Losing My Virginity To Mom Part 2

I helped mum stack the dishwasher then we went into the lounge to watch television. We sat on the couch together. Our thighs were touching, but neither of us moved.

The film was excellent. Just after the news at ten, mum said, “We should go to bed now, so we are fit for the morning. We should leave at ten and have a nice leisurely drive there. I want you to drive darling, will you drive?”

“Of course I will, mum. I’ll get up early and wash your car, so it’s shiny for the trip.”

We went upstairs, opposite mum’s bedroom door. She hugged me and pulled me close to her, then said, “Jack, I enjoy so much spending time with you. Today was lovely.”

I looked into her eyes, then lowered my head. Our lips met, both our mouths opened. Our tongues were deep in the other’s mouth. Mum was sucking my tongue into her mouth.

Mum was sucking my tongue into her mouth. My right hand cupped mum’s massive left tit. It felt so meaty. I felt her hard nipple in the palm of my hand. I squeezed and played with it, then we broke free.

I whispered to mum, “You have a beautiful handful, mum.”

“They’re also a beautiful mouthful. I love how you play with them. But we must go to bed, Jack. Tomorrow will be a big day.”

The next morning I was up early, just after seven. Mum was still sleeping. I washed the car, then checked the oil and water. The car had a quarter full tank of fuel.

Mum had given me a credit card, so I drove to the garage, filled the tank and hovered over the interior. When I got back, mum was in the shower.

We left after breakfast. The drive was pleasant. We arrived at the Spa Hotel just before twelve. As we were driving, I noticed mum was wearing a wedding band on her ring finger and a diamond ring. I had never seen her wear one before.

I carried our suitcase into the hotel. Mum appeared to be quite nervous as she checked in. Our room was available. They instructed us where the room was.

We were alone in the lift. I took mum in my arms. We tongue kissed until we arrived at our floor. Mum used the card to let us into the room. It was so spacious. There weren’t two beds there, just one massive king-size bed. Now I knew why mum was nervous; she had planned this.

That the room was beautiful. I cuddled mum. She was pulling me closer to her. She was feeling my chest as she pushed her pussy against my groin. I was playing with her tit as we kissed. I took my hand off her tit and put it under her top. The feel of her warm, soft body excited me so much. My cock was now rock hard. Mum must have felt it, as she was now dry riding my groin.

Mum smelt wonderful as we kissed, teasing each other with our tongues. Mum was a far better kisser than I was. I felt I was learning how to kiss from how she was kissing me. I was also squeezing and playing with her tit as we kissed.

“Jack, I can feel something long, thick, and very hard pressing against me. Have I made your cock hard? Please tell me I have, as it would mean so much to me.”

I didn’t know how to reply; everything we were doing felt so spontaneous and natural. I then said, “Mum, every time I look at you, you make my cock hard.”

“What a beautiful thing to say to me, Jack. I want to play with him and make him very hard. But, Jack, let’s always be honest with each other. You make my pussy wet every time that I look at you. Let’s go to bed now. Then we can get to know each other.”

Mum led me to the bed, then she stood in front of me and said, “Let me undress you, Jack. I want to talk to you as I take your clothes off. Hopefully, when you’re naked, you will understand how much I appreciate you and the things that you do for me.

I love you with all my heart. For a long time, I have wanted you. I went on the pill last week. You are safe to cum inside me. I want you so much now. I feel you want the same as me? Do you?”

“Yes, mum, I do. You’re all that I think of. I am not interested in some pretty young girl. You’re the woman that I want.”

As mum unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers, she said, “I’m so happy to hear that.”

Mum gasped when she saw my massive cock. There was a stunned look in her eyes as she made me step out of my trousers and boxers. She asked me to take off my polo shirt as she took off her top and leggings. I had been right; she wasn’t wearing any panties, he vulva was smooth and swollen. Her cunt lips were wet.

Mum laid me on her bed. She knelt beside me, her right hand holding my cock. There was a gap of at least two inches between her thumb and middle finger.

Mum said, “Jack, you have a magnificent cock. You’re so much bigger than your father. The last man that I had was your father. Your father was the second man in my life, at school, in my final year. I lost my virginity.”

“He was older than me and taught me so much. I realised quickly that I enjoyed sex. Do you enjoy sex, Jack?”

“Mum, I enjoy the sensation when I ejaculate. But, I’ve only cum when I wank myself. One girl licked the head of my cock but didn’t give me a blow job because my cock was too big. Mum, I’m still a virgin.”

Mum then leaned over and kissed me lovingly and passionately for several minutes. Then, finally, she said, “Would you like me to teach you about sex, Jack?”

“I would love that, mum. I would like that more than anything else in the world.”

“Jack, lovemaking is more than just about fucking and sex, though that is important, too. I can understand the girl that didn’t want to give you a blow job. In my teens, I wouldn’t have liked to deep throat that monster, but today, I’m sure I’ll manage if I put my mind to it. You have a magnificent cock Jack, let me now make him hard.”

There was a lot of pre-cum on Jack’s piss slit. Mum gently licked it off the head of his cock. She held it in her mouth and said, “Have you ever tasted cum, Jack?”

I told her no. Mum leaned down on me, and then we cum kissed. It was pretty sweet. I had no problems as mum left some in her mouth. Then we swallowed and smiled at each other.

