Laura meets up with Paul

Laura arrived at her massage appointment on time. She knew that Melissa was away on vacation, but Melissa said that she’d found a replacement. The replacement was male, but Melissa had trained with him and they had made an agreement to cover each other’s practices when necessary. She said she trusted him completely.

Laura was a little nervous to have a massage from a man, but decided she was being silly. It’s a professional environment. Besides her shoulder ached really badly and no amount of Tylenol or Advil would relieve the pain. Brian, her husband, had tried to use the massage gun the night before, but that only helped with the pain for a short time. She needed this massage.

She parked in Melissa’s driveway as usual and headed down to her studio. The room was dimly lit in order to create a sense of relaxation. As she walked down the stairs, she saw the massage therapist sitting at Melissa’s desk. From the stairs, she could see that he was balding and was a white male about the same age as her.

He stood up and greeted her as she approached the desk, sticking his hand out to shake hers. As their eyes met, Laura realized that she was looking into the face of her boyfriend from high school, Paul.

She was taken aback by this realization and so it seemed was he.

“Is that you, Laura?”

“Yes. Hi, Paul,” Laura said awkwardly. Her mind immediately flashed to all those sex stories both real and exaggerated that she had told her husband, Brian, about Paul. Brian had also embellished on the stories and, as a result, Paul was a regular figure in their fantasy life together.

She had only dated Paul for a month at the most, but he had been the first person she had really “fooled around” with. They hadn’t done it, but had pretty much done everything else. One of Brian’s favourite stories to hear was the time she had given him a handjob and a blowjob at a movie theatre. He in turn had fingered her cunt giving her what she remembered as an incredible orgasm.

Aside from sex in public, the thing that made Paul stand out the most was his cock. Laura and he had measured it at 8 inches when he was 16. Since he was her first, Laura didn’t realize the opportunity she had had at the time. The opportunity to have sex with a huge cock. This was one of her greatest regrets.

Staring at him in Melissa’s office, she briefly wondered if it had continued to grow as he aged and became an adult … She quickly pushed these thoughts out of her mind — though her cunt got a little wet at the thought.

“It’s been a really long time!” said Paul, feeling a little awkward himself.

“Yeah, 30 years or so, wow that makes us seem so old. I definitely don’t feel or look like that same 16 year old girl.”

“We’ve all gotten older and with lots of other changes,” he said, tapping his stomach and showing off his dad bod. He had been extremely thin when they dated as teenagers.

They looked at each other unsure what to say. Laura was the first to break the silence.

“I have to admit — I’m feeling a little awkward about this massage since we dated before. You always joked about becoming a massage therapist, but I didn’t think you would actually,” said Laura sheepishly with a bit of a smile.

Switching into professional mode, Paul said, “Don’t worry about that. Melissa trusts me to take her clients for a reason. We trained at the same college and have been working together and helping each other out for the last 20 years. I was kidding when we were young, but it turns out I love it. It’s so interesting and you get to help people live their best, most comfortable lives.”

“Okay, you’re right, I know.”

“Why don’t you head into the massage room and get ready? Please remove your clothes, leaving your underthings on, then lie on the table face down and pull the sheet over yourself.”


Laura headed into the massage room and did as she was asked. Paul joined her shortly thereafter.

“Where are you experiencing the most discomfort?” he asked.

“Primarily around my shoulders, but also my lower back… actually pretty much everywhere.” she joked.

“We’ll let’s start with your shoulders” he said. “So, Williams, eh.. I guess you’re married?”

“Yes, to the same person for the last 28 years. His name’s Brian”

“I was married for 20 years, but just separated from my wife.” he said.

“I’m sorry!” she said.

“Oh, no worries. I found out she was cheating on me with one of her colleagues at work. They’re together now. I figure if that’s what she wants and how she’s going to treat me, I’m well rid of her.”

“That’s sad. Have you started dating at all?”

“No, I haven’t. To be honest, I’m really nervous. I don’t get online dating and that kind of thing. I’ve only had one partner for the last 20 years and I have no idea how to be with someone else. I guess that’s a little TMI.”

“It’s fine. This is a difficult transition for you. I don’t know how I would handle it either”

They continued talking through the massage and discussed each other’s kids. Laura talked a little about being a teacher and her worries over her husband who had been off work.

After the massage, Paul left the room so Laura could get changed. After she was dressed, Laura exited the room. She paid and thanked him and told him how much better she felt in her shoulder.

