Keeping Him Busy

“Beth, oh crap, thanks so much for picking up! It’s all going to hell!” Heather sounded panicked on the phone. Not that this was anything new, we’d known each other for going on fifteen years and over half the conversations started out close to this.

“What do you need?” I did my best to keep my exasperation out of my voice.

“Matt’s flight landed and we’re still trying to get ready for his surprise party. Can you go pick him up and keep him busy for a while? It would be a huge help!”

Now it was my turn to think oh crap. I was supposed to be going on a date. Sure it was a first date with someone I had matched with online, but at forty six how many first dates did I really have left? I was already dressed, it was just a late lunch kind of thing so it wasn’t like I had gone all out, but I was in a new red blouse that I really liked and this cute black skirt that hugged my thighs just enough to be sexy but not clingy. I’d even gone so far as to pour my breasts into a pushup bra to try to counteract time and gravity. She is my oldest friend though, that has to be more important, right?

“Sure dear, what time does his plane come in?”

“If you leave right now you might not be too late!”

“WHAT?! You fucking owe me Heather!”

The airport was a madhouse, which I guess is no surprise but I don’t normally fly so it still comes as a shock. The sheer number of people! I lost count of the number of times I was bumped into before I made it ten feet inside the building. Heather had managed to give me his gate number so I could go meet him and had texted him to wait there for me. Yet when I got to the gate he was nowhere in sight.

I waited around for what felt like forever till my allergies started to get to me. It would be the one time I forgot to put tissue in my purse. Walking quickly to the women’s restroom, I flung open the door to get a paper towel. All thoughts of blowing my stuffy nose were gone as I saw this incredibly hot couple entwined by the row of sinks. He had her pressed against the wall with the vest of her flight attendants uniform open and her shirt bunched up at her neck, his mouth sucking from the nipple of a small and perfect breast. His right hand disappeared under her skirt which I think explained the look of ecstasy on her face. Her eyes were squeezed tightly closed and her mouth open in this silent cry of pleasure. That is until her eyes opened and she saw me standing there watching them.

She started tapping him on the top of his head desperately trying to get his attention. I guess he thought she was indicating that he switch nipples because that’s exactly what he did which made her moan. Finally she reached up and grabbed his head and pried him off of her. Her breast came out of his mouth with a loud wet pop and she turned him to face me.

“Excuse us, we got a little carried away.” He said rather calmly and then picked her up and carried her into a stall. I heard his zipper go down quickly and then her moaning really got started.

I guess I should have been sickened or upset about what I had walked in on but honestly it turned me on so much I almost forgot why I came in. I listened as the sound of their bodies colliding were only drowned out by her religious cries as I slowly went to the paper towel dispenser. Part of me really wanted to stay in there, it had been almost a year for me, but instead I just blew my nose and left them to their fun.

I found an empty bench and sat down waiting for Matt to appear. I was fixing to text Heather to see if she gave me the right gate number when I saw the flight attendant walk out of the restroom. She was back together in her flawless attire, no sign she’d just had a passionate quickie in the bathroom. He snuck out a second or so behind her, looked at me and his face visibly paled.

There was no way! Matt was this scrawny kid with coke bottle glasses. At least that was the picture I always had of him but if I was honest that was him at thirteen. Now at twenty one, the years had obviously been kinder to him. Tall and leanly muscular, wavy brown hair and about a day’s growth of hair on a strong jawline though the cocksure swagger was replaced with sheepishness as he realized I was his Mom’s best friend. As he got closer he was actually blushing.

“Did you have a good flight? It seems like the crew was real eager to help.” I said smiling like a chesere.

“It went fine Ms. Rangel.” He seemed to find the chessboard pattern of black and white tiles on the floor very fascinating. That is until I stood up. I guess he thought he was being discreet but I saw how his eyes roamed over me as I stood. What surprised me was the slight dirty smile he hid quickly as I straightened up. What the hell was a young guy who could get hot flight attendants doing looking at an old crone like me?

