking the Cosmo but found himself drinking more.

“Take another sip of your Cosmo and relax. The Cosmo is so tasty and you’re SO relaxed. You’re a good girl”. ordered Ma’m.

Matt did as she was ordered. Ma’m was happy progress was being made.

“Just relax and listen to me…it’s good to listen to me. You’ll always listen to me, my fuck bunny. It’s so good to relax and listen…to be a good girl.” said Ma’m. She continued rubbing lotion into Matt. She was kneading Matt’s skin. Transforming it like clay. Matt’s breasts were blowing up but he was too relaxed to notice.

“Relax, drink your Cosmo,listen and believe.” stated Ma’m. “Now repeat what I said. It will become true.”

“Relax, listen..obey…believe.” stated Matt as he drank more of the pink Cosmo.

“Good girl. Now drink more. Remember you always believe me.” stated Ma’m

“Always believe…you Ma’m.” stated Matt dreamily. A part of him thought that this Spa treatment was weird. Should he get out? He should go. But, Matt took another sip of the Cosmo and soon that thought vanished. It was so good to lay here obeying Ma’m. Matt just had to obey and believe. Obey and believe. It was nice doing that and drinking the Cosmo.

“Yes, my good’ll always believe me. You’re going to become a lesbian fuck bunny. I’m turning you into a woman. Whose only purpose is made to be used like a whore and lick pussy.” stated Ma’m.

With that Ma’m shifted so her pussy was in front of Matt’s mouth.

“Not lesbian, don’t like pussy.” stated the still resisting Matt.

“Have you ever tried pussy?” questioned Ma’m.

It was hard for Matt to think. He had pink clouds in his head.

“No?” he questioned. As he took another sip of the Cosmo.

“Well, I think you should try it before you write it off. Why don’t you try mine?” questioned/ordered Ma’m. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you be a good girl.” said Ma’m.

“Oh…okay…I can try it.” said Matt. He wanted to be a good girl for Ma’m. If this was how he could be a good girl he should do it. He stuck out his tongue and attempted to bring Ma’m off. Ma’m had experience making sluts. Matt did better than most but she still failed to make Ma’m cum. Matt would have to have a more drastic treatment. It would take time.

Then Ma’m decided she would reward herself by going to sit on Sally’s face. She deserved to have happy holidays too.

“It’s time to go to the special spa machine, Matt. It will help you be pretty and make you a good girl for me. Now obey and listen. ” stated Ma’m.

“Good girl…obey..lis .” stated Matt . Ma’m led Matt to the transformation machine. She noticed that, thanks to the lotion, Matt’s tits were coming in. She squeezed one and happily noticed Matt shiver and watched his cock grow harder. It was standing out. Stiff and hard. That would soon change.

Ma’m loathed cocks but Ma’m also loved to experiment. Matt would still keep his cock. He would always be hard, on edge and deeply ashamed. He had been an asshole to the world. This was his punishment. This was his reward. It was only a matter of time till Ma’m’s destiny for him took hold.

Ma’m went to sit on Sally’s face. Sally, only doing her job, was hitting all of Ma’m’s special spots. She caused Ma’m to quiver and moan in pleasure. Sally brought so much pleasure to Ma’m that Ma’m rode her for nearly two hours. She even rewarded Sally by letting her cum. (A reward rarely given to sluts but it was the holidays after all.) Eventually, Sally and Ma’m’s fuckfest came to an end. It was then that Ma remembered Matt.

Ma’m went over to the transformation device and opened the door. Matt was staring with a Ma’m with a big vapid smile on his face.

He was still caught in a stupor from the machine. He didn’t even realize the changes to his body.

Ma’m blinked. She hadn’t expected the changes to Matt to be so drastic. She had just meant to turn him into a woman. Not an X-rated porn star. Still here was Matt, horny and waiting. It was time for Ma’m to take charge. Programming had to start early on. He needed to be imprinted upon like a baby bird.

“What are you doing standing, dyke? Don’t you know you always need to kneel in front of me? You have to worship me. I’m your Mistress and I’m better than a fuck bunny like you!” orderd Ma’m.

Matt stumbled but bowed. (This was a good sign. Ma’m always loved a build up.) “I’m sorry Ma’m. It’s just that I’m having trouble remembering things. I don’t seem to even remember my name or what I’m doing here. Isn’t that funny?” stated Matt as he giggled.

Ma’m let out a deep, but pretend, sigh. “Mimi…you used to be Matt and you were a CEO on Wall Street. But, you were unhappy. So you came to my spa to relax. You know I’m better than you. You gave me the power to make choices for you. I decided the only way you could be happy was to be a fuck bunny. Being a fuck bunny makes you happy doesn’t it?” stated Ma’m.

Matt/Mimi started to rise. “I…do…” stated Mimi.

“Did I say you could speak?” questioned Ma’m. “You have to learn to obey and serve. Your new place is on your back or on your knees. It makes things so much more relaxing. Fucking is all you do now Mimi. For speaking up, you’ll have to be punished. Present and calm down. I’ll be merciful and only fuck you with my 2nd biggest strap-on.” stated Ma’m.

