Losing Virginity With Virgin Maid

Collin is a spoiled kid, who got very rich parents. He was 20 at the time, when he got into some action with a real pussy. It was his maid Mani, who was around his age at the time. She nurses Collin’s grandmother and sleeps 2 rooms away from Collin’s bedroom.


She is a beauty, with a nice structure and a handful of boobs. She wears just the chudidar, without any chunni to cover her cleavage.

Collin was very much drawn towards his maid, and her cleavage would make him go crazy. Her dress would reveal her perfect shape, but still, Collin maintained distance, because of their class differences.

Collin’s grandmother found her in their village and brought her to the city, as a maid. Collin’s mom never treated her normally and everyone used to scold her.

One night, while going to the toilet, Collin heard Mani crying softly, in her room, while everyone was asleep. This was the first time Collin got to approach her. So, Collin went to her, to find out why she was crying.

Collin- “What happened Mani? why are you crying?”

Mani- “Your mom scolded me, for breaking a

dish. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Collin- “Oh, I am so sorry Mani, for what my mom did to you.”

Mani- “It’s okay, this happens every day. But, the only thing is that I don’t have any friends to share my feelings with.”

Collin- “Oh come on, don’t think like that. I’ll be your friend Mani. Please feel free to talk about anything with me.”

Then, for over 30 minutes she talks about her life in the village and all. All this while, Collin’s eyes were shifting from her lips, to her boobs and to her cleavage. Collin’s lust was increasing, while his mind raced for a plan immediately.

When they were done talking, Mani was getting ready to go to bed, that draws Collin’s attention and he realises that she sleeps on the floor.

Collin- “Why are you sleeping on the floor?”

Mani- “Because this is how I sleep. I don’t have a bed.”

Collin- “You can come and sleep in my room. I have a huge bed.”

Mani- “No way, how can I sleep on your bed? That too when you are present? That’s not good. Your mom would kill me.”

Collin- “Don’t worry about my mom. You can come to my room when everyone is asleep and go early in the morning. I won’t tell anyone.”

She hesitates for some time, thinking about Collin’s proposal, but finally gives in. After she enters his bedroom, Collin closes the door and goes to his bed. She followed him and both of them stood on both sides of the bed. Then, Collin starts to remove his clothes, which startles Mani.

Mani- “What are you doing? Why are you removing your dress?”

Collin- “I sleep without anything on my body. That gives good and peaceful sleep.”

Mani- “Oh, Okay. But, I am here today?”

Collin- “I don’t mind sleeping naked in front of you. You are my friend now.”

Mani- “Okay, your wish.”

Her eyes were fixed on Collin’s body, as he removed every piece of dress, one by one. When Collin was completely naked, he looked at her and realized that her eyes were wide, looking straight at his limp cock.

Collin- “What are you looking at? Never seen a cock before?”

Mani- “No I didn’t. It’s big.”

Collin- “You should see when it’s hard, it’s much bigger then.”

Mani- “Oh, ok.”

Then, Collin fell on the bed and she also came and slept beside him, in the same blanket. They had good space between them.

After making herself comfortable on the bed Mani opens up.

Mani- “You know what? After coming to the city, no one treated me properly, as in the village. You are the 1st person who cared for me.”

Collin- “Oh come on Mani, you are a good girl. And remember, we are friends. I’ll do anything a friend could do.”

She says thank you and starts crying. Collin turns towards her, moves closer and places a hand on her hand.

Collin- “Don’t cry, ok. I am here for you.”

Mani- “You are the only person who treats me like a friend.”

Hearing this, Collin moves further close to her. Now, Collin’s face was an inch away from her ear. She could feel his breath on her neck, making her shiver.

Collin slowly whispers in her ear, “You can feel comfortable with me. If you want you can also sleep naked. It will relieve some stress.”

Hearing this, her breathing becomes heavier and with a very low husky voice, she says, “Okay.”

Collin removes the blanket over her and she gets up. The bed lamp was on and Collin could see her, stripping naked. She removed all her clothes and stood there completely naked. Her white colored boobs shine in the visible light, making Collin fall for her again.

Her little brown pussy is surrounded by little hair. Collin admires her beauty for some time, before speaking up.

Collin- “You are so beautiful, Mani. I have never seen a girl naked and so gorgeous.”

She shyly says, “Thank you. I too never saw a

boy naked.”

Collin- “Ok, come on now, get into the blanket and sleep.”

She sneaks into the blanket and sleeps on the other side of the bed, her back facing towards Collin. He already got an erection and was going crazy, seeing her like this. In a husky voice, Collin asks her how she was feeling.

Mani- “It feels so good sleeping naked. I feel relieved.”

Collin- “Yeah, it is so good like this.”

Saying this, Collin slowly moves towards her and places his hand on her waist. She jerks by the touch. Collin’s dick was an inch away from her ass.

