Jen has a bet with me Part 2

There was one week to go before the Nats and I still hadn’t tried my ushiro mawashi geri on anyone. I had set up a head height target in the backyard, which I clobbered regularly. At our final sparring session, I was pretty sure I could take Jen’s head off if I got the chance. I kissed Madison and left for the dojo, still unsure if I’d accept Jen’s prize, if offered.

Jen was warming up in the dojo when I arrived. Our informal fights were always in normal clothes, and today, she’d decided to flash as much flesh as possible. A very small crop top to show off her tits and taut midriff and the shortest, tightest pair of bike shorts she could find. Bitch… Getting her on her knees and fucking her while hauling on that blonde ponytail would definitely be nice. I took a deep breath and twisted my hips.

“One week, Johnny boy, just one week before you head north. Shame you haven’t quite got that kick sorted. I really could do with a bit of nicely aged dick today.” She glanced at the fight clock. “Kumite… Hajime!”

I just nodded and shrugged. I shuffled forward and launched a combination, something different to anything previous I’d done. Jen had no problems blocking my attack and retaliating. After months of one-on-one sparring, we had gotten used to each other’s moves. Jen enjoyed kicking. I preferred close-in punching. Jen tried to give herself room to kick, and I tried to reduce that gap. We circled each other, launching a flurry of attacks when we could, defending when needed. After two minutes, Jen called time.

“Well, that’s a definite improvement over six months ago. I’ve had a look at the competition, and you should do pretty well. I’d love to be there cheering you on, but work’s getting in the way unfortunately. Ralph promised to live stream your fights. Next best thing, I suppose.”

“Yeah, thanks Jen. I really appreciate your efforts.” I took a sip of water. “Ready for another bout?”

“You’re a glutton for punishment. Sure.” She stepped forward and started bouncing on the balls of her feet. “Hajime!”

She leapt forward with a middle punch. I smiled to myself. This was the opening I needed. I deflected with an inside block and kept twisting. Jen hesitated, unsure of what I was doing. I kept rotating and viciously hooked my heel towards her head.

“Shit!” she squeaked, deflecting the blow and stepping back. I finished the move and grinned at her. “You bastard, you’ve been hiding that. Fuck me!”

“Yup. And that’s the idea.”

She was mad. There was nothing coherent about her attacks now. They were just a rabid assault, trying to inflict pain. A few got through, but I could block most. Eventually, she ran out of puff and bounced back to catch her breath. To prove it wasn’t a fluke, I spun in the opposite direction and dug my heel into her shoulder.

“Yame.” Jen rubbed her shoulder and stared impassively at me. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. Mad? Happy? Horny? Her face gave away nothing. Eventually, she took a deep breath and stalked away to the front of the hall. The outside doors slammed and locked, and Jen returned, her crop top swinging on a finger. It disappeared into a corner, closely followed by her shorts and undies.

Jen stood in front of me, hands on naked hips. “You cunning old sod. I was not expecting an ushiro mawashi geri.” She pulled my face down to hers and gave me a long, tongue-infused kiss. “Congratulations. They were two great kicks. I’m glad the second went in my shoulder, not my head. Geez, it hurts.”

I slid my arms behind her and ran my fingers up her spine. “Sorry about that, but I wanted to prove the first wasn’t a fluke.”

She stepped back and slowly turned in a full circle. Jenny was magnificent. The twirl confirmed what my imagination had created. Lightly tanned body, good size tits, and a neatly trimmed landing strip. “Well, a bet’s a bet. I’m all yours. Would you like me to suck your dick to start?”

I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to take my prize. Surprisingly, my cock was also unsure about what it wanted. “Look Jen, I honestly didn’t think I’d ever win the bet. You look fantastic, just so very fuckable but are you sure you want an old guy like me? I’m happy to defer to the pool party prize.”

“Oh, that party’s going to happen, anyway. I had it planned as a celebration or a commiseration event.” Jen yanked my shorts down to my ankles. My cock was trying to hide from the naked whirlwind in front of me. “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, what’s going on here?” She tutted as she pinched the tip of my dick and stretched it out. “You’re not excited about me giving you a blowjob?”

I smiled and shrugged. “Nervous really. You’re the first woman I’ve had naked in front of me for over thirty years. Apart from Madi, of course.”

