Intimate Christmas party

We were driving east on Hwy 120 approaching Blanchard where we’d catch the interstate north. Through the fog I saw what looked like the Star of Bethlehem low on the horizon. It was almost magical until I realized with disappointment that it was a lighted cross on a hill across the freeway.


I was heading to Vancouver with Victoria McKinney, my parents assistant manager. She had joined the staff at the Baker Guesthouse as dining room manager in June. She was about my parent’s age and rather mannish in appearance and behavior. We were heading to spend Christmas with her family in Ladner, BC, near Vancouver. Miss McKinney, as I called her, had brought her nephew down for one weekend in September.

Mike was about my age though we seemed to have little else in common. He was in his first year of college, as was I. His claim to fame, he said, was he was the star bam’ton player at Delta Secondary School. It took a while for me to figure out what the heck he was talking about. As he tried to explain, he referred to a shuttle cock! This just further confused me, until we looked it up in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which we had in the library. It was Badminton and the shuttle cock was the birdie!

When he was here at the guesthouse, he and I went on a double date. We went to the movies with my girlfriend Heather and the former flame of my dreams, Sally. It was a bit frustrating for both of us.

My relationship with Heather had progressed to the state of frequent coitus. With Sally and Mike in the back seat of the car, that wasn’t going to happen. So in the parking phase of the date, Heather and I were limited to discreet finger fucking and a hand job. Mike wasn’t even that lucky, though I found out later Mike had tried to feel Sally up. She restricted him to French kissing.

That slight pleasure was apparently enough for him to invite me up to his parents for Christmas. We got to his parent’s house in the suburbs of Vancouver about five-thirty in the evening; it was “pitch” dark. This time of the year the sun set about four-fifteen. I was given Mike’s older brother’s room. He was off to college at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Miss McKinney had the guest room. We had a pleasant dinner. After dinner, Mike and I adjourned to the family room in the basement.

“Jacques, I’ve been invited to a party at a friend’s house, eh? Do you want to come? Trust me; I think you’ll enjoy it!” Mike said.

“Sure.” I answered, thinking, ‘Heck, I have nothing better to do.’

“My girlfriend, Kate will be there. It’s at Meaghan McGovern’s house. Her parents are out of town. I told Meaghan all about you. I think you will find her friendlier than I found Sally, eh?” He continued.

I wasn’t quite sure what he was driving at, thinking, ‘Sally let him kiss her on the first date, after all. If Meaghan would be friendlier than that… well it might be a fun evening. I wonder how far she might be willing to go.’

“When is the party?” I asked.

“Tonight at 7:30, it’s really a small party, you, me, Meaghan and Kate.”

“What time is it now?”

“It’s about seven-fifteen, we better get going.” He said as he headed up the stairs to the living room where his parents and Miss McKinney were enjoying after dinner drinks.

“Mother, Father. May Jacques and I go over to Meaghan McGovern’s house, please? Meaghan wanted to meet Jacques.”

“If her parents don’t mind, I don’t see why not. Don’t be too late. We’ll be going to bed about ten. Please be quiet if you return after that.” Mrs. McKinney said.

“No, I’m sure they don’t mind. Okay, if we’re later than ten we will be quiet as church mice.” Mike responded.

Clever, Mike! You really didn’t lie. How could her parents mind if they’re not there!’ I thought with admiration.

“Good night Aunt Vicky. Good night Mother and Father.” Mike said formally as he opened the door.

“Good night Mike and Jacques. Have a good time.” Miss McKinney said.

“We will.” We both said in unison as we departed.

“What time do we have to be back?” I asked.

“No specific time, technically just before they get up, if we keep quiet. Though, they probably expect us back before midnight.” Mike said conspiratorially.

“Oh, okay.” I said.

We walked down the street. It was quite a nice neighborhood. Rather reminiscent of the late ’50’s T.V. show “Leave it to Beaver.” We went past a couple of houses and came to a large laurel hedge. As we went up the walk to Meaghan’s house I could tell it was a bit fancier than the McKinney’s.

