Jen has a bet with me Part 1

“For fuck’s sake, Johnno, lower. Hit me lower. And hard.” Jen stepped back and slapped her boobs. “This is the target area in a fight. Those punches at the shoulder will be called for being too high every single time. You could slip and punch the head. Stop it.”

“Osu Sempai. I know, I know, it’s a habit. I try to not hit women in the chest.” Arms up, I watched Sempai warily. She hadn’t called “stop”, so I knew she’d have no qualms about attacking me with a roundhouse kick if I lowered my guard. She was superb with those, much better than what my creaky bones could deliver. I smiled internally and started to drop my hands.

“Forget who you’re fighting. Just fight!”

As expected, a flash of a white clad leg ripped towards my skull. I quickly raised my left arm to block, slid forward, and slammed my fist into her soft right tit. The punch caught her by surprise, and I used the fraction of a second hesitation to kick her thigh with my own mawashi geri.

Jenny grunted and called, “Yame”. I immediately stopped and went back to our starting position. She was a tough fighter, so I wasn’t worried I’d hurt her at all. At least twenty years younger than me and an Australian full-contact champion for her division back in her early twenties, my efforts were never really going to worry her.

“Good, much better. Caught me by surprise.” She tilted her head and looked at me, just a hint of a smile on her face. “You deliberately dropped your guard, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, sort of figured you’d go with a jodan mawashi geri, so I went with the block punch kick combo. Hope it didn’t hurt. You did say not to hold back.”

Jen laughed as she rubbed her boob. “Yeah, nah, all good. I’m well padded there. The thigh kick – that hurt. For an old bloke, you’ve got a lot of power in those kicks. Just need to improve your technique and stamina. Kamaete… Hajime!”

I stepped forward, trying to anticipate her attack. I was old, slow, and relatively inexperienced compared to Jen, but I was determined to make it to the Nationals. Literally through the luck of the draw, I’d cracked it for second place at the Vic’s. I was happy with that. Sensei Ralph, though, thought I’d been robbed. He was fuming at some decisions and reckoned I should go to Sydney and fight to show the judges what I was capable of. He also wanted me to do both the non and full contact fights as it was a long way to go for just one match. I was dubious about the full contact, but Jen had offered to do some one-on-one coaching.

So here I was, trying to pierce the defences of a brown belt who’d been training on and off for nearly twenty-five years. I enjoyed karate. Way better than golf or lawn bowls, which most of my contemporaries were doing. Or sitting on my arse in front of the TV complaining about life passing me by.

I grunted as another kick got me under the ribs with a follow up punch to the stomach. I got an inside thigh kick in and a solid punch into her side as she tried to slide away.

“Yame…” Sensei Ralph had been watching from the side and stepped forward as we stood back. “Mate, good effort, but you’re too tense. Relax. And don’t block so hard. You don’t need to. I like your punches, nice and sharp, but John, those kicks should be higher…”

“Yeah, nah, I know. The ol’ hips aren’t working like they used to. It’s what happens when you start pushing sixty.”

“Adapt, Johnny boy, adapt. And stretch. I don’t expect you to get as flexible as Jen, but you need to get kicks higher than your waist.” He slapped me on the back. “You need to do more than literally kick arse.”

Jen and I bowed to each other and shook hands. “Good effort John. We won’t go so hard from now on. Just light contact, ok?”

“Osu Sempai, sounds good. I’m going to feel it tomorrow.”

“I hope so,” Jen said, smiling. “I haven’t done my job if you weren’t a little bit sore.”


“Ur, ur, ur, oh fuck, harder.” Madi wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper into her. “Give it to me, you evil Ninja.”

“Ha ha ha! I shall not! I shall take you to the edge of ecstasy, but you will stay unfulfilled. Such is your fate for mocking the Lostshoe Clan Leader! Ow!”

Madi had reached up and flicked my earlobe. I stopped pumping her with the tip of my dick just resting on her opening. We stared at each other, waiting for either my arms to collapse or my wife’s desire to be fucked to take over.

“I can do this now,” I smirked and slid about an inch in, then completely out. “That’s one good thing about all this training.”

Madi groaned and put her hands up. “I surrender to the Master. I will refrain from making rude comments about your creaky knees. Now, can you please finish fucking me before I have to pee?”

I slid slowly back into my wife’s vagina and ground my pubis against hers. She sighed in relief as I resumed my fucking.

“I like this extra energy of yours,” she sighed. “Hard and strong for long. You should’ve taken up karate years ago.”

