Maintenance Man Gets Paid Sex

Well, as I tell you my story I want you to understand that I’m not cheating on my wife, I’m not breaking up any marriages. I’m just having a good time, staying busy and hopefully making others happy too.

Since retirement I found I needed something to do each day, other than watch TV. So, I started doing odd jobs for the neighbors.


Some were widows who couldn’t change a faucet washer, others were elderly folks that just couldn’t do the heavy pruning in their yards anymore. It made me a few extra dollars, which I don’t really need because my pension is adequate, but I found that if I tried to do it for free some folks pride got in the way and they wouldn’t let me help them. So, I charge them a minimal fee so they feel like they’re paying for what I do.

I found that I wanted to do more than just my close neighbors so I advertised my service in the local white paper. I only take jobs I want to do or occasionally when I feel the person really needs my help. And that’s when I started getting paid in ways that didn’t include money.

The first was a young widowed lady with 2 small girls. I don’t really know why or how her husband died, but she works full time, has her kids in daycare when they aren’t in school and just by looking at her house, things are tight. The house is immaculate.

And The floors are clean, the clothes weren’t fancy but they are washed and put away, there are no dishes on the counter waiting to be cleaned. The 32″ TV set in the living room is the only one in the home and it’s hooked to an over the air antenna on the living room window. Everything I saw said that money was tight, but the girls were getting everything they need, there was food in the cupboards and fridge.

The problem I was called for is that the bathtub faucet had a leak behind the wall and it had been leaking for some time. The water had saturated the wood and rotted it in places. The waterproof hardboard surround around the tub was wet and warped.

All told it was about a $1000 job if she hired a regular handyman. I’d normally charge $450 or so, but I knew she didn’t have the money so I told Jenny that I’d see how much I could re-use and if I had used parts I’d throw those in free. I told her we would worry about my labor after it was all done. In my mind, I’d already decided I was going to throw my labor in for free. I wasn’t in the business for the money and she really needed a break.

I showed up at the house at 7:30 as arranged. Jenny had arranged with her boss to work from home that day. The girls were just leaving for school as I got started opening up the wall. It was just as bad inside as I had suspected and was going to take half of the day to fix. I cut out all the bad wood, saved the pipes that were savable and determined that a valve unit I’d taken out of another house would work just fine in this one if I rebuilt it.

I told Jenny the plan, which she approved and went to the store for parts. By 1:00 I was putting the last bit of sealant around the tub which now had a new (rebuilt) valve assembly, a new shower head with a hand wand that they didn’t have before. I found a damaged piece of hardboard for half price with the damage in a place that was going to be cut off anyway. All in all the repair went well and my estimate was right on.

I brought Jenny in to see the repair and she said it was amazing and it looked like new. She was likewise impressed that the materials charge was only going to be $28.00. I may have fudged that price a little, but I’m pretty sure even that was going to dent her monthly budget. I also told her that my labor today was going to be free. I gave her the short version of why I had the business and that I could see she really needed the repair.

Tears were running down her cheeks when she realized that I really didn’t expect payment for my labor and that the materials were so cheap. We walked back into the kitchen where she opened he wallet and started to count out the money for the materials.

She got to $26 when she started counting out the change to get to $28. She was going to give me the last money she had and would have no money until Friday, 3 days away. I picked up the bills and put them back in her wallet. There’s no way I was going to take that money. This set off another round of tears. Tears of joy, but tears. I gave her a friendly hug and told her the whole job was free today.

I went back and finished gathering my tools as Jenny went into the bedroom and closed the door. I hadn’t meant to embarrass her, but I understood. I took one load out and came back for the last sweep around to make sure I hadn’t left anything.

As I came out of the bathroom, Jenny came out of her bedroom. She wasn’t wearing the pants and sweatshirt she’d been wearing all day. Instead she had on a well worn, but clean, see thru nighty. Her dark nipples showed clearly thru the cloth.

I stammered that I didn’t mean to intrude I was just making a last sweep for any tools I’d left. I turned quickly away from her and started down the hallway.

“Wait”, she said quickly. “I need to give you something for all the work you did. I don’t have money, but maybe you’d let me thank you another way….”

As I turned to face her while she was talking, she could see that I was going to decline her apparent offer of sex.

“Please…” she was pleading. “I just can’t let you do all that for nothing. I’m not much to look at, but I try pretty hard to make my man happy. Please let me thank you? Please?”

It was instantly apparent to me that if I turned down her offer I was going to crush whatever pride and ego she still possessed. But, the other side of my brain argued, she’s 24 or 25 and you’re 58. This isn’t a good thing to do, you shouldn’t do it.

“Please,” she said as she stepped closer and pressed her warm breasts against my chest.