Mike intimated that he and his girlfriend, Kate, were sexually active, he wasn’t sure about Meaghan, but he thought she might put out for the right guy. He further explained that he and Kate attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and Megan attended Simon Frasier University in Burnaby.

Mike rang the bell. I heard a melodious chime. Before long Meaghan answered the door. She was pretty, about five-five with shoulder length dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. She was wearing a mini skirt and a light blue Cashmere pullover sweater. She also had a cup of eggnog she was sipping.

“Mike! I’m glad you are here. Kate and I were just about to fix another drink.” She said as she gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“You must be Jacques. Welcome to Canada!”

She gave me a hug too, then a kiss on the lips. I hugged her back and to my surprise she slipped her eggnog and booze soaked tongue into my mouth.

“How about a cup of Christmas cheer, eh?”

“Kate! Mike and his hot friend, Jacques from the States are here!” Meaghan yelled into the alcove off the living room.

“Great! I’ll fix them a drink too.” Kate shouted back.

Kate was blonde, blue eyed, and about the same height as Meaghan. She too was wearing a mini skirt and a white blouse with a beige cardigan.

There were three cups on the counter. Meaghan set her cup next to the others. Kate was free pouring Bacardi 151 rum into the cups. She then topped them off with Eggnog from a carton.

“Bonsoir Jacques, voulez-vous un nog d’oeufs?” Kate says cheerily as she hands me one of the drinks.

“Uh, thanks Kate, but I don’t speak French.” I said apologetically, taking the drink from her hand.

“I’m sorry Jacques. I thought with a name like…” She starts to say with contrition.

“I’m named for my Great Uncle, who was named for a relative, who was a knight of William the Conqueror in 1066. You know The Battle of Hastings. He was Sir Jacques de Gournay.” I said interrupting her mid-sentence and giving way too much information.

“…Anyway, I’m sorry. I guess I was just showing off. You know Canada is a bilingual country.” She explained.

“Yeah, I knew that. I’m not exactly bilingual. I do speak a bit of German and Japanese though.” I responded, perhaps also trying to show off.

Mike had planned for Meaghan to be my date this evening, but I did find Kate to be quite attractive as well. I nervously took a sip of my drink.

“uhkch, uhkch, cough.” I choked as I tried to drink the strongly laced beverage.

“Are you ok Jacques?” Meaghan said stifling a laugh.

Mike patted me firmly on the back. “You all right, winger? Not used to the hard stuff, eh?”

“No, No. It’s fine. Just went down the wrong pipe.” I responded, slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t worry Jacques. Just take smaller sips, eh. Com’on let’s go in the other room. I’ll put on some music.” Meaghan said as she led us to the living room.

Meaghan went over to the stereo and put several LP records on the changer starting with the Bee Gees, Horizontal. Kate and Mike sat on the couch and started making out. Meaghan and I sat on the love seat facing the couch. Mike wasted no time in unbuttoning Kate’s blouse with one hand and putting the other up her skirt.

Meaghan and I were moving much more slowly. By the time the Brothers Gibb got to “Lemons Never Forget,” we were Frenching and I had my hand under her sweater unhooking her bra. Mike and Kate had gotten horizontal. Mike had Kate’s cardigan off, blouse open, bra raised, panties off, mini skirt up around her waist, his pants off and his Canadian cock moving in on her “poutine.”

“Jacques, let’s go up to my bedroom and give Kate and Mike some privacy.” Meaghan whispered as I completed the one handed bra unhooking, at which, with practice, I was getting more adept.

It appeared that Mike and Kate were oblivious to our presence or departure. By this time Mike was into some pretty heavy humping and Kate seemed be to blithely enjoying the motion. We silently walked past them and ascended the stairs.

Meaghan’s room was at the top of the stairs to the left. Her room was neat and girlishly frilly. She had stuffed animals and a poster of the 1968 Canadian Figure Skating Championships, in Vancouver. The room had a double, four poster bed with a lace bed cover, dresser and a dressing table with chair.

She sat on the bed and encouraged me to join her. I accepted willingly, taking her in my arms. I renewed our kissing activity. I moved my right hand to easily caress her breast, now that her bra was released.