He didn’t have any luggage so we found ourselves in my car in no time. We made idle chit-chat, well I did anyway, he was still really quiet. I guess shame at what I had walked in on was keeping him from speaking. “You know Matt, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Matt shifted in his seat and I noticed his cheeks were blushing. “Now come on, we’re both adults and we have some time to kill before I take you home. Are we going to have to spend that whole time quietly just because I walked in on you fucking that flight attendant?”

“I’m sorry Ms. Rangel.”

“It’s Beth.”

“Beth, it’s just, well, I don’t think you’d understand. And why aren’t we going straight home?”

I took the turn off the freeway and landed us right in the middle of a traffic jam. Two cars collided in the middle of an intersection and everyone was having to slowly navigate around them. This was going to take awhile.

“Act surprised when we get you home, your mother is throwing you a welcome home party. Now, back to the other thing, don’t think that just because I’m old that I forgot what it was like to be young, dumb and full of cum.” The phrase was out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying. His cheeks grew even redder. “It may be hard for you to see now, but there were quite a few times when I was the hot young thing pressed against the wall with a sexy boy making love to me. I’m not a prude and definitely not your mother, so just relax. What could be so bad?”

Matt stayed quiet for a long time, we made it from the exit ramp all the way to the light before he finally spoke. Unfortunately his voice was so low that I couldn’t hear him over the people arguing outside. The two men were in each other’s faces, yelling about how tough they were and threatening to beat each other up. “Stop being such a fucking coward and just do it!” I yelled in exasperation as I finally moved my car around the accident and into the freedom of the open road beyond.

I nearly wrecked the car when I felt Matt’s hand on my right thigh and then it slowly began traveling up my skirt. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t think to push his hand away, his hand was almost scalding hot as it inched closer to between my legs.

“What…wha…are you doing?”

“I’m doing what you said. I’m not a coward. Like I said, it was just embarrassing that the woman I’ve had a crush on caught me doing with someone else what I’ve always longed to do with her. I’ve had a crush on you since as far back as I can remember, never thought you’d tell me you wanted this.”

His fingers made it up to the lace of my panties and I was finding it hard to remember to breathe. How could he have gotten it so wrong? How could I have been so misunderstood? How was I so fucking wet already just from the touch of this young man?

“I know you want me to call you Beth, but in my fantasies it’s always been Ms. Rangel. Can I call you Ms. Rangel? Do you like what my hand is doing Ms. Rangel?”

I did like what he was doing but I couldn’t answer him. His fingers were pressing into my venus mound, kneading into the sensitive skin like I would with some of my dough for baking. I moaned as I struggled to keep my eyes on the road. Pressing in hard, relaxing, moving down slightly, pressing in again, massaging me against my pelvis as he inched closer and closer to my clit.

My car must have hit ninety, the street signs and other vehicles were a blur. How I kept us from dying I’ll never know. One second we were on the road, the next we were in my drive way. I jumped out of the car and ran to the door. What was I going to do? How had things gone this wrong this fast? This was little Matt! Heather’s son! He was really good with that one hand. I barely got the door opened before I felt him behind me, pushing me inside. I heard the door slam shut and then I was pressed face first against the wall, his mouth kissing my neck, his hands on my hips, he was pressed so hard against me I could feel what had made the flight attendant praise heaven. Then he spun me around to face him and before I could say anything his mouth claimed mine. There was so much in that kiss. The heat and lust of this young man, but also the tenderness of a lover, and the fragility of someone who knew I held his whole ego in my hands. Maybe it was wrong, how much power does a lifelong crush hold over someone? But the last spark of resistance melted away in that kiss, I met him with equal heat, our tongues dancing with each other.

His hands roamed my body as we continued our kiss. I moaned as he gripped my breasts or traced his hands down my sides to clasp my ass. Matt broke our kiss quickly and grabbed my blouse and pulled it up and off of me. Before I could get him back to my mouth, his face was buried in the cleavage made by my bra. His mouth kissed, nipped and sucked all along the sensitive skin and I couldn’t hold back an erotic cry as he crushed my chest up into his face. I reached behind me and quickly undid the clasp and he tore my bra away from me and quickly devoured my right nipple. The small little bud was already hard and sensitive and my eyes rolled back in my head as he grazed it with his teeth before sucking so hard my whole areola disappeared into his hungry mouth.