Mani- “Oh Collin, what are you doing?”

Collin- “Making you more relieved.”

Collin moves his hand further onto her belly and finds her navel. He circles his finger in it and plays for some time, while she is giggling and breathing softly. Collin then moved further, completely pressing himself into her back, making his dick poke her in her ass. She lets out a sharp moan.

Mani- “What is that?”

Collin- “It’s my dick. You can touch it, if you want.”

She then found Collin’s dick, in her ass crack and held it with her hand.

Mani- “It feels so hard and big, more than earlier.”

Collin- “That is because of you.”

Mani- “Is it?”

Collin- “Yes Mani, seeing your gorgeous body made me hard. I never got such a hard erection.”

While she explored Collin’s dick with her hand, he took his hand further up, to her boobs and held her boob. She gasps. Collin is flattered by her amazing boobs. He moves to her and starts kissing her neck and shoulders, which makes her go crazy. She squeezes Collin’s dick harder, whenever he gives a lick on her neck.

Collin fondles both her boobs, one by one, for some more time, while she plays with his cock. Then, Collin turns her to lay on her back and immediately goes for a kiss on her lips.

At first, she doesn’t react. But, after Collin begins to fondle her boobs, she kisses him back, unable to control her desire, and also squeezes his dick harder.

After some smooching, Collin goes in for her boobs and takes them in his mouth. He takes her nipples between his teeth and bit them, making her moan.

Then, Collin reaches for his treasure. While still sucking on her boobs, he places his hand on her bushy mound. Collin moves his hand in circles, over her outer labia. She starts dripping.

He holds her clitoris with his thumb and index finger, and starts pressing it. She starts screaming, and Collins immediately locks her mouth with his and continues his assault on her clit. After 2-3 minutes of clitoral stimulation, she cums heavily on Collin’s hand and drenches his bed with her juices.

She lets out a huge groan in Collin’s mouth and her body raises, while her juices come out.

Mani- “Oh god, that was amazing. I never thought I could cum without fingers actually inside my pussy.”

Collin- “Are you relieved now?”

Mani- “Oh yes, damn it, I am so relieved.”

Collin- “If you permit, I’ll give you more.”

Mani- “What do you want my permission for?”

Collin- “Take my dick in your pussy.”

Mani- “Oh yes, definitely. Please give me your dick. Fuck me now.”

Collin- “This is gonna hurt.”

Mani- “I’ll take it, please fuck me.”

Then, Collin gets up and spreads her legs wide, revealing her beautiful pussy. He admires her pussy for some time and slowly rubs his cock on it.

Mani- “Aah, that’s so nice. Put it in, please put it in.”

Collin slaps her pussy with his dick and teases her. He circles it’s top around her pussy lips, making her go wild. Collin places his dick head at the entrance and tries pushing. Only the top goes in and her screams go on. Collin immediately places his hand on her mouth, so that she doesn’t make any sounds.

Then, Collin removes his dick completely out and again pushes it in, slowly. Half of his dick goes in and comes in contact with a stopping. He realises it is her hymen and she would scream when her hymen breaks.

So, Collin takes her panties and puts it in her mouth, and again covers it with his hand.

Now, using all his strength, Collin pushes himself further in. His dick goes all the way inside her pussy, tearing the virgin wall. She screams like hell, but her sounds are muffled by her panties and Collin’s hand. She struggles and beats her hands on the bed.

Collin stays still like that for some seconds and removes the panty. He immediately puts his mouth there and starts kissing her. She gives light screams into his mouth. Collin gets up and covers her mouth again, and slowly start fucking her.

For initial strokes, she screams. But gradually, her screams come down to moans. Hearing her moans makes Collin hornier and he increases his speed. He gets hold of her boobs and presses them hard. She covers her mouth and enjoys his fucks.

Collin fucks her like a horse. He plays with her nipples, pulling and pinching them. When he senses his orgasm building, he removes his dick out of her pussy and strokes fast, as he didn’t want to cum in her. Collin had the best orgasm of his life, and he erupted like never before. His hot cum flew out of his dick and landed on Mani’s face, boobs, and stomach.

After Collin completely drains his juice, he looks at her and sees that she is all covered in white liquid from his dick.

She hasn’t had an orgasm yet, so Collin immediately puts his fingers to work and inserts them straight into her fuck hole. Collin tells her to cover her mouth and finger fucks her pussy furiously.

He finds her g-spot and presses it hard. She squirts her juices out and breathes heavily.

He lay beside her and they share a passionate kiss. Collin then lifts her in his arms, takes her to the bathroom and cleans her up.

There was blood all over the bed. They remove sheets and sleep naked cuddling up. In the morning, Mani takes the bedsheet and blanket, and later throws them away in a pond.

After that day, both have countless fucks, exploring the world of sex.