“Fair enough. Look, a bet’s a bet. I knew exactly what I was doing when I made it, and I’m not welching on it.” Jen knelt and fondled my balls. The tip of my cock met the tip of her tongue and I rose to the occasion. “Mmm, nice. That’s better. Anyway, you look great for someone nudging sixty. And this cock isn’t showing any signs of ageing now. It’s ready to play.”

I groaned in delight as Jen slowly swallowed my cock. Yeah, the decision was now made for me. Jen had said she wanted a fuck, and what she wanted, she got. I peeled off my t-shirt and rubbed my fingers on her scalp. Jen tilted her head, winked and smiled around my dick. It was going to be a fun afternoon. Didn’t know how I’d explain my grin to Madi.

Jen slowly pulled back and stroked me with her hand. “Yeah, that’s looking pretty good. So what’s your favourite position to fuck Madi? Or do you want to try something different? I’m easy.”

“But not cheap. Sorry,” I quickly replied as she started to crush my balls. “Umm, I haven’t thought about it. We usually just do the standard positions. You know, missionary, doggy, cowgirl. We do whatever to get Madi to cum first, then we just do it.”

“Huh. So she comes before you every time?”

I nodded. “Pretty much. Do you want me to do the same for you?”

“That is seriously great you do that for her. Good to see chivalry isn’t dead, but my job is to let you cream me. I’ll be happy with that. But…” Jenny rose and snapped a leg onto my shoulder. “Let’s give it a shot. I love a good orgasm as much as anyone.”

I looked down at her body and unconsciously licked my lips. Her nipples had hardened and her inner folds were stretched out in the breeze. “So is there anything you don’t like? Just asking ’cause I don’t want that leg knocking my head.”

Jen grabbed my hand and pressed it against her crotch. “No anal today, if you don’t mind. I’m just not keen on that. Fun for a change, but nah. Too much prep work needed. Still, as the song goes, ‘Two out of three ain’t bad’. So, let’s stop talking and do a bit of au naturel fucking.”

“Fair enough Jen, no anal and riding you bare sounds good.” I pushed a finger into her opening to collect some of her lubrication. Jen wasn’t gushing, but wasn’t bone dry either. She also wasn’t particularly tight, but that was understandable with her legs basically doing a 180 split. I pulled my finger out and found her clit tucked under its hood and lightly ran my finger over it.

Jen sighed and rested her forehead on my chest. “Yeah, that’s the spot. Not hard to find, is it?” She started stroking my dick again, and I lightly scratched her leg from her butt up to her ankle. We stayed like that for a few minutes, then Jen lowered her leg. “Tickling my fancy is fun, but time for some real action.”

She lay on the polished timber floor and pulled her legs under her shoulders. “Righto John, I’m open for business.”

“And it’s a delicious looking offering too.” I knelt between her legs and slowly ran my tongue over her. A big loop around the outside, then smaller circles as I moved in. I sucked her clit hard, which made her moan, then I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina. Her taste was exquisite. I was so used to how Madi tasted, the difference between the two women was astounding. It was like eating your favourite meal at a restaurant for years, then trying the same thing made by another chef. Similar, but different in ways you really can’t describe.

“Yeah John, that is good. I should have started fucking older guys years ago.” Jen said amongst her moans of delight. “Pete’s good, but shit…”

I lifted my head and slid two fingers into her. Her moisture levels had exploded from my first insertion. I debated about licking her out some more, but reminded myself that the bet was me fucking her. “Ok Jen. On your knees and spread ’em.”

“No worries. Fuck away, and don’t spare the spanking.”

“Hmm. That I can do.” As Jen manoeuvred herself, I grabbed a leather skipping rope off a hanger on the wall. “This ok?”

Jen’s eyes opened wide and a big grin crossed her face. “You’ve got a bit of a dark side, Johnno. I like it.”

“Well, you said if I wanted to try something different…”

“I meant positions, but that’s – Yessss… fine.” Jen hissed as I flicked the folded rope across her backside.

I ran a hand over the rising welt and gave her a matching snap on the other cheek. She was on her hands and knees, waiting for my cock. I strolled around her, admiring her, touching her, whipping the rope at her back, boobs and stomach. She sighed with the touch of my hand and moaned at the touch of the leather. I raised a foot and scratched a nipple with the nail of my big toe. “Your tits look great hanging like this, Jen.”

“I like them hanging as well. No bra when I’m at home. No bathers in the pool either.”

I knelt behind her and patted her bum. “So going topless at the party?” I ran my cock tip over her cunt and pushed.

“Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s good. Umm, only by myself and Pete, not with anyone else around. Shit, oww…” Jen squealed as I snapped the folded leather rope under her ribs and catching a nipple. “Fuck me John. I’m feeling pretty good. Party talk later.”

I whacked her other side and grabbed her hips. Fucking her was an absolute pleasure. Well, fucking any woman was a pleasure, but it was the way Jen had offered herself to me made the sex even hotter. I pounded into her body, our thighs rhythmically slapping and her vagina squelching in time.

“God, I love that sound,” she panted. “Dunno why.”

I just grunted and grabbed her ponytail in one hand. I hauled her head back and held myself in deep, just slightly moving myself inside. “Yeah, this is better. Let’s go. Off to the races.” She tried to nod as I whipped her arse, but I had her head under control. I pulled her back against me, and I didn’t let her slide along my cock. This was fun, and I wanted to be part of her for as long as I could. I pushed forward and pulled her hair when I wanted her to press back against me. The idea was that there wouldn’t be a gap between us. We moved together, coitus without coming quickly. It was a modification of a technique Madi and I had perfected.

Jen realised what I was doing and adjusted her movements to suit. She squeezed one boob and muttered, “Experience counts, doesn’t it?”

“In all things, Jen.” I released her hair and went back to giving her long strokes. I didn’t know how Jen was going, but my knees were getting sore. The timber floorboards had no give.

Jen looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. “That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Bury that cock deep in my cunt. Slap those balls against me. Use me John. Fill me. I want to feel you come in me.”

Her encouragement had the right effect. I growled and slammed into her one last time. My dick exhaled and flooded her insides. It felt like I was back in my twenties, having a round of wild sex, just for the hell of it. I patted her arse and kissed her back. “Thanks Jen. I enjoyed that.”

She stretched up and wiggled on my rapidly fading cock. “Yeah, so did I. It’s always good to try new things. Or, in your case, old things.”

I slapped her arse and laughed. “Don’t be rude. Respect your elders. Just for that, you can clean my cock.”

Jen laughed and let me fall out. “No worries. Come here and I’ll tidy you up.” She jumped to a squat and swallowed my dick. After squeezing out the last stragglers, she slowly licked me clean. “There you go. All ready for the next one.”

I held out a hand to pull her up. “You offering yourself up for round two? Give it a bit and I’ll be ready for another go.”

“Nope. Just the one sexual interlude. That was it from me. Told you it would sharpen your focus.” Jen stood and hugged me, which was strange. She’d always said she wasn’t a touchy feely girl, but then, there wasn’t anything more touchy feely than me being inside her. “Congratulations John. Do me proud. Do us proud. Do yourself proud. You’re better than you think you are. And you, you old dog,” she said, tapping me on the nose, “have learnt some interesting new tricks.”

I caressed her boob and kissed her forehead. “Thanks again. I wasn’t sure if I’d take up your offer, but I guess my subconscious would not take no for an answer. It kept pushing me.”

“Good. Anyway, I’d say we’re done for the day. I’ll go and clean up before I drip sperm over the floor. What about a drink at the pub?”

“Sounds good. My shout. Do you want a hand?”

“Nah, she’s right, thanks. Better not let you tickle my bits again. I may relent.” She poked out her tongue and silly walked to the toilets with her knees together. I decided I’d better follow, just to give my genitals a rinse.

It had been a great day.


“Well, he didn’t win but Johnno did us proud in full contact. A solid fourth against younger and higher graded opponents is a great result. Also,” Sensei Ralph reached behind him and pulled a cloth that was covering a large trophy, “John won the ‘Most dedicated fighter’ award. It’s decided by all the judges and goes to the competitor who displays true karate spirit.”

The small gathering applauded as I took the trophy. “Thanks Sensei. I’d like to thank you and especially Sempei Jen for believing in me and pushing me to go harder than I thought I was capable of. Jen’s bet of this party if I could kick her in the head versus a year of shovelling shit was a big factor in my training, so thanks again.” I put down the trophy and shook both their hands.

“Well Johnny, you needed help. Boy, did you need help. You had a dad bod and an old man attitude that needed a swift kick. And now, you’ve sorted out both. Have a look at this folks…” She lifted the front of my t-shirt and patted my stomach, then grabbed my shorts and yanked them down. “Our local Adonis…”

Amongst the gasps and laughter, I glared at Jen as I pulled my shorts up. She was smiling broadly, thumbs tucked into her bikini bottoms and her index fingers pointing at her cunt.

I’m thinking there may be some more full contact in the future.

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