Once I was home I stripped off and put on some scruffy lounging around the house and not going out clothes. I wasn’t particularly hungry so I put off getting dinner ready for a while, just grabbing a mug of coffee and flopping down in front of the tellie.

Of course that when there’s a knock on the door. I opened it and very much to my surprise Roger was standing there, in a suit of all things.

“Roger. What are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d take you out to dinner,” he said. “Why don’t you get changed and we’ll go. I don’t mind waiting.”

“You’re kidding. You’re only asking me out because you think you can make me sleep with you.”

“I admit that’s a consideration but it’s not the only reason. Can I come in or are we going to debate this while standing here?”

I should have just closed the door in his face but I do try not to be rude. And my coffee would get cold unless I drank it now.

I turned and walked back to the front room and rescued my coffee.

“Why should I go out with you? You damn near raped me this afternoon.”

“I did no such thing,” Roger protested. “A little bit of light petting, that was all.”

That was all? Who did he think he was kidding? I could still remember what his erection felt like when it pressed against me.

“And how do I know you won’t do the same again once you’re alone with me?”

“Ah, because I’m not doing it?”


He pointed to me and then to himself and then waved his hand around generally.

“You and me and no-one else, right here, right now, and I’m not touching you.”

“Only because you don’t know who else is here,” I pointed out and he grinned.

“So who else is about?” he asked.

“Well, no-one,” I admitted and promptly felt like an idiot.

“I stand by my point,” he said. “Are you going to get changed so we can go out?”

“That would be even worse. You can’t expect me to strip off knowing you’re here. You might enter the bedroom at any moment.”

“Quite a dilemma,” he said. “How about I offer some possible solutions. One, I can guarantee not to touch you until after dinner. Two, we can stop by my place on the way to dinner and I can molest you there. Three, I molest you here and now and then you can get dressed and we go to dinner.”

“All your scenarios seem to feature you raping me at some point.”

“That’s your fault,” he said. “You seem to be hung up on getting raped so I’m just trying to oblige. I’ll be just as happy, happier even, if you just say the hell with it and agree to sleep with me.”

“So if I say categorically that there will be no sex tonight you’ll be happy with that?”

“I wouldn’t say happy, but I would go along with it.”

I stood there, sipping on my coffee and trying to think. Should I take the chance? It’d be a free meal. What would be the worst that could happen? I’d become a non-virgin and that was something I wanted anyway.

I was beating myself up trying to decide what to do when Roger took my coffee out of my hand and put it on the coffee table. Then he started undoing the buttons on the old house dress I was wearing.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, startled.

“You can’t seem to make up your mind so I’m helping you out,” he said. “I’m going with option three and seducing you here and now. You can switch to options one or two if you really want to. All options require you to take these things off so you can get dressed for dinner.”

With that he slipped the dress off my shoulders and let it fall away, leaving me in panties and bra.

“I’ll go and get dressed,” I told him quickly, pointing towards my bedroom.

“Okay. First I’ll help you out of these. I’m sure you intend to change them anyway.”

Without so much as a by-your-leave he pushed my panties down, turned me around and unclipped my bra, Turning me to face him he brushed my shoulder straps off and my bra just naturally dropped away, leaving my breasts exposed. Going down on one knee he continued lowering my panties, pushing them down to my ankles and then tapping a foot to make me lift it. Moments later I was standing there completely naked.

I would have gone to get dressed but I ran into an unexpected problem. Roger’s hands were covering my breasts and it would have been rude to leap away as if I was being contaminated. The fact that I found the way he was touching them to be interesting, exciting even, had nothing to do with it. Still, there was another problem, and this one was Roger’s.

“Um, I hate to have to break this to you, Roger,” I said, “but I still live with my parents. I expect that they’ll be home, oh, any second now. I don’t think my mother will be too thrilled to see you holding my breasts. My father, on the other hand, will probably run to get his shotgun. I just thought that you should know this.”

