Life could be very simple back then

My name is J. B. McCoy and I am a very easy man to get along with. I get along with everyone and I try very hard to do so. I work at it every day. I live a very simple quiet life most of the time. Well, part of the time.

Some might tell you I am nothing like what I am telling you. But I can say with all honesty what I am telling you is the truth. I will admit I do travel around some. And I am ask to try to settle a disagreement once in a while. In fact it is part of my job to do so.

My life did not start out easy. I was born dirt poor. I inherited very little when my father was killed. We had a small ranch in southern Colorado. Two men rode into our yard. They were killers hired to move us from our ranch by a large rancher who wanted the water hole it was on. I was just sixteen that fall and my father and I were working on the yard fence when they rode up. My father reached for his rifle by the post where we were working. And one of the two drew very fast and killed him. The man turned to me.

“I see a rig hanging on the fence behind you boy. I am going to give you a chance. Put it on and when you are ready you can have your chance before I kill you.”

I walked slowly over and buckled my father’s gun belt around my hips and I turned to face them.

“My father was left handed, I am right so maybe not a real good chance?”

“Sorry Kid, it’s the only one you get.”

His hand dropped and I shot him right on the bridge of his nose. He fell sideways out of his saddle with a very stunned look on what was left of his face.

“Holy shit kid, you know who you just killed?”

“Don’t know and don’t care. You have two choices. Pull now and join him. Or pick him up and take him with you back to Pullerman. Tell him this place is mine and if I find him or his on my water hole I will come back and kill him.”

That was twenty years ago and the first man I killed. But to this day Pullerman still leaves my water hole alone. My mother had all ready left my father when they came and killed him. She had gone to Pullerman and had become his whore. After I killed his gunman he knew I would some day come for him. Not because of my mother. She made him a very good whore.

My mother made a choice and I let her live with it. And I let Clive Pullerman live with the fact that one day I would kill him.

I was down in a little town in New Mexico two years later when a very bad man who was known to be a very bad man pointed to me and openly stated he didn’t like me. We were playing poker and I had won a couple of hands against him and he was very upset. I told him I was crushed he said he didn’t like me and ask what I could do to make him change his mind about me. He stated he’d just kill me. He pulled and I shot him the same place I had shot the gunman up in Colorado.

I had killed my second man. And I did so with my father’s left handed rig. Now I may be faster and a better shot with my right hand? But, my left seems to work okay. So I have kept the left handed rig.

I finally settled down in the top of Colorado on a nice little ranch and went to raising cattle with the rest of the wild life of the area. I had been on my ranch for a while when the Donaldson family came through going to California. Their oldest daughter was nearing old maid age at 18 and unmarried. Old man Donaldson was really wanting to marry off his daughter. So in the few weeks they were there I easily courted young Millie and we were soon married.

I found young Millie was past the virgin stage by the time we married. She finally confided she had been pleasing several young men on the wagon train and her father had encouraged her to do so. Until he’d found me he was thinking young Millie would likely be working in one of the girl places to pleasure men.

In fact my wife told me her father had taken her to two of the places in our town. I found this very interesting to say the least.

“So my young wife, tell me about this. Did your father actually put your pretty little body on the market at these places?”

“Are you asking if he put me up for them to hire me for sex?”

“Yes, did he have you show them your charms and let them pleasure you?”

“I had sex with the owner of the Palace and the owner of the Red Hen. And they both want me.”

“But it went no farther?”

“What are you asking me now?”

“They didn’t try to put you to work?”

“The owner of Palace wanted me for himself, for a while. We had sex several times. But father felt the Red Hen was the better place.”

“Why was that?”

“Father could see Rex Hobin excited me much more. He had me upstairs and then he took me back down for the crowd to see.”

“While you were still naked?”

“Oh God yes, he just took me right down into the crowd of men. And they were just all over me.”

“They wanted you.”

“Yes, and they told me so as they were touching me everywhere.”

“So what did you do Millie? Did you become a whore for them?”

“It was so exciting, they just took me back upstairs and they fucked me. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to. But father found you and here we are.”

“So you just got to do it the one time?”

“Yes, just that once. But, he still wants me.”

“Rex Hobin, does you mean?”

“Have you seen him since we got married, Millie?”

She got a shocked look.

“Father told me, I probably shouldn’t tell you. But yes he has taken me down to see Mr. Hobin several times since we married. Maybe I should not do that?”

“Does he fuck you when you go see him?”

“Father says I need to keep my doors open just in case?”

“Well he could be right Millie. When are you to see Mr. Hobin again Millie?”

“Well I told Father you need to be gone a few days. He is taking me down there this afternoon right after you leave. Is that okay?”

“Millie I will be gone more than 3 weeks. Would you like to become Mr. Hobin’s and work for him while I am gone?”

“Can I do that while you are gone?”

“Yes Millie, I think that might be good for you. I will talk to Rex before I go. I am a bit surprised he has been fooling with you before talking to me.”

“Oh he doesn’t want you to know. He was going to keep it very quiet while you are gone.”

“My that would cut your fun of it while I am gone. No my sweet Millie your sex needs put on display for them and you need to enjoy being their whore.”

“You don’t mind your wife being a whore?”

“No my love most women are whores in one way or another.”

“Do you love me, my husband?”