Laura left the studio feeling really good. Things with Paul had always felt unfinished and it was really nice to get caught up. She couldn’t decide whether to tell Brian about the chance encounter. Would he be jealous? … nope … not his style. He would definitely be more sad she didn’t have sex with him and in fact probably would make up a scenario where that happened. He was a bit of a perv., but she liked it… usually.

She pressed the start button on the minivan and nothing happened. She checked her purse and realized that her keys must have fallen out as she changed.

She headed back into the studio and looked around for Paul. He wasn’t at the desk. She figured he’d gone to the bathroom and that it would be okay if she just snuck into the massage room to grab her keys.

She opened the door to the massage room and saw Paul lying with his pants down on the table. He had his hand on his cock and it was in a state of semi-erectness.

He let out a surprised gasp. “Oh, Sorry!!!”, said Laura. “I just wanted to grab my keys.” She pointed to them lying on the floor.

“O my god, I’m sorry!! This is really unprofessional.” He started mumbling apologies, frozen in embarrassment.

Laura looked at the massive cock lying up against Paul’s belly. It was longer than she remembered and much thicker: it was still a really good looking cock. Not like some of the huge ones she and Brian had seen on the internet.

She wasn’t really sure how to handle this situation. She should just quietly back out of the room and head home. But, she couldn’t take her eyes off that cock. It was so big. She realized she was staring and that her cunt was starting to tingle and feel wet.

He noticed her looking, but was still embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. “At least you’ve seen it before.” he noted, obviously trying to diffuse the tension.

“That’s true.” said Laura, still mesmerized. “I better get going. I promise I won’t say anything to Melissa. Everyone does it.” She realized that last comment probably sounded like a really dumb thing to say to 48 year old man.

She headed to the door, a little mortified, but with the thought of how much Brian was going to love to hear about this. It was almost like the one story he made up about her stumbling on Paul jerking off in his room.

As she approached the door, she paused, and with the thought that Brian would not mind, in fact, would want her to do this, she gave into impulse and she closed the door, but with her on the massage room side of the door.

He looked surprised.

She looked really nervous. “Can I help you with that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, can I help you cum? I’ve thought about you for the last thirty years on and off. What we had was so short, but was so sexy.”

He looked really surprised. “Yes” he said slowly. “This isn’t something I usually do …” he said. “Jerking off after a session, I mean, but while we were chatting and I was massaging you all I could think about was your hand and your mouth around my cock when we were teens. I’ve jerked off thinking about you so many times. This was just another one. I was really doing my best to keep things professional and friendly, but after you left I just let it start to get hard and I thought I would quickly relieve myself.. even though Melissa would kill me if she ever found out.”

While he continued to spiral, Laura moved to the edge of the table to get between his legs. She took his cock in her hand and then lowered her face to lick the tip of it. It twitched in her hand at the contact and she smiled before running her tongue down one side and then up the other. Paul moaned in appreciation as her tongue commenced moving up and down his cock. He looked down across his stomach to see Laura open her mouth as wide as she could and take the head of his cock in it. She sucked passionately on the head and Paul was amazed at the feeling that it sent throughout his body.

Laura for her part was so incredibly wet. This thing was huge. She quietly vowed to herself that before she left the studio, she would have ridden that giant cock.

Laura lowered her mouth further in an attempt to take as much of it as she could. Her mouth was totally full of cock and she still had ample room to wrap her hand around the base of it. As she did this she pumped it and found Paul starting to thrust at her as she sucked on him, thrusting his cock against the back of her throat. She gagged a bit and released him for a moment, running her hand up over the head and back down again, lubricated with her saliva.

“God, I still can’t believe how big your cock is Paul,” she said to him. “There’s no way I can fit it all in my mouth.”

Paul indicated that with how good it felt to have her sucking on it; he’d take whatever he could get and wouldn’t complain. Laura resumed sucking on his cock, taking her time to swirl her tongue around the head, and to bob up and down on it as he thrust at her.

Laura let her saliva run over the head of his cock and down the enormous shaft, her hand moving up and down. Paul was groaning and moaning and thrusting at her before he held still, eyes wide and exploded.

Laura was taken by surprise by the amount of cum that was unleashed into the air, and, as it splashed against his stomach, she ran her hand over his massive cock one more time. The next spurt hit her on her shirt over her tits and a third hit her lips and she licked them appreciatively. She didn’t usually like the taste of cum, but this made her feel like that same 16 year old girl.

