Last Two People In The Office Part – 1

The clock on the wall crept closer to midnight and the third to last person in the office left the 28th floor. Courtney Evans sat at her desk reading her tenth and final brief of the night but the words were lost on her.

She only had one thing on her mind: laying on the dark mahogany desk about 10 yards away while Asher Carrington ate her out till she exploded.


After all, that was what promised to her after their meeting this afternoon. It was the only thing that got Courtney through her three meetings, two phone conferences, 55 emails, and ten briefs.

She glanced up at Asher’s glass-enclosed office for the fifth time in the last two minutes to admire him. He was standing at his desk, flipping through some papers looking as gorgeous as ever.

The man was incredibly handsome and undeniably sexy. His salt and pepper hair and beard matched with his dark brown eyes made any girl swoon. He stood at 6’5 with an amazing physique that the many hours he spent in the gym created.

All of his hand-tailored suits hugged his biceps and strong legs just enough to make anyone wonder what was underneath. Courtney knew exactly what was underneath which only made her mind wander further. She began to reminisce on the first time she felt his full weight on top of her.

It was the annual holiday party he hosted at his house and Courtney took it upon herself to tease Asher all night. He then proceeded to drag her upstairs to his bedroom, throw her on the bed, and fuck her into the mattress. Courtney clawed at his back throughout the whole experience, leaving scratch marks that took days to disappear.

Courtney bit her lip and the memory before chastising herself to get back to work. One last brief . She reminded herself. One last brief and then he’s all yours. 30 minutes passed and the brief was thoroughly read with notes and questions to be discussed tomorrow.

Courtney looked up at Asher, who was now seated and already looking at her. She pretended she wasn’t affected by this and got up from her desk. She turned off the light and walked the 10 yards across the floor and through the glass doors of his office to stand directly in front of the infamous dark mahogany desk. It was already cleared for their impending activities and Courtney hid her smile.

“Sir?” She said gently. Asher took a moment to drink in the vision in front of him. His eyes trailed up her toned caramel legs accentuated by her black pencil skirt, her tiny waist shown off by a simple cream belt, and her breasts that were hidden behind the white pussy-bow blouse she wore but the bow hung just low enough for him to see some cleavage, and finally, his eyes came to rest of her breathtakingly beautiful face.

Courtney was half German and half black, causing her to have wild curly honey blonde hair that was currently tied up in an updo, golden tan skin, and blue-green eyes combined with full lips and high cheekbones. If Asher had his way, no one else would be allowed to lay their eyes on her.

She was his to admire and his alone even if no one else knew it. Asher didn’t appreciate how many layers of clothing Courtney was currently wearing. He would have to rectify this error.

“Come here.” He said firmly and Courtney obeyed. She walked around the desk and Asher rose to meet her. She was close to his height today, just a little over six feet when she had her stilettos on. Immediately his hands cupped her neck and pressed his lips to hers.

Courtney let out a sigh of relief and felt herself relax. She’s been working all day just for this moment. Asher’s hands left her neck to get rid of the offending garments. He untied the bow on her blouse and impatiently unbuttoned the top.

When he was finished, he pushed the blouse off her shoulders and cupped her breasts expecting a bra but was met with bare flesh. Courtney gasped at the contact of his palms against her hardened nipples. Asher pulled away from their kiss and looked down at her as he massaged her breasts. “No bra?”

“Wait until you see what’s under my skirt,” Courtney smiled. Without saying another word, Asher spun her around and began to unzip her skirt. When he saw nothing but bare ass he withheld a moan. Courtney took over and unzipped the rest of the skirt, bending over to push it down her legs showing Asher her smooth pussy.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore and groaned. He reached out and pulled Courtney’s hips into his. He rested his chin on her shoulder and his hands remained at her hips. Courtney could feel his erection poking her in between her cheeks and grinned. He was excited too.

“Are you ready for me?” Asher whispered in her ear and she nodded. “I want to hear it,”

“Yes sir,” Courtney answered. He planted a kiss on the nape of her neck before nudging her legs open with his feet and his left hand left her hip to venture between her thighs.