I learned a long time ago that not all situations had perfect outcomes. Sometimes you had to make the best of the situation and live with the consequences. I decided in that hallway to make the best of this situation that I could. I bent down and scooped up all 115 pounds of Miss Jenny and carried her back into her bedroom.

I deposited her on the edge of the bed with the intent to bury my face in her cunt. As my head moved down, her legs spread just like we had planned it or something. Jenny had a small patch of very blond pubic hair. The rest of her pubic mound was shaved smooth.

Now I haven’t been a monk since my wife died. I’ve been sexually active with women my age. But I haven’t fucked any twenty somethings since I was twenty-something. I’d forgotten how smooth and tight things were when you’re 20. But I quickly remembered as she moistened and then got wet with my attempts at pleasing her.

I teased a little by licking and nipping around the edges. It wasn’t long though until she wanted more and started directing with her hands on my head where to focus. When she directed me onto her clit I found a rock hard half inch long nerve ending that went directly to her pleasure center. I don’t remember being with a woman that had that sensitive of a clit. Light teasing brought intense reactions.

Her legs moved back and forth and her pelvis humped up and down. I continued with light licks, and brushing my moustache over her clit until I felt her start to come.

Then, I clamped down on it with my lips and sucked. Jenny instantly changed gears. Her hands grabbed handfuls of my hair and she pulled with force, my face into her crotch.

Her hips went into overdrive and started flexing up and down at a rapid rate. The legs which had been splayed out were clamped tightly against my head which was nodding up and down now at the same rate as her hips.

It seemed like a long time before I could get a breath again, or hear for that matter. Jenny went thru her orgasm like a freight train. I guess I was doing ok for an old guy….

I started to lick and suck again, but Jenny had another idea. She used her grip, which she still held on my hair, to pull me up away from her pussy and she told me that was enough for now. She said this was supposed to be her thanking me, not me pleasing her. I suggested that maybe a little of each would be OK.

Alright, she agreed, but it’s my turn now, she said. She lightly pulled up on my head indicating that she wanted me to come up fully onto the bed. About this time I realized I’d just eaten her pussy before I’d touched her breasts or even kissed her.

I corrected that in the next 10 seconds. I held each D cup tit in a hand and pressed my lips to hers. She opened her mouth first and used her tongue to open mine. We traded dental exams, only coming up for air when we really, really needed to.

Her breasts are natural. Every luscious bit of them. The dark nipples I saw in the hallway became raspberry sized when aroused. They weren’t as hard as her clit had been, but they certainly let you know they liked the attention.

When we were temporarily satisfied with kissing, I moved down and gave her raspberries same oral attention. Jenny apparently liked that and she held each one for me, moving me from side to side as one got jealous of the other for getting all the attention.

Eventually she pushed me up and away. “I don’t think you understood me when I said I was going to please you. It seems so far that you’re doing all the pleasing of me,” she said. “Now, roll over and let me suck on your cock.” Yes, those are the exact words she used. No shyness in this one.

I did as I was told. Her warm hands felt good as she hefted first my cock and then my balls as if she were weighing them.

Apparently I passed whatever test she was preforming and she held the base of my dick with one hand and my balls with the other as she brought her mouth down to engulf my length. “Mmmmm, she murmured as she swirled her tongue around first the head and the shaft of my cock.

Jenny juggled my nuts gently as she moved her mouth slowly up and down my shaft. Her tongue swirled and I could feel the suction as she travelled the length. About every third trip up she’d stop at the tip and run her tongue under, over, and around the head of my dick. A few trips thru my pee hole and she had me on the edge. And she knew it.

After about 5 of these teases, she took her mouth completely off my dick, looked me right in the eye, just a millisecond before I was ready to cum, and asked if she was doing ok in paying off her bill? Her bill was the furthest thing from my mind at that time.

I used my hands to push her face back on my cock. I know it wasn’t the most correct thing to say, but I was seconds away from coming a bucket load in her mouth and she was asking about work?

“Suck my cock, and swallow my cum, baby” was all that came out of my mouth. I used my hands to keep her on my cock now. Two more trips up an down and I was tapping her shoulder like a mad man.

Jenny buried her face in my crotch as I spurted my load. I think it went directly down her throat, because I had her held pretty firmly against my crotch as I started coming.

Jenny’s head moved up and down a few times as her tongue swirled to get every last drop of my cum. When she looked up, she smiled as if she were the canary that outwitted the cat. She licked her lips as if something had escaped, and then smiled again.

Jenny positioned her body so she was facing me and her tit’s were near my mouth. “You seemed to like these a few minutes ago, would you like to suck them some more?” She lifted the lower one up to my mouth, my mouth opened automatically, and her nipple was being sucked before I knew it.