Mimi wasn’t sure what was going on. But, it wasn’t her job to think anymore. She had Ma’m to do that for her. Mimi knew it was her job to be a fuck bunny. She assumed the position. Without any warning, Ma’m slammed into her ass with a huge strap-on.

Mimi’s stuck her new bubble butt ass out. Her new whorish body was aching to be broken in. She wanted to be claimed like the bitch she was.

Ma’m, despite trying to remain objective, found herself growing wet at Mimi’s transformer body. She knew it would feel good to plow Mimi. It was what Ma’m had made her new bitch for. Ma’m ripped her skirt and panties off, revealing her massive strap-on.

Ma’m was excited to fuck her new experiment. She just had to. She had never in her life seen anything so irresistibly sexy as the hot young shemale who lay before her, smiling lasciviously, fingering her new tits, spreading her thighs, inviting Ma’m to plunge the massive strap-on inside her, inviting her to plunge headlong down a new path of domination.

Ma’m knew it was wrong, horribly wrong. You were supposed to train sluts gradually. Still, she desired Mimi. The “rules” didn’t stop her from shoving the strap-on into the waiting slut.

Mimi groaned in both pleasure and pain as the thick strap-on sank inside her. Mimi’s own cock looked and felt larger than ever before, and the sensation of the strap-on sliding into her asshole was a pleasure beyond comprehension. Mimi mewled softly as Ma’m began to fuck her, slowly, savoring each plunge into her new slut’s horny flesh.

“Oh, fuck, Ma’m..that feels so nice…you fuck real good…” stated Mimi. Ma’m only pinched her tits since she had talked. Ma’m was having a too good of a time.

“Eat me dyke.” ordered Ma’m to Mimi. Mimi was only too eager to obey and get her first taste of pussy. It was an honor that it should be Ma’m’s pussy. She was so lucky!

Mimi’s buried her face in the blonde’s dripping sex. She had never tasted a woman before and she found that the salty musky taste was wonderful. Her hands wrapped around Ma’m’s hips in order to hold on and keep in contact with her pussy as the blonde began to buck and grind against her face. Ma’m’s moans and grunts had been replaced with cries and screams of pleasure as she approached her climax.

Mimi found her horneyness increasing with Ma’m’s. Each lick of Ma’m’s pussy also sent ripples of enjoyment through her own body. Every cry from Ma’m made Mimi shudder with pleasure. Mimi’s cock was dripping.

“Oh fuck!” Ma’m screamed as her back arched and slammed her cunt deeper into Mimi’s face. “I’m gonna cum!”

A wave of thicker, muskier juice flooded out of Ma’m onto Mimi’s face as the blonde went over the edge. Screams filled the small spa as Mimi tried to hold on and continue licking up the wonderful cum. She knew she would never be able to get enough pussy juice. Mimi knew she was an addict.

After a few seconds, Mimi felt her own body pass the point of no return. Her cock sprayed cum everywhere. Her fingernails dug into the soft skin of Ma’m ‘s ass as a burning hot ecstasy exploded through her. Mimi screamed into Ma’m’s hot cunt as the bliss assaulted her trembling body.

The couples’ screams and cries of pleasure echoed around the small spa and the smell of their lust filled the room. Finally unable to hold herself up any longer, Mimi collapsed to the floor between Ma’m’s spread legs. They both lay panting and moaning softly to themselves for a few minutes before Ma’m finally stood up and beckoned to Mimi “Come up here to me, Slut.”

“We have to finish your treatment soon. Your new owners will want to see how you are coming along. They’ve bought you for Christmas to pleasure them as a couple and to clean. Now since you’re going to be a maid are you going to obey me now and clean up the mess you made?” Ma’m questioned.

“Oui, Ma’m,” said Mimi as she sunk to her knees and used her tongue to clean up every bit of cum and quim on the floor. Mimi knew she was a skank and it was probably wrong to lick it up. But, Mimi also knew she was addicted to it now. What else could she do but obey?

“Now for your new outfit, Slut.” said Mimi. She presented Mimi with a pink french maid’s outfit. “Get dressed, Mr. Smith will be here soon. You want to impress your new owner, don’t you Slut?”

“I want to impress, Mr. Smith and Mrs Smith.” said Mimi She got into the pink french maid’s outfit.

“Oh, Ma’m the silk feels so good against my cock. I’m so horny again. Can we play again?” asked Mimi hopefully.

Ma’m laughed malevolently. “Maybe later, Slut. here comes Mr. Smith. Remember to obey him.” With that Ma’m left the spa.

A voice came from behind, “Hello Mimi, how are you doing today?”

“Oh like hi, Mr. Smith” said Mimi. “I’m doing so much better now that you’re here. How can I help you today?”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way, Slut.” said Mr. Smith as he entered the spa. He whipped out his cock. Mimi knew there was only one thing to do. She sank to her knees.