Leslie Invites Her Old Fuckbuddy Part – 2

Jake laughed at her again and put his knees o the edge of the cushion between my legs. “How are we going to do this?” he asked.

“Just fuck her. I’m going to just sit here and hold her for you,” I replied.

I let go of Leslie’s tits and grabbed her legs behind her knees, spreading her legs even more and pulling them back to me. A moment later, I felt Jake’s dick o the underside of mine, pressing into Leslie’s tight pussy.


Leslie grunted at first, but as Jake pushed deeper into her, she started to relax a little.

It was definitely a tight fit, but eventually, Jake was Balls deep in her. It felt extremely odd having another man’s dick pressed against mine, especially in my girlfriend’s pussy, and with her so tight. To be as unusual as it was, it was also a bit of a turn-on. Jake took a moment to adjust his balance. He put his hands on Leslie’s legs, replacing mine before he began to fuck her.

I moved my hands back to her titties, over her shirt this time, and squeezed hard. Jake had to start slow since Leslie was so tight, but she seemed to relax a little more with each thrust into her. It wasn’t long before she was moaning quietly. “Don’t take it easy on her, fuck her hard,” I told Jake.

Leslie nodded her head. “Mmm… hmm…,” was all she could manage to get out through her moans.

Jake didn’t waste any time. He immediately sped up. Thrusting into Leslie’s stretched open harder and faster. I was surprised at how good his dick felt rubbing against the underside of mine. Thankfully Leslie’s pussy was always very wet and well lubed. He glided over my dick effortlessly as he fucked her. I actually started thinking I was lucky he wasn’t long enough o rub over my foreskin. That might have been too much for me, and I didn’t know how I’d feel about another man getting me off.

Leslie’s moaning got louder as Jake continued to pound her pussy. I moved my hands from her tits to her inner thighs so I could tease her pussy even more. First, I pulled her lips apart. I loved how stretched open she felt having two hard dicks inside of her. Then, I slowly turned my attention to her clit ring. A few seconds later, her pussy started to sound sloppy wet as Jake fucked her. Leslie started to become more audible, her moans turning into near screams of ecstasy. “Oh, god, yes!” she called out.

“Here, grab her legs,” Jake said, moving his hands and not missing a stroke. He was really into it now.

I put my hands behind her knees where Jake’s had been and pulled them back more, under her armpits, not caring too much if I hurt her. Jake leaned forward, putting one hand on the back of the couch and his other around Leslie’s neck. He was able to slam into her harder and deeper now. I could feel him rubbing my foreskin in this new position. After a few fast, hard thrusts, Leslie screamed out, “Oh, shit! I’m gonna fuckin’ cum! One of you cum with me.”

“You’re sure it’s ok if I cum in ‘er?” Jake asked.

Before I could even answer, Leslie screamed out again. “Please! Cum in my pussy! Oh, god… I’m cumming! Cum with me! Deep in me!”

Jake didn’t last two more thrusts before he drove his dick into Leslie one last time and emptied his balls into her tight, stuffed vaginal canal. I could feel his cock throbbing against mine as he pumped my girlfriend full of his sperm. The first two shots must have gone into her deep. They missed my dick. On the third throb, I felt a warmth on the back of my dickhead. My girlfriend’s fuckbuddy had just cum on my dick as he flooded her slutty pussy with his semen. “Oh, fuck…” Leslie said, her breathing ragged.

Almost instantly, I could feel Jake’s dick deflating inside of her before he started to ease it out of her slowly. He stood up in front of us and looked down at his handiwork. Leslie felt a lot looser now, and I was sure her pussy was gaping after such a workout. “Can you put me down on the couch?” Leslie asked, still trying to catch her breath.

I let go of her legs, and she wasted no time putting her feet on the floor and sitting up a little. I grabbed her hips. “Not yet. Suck your cum off of his dick. You can at least clean him off before he leaves,” I told her.