“Yes, swirl your tongue around and around. I love it like that.”

I pressed forward and sucked harder to get a little more of the breast into my mouth. My free hand grasped the other tit and I did a quick breast exam…… no lumps, no tender spots and no silicone! My kind of titty.

Then I started flicking the nipple, making it as hard as its sister which was in my mouth. Jenny’s hand snaked in between us and started stroking my softened cock. It seemed only fair that I return the favor so I put my hand down and started finger fucking her snatch.

A couple of minutes later, I had Jenny on her back and was looking down at that little patch of fur and lining my cock up with the hole underneath it. Jenny helped me get lined up to slide in by grasping my dick and rubbing it up and down her slit.

Her pussy was wet yet snug as I slid into her. A couple inches at first, then I pulled back slightly before Jenny grabbed my ass and pulled me in against her pubic bone. “I’m not fragile, fuck me hard and fuck me long. I’m going to drain your balls until you can’t get it up again, so start fucking. Don’t wait for me to cum, don’t spend time trying to make me cum. Just fuck me and fill me with your cum.”

Well, that’s not how I’ve ever fucked any woman and I wasn’t really ready to start that now. “I’m going to fuck you alright,” I said. “But you’re going to cum right along with me.”

And so it began. I humped her, she humped me. I kissed her, she stuck a tit in my mouth. She fondled my balls, I squeezed her tits, I grabbed her butt, we fucked missionary, doggy, scissors, spoons, cowboy and a few others that I don’t even know the names of.

Now, at 58 I’m still in pretty good shape, but I’m not 20 something anymore. She is. She outfucked me. I had to take a break. I snuck a look at the clock, she caught me, and we’d been at it for an hour and a half. Jenny looked at the clock and said: “well, we have 30 minutes before the girls get out of school.

They’ll be home 10 minutes after that. I have one more hole you haven’t fucked yet, and I really want to make today worth your while. I’m going to suck you hard one more time, and let you fuck my ass until I walk bowlegged.”

What was I supposed to say after that? What would you say? “No, I’m too tired?” Not a chance. In 30 seconds I was hard again. Jenny rolled over on her belly, put her chest against the bed and arched her back and ass up into the air.

“C’mon big boy, smear some pussy juice on that bugger hole and fuck me.”

Now I’m no prude, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman talk like that before. I wasn’t offended, but it was definitely a culture gap……. I did as she commanded. I smeared some pussy juice up onto and into her ass.

When I pushed my dick against her little pink sphincter, it slowly opened and I slid right in. Jenny didn’t even groan, which made me think that this was a pretty regular event for her. I gave her a moment to get used to the size of my intrusion, but it wasn’t needed. She slammed backwards without warning, burying me to the hilt in her dirt shoot.

Jenny’s pussy is tight, and her shithole is even tighter. It seems she has even more control over these muscles that her pussy as she immediately started milking my cock.

I grabbed her hips on each side and gave her the fucking she asked for. Apparently there were no rules to ass fucking Jenny. She fucked fast, she twisted and turned, she held my hands on her big tits and squeezed harder than I thought was right. And she did it all while occasionally turning around and saying “harder”.

After the fucking she’d just given me, fucking her ass even harder was going to be a tough job. I was tired. But, when I read about all the guys who’d give their left nut to get their girl to just let them into her ass, I wasn’t going to give up. I fucked for all I was worth.

We moved from doggy to reverse cowgirl, which was a relief as she could now do the work. And work it she did! She went up and down, turned left and right. She seemed to be in overdrive. When she turned around and started fucking me face to face while I sat on the edge of the bed, she buried my face in her cleavage and fucked my face and my cock.

All too soon it was 5 minutes until school was out. Jenny said she wanted my last load as deep in her ass as I could put it, which was going to be pretty easy as she’d been dropping herself onto me to get maximum penetration for almost 30 minutes.

I started thinking about who I was fucking, and which hole my cock was in and within a few seconds I was losing the last load I had. And I was deep in Jenny’s poop shoot when I did it. I held her down onto my cock and groaned as the cum came from the deepest recesses.

When I’d finished, Jenny rubbed her clit against my pubic bone a few more times and added some pussy juice to the mess on our crotches. She lay down on top of me, those large warm breasts smashed against my chest. Her lips found mine and she gave me the long lost boyfriend kiss.

Then, she looked at the clock and said we had to get dressed before the girls got home. We took a quick shower together in the newly repaired shower and then dressed as we were when the girls left this morning.

When they walked in, Jenny and I were sitting at the kitchen table drinking lemonade and discussing the garbage disposal that had been acting up lately…



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