“Jacques, stop!” Meaghan said abruptly.

I thought, ‘Oops! I went too far, too fast.’

“The way this is going, I think we should just take off our clothes and get into bed. I don’t want to stain my lace cover, eh?”

“Uh, yeah sure.” I said, somewhat in disbelief.

I really didn’t believe it would progress as far as this, this quickly. I took off my clothes and put them over the chair at her vanity. She had taken off her clothes and set them on her dresser. She got into the bed and pulled the covers down to receive me. She had dark shoulder length hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her pale skin accentuated her almost black pubic hair and the deep red areola of her well-formed breasts. I climbed into bed beside her and resumed kissing. Now that we were kissing with our skin touching sensuously, I eased on top of her. She helped by spreading her legs. My stone hard penis was touching the soft pubic hair of her mound of Venus. My glans parted her outer labia, while downstairs the stereo is playing Tommy James and the Shondells, I Think We’re Alone Now.

“Oh, Jacques I always wanted to make love to an American boy. Ohhh.” She said as my hard cock completely entered her welcoming vagina.

She wasn’t quite as tight as Heather. But it was very nice just the same. I started a gentle rhythmic thrusting. Slowly I increased my stride. Soon I was driving my cock deeply into her. Suddenly my penis burst forth with a plentiful flow of cum. Several times my cock convulsed with my seed.

“Uhhh, Meaghan thank you that was sooo nice.” I sighed.

“Ohhhhh, Jacques I liked it too.” She purred

“Meaghan you are on birth control, aren’t you?” I asked. ‘I don’t know why this thought came to me. It’s not a question I would usually think to ask.’

“No. I’m Catholic. We don’t believe in birth control, eh? Kate is Anglican so she is on it.” She stated as a matter of fact. “I had my period about a week and a half ago. So I think I’m okay, eh?”

‘The way Heather and I figure it, this would not be a safe time for unprotected sex, but Heather and I are probably too cautious. Meaghan certainly knows her own body. Heck, I’m not likely to see her again, anyway.’ I did a little mental rhythm math and made that callow conclusion.

“Jacques, let’s not think about that now. Com’on let’s do it again, eh?”

“Sure, sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. That’s your thing.” I said as I mounted her again.

My re-hardened cock easily slid into her juicy cunt now over flowing with my cum. As I started my thrusts, I could hear the strains of Crimson and Clover playing down stairs. Meaghan seemed to be getting even more pleasure this round. She was starting to moan as I approached climax.

“Ohhhh, Yesssss, Jacques! Yesssss.” She cried as my cock shot spurt after spurt of sperm into her. With each convulsion of my penis, her cunt quivered in unison. ‘What a beautiful feeling, Crimson and clover, over and over…’

We collapsed in each other’s arms and caught our breath. We rested a few minutes in a loving embrace. I continued lazily easing my cock in-out of her juicy cunt.

“We should probably go down and see how Kate and Mike are getting on. Eh?” She said after several minutes of my blissful motion.

“I think they are probably fine. They seemed pretty engaged when we came upstairs.” I said.

“I know, but I’d like another drink. Wouldn’t you?” She asked.

“Ah, yeah sure, let’s get a drink. Mike ‘n Kate could probably use a break.” I affirmed.

I got out of bed and walked over to the vanity where my clothes were. In the dim light I noticed Meaghan was looking at me.

“Did anyone ever tell you, you have a cute butt?” She commented.

“No. I can’t say they have. I didn’t know girls looked at guys like that.”

“Oh yeah, we do! You guys can’t have all the fun.” She laughed.

I sat in the chair and slipped my briefs over my love slimed cock. Then I put the rest of my clothes on. I now watched as Meaghan dressed. She slid on her panties, covering her moist pouting cootie. She put on her mini skit, and then pulled on her cashmere sweater without putting her bra back on. She offered me her hand. I took it and we walked down stairs.