“Jack, I love oral. It’s at the heart of good sex. Now, I will give, and you will receive. Tonight, I will receive, and you will give. I’m now going to work on your monster cock; as I do it, I want you to feel and play with my body. Nowhere is off-limits.

My cunt, my ass, my tits. Every part of my body is yours now. Be gentle with everything that you do. That’s very important this now. Of course, later, we can be as rough as you want, but that’s only when we know each other more intimately. I love your cock. I’m getting wet thinking about how he’ll feel inside me.”

Mum then teased the bulbous head of my cock with her tongue. She was slow and deliberate with every motion of her tongue. Next, she spent time on my banjo string. I was amazed and admired what mum was doing with her tongue to my cock. She was also massaging my heavy balls as she tongued my cock. She was looking directly into my eyes as she did this.

Then she came off my cock and put one of my balls in her mouth as she massaged the other. Then she moved to my other ball and did the same as she rubbed the first ball. It was a completely new world for me. I then realised that the mum son porn I watched on the Internet was not like the mum son sex mum was giving me. This was genuine and so much better.

I had been gently and delicately playing with mum’s tits. Mum was purring with pleasure as he did. So I learned from mum’s body reactions to what mum was enjoying. Then I felt mum’s mouth come over the head of my cock. Slowly, she was taking more and more of my shaft in her mouth. It felt so good.

I then moved my hand and covered her vulva with it. Next, I spread her cunt lips open with two of my fingers; I got the surprise of my life when this enormous hooded clitoris popped out. I had never seen one as big on the Internet. It was huge. It was a similar size to my thumb, from the second knuckle to the tip of the nail.

I slid my index finger into mum’s dripping pussy, then using her cunt juice as lube I stimulated mum’s beautiful big clit. The grunts and noises mum was making told me that mum loved it. Then I felt two things, the bulbous head of my cock hitting the soft, warm walls of mum’s throat. Then mum’s lips around the base of my cock. It felt unbelievably good. Mum was deep throating my cock.

Mum soon had a fantastic rhythm going. Her head was bobbing up and down now. I reinserted my index finger into mum’s juicy cunt for more of her cunt juice for her clit. Then I felt mum’s thumb and index finger grip my index finger. Mum’s head was still bobbing up and down on my cock.

Then I had a fantastic sensation. Mum had slid her index finger inside my tight ass. She was finger fucking my ass with the same rhythm as her head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I had felt nothing like it in my life. Finally, it was too much for me. I cried out, “Mum, I’m cumming.”

Mum then concentrated her bobbing on the head of my cock. My first spurt was forceful. It took mum by surprise. It went straight down her throat. Then, with the next spurts, mum milked my cock for all the cum she could suck out of it. I had experienced nothing like it before in my life.

Mum came off my cock, then brought her face close to mine. She opened her mouth and put her tongue out, showing me the largest blob of cum I had ever seen. We cum kissed for several minutes. My tongue and mum’s tongue were busy transferring my cum from mum’s mouth into my mouth. I loved what we were doing.

It was beautiful how we cuddled as we cum kissed. Mum was so graceful and caring. I felt a complete union with her. We were as one. Everything felt so natural. Mum and I were as one. I couldn’t believe how good that I felt. The guy from the steakhouse had been right. Mum wanted me as much as I wanted her.

“Jack, I loved doing that for you. Don’t worry about Cumming so quickly. It impressed me you lasted so long. Now we come to the big one. Your cock is still hard. I will play the mum card; I know I’m taking your virginity.

When we finish, we’ll both have an unforgettable memory. I want you to lie on top of the bed. I’m going on top of you in the cowgirl position. That way, we can both look into each other’s eyes. I want that. I haven’t had a cock since your dad was over eleven years ago.

If I’m on top, then I can control things. I think it will be best for both of us. You are giving me your virginity and I am so excited. I love you.”

I was so happy that mum had suggested this. I was so nervous and inexperienced. The memory mum would give us both would be something special. I looked at mum’s beautiful body as she squatted over me, gripping my cock at the base as she ran it up and down her long sex slit, the head just inside her cunt flaps.

Then she teased her vast clit with the bulbous head of my cock. I felt her cunt twitch. I was sure that she had had a small orgasm. She then positioned the head of my cock in the middle of her sex slit. As she pushed down, I felt the warmth of her cunt walls. Mum said as she blew me a kiss, “I love you, Jack.”

Mum didn’t take all of me, maybe three-quarters, on her first attempt. She raised herself to where the head of my cock was still inside her. She pushed down again.

This time she gasped as the head of my cock hit her cervix. She cried out, “It’s incredible, Jack, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix. I have never had that in my life before. I feel stretched, but it feels so good and comfortable.

I can get used to this, darling. How’s it for you? How does it feel to have your cock inside your mum’s cunt? Tell me how it feels?”

I didn’t tell mum that I still had over an inch to go before taking my entire length. She would find out soon enough. “Mum, it’s wonderful. It feels so good. The warmth of your pussy is what I like the most. I also love you are gripping my cock as you are riding me; I’m so happy that we’re doing this, mum.”

“That’s wonderful, Jack; I’m happy too. Let me get a pleasant rhythm going. I want you to cum. When you shoot your load inside me, then you’re giving me your virginity.

I love you so much. When you go to university, you will stay with me. I will buy you a faster car.”

The End.