“You pick the worst times for a chat,” I panted. “The usual, I suppose?”

“Yes please.”

With that, I sat up and gave Madeline three solid strokes, then held myself deep. “Righto, do what you do so well.”

She smiled and reached down to work on herself. Early in our relationship, we had enthusiastically tried all sorts of positions and methods, but Madi always complained that I came before her. Eventually, we worked out a compromise. We got her to orgasm, then I could fuck her to my heart’s content. She said I couldn’t give her clit the exact pressure and finger rotation she needed, so Madison worked herself while I filled her hole and waited.

Her fingers flew around her clit in a rhythm that I could never replicate. A muttered word, a nod in a direction, a sharp intake of breath. After nearly thirty years, I knew what they meant and how to react. I was happy in my supporting role, watching the emotions flow across Madi’s face and her boobs jiggle with the effort. I ran my fingers up the inside of her thighs as I felt her temperature rise around my cock. A sharp intake of breath, then a burst of wet heat around me.


“Yep. A good one. I’m all yours.”

I leant forward and kissed a nipple, then lowered myself. I love the skin to skin contact we have after she comes. A thin film of sweat appears, no matter the temperature. Just enough to let me slide my whole body over Madi’s. There’s nothing like a full-body fuck.

Mardi lazily opened an eye. “Do you want to change position? If you do, it’d better be now before I fall asleep.”

“Nah, all good. I’m happy with a slow one.” I clenched my bum and nudged my cock in deep. Madi falling asleep while having sex wasn’t unusual. She didn’t have big screaming porn-type orgasms, but they took a lot out of her. It was very disconcerting when it first happened. I wasn’t sure whether to stop or what. During that time, I pulled out and went to finish myself off. Madi had woken up and said to come inside her anyway. She loved the feeling.


“Mmm?” Conversation and sex. We had chatted about many odd things while my dick was buried deep inside her even though it was sometimes distracting. It horrified her sister when we had let slip that little crumb one drunken New Year’s Eve. Liz belonged to the ‘plank of wood’ school of sex. I felt sorry for her husband.

“Do you think you have a chance at the Nats?”

“Honestly, I don’t think so. Not for a place. Still, I didn’t think I’d do well down here.” I sat up and rested my hands on her knees. “Only one way to find out for sure.”

“True.” She let out a big yawn. “Use warm water when you clean me up. Night.”

“Of course. Won’t be long. Goodnight.” I kissed her knee and quietly resumed my job.


I like Jen. She’s very much a tomboy, to use a now unfashionable term. She runs her own landscaping business and wasn’t afraid to call a spade a fucking shovel. You knew exactly where you stood with her. Her looks were deceptive, though. A big mane of blond hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, a slim, manual work-hardened body, and unbelievable flexibility. She looked like a petite cheerleader, but she had a tough streak running through her and was really smart. I naturally had the occasional daydream about her but never seriously considered her anything more than a sparring partner.

“Better, John, better.” We’d moved away from purely karate techniques to things that would improve my fitness. These were open to anyone from the dojo, but usually I was the only masochist. The latest effort was a run along the beach, then up a staircase to the top of the cliff, then back down. The climb was only for me. Jen stayed at the bottom and timed my effort. “Eight minutes, three seconds. So close…”

I glared at her and wheezed out something incomprehensible as I struggled to draw in oxygen.

“Now take it easy old man, until you catch your breath,” Jen said and patted me on the back. “Let’s say you had a headwind on the way back, which slowed you down. I’ll give you the three. Come on, I’ll race you back to the pub, and I’ll get you that beer.”

“You’re a sadist, you know. Ever thought of a career as a personal trainer?”

“Yeah, nah. I prefer to do this as a hobby. Besides, if I were a PT, I’d have to spend most of my time inside the gym. Couldn’t stand that. Outdoor’s much better.” She jogged off, leaving me to lumber behind. I was never a runner. I was a Clydesdale compared to Jen the greyhound. Still, I had to admit I was improving in most areas. Except for my kicks.

I found Jen out the back of the pub in the beer garden. A cool pot of light beer was sparkling in the sun for me, and Jen was lazing back in a chair, sipping her gin and tonic.

“Not a bad afternoon John. You’ve earned that beer.”

“Thanks, Jen,” I said as I collapsed in the chair opposite her. “Nothing like a bit of incentive to convince the brain to push things harder.”

“Carrot and stick. Works with my horses, so I figured it’d work on you.”

