Just an evening of great sex with my wife and her bull

Jamal, my wife’s Black Bull, her Master, her Owner, lays back on our bed and sighs contentedly as Laura leans over his upright cock giving him a blowjob.

His hands gently on the back of her head guided her only slightly up and down. I make eye contact with my wife, her sparkling eyes smiling back at me.

I wonder how much of the happiness and excitement in her eyes is because she knows how hard this is making me and how much is because she knows she is getting that much closer to Jamal burying that thick cock in her tight pussy.

I could try to deny it, but my rock-hard cock shows how much it turns me on. Laura’s nostrils flair as she strains to get air into her burning lungs.

Her upper lip stretched wide across his impossibly thick black cock her jaw stretched wide as she attempts to get as much of him as possible into her mouth, and her airway completely closed off when the head of his penis blocks the opening of her throat.

Her loving eyes tease and taunt me as I slowly stroke my much smaller penis. My wife and I are both deeply enjoying our sexual encounter and from his increasingly urgent moans, Jamal is also.

I smile back at her as I watch her gorgeous pendulous tits hanging down. I see her hard nipples press into his thigh as he guides her head down, then reappears as he lifts her head higher.

His cock disappears into her mouth cutting off her air supply as her nipples disappear and then reemerge has her nipples do and her nostrils flair letting her suck in more air before the next stroke.

Aroused beyond conscious thought, I stare into her beautiful face. I desperately want to move them along faster, and I think Laura is ready for more also, but this is no longer about what I want, or what my wife wants, this is about what Jamal wants. We invited him into our marriage and we are now on his terms.

I continue to watch as Laura’s head bobs up and down on his cock. Finally, Black Master says, as if it was an everyday statement, “I want to fuck your wife now.” My cock strains as I hear this and I eagerly acknowledge, “Black Master, please fuck my wife in front of me.” There is an interesting dynamic to the conversation during our encounters.

Jamal and Laura know that I get turned on by the idea of my wife getting fucked by a black man. Laura and I know that Jamal gets turned on by the idea of fucking white wife while her white husband watches. Jamal and I know that Laura is turned on by the idea of getting fucked by a black man in front of her husband.

Jamal guides my wife’s head up until just the very tip of his penis is at Laura’s lips. Staring into my eyes, she runs her tongue along the slit and gives it a little kiss.

Jamal get up off our bed and Laura lays down on her back. She curls her hips up and spreads her thighs with the back of her elbows. Her knees are spread wide as she folds herself in half, presenting her beautiful wet pussy.

She pushes her elbows out forcing her knees down and pussy and ass up. Jamal, climbs up onto our bed and positions his thick black penis at the entrance to Laura’s vagina, causing her to moan in anticipation.

Laura looks up at Jamal and then over to me. I know this will be the last time she thinks of me for a while. In her sweetest, most loving voice, “I need Jamal to fuck me with this huge cock. You know I can’t cum when you fuck me, but I can’t stop cumming when he fucks me. Do you want Jamal to fuck me like you can’t?”

I know my next words will start something that cannot be stopped. My raging hard-on compels me to speak, “Black Master, please fuck Laura’s pussy and make her cum like I can’t.” Instantly, Laura lets out a long “OHHHHHHHHHHHH!… FUUUCK!” as Jamal slides his enormous black shaft deep into her upturned vagina in a single long thrust.

As his huge balls come to rest in Laura’s ass crack, I know he has stretched and deformed her pussy inside her body, causing it to expand to its widest and deepest to accommodate his manhood. Laura shudders as he bottoms out inside her body. As he withdraws his glistening cock, Laura’s pussy grips him and is pulled upwards.

As he begins rocking his hips moving his enormous dick inside my wife, he grunts and her moans emphasize the fact that nothing in the universe can stop their coupling, their mating, until he has drained his balls deep inside her. There is only a male breeding his bitch.

The fact that his bitch is my loving wife is completely irrelevant to him and Laura, just as I am irrelevant to them. Jacking off in time to their fucking I realize that I’m only moving my hand up and down about two inches on my cock with each stroke, as his hips easily move six to eight inches with each stroke.

