I Remember Mother – Chapter 3

The rest of the day, after taking care of some little business at the college I took her sightseeing around the area. We visited an anti-bellum plantation and took a tour of a small furniture museum which featured local craft and manufacturing development.


Chapter 3


When we were out in public we acted with decorum, but when we were alone or thought nobody was looking we acted like newly-weds, touching each other and doing kissy face and giving each other the silly looks that new lovers exchange. Returning to the hotel we found that our bags had arrived. We change into comfortable clean clothes.

Though we changed in front of one another we only shared a brief naked hug. Mom’s hard nipples and my hard-on were proof that the morning’s escapade had not diminished either of our desires for intimacy. It was nearly mid- afternoon by this time and we were feeling hungry again.

I suggested a picnic and mom thought it was a great idea. We bought sandwiches, a six-pack of beer and the rest of what we needed at a deli and headed out to a secluded spot I knew of from dating last year. It was one of those early September days that was perfect. The air was dry and the temperature was in the low seventies. There was a light breeze and just a few fluffy clouds scattered in the sky.

Mom and I walked along through the woods of a large nature preserve which was close to the town. We had parked the car off the road in a safe spot and were now several hundred yards from the road. The going was not hard in the pine grove we moved through. Soon we came to my spot. A sunny place I had discover back in the spring. It was carpeted with pine needles, and after picking up a fir branches and twigs, it was as smooth as when I had last been there.

We had brought a blanket from the motel. We sat on it eating our subs, drinking beer and talking about the locales which I had taken my mother to see that morning. She expressed interest in the old mansion which date from before the civil war. “I wonder if those old feather beds were comfortable for making love?” Mom mussed to me.

“Well, I’d be glad to try one out with you if you like!”

This remark set off gales of laughter in my mom. Suddenly a surprised look came over her face. Then she giggled and said, “I laughed so hard I peed in my panties!” She got up, reached under her skirt, pulled down her undies and took them off.

Sure enough there was a small damp spot at the crotch. “Gotta pee! you only rent beer!” she grinned. Mom moved a couple dozen feet from the blanket and squatted down.

“Sauce from goose, and sauce from the gander,” I misquoted and went over close to her, opened my fly and urinated too.

My mother looked at my dick as I released a heavy yellow stream. “We both got a nice goose this morning!” She replied to my remark. She held her skirt high and I could see all of her lovely bush as she squeezed out the last couple of spurts.

It was an randy moment for some reason, perhaps pheromones. I had never connected pissing to sex much, but any sort of intimacy with my mother at this juncture was sexually arousing. We both finished about the same time and returned to the blanket. My mother picked up her damp underwear and spread it on a near by branch to dry.

Coming back to lay on the blanket she kick of her sneakers and stretched out next to me. We both knew that our privacy would lead to some sort of physical contact, though no words were spoken nor any plans made. I rolled over, half on top of mom, and began to make out with her as I had with girlfriends at the same spot.

Our kisses were at first soft, growing harder with lips closed, and then with tongue. My mom’s hands were moving over my back and up to the back of my head, running her fingers through my hair. I held her close against me with my left arm, with my right I began to feel her up. I put my hand under her tee-shirt. Her bra presented little trouble as I undid the several hooks in the back, slipped the straps off her shoulders and fondled her nipples.

After a little of this warm-up my hand move to raise her skirt. I knew now what I wanted to do for my beautiful mother. I was going to eat her out until she couldn’t take it anymore. I gently caressed mom’s pussy. Gliding my hand over her soft hair I gave it several very light tugs. My middle finger rubbed up and down the split without immediately pressing inward.

Slowly it made progress, opening the pussy lips, finding the moisture I knew would be waiting for me and drew from the well of love the lubricant I sought and used it to moisten the whole length of mom’s crack. As I made several strokes upwards with her slick oil I found mom’s pink pearl of womanhood. Getting it slippery I made it the object of my attentions. Mother spread her legs invitingly wide and cooed approval.

I began to make her pant shortly, then I was ready to make my move. “I have a special present for you!” I whispered in her ear.

“Give it to me now!” My mom whispered back, clearly ready for anything I wanted to do to her.

I briefly wondered if she would even let me fuck her then and there, but that was not my interest at the moment. I truly wanted to give my dearest mother the gift of cunnilingus; to make her crazy with cumming.

“I want to kiss where I came from.” I said in a soft voice still.

Mom’s enthusiastic reply was, “Oh! That would be really good, honey. Do it! Go down on mommy!” I swiftly move down to put my head between her legs and began by licking her thighs and mons. “Oh! You tease, David. Such a bad boy being this good to your mommy!” She gasped as my oral digit finally made contact at the center, sliding up to tweak the love bud at the top of the now carnelian gash.

I made random motions over this delicious flesh, then stretched my tongue as far as it could go into the holy- of-holys of my mother. I was sincerely worshipping her body again and held our new level of love as sacred, wishing only to please her. I continued to lick her cunt with every conceivable angle of attack and variety of tempo.