“I’ve wanted these tits for so long Ms. Rangel! I can’t count the number of times I jerked off to the way they looked in your low cut blouses or tight fitting sweaters. Holding them and kissing them is a dream come true for me!” He said excitedly looking up at me, close enough that his breath teased my nipple. “I’ve always had this one fantasy though.”

I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up to face me and kissed him hard. Of course he had that fantasy, never dated a man who hadn’t. Every woman with big tits knows that every man they date wants to get his dick between them at some point. I spun us around till he was against the wall and then slid down his body till I was kneeling on the floor. I quickly undid his belt and had his pants and boxers on the floor. He was standing at attention already dripping precum and I could still detect the smell of the other woman on him. It was his turn to moan as I gripped him firmly and worked my hand up and down that young shaft, squeezing the liquid out of him. Then on one upstroke I gripped harder and held him so hard he went on his tip toes and gasped. That’s when I leaned in and began kissing and licking his balls. I had almost forgotten how much I loved that salty, earthy taste of a man. It was his turn to cry out as I sucked one large testicle into my mouth. He closed his eyes and wove his fingers into my black and silver hair. I let him go and licked up his shaft before taking his head into my mouth. His eyes finally opened as he watched me watching him as I sucked and drooled all over his hard cock. Once I was sure he was wet enough, that his precum and my saliva was dripping from every inch of that wonderful shaft, I rose off of him and embraced him in my soft breasts. I smiled up at him as I moved my ample flesh over his. Some women don’t enjoy doing this and while the mechanics of it don’t feel particularly good, the look on a man’s face as you make his dick appear and disappear like an erotic magic act, as he feels the thudding of your heart and warmth of your skin while you feel the heat of his passion and the look of awe and lust on his face is a turn on for me.

“This what you always wanted? Your hard cock between my big breasts. You’re such a naughty boy, thinking about me this way. The whole time we’ve known each other and you’ve done nothing but wanting me on my knees, fucking my chest till you cum!”

I felt his whole body seize up and then faster than I could react he started launching thick gobs of cum. The hot white passion went up my neck and into my hair, all over the top of my chest, and a few shots went high enough that they fell back down onto my face.

I was stunned, didn’t quite know what to do from here. It was like a spell had been broken and here I was no longer a hot cougar with a young cub, but Beth Rangel with my best friend’s son. He obviously didn’t feel that way though as he lifted me off the ground and kissed me, not even caring that some of his cum was on my lips. Before I knew it I was back against the wall and my skirt and panties were in a pool on the floor around my ankles.

I broke our kiss, “Matt, we need to stoAAAH!” He cut me off as two fingers moved into me. I was so wet there had been no resistance whatsoever. I struggled for breath as he found my spot faster than any man I’ve ever known and rubbed against it. He kissed down my body, inflaming me all over again, driving away any resistance as he kissed down my belly and then nuzzled against my freshly shaven mound before his tongue flicked along the outside of my hood before diving in for the kill.

A scream tore out of me as he worked my clit with his tongue and my g-spot with his fingers. My vision clouded and I saw stars on my ceiling as his hand and mouth drove me to heights I’d never imagined. It got hard to breathe as my stomach tightened in anticipation. I couldn’t speak, my fingers drew useless patterns on the wall behind me as they tried to find something to grip. His left arm wrapped around me and held me tight against him as my breathing became staccato notes of passion, driving me higher and higher. Then the fall. A wave of pleasure cascaded through my body making me tremble against him. No words, no cries, just an ecstatic silence as my body and mind separated and came back together. His strong arm kept me from falling as my whole body forgot how to function.

