I Remember Mother – Chapter 2

I awoke the next morning next to my mother. Both of us naked still, I could perceive by the early dim light, though I knew she had gotten up once to pee. She had not bothered to put her panties back on. Well, she did say she liked sleeping in the nude.


Chapter 2 


At the sight of my lovely, sexy mom my morning erection bloomed. I was always horny, but mornings especially. My face was very close to her left breast. The rosy nipple but inches away from my lips. It was a temptation I couldn’t resist. My mother stirred as the tingling sensation of my sucking crept into her consciousness.

“Mmmm!” She purred as her eyes opened to see her son administrations to a part of her body he had not done that to since infancy. Her gentle hand caressed my head as she luxuriated in the sensual attention I was worshipping her with.

“David, that’s so good, sweetheart. But don’t neglect the other one.” Her wish was my desire too, as I switched sides and began to make love to mom’s other ‘strawberry’. She could feel the hardness of my throbbing prick making thrusting motions at her thighs. “Somebody’s already up!” she laughed softly as she reached down and touched my sensitive boner.

At this, I moved up to kiss her on the lips. Of course, this put my cock right on top of her mons. I slid my tongue into her mouth which she greedily met with her own. As we continued our prolonged deep kiss, I shifted my dick so that it was centered and a bit lower. The tip was, I estimated, directly rubbing against her clitoris.

Mom let it go on for a short minute, then she said, “Oh! Baby, that’s much too dangerous. A little more and we’d lose control and do it. And we mustn’t let that happen! But I have an idea that I know you’ll like and can relieve us of the tension we’re both feeling.”

With those words she slid from under me and walked toward the bathroom. At the door she turned and motioned to me to follow her with a ‘come here’ wiggle of her finger. I popped out of bed and hurried to follow my lusty mother. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I was sure that I wanted to do whatever she was thinking of.

When I got into the small tiled room mom had the shower already running. One thing about motels, there’s always plenty of hot water. Mom stepped into the tub, the water made her silky skin glisten. She reached out and took my arm pulling me into the spray. She gave me a bar of soap and said softly, “Wash me.”

My pleasure!

I will never forget the totally erotic experience of running my hands over the slippery body of a woman for the first time. And it was my mother! The object of my deepest and most stimulating passions. I lathered her luscious orbs first, playing with the nips, making them almost scarlet with rubbing. The points stood thrust like tiny twin cherries.

Mom indicated that they were getting too sensitive and that I should move my explorations to other places. She looked even younger now with her hair all wet. Standing next to her like that, I realized for the first time that I was now taller than my mom. I washed her shoulders and arms, moved to her tummy, then by-passing the part I wanted most to play with and did her legs.

“Don’t forget my pussy,” Mom said, giving me the permission to soap and loving caress the loins which had given me birth.

I stroked the bar between her legs then put it on the little shelf. My hand returned to the soft, slide-dy, secret place and as my finger scooped into entrance of her hole.

Mother spread her legs apart to give me better access. Before I was able to begin a repeat of the finger fucking of last night she took my hand and lifted it.

“Now, you.” she spoke. She made me turn around so that she could scrub my back. “I didn’t get your backside!” I said. “We won’t forget it…” Mom’s voice had a lilting quality to it, “We’ll save that for the climax!”

I recognized the ‘double entrendra’, but I was too lost in the intoxicating feeling of a woman’s delicate touch over my skin. She started by sudsing my hair and massaging the scalp. Her fingers kneaded the muscles of my back with obvious experience.

When her hands made contact with my buns, it was wonderful, but when she soaped the crack and rubbed my asshole it was one of the wildest sensations I have ever had, even to this day. A goose that was so good! After she washed my legs, mom told me to turn to face her. I did and kissed her. Then she proceeded more to run her fingers through my hair than to clean my chest, though she did a thorough job under my arms. She reach up and pointed the shower head down so it only sprayed our knees.

Then came my moment of carnal pleasure as my gorgeous mother soaped my balls and cock, she put the bar down and began to play with my genitals. I had been so lost in all the other sensations of physical touching that my erection had nearly disappeared.