His fingers ran the length of her slit, feeling the wetness there. His middle finger pushed inside, only up to the first knuckle, and gathered some of her juices. Asher lifted the glistening finger for Courtney to see.

“You’re soaked,” Asher said before bringing the finger to his mouth and licking it clean. “Mmm and delicious as ever.”

Courtney turned around in his arms and kissed him, her fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt. Asher’s hand went up to her hair, pulling on the clip that was keeping her hair up. Courtney’s hair fell onto her shoulders but she was too occupied to notice.

Her hands were busy feeling the hard muscles of Asher’s abdomen. She decided to wander further down but he grabbed both of her wrists to stop her. She gasped and he tore his lips from hers.

“Kneel.” He commanded. Courtney obeyed once more and knelt to the ground, looking up at Asher for the next command. “Suck my cock.”

Courtney did not hesitate and reached for his belt. She quickly did away with the belt and unzipped Asher’s slacks. She maintained eye contact as she pushed his pants along with his boxers to be around his knees. Immediately, Courtney wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.

She stroked her hand up and down his shaft as she sucked on the tip. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head, sucking somewhat harder, stroking him somewhat faster.

As she took a short breath, she sighed on his cock, bringing his full length deep into her mouth, and a muffled moan vibrated on his cock.

She didn’t waste a second bobbing her head back and forth every time she pulled back from his shaft, sucking hard. Her hand grew wet from his saliva-covered dick, creating a sexy squishy noise from her jerking him off into her mouth.

Her free hand clung to his thigh, squeezing her fingertips tightly against the lean muscle. She looked up at him, dragging his cock from her hot mouth. She smirked, bringing his rigid pole back into her mouth willingly, sucking his cock hard until her mouth formed a perfect suction around him.

Asher’s breath caught in his throat the moment Courtney’s lips sealed around the tip of his cock. Her bottom lip and tongue skimming over his tip’s sensitive underside made him shiver with desire.

He sighed, closing his eyes as the blonde worked up and down his rigid length with her hand, coaxing him into her mouth further. “Fuck,” He grunted, opening his eyes as his length vanished between her wet lips.

The vibrations from her throat vibrated across his hard cock as Courtney moaned, resonating down into his groin. It has always been a turn on how easily she was able to accommodate so much of his erection in her mouth. He tugged on her curls, rocking his hips against her mouth instinctively.

Courtney had to admit that the sounds coming from Asher’s mouth sounded so fucking hot. Each moan and groan raised her ego little by little.

It was quite the turn-on knowing she was making him squirm and pant with want. She sucked a little harder on his cock every time he pulled on her hair. Her mouth filled tightly with his thickness, almost not fitting completely, but she took every inch and loved every second of it as time went by.

Courtney could feel his head pressing deeper past her soft lips as his hips began rocking into her mouth. She lifted her mouth from his dick, needing a breather. She took a little breath before guiding his shaft back into her mouth, bobbing her head with vigor.

As she pumped her hand up and down his length, she twisted her wrist even more. Courtney pushed her free hand between his thighs, grasping his balls that hung underneath his cock, softly massaging them in her palm. Courtney was determined to do a damn good job, just as she was during the workday. Not bad, just wasn’t going to cut it.

Asher groaned deep in the back of his throat when Courtney took his erection back into her mouth and wrapped her blonde curls around his knuckles.

The sensation of her fist twisting around him as she sucked his hard dick left him speechless. A soft gasp left Asher’s full lips as Courtney brushed against his sensitive balls with her fingertips, lightly rubbing them.

“That’s so good,” He said as he slowly maneuvered his hips back and forth to fuck her mouth. She felt a small swell of pride in herself hearing him groan how good of a job she was doing, working his thick cock. She felt his head bumping the back of her throat as his hips pumped faster into her mouth.

