I Remember Mother – Chapter 4

Mom and I went to the mall in the late afternoon and did much of the shopping things that I needed to get set up for the beginning of school. New sheets, towels, clothes and the usual school supplies, etc. were gathered.


Chapter 4


We grabbed a quick supper at a fast-food burger place and cracked jokes to each other about meat, sauce, buns, and anything else with sexual double meanings. We were laughing so much people began to stare, but we didn’t care, we were having too much fun. We dumped most of the stuff off at my dorm room where I saw some of the guys I knew from last year.

Freddie told me about a party at a mutual friend’s house the next night. A lot of the gang that I hung around with last year were going to be there. I said that I probably wouldn’t be there as it was mom’s last night before she flew back. As we walked to the car to go back to the motel for the evening, Jack, a good buddy of mine, motioned me aside.

“Who is that sexy chick you’ve got with you, Dave? I don’t remember her from last year. Is she a transfer or from town?”

I smiled and cryptically answered that if I told him where she was from he wouldn’t believe me. Back at the motel modesty was lost as we stripped down the clothes that had been worn in all afternoon and evening. Each took a quick shower and thought nothing now of using the toilet while the other was in the bathroom at the same time. We were like an old married couple in the casual atmosphere of the close, warm familiarity which we now shared. We the closed the curtains and padded around the motel room naked.

We ordered some crackers and cheese and several sodas from room service. Wine would have overpowered us after the long day it had been. I put on a pair of shorts while mom stepped into the bathroom and closed the door when the food arrived. There was not a great deal of interesting shows on the TV, just reruns and second rate movies. I had shucked my shorts again when the bellhop left, so we had our buffet in the buff while flipping channels.

Finding nothing of real interest on the tube I suggested we call the desk and see if they could scrounge up a deck of cards for us. “So we could play strip poker?” My mother asked. Of course, that set us both off into uncontrollable fits of giggling.

Finally as we recovered our breath, mom said, “Maybe I should give you your gift now?” I had no idea what she had gotten me. The only time we had not been together in the mall was when she had gone into the drugstore while I looked at the new CD’s in the shop next door. I knew there was nothing in her bags having seen them open when we had changed for the picnic.

My mom read my mind. “Oh, it’s not from a store. Just like you wanted to ‘kiss where you came from’, I want to ‘suck the one I suckled’!” Though I wasn’t able to see myself in the mirror, I had no doubt my grin at her words went from ear to ear. Mom led me to her bed. I lay down in the middle, but mom made me scooch over more to one side.

Then, unlike when some of my girl friend went down on me, instead of getting between my legs, mother moved to beside me on her hands and knees. At first, she used her hand to stroke me and get me hard. It didn’t take much of that to make my dong long. Her hand was soft and her touch delicate as she ran it up and down the shaft.

Occasionally, mom let her fingers do the walking through my pubic hair and play with my balls. The slight tickling sensation this produced was very stimulating. I was more than ready to have my fabulously sexy mother perform felatio on my cock. “Suck me mom.” I said, “Use your mouth now!”

She granted my request and put her lips on the tip of the head of my dick. Then, she slowly moved them down over it, almost as if it were forcing the mouth to open to the straining pole. She went deep and kept going deeper, all the way to the base of my penis and held there for a moment. I could feel the back of her throat with the end if my dick. I was surprised she didn’t gag it was so deep. She moved higher a little, then she began to suck.

I discovered this side position made her lips glide over my cock in the same orientation as screwing into a pussy would. It was a more natural and stimulating angle to my dick than a straight on approach. So, I closed my eyes and let myself fantasize about it being my mother’s pussy I was screwing, instead of her lips.

The translation was an easy one to make and drifted off into a dream-like state of consciousness I have had quite a few girls perform felatio on my penis, but it was never as pulse pounding as those fabulous floating moments; they seemed to stretch out in a timeless extension of utter sensual contentment. And best of all, it was my mom doing it, the love object of my whole life!

Her mouth was at once both a ring of energy surrounding my obelisk of lust, rising and descending in a rhythm like waves lapping at the beach; and yet a sublime enveloping softness of velvet, then satin – sliding into silkiness, the enfolding of pure sensory excitement. It was an out-of-body moment, save for the supreme member of my physical self which was being ministered to by the angel who was my guide to rapture.

Then, I began to slip into the moment of transcendence. It began without warning and grew exponentially like a time lapse flower blooming in a few short moments to be fully revealed. The pulses of my orgasm were like the klaxon of a fire horn going of in my head.

My loins quivered, my balls were jumping as if there were bull frogs hopping in them. My back arched, my ass cheeks clenched, my asshole jerked back into my body and the fire-hose my mom had in her mouth began to erupt hot magma of cum. Surges of splurges and spasms rocked me and I lungs were drawing raggedly for more oxygen as everything exploded.

I floated down, totally drained of energy, fully disconnected from any intellect, spent of every speck of sperm; and filled to the brim with love for this special woman, my mother, who would give such a spectacular sucking to her son. She had indeed repaid me for the afternoon’s adventure between her legs.

I motioned for her to kiss me and words were beyond me still, my breathing still more sobs than panting. She drew her face up to mine and our mouths met in a mash of lips and a swirl of tongues. Then my eyes just seemed to roll back and I passed into a deep sleep, a smile upon my lips that couldn’t fade even in unconsciousness.


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