“That was so nice. No one has done that to me since my wife left and it was pretty rare when we were together. We were really passionate at first, but she hated having sex with me. She said I was too big and it hurt. I haven’t fucked anyone in almost two years.”

Laura, wiping the rest of the cum off of her face, looked incredulous at the thought. Having access to such an incredible cock and not taking advantage of it as much as possible seemed incredible.

“Do you think you could get hard again?” She knew all men couldn’t cum with the frequency of Brian. That’s why I keep him around she thought smiling. That and his ability to eat me out. He was definitely the most skillful at that of anyone she’d fucked.

As she asked the question about his hardness, she could see Paul’s cock start to move. It was starting to come to life.

Laura started taking off her clothes. She knew that she had gained a lot of weight and she was never quite sure to believe Brian that she was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

As she self-consciously took off her clothes, she could feel Paul’s gaze. “You have an incredible ass and your tits are as round and firm as I remember though maybe a little bigger. I’ve thought of you so many times.” He smiled. His cock was really starting to grow. Maybe it wasn’t just Brian that I had that impact on, she thought.

His compliments emboldened her and she decided to own it and go for it. She wanted and needed this cock. She told herself she was doing this for Brian as much as her, and she vowed to remember every detail to relate to him.

“I want you to fuck me” she said. “I want and need that cock. If I was smart, we would have done this 30 years ago.”

“What about your husband?” he asked.

“Are you kidding? He’d be so pissed if I passed up the opportunity to fuck you. We both fantasize about it. You’ve become a bit of a legend in our fantasy life.”

Paul’s cock continued to grow with that information. His only hesitation about fucking Laura was that then she would be cheating like his wife did. But, if her husband was into it, he needed this. He needed to feel good about himself again and Laura’s hungry stares were doing wonders for his ego.

Laura approached the table again as Paul sat up. They began passionately kissing with their hands exploring each other’s bodies.

Laura loved the way his strong massage therapist hands squeezed her tits and she loved how big his cock felt up against her. As they continued kissing, one of his hands made its way down between her legs. Occasionally he’d slide a finger inside Laura and she was shocked to have a strong memory of his fingers doing the same thing 30 years before. It felt so good.

Laura grabbed his huge cock and started moving toward her cunt. “I need this in me now! Fuck me right now!”

“Just a second, ” he said, showing some restraint despite his passion. “Have you ever had a cock this big inside you?”

“Of course not. I don’t think there is another cock this big, ” Laura responded impatiently. “That’s why I want you. I want to feel you inside me, right now!”

“Well I can’t just shove it in if you’re not ready for its size. Let me eat you out for a little while.”

“Only if I can play with your cock and your huge balls while you do it.” Laura showed him the way she and Brian did this in a modified 69 with her on the bottom and his long cock hanging down to her left.

Laura felt his tongue feel around for her clit while he fingered her extremely wet cunt. He put three fingers inside and started pumping. She was so wet — she could feel her cunt juice flowing down toward her ass. Meanwhile, she was exploring his huge cock and enormous balls. It was an incredible sight and she could hardly wait to have the cock inside her.

WIth the stimulation of the enormous cock in her hand and his fingers inside her, Laura had been nearing orgasm. Suddenly, he removed his fingers.

“You are so wet,” he said laughing.

Laura looked back at him with an annoyed stare. “Are you ready to fuck me now?”

“More than,” he said.

He moved over so he was on top of her in the missionary position. “We can start with this, but I really want you to fuck me from behind.” she said.

Once in position, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Laura’s cunt and leaned into her. The giant head of his cock forced her cunt-lips apart. She couldn’t help it and groaned as he started to enter her.

At the same time, she moved her legs up, raising her hips upward at the same time, allowing more cock to enter her. He pushed more and she squealed in pain and ecstasy, throwing her arms out to the side. “Oh GOD!! she said in a muffled scream. “Oh God it hurts.”

He looked concerned, “Do you want me to stop?”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!” she answered with her eyes wide. “Oh, it is so huge!”

He paused, waiting for her cunt to adjust, allowing just the weight of his body to keep steady pressure on his cock. She breathed deeply as her cunt muscles seemed to relax around his girth, as a little more sank in, then some more, and then some more. He pressed down as he slowly continued going deeper. “This is incredible,” she thought. “I feel as if my cunt is literally sucking his cock into me.”

