All the characters in the story are above 18 and all the sexual activities are consensual.

I’m a regular thirty something guy with way larger than regular fantasies. My wife is a very loving and conservative woman. She is extremely attracted to me and we have always had intense sexual relationship. She has never ever backed away from pleasuring me. She would let me fuck her literally however I want and do it with excitement.

Even though conservative, her sexual apatite has always been unbelievably high. That part was surprising for both of us. In fact, in the earlier times of our relationship she wouldn’t even admit to having much sexual desires because she felt that it is kind of wrong for a woman to have sexual desires. She would be afraid to even talk about it because she felt she would be judged harshly and also she would judge her self even for having sexual thoughts. Slowly, I began to understand this and made her comfortable with her sexuality. I gave her assurance that it was absolutely normal if she enjoyed sex and had desires and demanded to get them fulfilled.

Once she understood that she could be demand sex without being judged, we hit the peak of sexual enjoyment. Although her guilt about having sexual needs were vanquished she still was very conservative. She can’t even begin to imagine a third person talking to her or me talking to anyone else. She wouldn’t even pose for a photo with a male colleague because she felt it might bother me.

However sweet and comforting this may be, there were two things that bothered me. First being, I wanted her to know that I trusted her and even if she talked to someone else I wouldn’t doubt her integrity and her dedication for me. The second being, I absolute worship her. She is smart and gorgeous. I want her to be confident.

Honestly, the fact that other guys would be after her and would be trying to flirt with her, just turns me on. She is desirable to so many and after all she is my girl! That to me is a huge turn on. Another thing is, I have always had better satisfaction and orgasms when I’ve seen her having intense orgasms.

I crave to see her in a state of trans not knowing what is going on in her surroundings and she is just encapsulated in the act with her eyes rolled. The kind of orgasm that would take time to come out of! To give her that, mentally I’ve always been prepared to do anything and everything.

I have always tried to approach this topic and explain that I wouldn’t think she was cheating if she ever had such a dream or even a thought where she talked to another guy. She would just get too serious and scared and walk away from this topic. I knew I had to improvise to make her understand that I trusted her and it was ok for her to have so called forbidden thoughts.

I was patiently waiting for the right moment and finally I kind of found an idea. She was out of town for a week and we were sexting. She had been extremely horny the whole day. I was prepared for that night. In the middle of the sexting and dirty talking on the phone, I told her that I have written something for her and I would send it to her. I asked her to read it and have fun and let me know what she felt with absolute honesty. The following is the fantasy story that I sent her:

Imagine we have a relaxing get away. We finally have time for a holiday after a year of being married. We have been horny as hell and want to try something new. So we decided to do a roleplay. We go to a resort and we think about what new thing to do! We cuddle in bed and ponder what to do to spice things up. You come up with an idea that you had a long time ago. You wanted to be bound, specially the boobs while having sex. It was definitely doable so I agreed instantly. I added one more thing. I propose to tie you well to the bed. Hands tied wide apart and also the legs tied wide apart to the corners of the bed. Also, just to make things a bit more interesting you are blindfolded and we do not talk once I tie you up and blindfolded you.

I leave after doing it and I come back at a random moment and have my way with you however I wish to. You are tied tight with your legs apart, so I am your boss and you would be at my mercy. I am done tying and blindfolding you. I leave and come back, almost making you wait after an hour. I finally enter the room and you feel my footsteps and make a noise.

I stop and freeze. You wonder where I went. I wait for another 10 mins and with soft steps I approach you and hold your neck and face out of nowhere. You get startled and you realize, I’m finally there. I start pinching your nipples and squeeze your tits. I squeeze your mouth to open it and spit on your tongue and start licking it right away. I’m squeezing your boobs and spit licking your face. Your neck is being sucked on and my hands go down to just give you a feel of presence of my hands near your fanny by hovering them over it and mildly touching around it.

You start gasping and try lifting your crotch to make it touch my hands but I swiftly take them away. I totally take away my attention from your fanny and squeeze open your mouth. I spit on your tits and squeeze them and I start rubbing my dick between your tits. I make you open your mouth and shove my dick inside your mouth. I make you gag and spit on my dick.

I make you lick my dick and then again I rub my dick between your tits. The blowjob goes on while I tease your nipples continuously. You are growing hornier and hornier. You want attention between your legs. You ask for it by breaking the silence code. You have the insane desire to get it there.

I stop doing everything for sometime. You calm down a bit and then I start using your mouth and tits to pleasure my dick. You can’t even use your hands between your legs because you are tied. You are growing hornier and more desperate every passing moment. You are moving your crotch up and down in the air. It’s a river of juices down there and yet you can’t get that attention there.

I keep ignoring your demands and keep manhandling your tits and mouth. Suddenly you have the pleasure down there.

Out of nowhere you have this huge thing between your legs. That is going in and out. You moan loud and you moan in ecstasy. The ecstasy goes on for a while and you pause. Your eyes widen and you try hard to move. You can’t make a decision on what to do.

You know you are enjoying it like never before and don’t want it to stop. But you’ve realized something isn’t adding up. My dick is still going strong fucking your mouth. My hands are busy choking your neck and squeezing your tits so, I couldn’t be using a toy either. You know what’s happening. You are shocked and couldn’t believe it.

My dick keeps firmly ploughing your mouth while this goes on and you can’t talk. You are getting attention like you never imagined. Your tits and like an ocean feeling continuous wakes of squeeze and pull. The pounding between your legs is nonstop. Your mouth isn’t resting and your neck has been sucked and choked for 30 mins straight now.

You are gasping and screaming. You are not worried about what’s going on as you can’t keep up with the excitement. Loud screams and loud orgasms.

I am pulling out of your mouth while you are still shivering in orgasm. The dick between your legs is suddenly pulled and before you can complain and ask not to pull it away I shove my naked dick. Suddenly you know there’s no plastic and it’s my skin inside you.

Your orgasm intensifies and enters a new cycle. Before you can finish the first orgasm you start having a second orgasm in the same go. I am done holding on to my orgasm as I finally let go myself inside you and give a deep thrust to go as deep inside you as possible. My dick keeps throbbing shoved deep inside you as I collapse on you while you lay there relaxed and tied.

I open your blindfold and it’s just you and me. You knew it was a wild adventure and I knew you weren’t complaining..

After around 15 mins she texted back, she had felt hornier than ever before after reading that story. She had masturbated reading it and she had already cum twice and she wants to read it again and keep masturbating. So I should not be bothering her again for a while.

I knew had awakened a sexual volcano within my wife and I was excited. Needless to say I too had to jerk off to that thought and it was unreal orgasm for myself too!

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