As I did all this I loosened my pants, unbuckling the belt, popping the button and drawing down the zipper. My hard-on had become too uncomfortable in the restraint of my jeans. At one point my mother lost control. She said with breathless panting, “Fuck me, David! Please! fuck me! I need it now honey, I have to have you inside me now! I can’t stand this any more please baby take me. Put in, put it in!!”

I made my underwear and pants slide down to my ankles in anticipation of coupling with my lust driven mother, but continued to eat her out. I was all ready to move up and thrust myself in mom, to cum where I came from, but I didn’t. I knew intuitively that this was not the point to do that. No, she had expressed her reluctance to go that far on more lucid moments, and I would not have this wonderful woman I loved regret anything that we did together or shared so tenderly. So I restrained myself, and continued to gorge myself on her hot wet pussy.

After maybe half an hour of this exquisite torture, with several peaks of small orgasms, mom began the now familiar bucking motion and loud cries that signaled a major cum. It was all I could do to hold on to her hips, keep my face in her crotch and finished the job. When she stiffened and then collapsed unconscious, I was scared for a moment.

Then it came to me that I had driven her to the full extreme. She had fainted from sexual ecstasy, which the French termed ‘la petite morte’, ‘the little death’. I took a couple of napkins left over from lunch and wiped between her thighs which were glazed with my saliva and her cum.

The blanket beneath her was soaked, but no matter, since we no doubt would share a bed tonight again. As I awaited for her to wake I studied her beautiful face, remembering the expressions of passion and pleasure and ecstasy. I envied my dad being able to have this special woman every day, but then recalled what my mom had said about his erection problems.

No wonder she was hot-to-trot as she was. I wished now I was not so far away, I wondered if Christmas vacation would allow some opportunities when I was back home for the holidays to renew the relationship mom and I had developed in the past couple of days.

Mom’s eyes fluttered open and I could see her take a moment to orient and remember what head transpired in the last hour. Then she did something entirely unexpected. She began to cry. I was now really distressed, it showed in my expression because she raised her hand up to touch my face and smiled, giving a little shake of her head.

“No, baby it’s okay, I’m just fine, everything is all right. I just never did that before, pass out from cumming. And the thing that makes me most proud of you, is your thoughtfulness and restraint when I asked, begged, you to fuck me. But you didn’t, though I know how much you must have been tempted and needed to. I don’t know if we should go that far, even though it seems almost a moot point after all we’ve done in the last 24 hours.”

“But I want to do something special for you too. Kick off your pants and take off your shirt.”

When I had gotten naked as a jay bird mom disposed of her dress and pealed off her top. She slid over a few feet to be away from the wet spot on the blanket. “Kneel between my legs” she directed. She lifted her legs and spread her thighs, that I might have a totally unobstructed view of her pussy. I was looking straight down in to her hole, bright – almost ruby red – from my ‘tongue lashing’.

“Here’s the target! Lets charge up your weapon and see if we can make a bullseye!”

With these words mother herself reach into her pussy, took her vaginal secretions and used them as lubrication to jack me off. I began to move my hips too. She had my cock directly aimed at her hole. Clearly she wanted me to shoot it into the opening. The pressure started to build as I felt the hot hand of my mother on my dick, and the cool light breeze tickling the hairs of my ass. My thrusting became stronger and made the tip get closer and closer to the entrance of mom’s cunt.

“That’s it Sweetie. Give it to me at point blank range. Let me see you cum on my pussy!”

These words drove me to even harder thrusts and now the tip of my penis was brushing the labia with each stroke. This was too much for me and set off a chain reaction as I exploded with pent-up lust and fuck need for my mom. The strength of the climax drove me to press against her flesh and as in the morning I felt the hot and soft, sweet slippery folds begin to encompass me.

Mom’s small hand was pressed all the way to the base of my cock and there was at least three inches of exposed dick to seek paradise. If I hadn’t been kneeling, all three inches would have penetrated mom’s pussy; as it was, the tip was enclosed completely.

I shot my wad, my nuts bouncing like rubber balls, creaming right into her vagina. Remembering her tears I apologized, “I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t help it. It was too exciting and I just couldn’t control myself.”

“I’m not angry darling, I’m happy that you did it like that. It was close to real fucking, maybe as close as we’ll ever get, but I wanted it to be real special for you, to show my appreciation for your gift of “kissing- where-you-came-from”.

“Could you get pregnant from me coming in you?” I asked.

“No, dearest,” she assured me, “I had my tubes tied after both you and your sister passed the age of ten, and that was years ago.”

We gathered our scattered clothing and dressed, but mom didn’t put her underwear back on. So panty-less and braless, carrying the blanket, while I carted the trash, my mother followed me back to rental car. It had been the best picnic for me ever. I had gotten my fill of what I most desired to eat, my mom.


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