Now, as mom jacked my dick, felt up my balls and even played a tiny bit with my asshole, it sprung to attention like the proverbial soldier before a drill sergeant. Private ‘Privates’ was on duty and ready for action! I thought that this was how the climax mom had spoken of earlier would happen. But as I neared my peak she suddenly stopped and said simply, “Do my back.”

I returned the scalp massage and quickly did her back. I was eager for her rear to be in my hands. The bubbles from the shampoo and soap suds flowed down to her derriere. Now it was my turn to have fun with buns and play with her anus too. But she didn’t let me stay and play as long as I would have like to. It was time for her idea of mutual release to be realized.

Mom reached back and took my hands bringing them to the front of her while still with her back turned to me. Once again my hands were placed upon the mammary glands of my luscious mother. She pressed her buns back against me so that my big boner was right between them. “Masturbate this way baby. Let me feel your penis throb and cum between my cheeks!”

I did as she requested, I was delighted with the thought that I could get-off on my mother, holding her tightly and showing her my passion for her body. The slipperiness of skin and soap between her ass and my belly were great, though I desired at the same time to feel a tighter and more complete enclosing of my dick. Her hand, or her mouth, or if possible even her vagina. I could feel my orgasm rising rapidly.

All the stimulation had prepped me for a quick one. I began to move with larger strokes and my cock slid down a little further each time. At the same time my right hand went to mom’s clit and strummed it in the same rhythm. My left continued to caress her breast. She bent over a little, which let the tip of my dick begin to rub further down her crotch. Now the tickling sensation of her pubic hair came into play.

I sensed that with just a little more of an angle I might gain an entrance to the forbidden place of paradise. But this had become all too much for my mother and she began to cum violently, moving her hips in thrusting motions. This did two things.

My cock actually made contact with my mother’s pussy. I could feel for a few strokes the place past hair, where I was beginning to be enfolded by soft flesh. But of course the wild action and near entrance to my mother’s cunt brought me to a series of spurts which coated her inner thighs. Gobs of white cum dripped down mom’s legs were the spraying water finally washed to the drain. My mother turned after several moments of heavy panting to catch her breath.

She hugged me and the points of mom’s tits connected squarely with my nipples. My now mostly wilted dick pressed against her fuzz. Our lips locked in a deep, tongue active kiss that lasted several minutes. My mother broke the kiss and gasped, “How was that baby? Did you have a good cum?”

“Fantastic mom!” I exclaimed.

As we rinsed off all the soap and spunk, it occurred to me that mom was probably multi-orgasmic as many women are. With this in mind, once we were done getting squeaky clean, I hugged my mother once the and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t resist and with her attention focused on our kissing I put my hand down between her legs and slipped a finger into her vagina.

“Oh! God, honey! That feels so good!” More of a moan than words.

Encouraged by her response I slipped in another and instead of the in-and-out motion I had used last night I move them together from front to back, back and forth. I was so deep I could feel the tip of her womb. Mom bucked her hips and gasped for air.

I could feel the contractions in her cunt grabbing and releasing my fingers. Her knees went weak and I steadied her with my other arm. Finally her whimpering became loud moans, almost shouting as she came and came and came. I stopped moving my fingers for a moment and she whispered, “No more, I can’t take any more.”

But I knew better.

I kissed her and renewed my internal stimulation; this time my thumb danced on her clit too. Mom looked at me with lust and surrender and abandonment to what her son was creating for her. Each of the next half-dozen of her orgasms started as the last ended.

Then she collapsed totally, almost falling out of my strong embrace as a last sigh of energy escaped from her lips. “Thank you darling that was the longest series of cums I ever had!” Mom said still panting heavily. She kissed me as we rinsed once more.

Getting out of the shower stall we enjoyed the delight of being dried off by each other. A pleasure I appreciated more now than when I had been a child. Then, we dressed and went to breakfast at the local diner.

After all the energy we had consumed with our passion, we ate with a great deal of appetite.


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