Roger went very still and then he slowly removed his hands. A pity, but I suppose it had to happen.

“Go and get dressed,” he told me, speaking quietly but with an odd note to his voice.

I smiled cheerfully and left the room, letting my bottom swish from side to side as I went. Then I hastily returned and picked up my clothes. Once more I left the room, my bottom happily swishing as I went. Roger said something in a very quiet voice. I couldn’t exactly hear what he said but I caught enough to be glad he wasn’t sullying my ears with that kind of language.

Speaking of language I felt like expressing a few choice words myself. Once again I’d been in a position to be either seduced or raped (my choice of which) and I had to pass it up because my parents were due home. My mother would have been shocked while my father would have run, not walked, to get his shotgun. I was never going to get laid.

I dressed quickly and returned to the front room. Sure enough my parents were there, giving Roger the third degree.

“His name is Roger, he joined the company at the start of the week, he seems friendly and house-trained, and he’s taking me out to dinner. He looks as though he’ll do well at work. He is healthy and has all his own teeth. We have not yet discussed marriage or how many children he wants. You may now turn off the bright lights and put away the cattle prods.”

“Well really, Chloe. We were just having a friendly discussion,” my mother said, sounding slightly miffed. My father just gave me a sardonic look, apparently agreeing with me that Roger had been getting the third degree.

I grabbed Roger’s arm and turned him towards the door. A quick goodbye and I was hustling Roger out the door, telling my mother we had to go or we would be late for our reservation. No-way was I lingering and getting my own version of the third degree.

Roger escorted me to where he’d parked. A nice car and surprisingly clean. Mike’s car always resembled an explosion in a garbage dump. I was ushered into the front seat and then Roger got in and we started off.

“Where are we going exactly?” I asked.

“Option Two,” said Roger, leaving me puzzled.

“Um, is that a new place? I haven’t heard of that restaurant before.”

“You’re kidding, right?” said Roger giving me an odd look.

“No,” I said. “I admit that Option Two sound slightly familiar but that’s all I can say about it.”

Roger gave a put upon sigh.

“Option three was just interrupted back at your place. Does that ring any bells?”

I looked at him puzzled and then I caught on. “Oh,” I said blushing slightly. I then said “Oh!” in a somewhat louder voice as I realised where we were going.

“We’re going to your place?”

“We are. We’ll discuss what’s going to happen once we’re safely there with no-one to interrupt us.”

I kept my mouth shut not knowing what to say. It was starting to look as though I was going to get laid tonight. I just wasn’t sure if I had a choice or not.

Roger drove for about five minutes and then turned into the driveway of a nice little house. The garage door opened automatically as we drove up, closing just as automatically as soon as we were inside. We got out and Roger indicated a door in the corner. He escorted me to that door and opened it. It led directly into the back of his house.

I followed him, distinctly nervous, while he took me through the house to the front room. Then he turned to me and smiled.

“Now, where were we?” he asked, smiling at me.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Where were we before that rude interruption,” he clarified. “I believe we reached the point where you got undressed. Let’s pick it up at that point.”

That was the only warning I got before he started unzipping my dress. If I was going to say no then this was the time. Just say no, loudly and clearly, and I was quite sure he wouldn’t force me. I mean, he just wouldn’t, would he?

I was still dithering, trying to decide, when my dress slithered down, finishing on the floor.

“Ah, look,” I mumbled, not sure what else I wanted to say.

“I’m looking, I’m looking,” he assured me, and he wasn’t kidding. I could practically feel his eyes touching me. I could definitely feel his hands brushing down my legs as he took my panties down. My bra promptly followed and I was naked once again.

“This is where we were,” he said, sounding happy about it. “Anyway, I feel we should move this to another room.”

He turned me and steered me to what I just knew would be his bedroom. I just moved along, blushing furiously, mainly because he was ushering me by steering me with his hand on my bottom.