“Sure, I do my love, and I know you love me. But I also know Mr. Hobin has a very large cock and you really enjoy him having it up inside of you. And he makes you want to pleasure his customers. It excites you. Doesn’t he?”

My wife smiled at me as I left to talk with Rex. I am a circuit court Judge. I have killed 14 men in stand up shoot outs. And I have hung 9 men and one woman in my time as Judge. They everyone earned the dance on the end of the rope. I do not have people hung easily. It weights heavy on my soul to have that done. It is much more fun and easier to give my wife to our small community to enjoy sexually.

The nine men I had hung were all in line with the law in the need to be removed from society. The woman I still struggle with. Her husband was the meanest son of a bitch I ever saw. She killed her three little kids to protect them from him. She drowned them. She was a beautiful little woman. She had the choice of Trail by me or jury trial by 12 of her pears. She choice the latter.

It was a small town in Montana and she knew they would hang her. I knew she could not get a fair trial there as did she. But it was what she wanted. The guilt of having to drown her children was more than she could stand. Her husband even being a beast was from there and had power of family there. They found her guilty and they hung her.

There was no real justice, but I did even the score some. I called skunks, skunks and their egos were much bigger than their common sense. The husband and two of the jury members braced me And they were buried the day I left. I was gone more than the time I had said so Mr. Hobin had lots of time to bed my wife and use her as his whore for his customers.

As it turned out I was gone nearly 3 months. I got involved in two long trials. Both I believe turned out right. The second was within a few miles of my old ranch that I had not been to in several years. Again men killed a small rancher that was squatted on a water hole Mr. Pullerman believed he could not live with out. His wife filed charges that he had her husband killed and they were going to have a mock trial and turn him loose.

Being in the area I heard about it and decided maybe a real trial was needed. Pullerman raised hell about me holding his trial, saying I had a grudge against him, which I did. And that there was a conflict of interest because he was still fucking my mother. Whom he had finally married. He set his killers on me.

I met the two young men in the street the morning the trial was to begin and when they made their play I killed them both. Clive Pullerman was scared to death and he should have been. He had lived 20 years longer that he should have after he had killed my father, now he had done the same to another man. And he was after the water hole and the mans wife.

Mandy Haman was a beautiful woman and loved her husband. She hated Pullerman for killing him. I hated myself for not killing him before he killed her husband. But, two weeks later I had Clive Pullerman hung for killing her husband. And justice was served. My mother who I had not seen in more than 20 years had hated the man as much as I had. I learned she had left my father and become his whore because he’d told her he would leave us alone.

He had lied and had my father killed anyway. My mother turned out very wealthy but hated the place. I hired an honest small rancher to run the place to include the two water holes, one I owned and the other Mrs. Haman did. We all then returned to my ranch in Colorado.

I went into town to see how my wife was doing at the saloon. I walked into the saloon and saw the crest fallen look on Rex Cobin’s face.

“Damit J. B. I hoped you’d not return. That little woman of yours has been in my bed every night you been gone and she makes me more money and all the rest of my whores. She just plain loves to fuck.”

“What’ll you give me for her?”

“You’ll sell her to me?”

“No, no, Rex, I can’t do that but if she’s happy here I could give her to you.”

“My J. B. If I could I’d marry that girl.”

“I can fix that Rex.”

I drew up papers and ended my marriage to Millie. I stood up with Rex and Millie a month later. Mrs. Haman was with me. I watched Rex looking her over. He was right Mandy Haman has a beautiful body, perfect for working in his brothel. He leaned over near my ear.

“Any chance the lady would be interested in working for me?”

“Sorry Rex I plan to try to keep her busy out at the ranch.”

“I don’t know J. B. you may need to be home a lot more.”

“You could be right my man, you could be very right.”

A few months passed and one after noon Mandy came back to the ranch from town She had gotten a few supplies and had been gone most of the afternoon. So I ask how things in town was?

“I stopped by to see Millie, but she was working this afternoon.”

“So you didn’t get to see her then?”

“No she didn’t get home before I left. I visited with Rex.”

“And how long was your visit with Rex?”

“Longer than it should have been. He ask me to work for him.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him I needed to talk with you about it. And that I didn’t think I was pretty enough to work there.”

“He wanted me to take my clothes off so he could see for sure.”

“And did you show him?”

She smiled coyly and nodded.

“Yes I showed him.”


“J. B. Millie has bragged about Rex big cock and how good he is with it.”

“So you went to town today to see if it is that good?”

“Yes, I did.”

“And is it what Millie says it is?”

“It is everything she says it is. And he uses it very well. He took me down stairs to the stage. I danced for them some.”

“For the men down there? You were naked?”

“Yes, oh my, I have never felt so sexy. I needed him to take me back upstairs.”

“But he wanted you to fuck them for him didn’t he?”

“There were only four guys in there.”

“And did you fuck them for him?”

“I was so hot, I needed some fun and yes I did them and both bartenders.”

“Mandy girl, even Fat Benny?”

“Fat Benny has a very nice Cock, My Love, nearly as nice as yours.”

“So I guess you want to work for Rex a bit?”

“I do unless it is some thing you don’t want me to do, maybe a few Saturday nights?”

“And I guess you’ll need to service his customers too?”

Again she gave me that sexy coy smile.

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