Leaves?” she asked.

“Yeah, leaves,” I replied. “He came over for a piece of pussy, and he got it. What does he need to stay for? I let him fuck my girlfriend and cum in her. Do I need to cook him dinner too?”

“I was hoping you guys would spend the day taking turns on me and fucking me like the slut I am,” Leslie replied.

“No, he’s right,” Jake said, picking up his clothes. “I should probably get going anyway. I just came by hoping you’d cheat and fuck me. I just wanted a piece of pussy, and you were the closest slut I know. You didn’t tell me you lived with your boyfriend.”

“But…,” Leslie said.

“What are you doing?” I asked Jake, interrupting Leslie. “At least let her suck the cum and pussy juices off of your dick before you get dressed.”

“I better not,” Jake replied. “If she does that, I’ll end up hard again, and I’ll want to fuck her again.”

“So, cum in her mouth,” I told him.

“Or he could just fuck me again. I’d be willing to suck him hard again for that,” Leslie added.

“If he fucks you again, I’m going to spin you around on my dick and let him have your ass,” I told her, thinking that was the easiest way to get her to back out.

“Ok!” she replied enthusiastically.

I looked over her shoulder at Jake. He was starring down at Leslie looked just as shocked at her reaction as I was. Knowing she didn’t like anal, I thought she would reject the idea, but her quick agreement caught me off guard. Leslie leaned forward and reached for Jake’s limp dick. Jake stepped closer to Leslie, and she licked the tip of his dick before sucking him into her mouth. She moved a hand under his balls and used her other hand to play with her clit ring. I sat back and, with my arms o the back of the couch and my hard dick still in her pussy, and watched as the woman I loved sucked her old fuckbuddy’s dick hard so he could fuck her in the ass. Something I hadn’t been able to do in years, and only when she was drunk enough to let me. My hard dick throbbed inside of Leslie’s tight, sloppy pussy. By now, I could feel Jake’s cum leaking out of her and running down my balls.

It only took a couple of minutes for her to suck Jake hard again. “Ok, slut, you can stop now. He’s hard. Let’s get you turned around,” I told her, reaching up and grabbing her titties to pull her back.

Leslie was reluctant to stop sucking Jake’s dick. I had to pinch her nipples to get her to stop. I let go of one of her tits and grabbed one of her legs, lifting it up. I asked Jake for help spinning her around on my dick. “Help hold her shoulders while I spin her around,” I told him.

It was somewhat awkward, but we got Leslie turned around on my lap. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart for Jake. While he was getting into position, I took the opportunity to fuck Leslie’s sloppy pussy. I lifted her up to the tip of my dick, held her there for a brief moment, then pulled her back down on me. Once she was fully impaled on my cock again, she started grinding her pussy on me. I let her fuck herself with my hard dick for a moment, enjoying the way her sloppy pussy felt. After a few seconds, I smacked her on the ass and grabbed her cheeks again to spread them.

Jake stepped up and put the tip of his dick against Leslie’s asshole, waited a moment, then pushed past her taut anal ring. She let out a quick gasp as he penetrated her. I could feel Jake’s hard dick entering Leslie’s ass as he kept inching his way into her. “Damn, she’s got a tight ass,” Jake said as he finally got the entire length of his shaft into her. “Are we going to do this the same way as before?”

“Yeah, you fuck her, and I’ll hold her for you. This time when you get off, you’re done. After you cum in her asshole, get dressed and leave,” I told him.

“Yeah, ok. I can do that,” he said before he began to fuck Leslie’s ass.

Leslie leaned forward enough to whisper in my ear. “Play with my clit, babe.”