She grunted each time his shaft pushed back into her waiting mouth, slightly jerking her knees on the hardwood floor. Courtney could tell he was fully enjoying her perfected oral skills by the way he continued to thrust past her wet lips. Asher indulged in her skills for a bit longer before feeling a tightness within his balls.

If he didn’t stop her now he might cum and he wasn’t nearly finished with her yet. “Get up here.” He breathed, playfully tugging her hair to get her up to her feet. Once on her feet, he stood as well and his hands guided her hips to hit the edge of the desk.

“Are you going to fulfill your promise?” Courtney smiled.

“I only make promises I can keep,” Asher lifted her into the air momentarily before setting her down on the desk, pushing her shoulders so she’d lay down.

He leaned over her and kissed her softly on her stomach, the muscles trembling slightly, before moving down towards her eagerly awaiting pussy. Reflexively Courtney lifted her legs and placed her feet on Asher’s shoulders once he kneeled.

She let out a tiny gasp when she felt his hot breath over her center and rolled her hips upwards towards his mouth. Courtney stopped moving when Asher gripped her thighs, “Don’t move.”

“Please Asher,” She whined but stayed still.

He licked from her opening to her clit and stopped. “Have you been thinking about me?” He asked.

Courtney whined again. “Yes, I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Good,” Asher said before swirling his tongue around her clit. Finally! Courtney cried in her mind but let out a moan verbally. She fought hard to maintain her stillness but didn’t bother to control her mouth. She moaned and whimpered as loudly as she could to let Asher know how much she was enjoying this.

Asher grinned when he heard the noises she was making in response to the game his tongue was playing with her clit. He was flicking, sucking, and licking on the pink nub to his heart’s content. “Do you like that?” He said coyly as he pressed his finger against her opening.

“Yes, more please.” Courtney groaned and spread her legs wider trying to expose as much of herself to him as possible. Courtney reached above her head and gripped the edge of the desk, arching her back as she did.

Asher groaned when her mound pressed against his mouth, causing a vibration to run through Courtney’s body and she had to tighten her grip but moaned at the sensation. Asher’s hand pushed her thigh harder against the desk for her to stay still, causing her back to stop arching, and continued to lap at her folds.

His cock was rock solid from tasting her juices on his tongue, enthralled that he was the cause. He looked up for a moment and saw Courtney’s nipples rise and fall with her breathing and moaned again. This time Asher’s hands left her thighs to hold her breasts and squeeze them.

At that same moment, his tongue entered her hole and began to fuck her with it. Courtney gasped as Asher pushed his tongue in and out of her soaked pussy, drinking her wetness with every push. Courtney was trying to control herself but the speed at which she was approaching her orgasm was threatening her resolve. “Asher oh my god,”

Asher felt Courtney squirming under his tongue and it made him smile. The way her breathing got heavier he knew she was close to cumming. His hands, which were still on her breasts, massaged the masses and rolled her nipples.

Asher’s technique was working and it wasn’t long before Courtney was whimpering, teetering off the edge. Asher lifted his mouth from her core momentarily to spit into her pussy before diving right back in. Courtney groaned at the sound and the sensation as he sank his tongue inside her, tasting her hot juices as they slipped out to meet his lips.

Any other thoughts that were running through Courtney’s mind were driven aside by the sensation of his tongue thrusting deeper into her wet cunt. The sensuous sound of her gasps and groans echoed throughout the vast office, and Asher grinned. Asher slid his hands from her breasts and laid one arm across her hips, keeping her pinned to the desk.

He pulled back and spread her puffed lips with his fingers. Courtney looked at Asher as he suddenly leaned up and put two of his fingers against her lips. Immediately, she sucked them into her mouth and coated his fingers with her saliva.

He retracted his fingers and rubbed her slit for a moment before pushing both of his fingers into her waiting pussy.

When his fingers pushed forward, Asher reattached his lips to her clit. Courtney’s hips tried to buck but Asher’s arm kept her in place. His mouth and fingers felt amazing and she was desperate for more.

His fingers curled inside of her and he began to push back and forth against her g-spot and it did not take long for Courtney to orgasm.


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