The first thing I noticed in the bedroom was an enormous bed. I mean, a really big bed. As a matter of fact, that was the only thing I noticed. A great big bed, with me standing there naked with a man holding my bottom.

Roger reached over, gripped the covers, and flipped them right back, leaving a silky teal sheet covering the bed. I wished that I owned sheets like that. I decided on the spot to find some and get them.

I found myself being turned until my back was to the bed. A pair of hands covered my breasts, pressing me back until I first sat on the bed and then laid back, lying flat on my back on the bed, my legs dangling over the edge.

My legs were pushed apart, exposing me absolutely and totally. Roger was now standing between them, standing there, undoing his trousers. All I could do was watch while his trousers and jocks dropped away, leaving his cock standing there, and I mean standing. I was swallowing nervously. Remember, I was only a quasi-virgin, having made had an encounter with Mike’s erection. It seemed to me that Roger was more formidably equipped than Mike had been. If Mike had hurt, what would Roger do? I took refuge in the fact that it’s only that first time that hurts.

He stood there with me lying there looking at him. (Or at a certain part of him.) His hand started rubbing my vulva, just casually stroking me. His fingers starting probing into me, exploring me. He kept this going with me getting more and more restless. I was tempted to just yell at him to do it, but restrained myself — barely.

He suddenly put his hands under my knees, lifting them and pushing them even further apart. He was now standing right next to the bed and oddly enough my vagina was also right at the edge of the bed. Maybe not so oddly, as he was the one arranging it.

He moved my lips apart and placed his cock in the area exposed. Then he started pushing. I could see everything that was happening, his cock slowly penetrating. At first I held my breath, still a little nervous, but he was sinking into me with no pain whatsoever. No pain but an amazing pleasurable feeling as his cock rubbed against my passage, dominating me and taking me over.

He kept pushing, slowly filling me. More than filling me as I could feel myself expanding to accommodate me. There was more cock than passage and my passage was stretching to fit him in. He finally gave one last little push and his groin slapped against me, all of him finally inside me. My immediate thought was finally.

He held himself there for a moment and then he started moving, pulling back out and then returning. After a few moments I found that I was moving with him, pushing towards him as he pushed in, relaxing to let him withdraw as he pulled back. He was still standing there, swaying back and forth, his cock sliding in and out, raising havoc with my senses.

He kept on doing what he was doing, taking his time and just sliding back and forth. I was breathing heavily, making approving little sounds as he went, knowing that I wanted something more.

I finally capitulated, urging him to go harder, faster, and he laughed.

“No need,” he said happily. “You’ll find that you’ll get there. It may take a little longer but that’s all to the good.”

No it damn well wasn’t. I wanted more right now, not later. What I wanted didn’t count, apparently. He just kept on going, slow and steady, enjoying himself, both for what he was feeling and for the way he was tormenting me.

He seemed to keep going for ages, with me chewing on my knuckles towards the end. I was pressing towards him ever more urgently, and I was prepared to swear that he was struggling to hold his current pace.

He finally bent over me, his hands closing over my breasts, and he picked up the pace. I screamed at his first hard and fast thrust, and then found myself giving small screams for the subsequent urgent thrusts. This didn’t last long as I climaxed, and quite noisily. Roger was also climaxing, banging into me jerkily as he squirted deep inside me.

Roger rolled off me, flopping on the bed next to me.

“That was interesting,” he said. “We’ll have to do that again sometime.”

I didn’t say anything, but I certainly approved of that do it again.

Roger tossed me out of the bed, telling me to tidy up so we could go to dinner. We moved on to a nice restaurant, talking a lot and getting to know a bit more about each other. Finally it was time to go and we were in the car, heading homeward.

I was quite surprised when we turned into his driveway.

“Say what?”

He opened my door, ushering me out and towards the house.

“I did say we’d do it again,” he pointed out. “I see no reason to wait any longer, do you?”

What the hell was I supposed to say to that? I sighed softly and followed him in. It seemed I was thinking about my hormones today.

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