Jake put his hands on Leslie’s shoulders as he fucked her. I was surprised at how rough he was being with her. I reached between Leslie’s legs to play with her clit ring. The entire area around her pussy was wet and messy. I slid my fingers along her sperm-soaked pussy lips on either side of my dick while using my thumb to tease her clit. Leslie buried her face into my shoulder and made a quiet whimpering, moaning sound every time Jake thrust his dick into her ass. Leslie’s pussy was pulsating around my dick, and I wasn’t sure if it was from the attention I was giving her pussy and clit or from Jake pounding her ass. I could feel Jake’s dick as he steadily fucked my girlfriend’s asshole. Leslie’s pussy got tighter every time he entered her and loosened a little when he pulled out. My dick was throbbing inside of her. I was incredibly turned on feeling her getting fucked by another man. I couldn’t wait to cum in her.

Jake didn’t last as long in her ass as I hoped he would. After just a few minutes of pounding away at Leslie’s ass, he said, “I’m gonna cum. You want me to cum in your ass, slut?”

“Yeah, baby, cum in my ass,” Leslie moaned.

Jake slammed into Leslie’s ass one more time. He grunted and jerked as he tried to shove his dick deeper into her, pushing her forward on my lap. I felt his dick spasm three or four times before he relaxed. “Are you good?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I think so,” he replied, trying to catch his breath.

“Ok, good. Pull your dick out of my slut of a girlfriend, get dressed, and leave,” I told him as I moved my hands to Leslie’s hips and wiped my wet fingers on her.

Leslie sat up and looked at me as if I had done something wrong. I felt Jake pull out of her ass. Looking over Leslie’s shoulder, I watched as he started getting dressed. Leslie turned to look at Jake. “I’m sorry he’s being an ass,” she told him.

“No, it’s ok, Jake said, shrugging his shoulders. “Besides, like I said earlier, I just wanted to fuck you, and I did, so I’m good. Hell, I’m glad he was here. You wouldn’t have let me fuck your ass if he wasn’t.”

Leslie didn’t reply. She just sat on my dick and watched as Jake got dressed. It didn’t take him long, and he was heading for the door. “Are you going to call me later?” Leslie asked when Jake went to open the door.

“I don’t know. Maybe, but I doubt it,” he replied before walking out and closing the door behind him.

Leslie looked back at me. “Did you enjoy yourself, slut?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she replied, looking a little bashful. “You know you love your slut.”

“Yeah, I do,” I told her, looking her in the eyes and putting my hands on each side of her face to pull her to me.

She pulled back a little. “You don’t want to kiss me. I had Jake’s dick in my mouth, and it was covered in his cum,” she said.

“Yeah, I know. That’s what good sluts do, and this is what the men that love them do,” I told her, pulling to me and kissing her.

It didn’t take long for her tongue to enter my mouth, and within seconds she was grinding her pussy on my lap. After about a minute of passionate kissing, she pulled her head back. “You didn’t cum, did you?” she asked.

“No. I wanted to wait for him to leave,” I told her.

“So, I’m not done getting fucked yet? Yea!” she said excitedly.

“Did you invite him over with the intention of fucking him?” I asked her.

“What?” she asked, caught off guard.

“You heard me. Did you plan on fucking him when you said he could stop by?” I asked again.

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Maybe?” I asked.

“Yeah. I guess part of me was hoping you’d be ok with him fucking me, but I never thought it would be like that,” she replied.

“You really are a dirty slut.’

“Yeah, and you love it,” she replied, wiggling her hips and grinding her sloppy pussy on me. “Now fuck me.”

“I don’t think you should be so happy right now,” I told her.


I grabbed her ass cheeks and started to stand up. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held on as I began to walk toward our bedroom. “Because if you want to act like a slut I’m going to treat you like a slut. First, since you can’t seem to keep your pussy in your pants, I’m going to punish that sloppy pussy for the rest of the day. With my dick and vibrators. You’re going to be begging me to stop by the time the sun goes down,” I told her. “Then, once I’m tired of using your pussy, and I can’t cum anymore, I’m going to fuck your sloppy, slutty asshole until you cry and beg me to stop.”


The End