Literally, Jamal is fucking Laura more with each stroke than I can. Not to mention that his thickness stretches her pussy wider and that he will likely keep this up for 20-30 minutes non-stop.

Laura moves her arms up to grip her lovers muscular back letting her thighs come down. Still spread wide by his pelvis pressed against hers, her feet come to rest on the back of his knees. As she stretches her legs down, she holds her entire body against his.

With her legs wrapped around his and her arms holding his upper body as close to hers as her large tits allow she forces him to stop thrusting and to begin rotating his hips in a wide circle with his thick cock still deeply buried in Laura’s pussy.

This grinding, screwing, applies pressure to all sides of her pussy while still penetrating her to her core. “Ohhhh!… MMMMFFF!… AHHHAA!… AHHHAAA!

AAAAAANNGGGGG!” Laura’s fingers and toes curl and her body goes completely rigid as she cums. Jamal continues screwing my wife.

I know that just after she has cum, Laura is at her most passionate. Her mouth is open and her eye pleading for him to kiss her, but he doesn’t.

He looks down at her, grins and tells her, “Laura I want to hear you beg for it tell me what a slut you are.” Overwhelmed with lust, Laura looks at her black bull and tells him, “Jamal… Master, I want you to French kiss me while you fuck me in front of my husband. Make me your slut! Impregnate me! Make me have your black baby!”

Breeding fantasy is a huge fantasy for all of us so I knew Jamal wouldn’t last much longer. He began deeply kissing Laura. Her mouth was wide open as he pushed his tongue into my wife’s throat. Laura sucked his tongue deeper unable to get enough of him into her body. The backs of her feet were against his legs as hers were wrapped around his.

His long black cock was touching deep inside her body, its thickness unfolding and touching all of her inner folds. His balls resting against her ass as his pelvis was mashed to hers.

Their stomachs were pressed together and her tits were mashed against his lower pectorals. He had one arm wrapped over her head holding himself up while the other wrapped around her to her back, reaching down he buried a finger in her asshole. They were as close as two people could be physically and emotionally.

As they continued to writhe together on our bed, the intensity of their mating increased until Jamal let out a series of deep grunts. Their bodies went completely rigid as Laura shook in orgasm and Jamal pumped his cum into my wife. They continued to kiss passionately, hungrily pawing at each other as their orgasms subsided.

When they broke their kiss, they were both panting desperately. Laura’s arms and legs unclenched from her lover as she lay spread eagle, her body continuing to quiver with aftershocks of her orgasm. After about a minute, Jamal rolled off my wife and his dark slime coated cock plopped out of Laura’s lewdly splayed bright red, and now gaping pussy. I moved to where I could get a better angle and Laura’s pussy was gaping wide open. Looking in, “Laura I can see Jamal’s cum pooled inside your pussy.”

She responded with only a a dreamy, “mmmmm… ” as Jamal let out a small laugh. Languidly, bending one arm so she could play with a nipple and looked down her body at me. With sleepy dreamy eyes she asks me, “… do you want to lick his cum out of my pussy?”

Before she could finish the question I was kneeling between her legs. I was hit by the pungent scent their sweaty mating and the huge amount of cum and bodily fluids. The scent was intoxicating. My outstretched tongue only touched the side of her gaping hole. I stuck out my tongue as far as I could but I couldn’t touch her insides, she was too big.

Looking up, my mouth now slick with their cum, “It’s too deep… Laura will you sit on my face.” My wife knows I love having her straddle my mouth for oral, so she gets up as I lay on my back and staddles my upturned mouth. As my hands guide her hips, I see and then feel a large glob of thick white cum drip out of her pussy. Still fresh from Jamal’s balls, it’s thick and I almost have to chew the cum in my mouth. Before I can think about changing my mind, Laura’s swollen pussy completely covers my mouth as she and I both moan in satisfaction.

I have no idea how long Laura rode my face. As her pussy finished expelling his cum, she changed from kneeling vertically over my mouth to laying down, still straddling my mouth.

As I keep licking I realize that she fell asleep. I slowly slide out from under her and realize that Jamal has left. I turn out the light and fall asleep next to my wife, knowing that we’ll soon see Jamal again.

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