“Great. So I am a Clydie. I feel like it, chasing after you.”

She smiled and leaned forward. My eyes instinctively flicked down to admire her boobs clad in a low-cut crop top. Jen chuckled and said, “Oi. Up here! Geez, you guys are all the same. If there’re some tits nearby…”

I kept staring at her cleavage and took a sip of my beer. “Must… Watch… Boobies… Do what Boobie Master says…”

Jen laughed, but she didn’t move. “Mmm. Well, it does work on Pete, I guess.” She sat back and looked at me with a thoughtful stare. I’d seen that look before, and it usually meant more hard work for me.

“Ok, Jen. Spill it. I know you’re thinking of something evil, so just tell me.”

She pursed her lips and rubbed her chin. “Evil? Depends on your perspective. I was just thinking of what I could do to incentivise you to get your kicks up.”

“It’d have to be something that can get me to beat physics. I’m getting better. A straight mae geri to the chin is achievable, but there’s no way I can get you in the head with a mawash. Ribs are about it.”

“Mmm. Dunno.” She leaned forward again. “How about this for some incentive? If, in a fight, you get a mawashi geri over my shoulder, I’ll drop to the floor and you can fuck me there and then. Whatever you want to do, no holes barred.”

I snorted in my beer and laughed. “Funny girl. Be serious. As tempting as that is, it’s a safe bet on your part. Three months to get another eighteen inches? Nope. Not gunna happen.”

“I am serious. And I know you fucking well can. You’re nearly there in training but not in kumite.” She turned slightly away from the CCTV camera and lifted a boob out of her crop, held it for an eternity, then tucked it away. “See, that’s how serious I am. I’ve always found sex is a great motivator. I literally can get Pete to shovel horse shit for a couple of hours with the offer of some bum time.”

I could feel myself turning red, and I tried hard not to giggle. I had no doubt she was serious. Her nipples were pushing through the fabric top, and she was lightly rubbing one with her thumb. I licked my lips and said, “Being a guy, it’s hard to say no to an offer like that, but what’s Pete going to say about it? I know Madi would blow up if she knew.”

Jen shrugged. “Pete’s just the guy I live with. I love him, but it’s my vagina. If I want to use it as bait, that’s my choice. Besides,” she said, sitting back. “I don’t let any random do me. This is a seriously considered, one time offer. Never to be repeated. I can come up with another idea if you don’t want to, like help Pete shovel shit every weekend for a year if you don’t make it. No one will know. I don’t want to be known as the town bike.”

Jen was right. It was a hell of an offer. If I could do it. My dick was letting me know what it thought as I shifted awkwardly in my seat. I rapidly shuffled through options. I needed more flexibility. The stretching we’d been doing helped, but I needed more in the hips. My dick was yelling at me to take the challenge and figure out how later. “Ok, you’re on. And to make it fair, if I don’t make it, I’ll shovel that horse crap in your paddock for an hour every week for a year. How’s that?”

Jenny broke into a broad smile. “And that’s why I put up the offer. I knew you’d be fair. Ok, you’ve got until the Thursday before you fly out. Deal?”

“Deal.” We clinked glasses and skolled our drinks.

“Right, me lad. You’ve got a bit of work ahead of you. See you Tuesday.”

“Yup. And thanks. Even without the incentive, I really appreciate the time you’re spending with me.”

“What can I say?” she said, ruffling my greying hair as we stood to leave. “I like older guys, especially those who want to improve.”


“Yoo hoo, John? You there?”

“Mmm? Yeah, yeah. Sorry.” I was lying on my back on the lounge room floor, staring at whatever was on TV. Madison was sitting astride me, cock in deep. Sunday had been renamed Sinday, and now the kids had left home, we’d taken to having dinner and sex in front of the tele. Tonight’s meal was fish and dick with a dessert drink of cuntlate martinis. Dipping chips in our cum and rimming cocktail glasses in her vagina’s juices was silly, but we were making up for twenty-five years of sneaky sex.

Madi picked a chip out of the paper and fed it to me. “What’s up? I know you’ve got something serious on your mind when you’re not mauling my tits, so spill it.”

I reached up and honked her boobs. “Jenny’s thrown down the gauntlet. If I can’t get a head kick in by the time the Nats start, I’ll be cleaning her horse paddock for a year.” I didn’t think I should mention the other side of the bet.

“Right. And I have a hard time getting you to mow the grass. So what’s the deal if you can? You don’t have to?”