“That’s it, just over half way, I don’t want to go too deep.”

“I want your whole cock. Keep going. I’ve dreamed about this forever.”

She was more or less gasping for air as she threw her legs back up on him; she started to whimper, “Oh God, Oh God!” over and over again, he knew that she was to a point where he could finally start a slow back-and-forth movement.

Every five or six strokes inward, he would push a little more cock into her. After about a dozen strokes, he had about eight plus inches inside. Then he started to slowly withdraw right to the head, making her groan and cry out even louder, clutching at his back with her hands and trying to hunch her hips upward in an attempt to get more of his cock inside of her. She was absolutely delirious with pleasure. “Oh, Ohhhhh, shove it in, please, please give me more,” she pleaded. “Fill my cunt. Do it! Oh God do it!”

Pausing momentarily, he gasped, “There’s only about three more inches to go. How does it feel?”

“Oh God, it feels wonderful, keep going, ” she demanded with eyes wide and pleading.

“This is actually more cock than I’ve ever put in anyone before. I’ve never been able to put it all the way in.”

“Keep going,” she said. “And once it’s all in — fuck me as hard as you can — fill my cunt with your cock. I want this to be the best fuck of your life.”

She moved her legs and put them flat back on the bed, spreading them wide. He finally gave her what she’d asked for and had been waiting for, and in one quick shove, he pushed the last three inches into cunt. She’d never felt such a variety of sensation all at once. There was pain, and an indescribable sensation of pleasure both at the same time. She felt an incredibly hot sensation in her cunt and there was a tingling sensation in her nipples. She felt light headed to the point of feeling dizzy.

Then it happened, even without him moving … she had an orgasm. An orgasm so strong that it took her breath away. She almost passed out.

Paul watched her with a passionate glance, waited for her to recover and started fucking her with his whole cock… like he always wanted to do, but never could.

Laura looked at him and could tell he was getting really close. “Paul, fuck me from behind when you cum.”

He nodded and slowly removed his enormous cock from her sopping wet cunt. She got on all fours and gave him instructions. “I want you to grab my hips and shove your whole cock into me at once and then keep fucking me until you cum. I want you to fill my cunt.

He started fucking her, slowly at first, then with increasing force. She started to feel him grow even bigger. “You have such a sexy ass. Everytime I look down, I can feel my cock growing more. This is as big as my cock’s ever been. I feel like the skin is straining.”

She came again — almost as hard as the first time. He stopped moving and buried his cock as deeply as he could inside her. It was then that he finally came. She could feel his huge cock and enormous load filling her up.

It seemed like he would cum forever, but when he finally stopped, he took his huge cock out of her cunt and sat on the nearby couch while Laura got off the table, feeling a little wobbly.

Paul said, “That was the best fuck I think I have ever had. It’s no surprise though. I’ve been imagining this for years. I really needed this. I am so glad this happened and I hope it can happen again.”

Laura was still recovering. This was her dream fuck. The one she and Brian had been talking about for years. She wished he could have seen it. She imagined that it was even hotter than his stories.

“Can we do this again?” he asked.

“I would love that – that was awesome. You have an amazing cock.” she said. “If we did it again though, would you be open to Brian watching?” She couldn’t believe how bold she was being.

“What would he do?”

“Probably watch and suck my tits. Make sure I’m wet enough for your cock. Watch that huge cock go in and out. I would imagine he’ll be jerking off the whole time. He’d definitely be into doing some oral on you with me if you’re open to that. I don’t know… this is all new to us too.”

“Well, why don’t we play it by ear? I would definitely be into booking you both for a couples’ massage,” he said with a smirk. “Here is my number. Talk to your husband and text me.”

Laura collected her things and got dressed. She did not wipe off her cunt which was still leaking cum. She wanted to show Brian what she had been up to after her massage.

Laura and Paul awkwardly shook hands as she left… both of them laughing.

As she headed to the car, this time with her keys, she felt her cunt ache from the huge cock she’d just had inside her. It ached, but also felt wonderful. She definitely did not get his ex-wife’s attitude about sex with Paul.

She also noticed as she started the van that her back and shoulder no longer hurt. She felt so alive and so sexy. She could hardly wait to tell Brian about her day, her cunt starting to get wet again at the thought.

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