Love Father And Stepson Part -2

He lifted me and placed me on my bed. I crawled under the covers and invited him in. He was now next to me and holding me in his strong arms. His physique resembled his dad’s but he was in good shape. I knew Jon worked out daily.


He moved over and kissed me deeply. It made me feel good. I reached down and touched his cock. It started getting harder and larger. He reached down and very lightly ran his finger down through my untrimmed pubes and then along my labia. I bristled with excitement as his finger moved into my vagina and emerged to tickle my clit.

I was getting very randy now, very warm, and I whispered that he could start whenever he wanted. He did not notice that Marshall had come in and was sitting quietly in a chair across from the foot of the bed. He was smiling.

Jon knew that I expected some oral attention from him. He moved between my legs which I helpfully spread for him and he was now staring at my bush-covered pussy. I soon felt his tongue plumbing the inside of my vagina. He also did range along my labia and tickled my clit gently as it hardened and expanded. I was already on the edge of an orgasm.

Jon mounted me and aimed his cock right at my pussy. It slid in gradually as my vagina expanded to accommodate it. It already felt good inside me, as if it belonged in my vagina. Jon began to thrust as he held my breasts and tweaked my firm nipples. I began moving my bottom in rhythm with his thrusts.

As Jon had apparently had plenty of experience in the sack, I could tell that his enthusiasm perked up as I responded to his thrusting by continuing to move my bottom in rhythm with his motions. I hadn’t thought he was particularly submissive, but when he extended the courtesy to me of whispering that he was ready to cum if that was all right with me, I grinned and said that I wouldn’t spank him for cumming too soon so long as he made sure I got off too.

As we fucked and I realized I was close, I felt his fingers running lightly around my clit. It was all I needed.

“Yes, cum, please, NOW!” I tried to say this quietly but in the midst of ecstasy, remaining soft-spoken is often not a viable option.

He exploded inside me just as he felt my orgasm erupt. This doesn’t happen as often as people would like you to believe, but I was mature enough to gauge the level of my excitement and, as I said, Jon had at his young age had sex with quite a few girls.

As he slipped out of my hole, I looked over at Marshall who was trying to hide his own excitement. I motioned to him to come over once he had stripped down to his boxers.

When he arrived, I told him I wanted him to lick my flowing split. He immediately moved between my legs after Jon had moved over and applied his mouth to the flow of my juices and Jon’s cum emerging from me. I liked the feeling of his licking and sucking me down there.

After he took care of most of my effusion, I suggested that he move over on my other side. Jon immediately moved back between my legs and inserted a finger into my cute little bottom-hole. I knew that it had some hair around it but clearly I was not so ugly back there as to scare him off.

He looked me in my eye and helped me lift my legs until they were way up over me. I was now in the wonderfully exposed posture–my cunt and asshole were on full display–known as the diaper position. Jon had prepared. He had a tube of lube handy and applied it lightly and gently to my bottom-hole, using his finger to press some inside. That felt incredibly good.

Then he rolled on a condom he also had with him and made sure it was nicely lubed on the outside. Preliminaries completed, he placed his once-again-hardened cock at my anal opening and softly pressed it in.

It did hurt because Jon is well-hung. I even thought for a moment about how it would have been painless for me to have had Marshall’s little thing in there. Jon pushed just enough so that his cock moved past my anal ring. It did take a bit for the immediate pain to dissipate. But he was now fucking me seriously in my ass. I was not an anal virgin but it had been a long time since I had been penetrated back there. I liked it just fine.

I managed to have my arms around Jon’s waist as we fucked. I was just able to place a finger outside his bottom-hole and slowly press it inside. He did not do anything to halt my progress. In fact, I could feel his renewed vigor as his cock moved in and out of my bottom. I got my finger in as far as my knuckle. The physical act there did not stir me so much as the knowledge that I had my finger in his ass.

He brought me to orgasm again and I think my finger got him off, too. As he shrank and his cock slipped out of my bottom–my finger had long since fled his bottom-hole–I relaxed in bed and had him lying next to me with my arm around him and his around me. He toyed with my nipples and I smiled happily.

My darling husband had licked my cunt well enough so that I was now longer flowing much at all. Jon asked me if I needed to go to the little girls’ room. I smiled and thanked him for regarding me as a young girl. I said that I did and that I would like him to come with me.

I had a feeling that his many young female friends did not invite him into the bathroom after sex. They regarded their need to piss or shit as an eminently private matter. I suppose I’m something of an exhibitionist because I have little embarrassment about being seen excreting.

I decided to give my domme side a moment with Jon.

“I’d like it if you lay down on your back in the tub,” I smiled at him, and I saw his mental assessment of what vile acts he was being invited to join in with me. Once he was in, I squatted over his face and felt his eyes on both my holes, well, all three if you want to be precise.

The one that hadn’t yet participated in our revels soon opened with a twitch and my strong golden pee stream burst out of my crotch and hit him in the face. I was delighted that I didn’t need to order him to open his lips: he did do just that and began to take my pee directly into his mouth.

He seemed to like the taste of my urine and when my spray tailed off, I did show what I thought was consideration in telling him that I did need to do Number Two and would be quite pleased if he would like to stay there as I excreted. He said I should go ahead when I was ready.

I didn’t want to fart in his face. I suppose that’s somewhat less than impressively considerate when I was proceeding to have a bowel movement on him. I couldn’t help emitting some of those truly embarrassing bowel noises, however; but they were followed rather quickly by my feeling my movement coming down into my rectum and pooching my anus out.

I produced a significant turd. I use the singular because it was quite long, thick, and dark-colored. Moreover, it stayed in one piece. I suspect Jon was not all that used to smelling girlie poo when it landed right on his face. He kept his mouth shut and made no move to ingest or swallow it. I uttered no objection or any kind of order to him to taste it.

I realized that this man had been willing to receive my bodily excretions without protest. I did him the favor of reaching down with a few sheets of toilet tissue and managed to gather my lengthy movement into the tissue and toss it into the toilet.

Without my asking him, Jon lifted his head and began cleaning my bottom-hole with his tongue. I again enjoyed the feel of his tongue on my anus and moved into high gear when he penetrated my ring, I suggested we turn on the shower and he nodded his agreement.

He lovingly used the loofah to wash me all over, down in between my legs as well as all over my torso. I responded by washing him, including his cock and balls, and I even used the washcloth to press into his bottom-hole. We stepped out and put the large warm towels on each other’s frame.

He took me in his arms–we both of course were bare–and kissed me very sweetly ad deeply. I whispered in his ear that he had been a wonderful lover and that he had made me very happy.

I was so glad that we had been able to have this wonderful time without having to sneak around. I still love Marshall and wish he could give me what I need. But although I’m now getting into bed regularly with Jon, I’m certainly a happy camper.