Then I was back staring down at this young man who looked at me as his lifelong goddess. I hoped the pleasure was written on my face because words wouldn’t form in my mind just yet as he just looked at me and occasionally placed kisses against my waist. Then he began rising up my body, kissing all the way till he was standing against me, kissing my mouth and I could feel him hard against my thigh. I was shocked that he was up again but didn’t have time to say anything as he spun me to face the wall and bent me over. My hands barely came up in time to keep my head from striking the wall as he moved me in his eagerness. I gasped as his hands moved over my ass and under, felt him spread my pussy lips open, then I cried out as he drove his full length into me.

I’ve never been a prude, had my share of men, but I’d never been fucked standing against a wall like this. None of my lovers had ever been that eager. It was like something out of a porn movie as I was bent over, my massive tits swaying in the open air, my hands pushing against the wall driving me back onto his cock. His fingers dug into my hips as he bucked against me, his balls swung forward on each thrust to graze my erect clit. I couldn’t cry out or moan as each time he drove in he forced all the air out of me. Then I felt his left hand leave my hip, slide up my spine and neck. Felt his fingers move over my scalp till he was buried deep in my wavy mane and then his hand tightened around my roots. He pulled my head back by my hair, causing me to arch even further. I tried to scream as I felt him go even deeper into me but I simply couldn’t draw in enough air. My vision started to darken and I felt myself get weak.

Maybe he realized what was happening or maybe he just wanted to change positions, I don’t know but next thing I knew I was standing straight and then he picked me up completely cradled in his arms. I drew in a deep lungful of air as he carried me effortlessly over to my couch. He laid me down gently, kissed me sweetly, then moved his hands down the entire length of my body till he reached my ankles. He raised my legs up, rested one ankle on each of his shoulders and then slid into me again.

My voice filled the room as he went deeper than any man had ever gone. I felt him in my abdomen, like he was reaching up into my guts as he rocked his body into me.

“Do you like this Ms. Rangel? You like the way I fuck you? Tell me I’m a good boy Ms. Rangel!”

“FUCK…FUCK…AAAH!!” Was all I could respond. He was a beast and he triggered an animal part in me. He paused for a brief moment and I took that opportunity to pull my legs down against him. He was pushed back and I moaned as he slid out of me and fell back onto the floor.

I was out of the couch and on him in less than a second. My right hand encircled his thick shaft and I began stroking him as he laid out on the floor.

“You are such a naughty boy! Pounding this poor old woman with this hard weapon of yours. I bet I know what you’ve really wanted though, the real dark fantasy that kept you cumming thinking of me all these years. It’s not you fucking me, it’s me claiming you. Getting on top of you, mounting this hard cock, riding you as my breasts bounce up and down in your face. Just fucking you till you scream my name and force you to shoot your load deep into my warm pussy!”

He was so cute as he just nodded his head yes over and over again. I crawled up him, still keeping a tight grip on him, till my slit was directly on top of his head. Then in one movement I impaled myself on him. We both cried out as our hips met, sealing him in me. I rocked against that wonderful shaft, focusing on my kegel muscles to grip him hard. I brought my arms up to force my breasts up and out so they could bounce for him, while the nails of my hands drew patterns on his chest. He gripped my hips and humped back against me.

I’d never seen a look like he gave me before. Maybe celebrities who have sex with their fans know this look. Just complete adoration. Knowing that I was his ultimate fantasy, that he had dreamed of this moment over and over again. That here I was giving reality to his dirtiest thoughts, it is the most sexually charged I ever felt.

“Ms. Rangel!…I’m gonna cum…I can’t…”

“Cum in me Matt. Just let go and flood my pussy with all that you’ve wanted to give me.”

I closed my eyes and surprised myself with my own orgasm as I felt him convulse in me. I just moaned softly as he grunted beneath me, shooting strand after strand till I thought he’d never run out.

When we both finished I just lay down against him. The shock of what we had done settled down on me. What would we do now?

“After this surprise party of mine, would you like to go get a drink?” He asked sheepishly.

How cute, nervously asking me out after fucking my brains out. “Don’t spend your money, I’ve got drinks enough here.” And leaned in and gave him a kiss.