“Celebratory BBQ at her place for the club. She’ll make sure Pete’s cleaned the pool.” That was a secondary cover we’d come up with.

“Well, sounds fair enough. So, what’s your plan?” Madi placed her hands lightly on my chest and resumed sliding herself on my dick.

I clasped my hands in hers so she could be more vertical on my cock. Sliding felt like I was being snapped off at the base. “Dunno. I’m not flexible. Never have been, and nothing’s going to change that.”

Mads started moving quicker, her vagina squelching with her effort. “Reformer pilates,” she panted. “Machine assisted stretching. New gym’s got them. Go ask…” She sighed in delight and lowered herself onto my chest. “Can’t hurt. Much. Shall we roll over?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that’d be good. And I’ll give them a bell tomorrow.” I hugged Madi and carefully rolled.

She pulled her legs up to her shoulders. “Feed me?”

“Sure.” I pulled out and slid a couple of chips into her sticky hole. I pushed back in, ate one chip and gave her the other. “You go well with chips. I’m sure there’d be a market for natural pussy flavoured aioli.”

“Probably, but I am not going to provide commercial quantities of raw materials. My clit would go red raw. Could ask those cam girls who always seem to have a vibrator running.”

“Maybe just for us? It’d be a bit of a laugh serving that.”

Madi slapped my arm. “Keep moving that cock. I know you’re a guy, but you can talk and fuck at the same time. Well, I guess so, but definitely only for our consumption. I don’t think friends and family want to eat me. Plus, I’m going to milk your penis big time if you want my juices. I want a real cock-tail.”

I rapidly rammed my cock into her. “Sorry. Yeah, that’s fair. Your cum, my cum. Why not?”


Reformer hurt. I had a chat to Susie, who ran the classes and explained what I wanted. She nodded and suggested a class she ran for the local football team, which focused on abs, hips and legs. And they all ached after a session. It was funny to see the twenty-something year old players moaning and carrying on about how sore they were and Susie pointing me out as the old karate guy that was putting them to shame. It was the only time in my life I had been held up as an example of fitness. Madi thought that was hilarious.

Jen noticed the improvement, but I didn’t tell her how. She kept subtly reminding me of our bet – a hand lifting her breasts, a fondle of her crotch. The mention of how much shit three horses and a pony produced…

My accuracy and power were much better, but the height still was disappointingly low. Sensei Ralph also coached me in specific fighting drills, and he just shrugged. “Mate, you’re doing well, but don’t worry about the jodans. The lower mawashi’s are great. Stick with those.”

“Osu Sensei, but Jen and I have a bet going, so I need to get that bit higher. If not, I’m shovelling horse shit for a year at her joint.”

Ralph laughed. “Well, that was umm… an interesting bet. What sort of kick?”

“Jodan mawashi geri. Naturally.”

Ralph slowly nodded. “Yeah, that would definitely be a winner. What about a ushiro mawashi geri? You can’t use it in non-contact, but no problem in full.”

A lightbulb went on in my head. “I don’t think we specified front or back, just a spinning kick.”

“For you, a back one would be better because you can bend forward and use your fingers on the ground for balance. Like this.” With that, he twisted his feet so his back was towards me, bent forward and hooked his heel at my head. Finishing the kick and facing me, he said, “There’s no rule saying you can’t balance yourself, and it would scare the shit out of your opponents. Give it a shot.”

We spent the rest of the session practising that kick. Twist, look over the shoulder, bend forward and hook the heel, finish the twist. I’d always performed it with my body nearly vertical, and it was obvious now that would never work effectively. With my rediscovered abdominal strength, the kick was much, much easier. And potentially a bet winner.


“You really want to win that bet, don’t you?” Madi said, leaning back against me in the bath.

“Yep. Jen’s became real smug about it. She’s threatening to agist a few extra horses just to make it more interesting for me.” I gently massaged shampoo through her hair while watching her tits bob around in the water. Not for the first time, I was glad we’d gone for the biggest standard bath we could find when we did the bathroom renovation. I lowered my soapy hands to her chest and started washing her boobs. She sighed happily, and I could feel her nipples push into my palms.

“Good. I hear she throws a great party. And I wouldn’t mind seeing surfer Pete in his boardies. Rowr…”

Now I was pretty sure I could win our bet, I wasn’t sure if I would actually take Jen up on it. It had certainly sharpened my focus, but screwing her in the dojo? Maybe not. I gently pinched and rolled Madi’s nipples while I thought. I had to win first. Play it by ear after that.

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