Mike and Kate were semi-dressed. Kate still had her blouse and mini skit on, but her panties were on the arm rest of the couch, her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was obviously unhooked but partially covering her well-formed breasts. Mike was somewhat disheveled. His pants were on. His belt was buckled, but his zipper was still down. His shirt was unbuttoned. They had apparently fixed themselves another drink. Creedence Clear Water Revival, ‘I Put a Spell on You’ was now playing on the Stereo.

Meaghan fixed herself and me a drink. It is clear we are a couple of drinks behind Mike and Kate.

“Eenjoying the the pahrdy SJchaachK?” Mike slurs. “Meaaghann’s friendlier than Schally. Eh? Doanchu schink? KKAte is tooo! Youuu’ll schee.”

“Uh, Yeah. I’m having a fine time.” I said as I sipped the strong drink Meaghan had just given me, thinking, ‘I think they have the ratio of booze to eggnog backwards.’

“Kkaatte thinks you’re coooll, SJchaak. Schee wants to fuck you, you hher, you know… an’ I want a go at Meagchan. Yyou’re ok wisss zsat, aren’t you Meggg?” Mike slurs as he stumbles toward her.

“Oh yeah, I guess… I don’t mind if it’s ok with Kate.” She says unenthusiastically. Then she looks over at her friend who is now lying down seductively on the couch.

“Go for it Meg, as long as I get a go at your American stud!” She said, obviously not as drunk as Mike. “Come here, you French-American stud. Let’s get it on. I’ve always wanted to do it with a foreigner.”

“I’m not…” I then think better of correcting her on my heritage.

“Ok, thank you Kate.” I said as I moved over to the couch and started to take off my pants.

Mike took Meaghan’s hand and started to stumble up the stairs, with her in tow. Kate had removed her blouse and bra. She then removed her skirt and lay on the couch naked.

She spread her legs. It was obvious that Mike had pumped several cock loads of his Canadian cum into her twat, as her cunt was moist and dripping love fluid on the couch cushions. The view was a powerful turn-on just the same! Her brilliant vermillion labia were just waiting to be parted.

It may seem gross to a sensitive twenty-first century reader, but to an over-sexed college freshman of the late 1960’s; any hospitable vessel ready to receive his teenaged cock and cum, was a welcome sight indeed! My love lance was soon ready to pierce those luscious lips. There was no need for the niceties of kiss and cuddle.

I drove my cock to the limit of Kate’s juicy receptacle. She, in turn, grabbed my butt. Digging her long nails into the soft flesh, she pulled me repeatedly into her with each of my thrusts. Though my head was swimming with the 151 rum, I seemed to have lost none of my sexual vigor. She seemed a bit looser fit than Meaghan, perhaps due to the combined fluids of she and Mike that I was screwing through. It was pleasant just the same! I soon was spurting my cum into her, again and again.

“Yes, Jacques, Oh Yes! Mmmm, yes.” she murmured.

“Uhhh, Uhhhn Uhnnnh.” I grunted with each blast of semen.

“Oh, Jacques.” Kate sighed. “You are a much better lover than Mike. Don’t tell him I told you so, though.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Your secret is safe with me.” I reassured as I kept up a gentle in and out motion.

Upstairs we heard a retching sound then, “MIKE, YUCK!” from Meaghan.

Kate and I dressed. I noticed where Kate sat there was a fairly large “love juice” splotch on the cushion. A bit later, Mike stumbled down the stairs with Meaghan close behind. Mike looked like he had been dragged through the mill.

“Can you believe it? Mike barfed just as he was coming! And he took forever. Fortunately he turned his head just in time and barfed on the floor. I’ll clean it up later. Now Mike, I think you and Jacques should go home.”

“Uh… Yeah… Alright we’ll go. Com’on SJacques. Let’s go.” Mike said shakily.

Meaghan took me into her arms and gave me an appreciative kiss. “Thank you Jacques; this was an evening I won’t soon forget.”

“Good bye, Meaghan. I had a wonderful time!” I said, then to Kate, “I had a good time with you too, Kate.”

My cup runneth over, and I filled their cum cups to over flowing too! Christmas cheer, indeed! If Meaghan did get knocked up that night, was it Mike or me? We may never know. If it was Mike though, it certainly was not an immaculate conception!